Chase Me

Chase Me

by Laura Florand


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ISBN-13: 9781943168071
Publisher: Laura Florand
Publication date: 04/05/2016
Series: Paris Nights , #2
Pages: 246
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.56(d)

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Chase Me 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Chase Me was exactly everything I've come to expect from a Laura Florand book, along with a little something extra. Laura Florand writes books that appeal to all the senses, and I love how immersed I feel in the story. While the Paris Nights series is a little lighter on the food than her previous series, I could still feel myself in Vi's kitchen! The relationship between Chase and Vi is certainly one of the strongest parts of the story. She is so fierce, so independent, and I don't think anyone else could have fit into her life the way Chase does. He admires these qualities in her, and isn't intimidated or scared away. I love how we got a little glimpse of what it takes for couples to make it work when one is on deployment. So many romances ignore the reality of how that works and how the couple can stay connected. I also loved how sweet Chase was. He's this tough, rough soldier, but he isn't afraid to make himself vulnerable to Vi. I think that the author handled the recent terrorist attacks in Paris with respect and honesty, weaving it into the story in a way that showed how heartbroken the whole city felt. I appreciated that honesty and realism that kept this from being special ops suspense fluff. Laura Florand can write emotion into her stories like none I've ever seen. No one else can make me cry, laugh, swoon, and salivate all in one chapter! All in all, another wonderful book from a talented author. I eagerly await each new book, and I've yet to be disappointed!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for something fast paced, fun,and with strong characters,pick up any book by Laura Florand! CHASE ME is no exception ~ she hooks the reader with the first sentence, and it just gets better from there! :) The main characters are strong, flawed, and relatable ~ and the tension between them is maintained throughout the story, on both physical (STEAMY) and emotional fronts. When the book comes to a close, it will leave you smiling!!
LynnLTX More than 1 year ago
CHASE ME is book two in the Paris Nights series. The combination of a two star Michelin chef, Violette Lenoir, and a counterterrorist operative, Texan Chase Smith, creates an enjoyable mêlée for the arrogant, strong willed couple who bring new meaning to the phrase all is fair in love and war. Violette has spent years earning her way to the top while fending off those in this male dominated field who would control and subjugate her. Chase “Smith” honed his skills on the battlefield with the elite Navy Seals, and now he is trying to prevent a possible terrorist incident from happening, but when he meets Vi, his heart becomes firmly engaged with this beautiful, knife-wielding, leather-clad French chef. Even with the serious nature of his work, Chase has a sexy playfulness and effervescent personality that Vi finds quite appealing and finds him to be “…almost irresistible fun.” She is attracted to Chase despite trying not to be amused and enticed as she has spent plenty of time around the high testosterone crowd. While Chase is equally attracted to “his own personal honest-to-goodness bond girl” and has serious intentions towards Vi, he does something that is possibly unforgivable in an effort to prevent her and many other people from coming to harm. Vi and her restaurant become collateral damage which potentially ruins any hopes of a lasting relationship. Can this earnest hero win her back? A big part of Chase’s appeal is his joie de vive even in the face of the often dark and difficult nature of his work. Since Chase has lived in the line of fire, he knows the value of everyday moments where life should be grasped with both hands as it can be swiftly gone in the flash of an explosion or spray of bullets. Violette lives her life with an intensity as well in the fast pace, emotionally and physically demanding world of the French gourmet kitchen. She is the heroine of her own life and does not need rescuing; however, she realizes after falling for Chase that loving someone can double the joy and half the sorrows of life. Since they are not easy people, sparks and knives fly as their romance hits high gear. While this book has the very enjoyable aspects of Chase and Vi’s complicated dance of a relationship as well as both of them trying to each do their best jobs, it is also a bit of a departure in that the real world events of the terrorist tragedy in Paris are interwoven. With Laura Florand’s intimate and deep connection to France and her people, it’s understandable why she could not in good conscience ignore something that is such a defining moment. This aspect might seem jarring in light of the nature of Ms. Florand’s earlier books; however, this book is still at its heart, a romance between two strong people who grab on to life with passion despite and perhaps because of ruinous events. Chase and Vi’s immediate chemistry that turns into something deeper while the stresses and strains of life threaten to unhinge them makes for an intense, sensual, and grab your heart kind of read.
Elle_See More than 1 year ago
Well, add "Chase Smith" to the growing list of Laura Florand heroes who are ruining me for all actual, non-fiction men. And bless her for continuing to write smart, strong heroines like Violette Lenoir who can hold their own with panache. The first part of the book reads a bit like an old-fashioned spy caper, and the sharp dialogue that almost entirely makes up the first four chapters had me fighting to keep from laughing aloud (I was on a plane, not a good place sit there grinning like a lunatic). You've got one major-Alpha, major-HAWT covert operative in Chase Smith, who is simultaneously trying to stop a major terrorist act and, apparently, living out James Bond movie fantasies. Equally strong, in her own way, is Violette Lenoir, a brilliant and controversial chef muscling her way through running the kitchen in an acclaimed restaurant. Sparks are immediate, but within hours Vi finds her life a casualty of Chase's assignment. This story is tinged with a shade of darkness that we don't typically see from Florand, due to the fact that a terrorist attack in Paris is no longer just in the realm of fiction. Chase and Vi play well against that backdrop, as each repeatedly crashes into the other and eventually find themselves both strong and soft enough to absorb the impact. Chase opens himself up to *feelings* as he comes to see Vi as more than his own personal Bond Girl, while Vi learns to see behind Chase's metaphorical shields and as a result we witness another beautiful love story. As always, the secondary characters add to the enjoyment, and I'm definitely hoping we'll see more of the additional members of Chase's spec op team in future books. Note: I was provided an advance copy of this book, and it was my pleasure to provide this review.
elephanteater42 More than 1 year ago
Chase Me has left me more in love with Laura’s books than ever before. The opening scene had me hooked and eager to find out what was in store for Violette and Chase. Their relationship evolved quite quickly, but I found myself being okay with it because I loved their dynamic, passionate response to one another. Laura’s female protagonists always intrigue me. Vi is this independent, kick-butt lady who knows what she wants and isn’t going to settle for less. She’s climbed a steep career ladder, and she won’t go down without a fight. Chase can go from adorably cute to intensely serious in a nanosecond, especially when he is determined to ensure that no harm comes to Vi. Both love fiercely, and I greatly enjoyed getting to know them. If you haven’t read any of Laura’s books before, I highly encourage you to give Chase Me a try. I love finishing a book with a smile on my face, and Chase Me definitely accomplished that. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
Violette is a successful, avant-garde chef in the tough critical world of Parisian dining. She’s got her two Michelin stars after years of 18 hour days, slaving in male dominated misogynistic kitchens, and she’s finally feeling like she’s made it close to the top. When she encounters a late night intruder in her restaurant, ostensibly testing her security measures in advance of a possible upcoming American presidential visit, she’s suspicious, but can’t deny her attraction to him. Counter-terrorist agent Chase is fully capable of defending himself against Violette’s knives and sharp words, setting up an intense banter between them that eventually leads to a steamy night together. It’s clear that Chase is no personal threat to her safety – but when her establishment is shut down by a health scare the very next day, she knows full well who is to blame, and when Chase shows up again, she’s quick to vent her fury on him. But Chase doesn’t give up – the more he’s around Violette, the more he likes her, her spirit, her fire, and his guilt over what’s happening because of him is only tempered by his knowledge that something much more sinister is going on than he can admit to. Trying to protect Violette (and the rest of Paris) doesn’t stop him from wanting to spend time with her, and as the action heats up, so do their nights together. But will Chase be able to prevent another tragedy before it’s too late? This was a fast paced, funny, suspenseful, sexy romance all rolled into one tidy package. As mentioned above, it’s definitely a different style of story than the author’s other works which tend to be more dramatic and slower paced. From the start of this story, Chase and Violette spark off each other, the result being some fantastic dialogue that doesn’t let up for the whole book, even amidst some of the more action-packed scenes as Chase and his team try to track down a possible terror threat centered around Violette’s restaurant, and one he can’t share with her or risk jeopardizing their operation. His bland responses of ‘I’m just in private security’ with no forthcoming information infuriate her, but his military stance and reactions to things make it clear to Violette that there is obviously something deeper going on than just a possible presidential visit to her diner. Violette feels all sorts of emotions towards Chase, but the predominant one is delight in finding someone who is not afraid of her sharp tongue, who can hold his own in a snappy argument, and who clearly desires her any way he can get her. The result is some steamy love scenes between them as Chase charms the pants right off Violet, and she’s woman enough to admit that she quite likes it that way. It’s not all flowers and chocolates though, as some of Chase’s decisions and how they impact Violette make for some believable anger on her part (and some worthwhile groveling from Chase). I love seeing a strong female heroine who can stand up for herself and Violette definitely fits that description. The action really picks up in the second half and leads to an exciting finish. In the end, we get a lovely happy ever after romance with a wonderfully matched couple. 5 stars.
SW57 More than 1 year ago
I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book from the author! I love all of Laura Florand's books, and I loved this one! Chase is a US Special Ops currently based in Paris on a team trying to thwart a terrorist attack. Unfortunately, the restaurant that Violette is the head chef for is the potential target. These two play off each other so well, with both anger and affection. Neither has been willing or able to sustain a relationship in the past, but it seems they have met their perfect matches. Not that they have an easy time settling in!