Cherry Pie Cure

Cherry Pie Cure

by M. Jane Colette


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ISBN-13: 9780995810266
Publisher: GENRES were made to be BROKEN
Publication date: 06/15/2017
Pages: 306
Sales rank: 648,443
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents



Susan’s Writing Cure is a stupid name for a blog


This sucks, I suck, the whole world sucks

But seriously, how could he be so stupid?

How could I be so stupid?

Breasts are also stupid

So Christmas sucked

Marcella sucks and I’m a pathetic blob of goo

I guess I’m not dealing very well

This one is about trying not to ruin Christmas, and meeting Nika

I miss my kids

Well, I don’t ruin Christmas Eve

So I ruined Christmas

Actually, Don ruined Christmas

No, I ruined Christmas

This is just awful... why am I reliving this?

And then... everyone left

Alone, alone, alone

I love Marcella, and I love cigarettes, and I miss my cigarettes, and I am a whiny over-the-hill middle-aged frump

My babies are coming home!

I have a bit of a breakdown in Safeway

I have been a baking machine

As I’ve said, I’ve been baking

I don’t think I can do this

He wasn’t there

I went back again this afternoon

He was there!

My mother-in-law wants to medicate me, and maybe she’s right

Marcella’s hideous vibrator

Tyler’s home and I’m a terrible role model

I am probably insane

Like a troll doll or a muppet, but worse

Birdwatching and Jewel of the Not-So-Spectacular Boobs

Christmas sucks and I’m not that crazy about Easter either but I’m getting used to the Rabbit

I’m so embarrassed

The house is empty again, but... He. Loved. My. Pie!!!

My small small life

So, I purged

I’m stupid and sad, but also grateful


Ok, just to be clear, this is the situation

Also, just to be clear, divorce screws up your kids even if they’re all grown up


It’s a Nowruz miracle!

He’s coming!


So I had to change everyone’s names

I went shopping, not at Safeway

Maybe men are dicks

You will never believe this...

This is true: my husband has a very small penis

OMG, and that’s pretty much all I have time to say

The difference between alone and lonely, and also, trying not to hate John, but he makes it very difficult sometimes

I went shopping... for clothes

Fucking John

Chicken soup fixes everything (almost)

Do you think he loves me?

Apparently, I need Botox, but also some better news

The good news is he’s much older than my sons

Adult children

Apartment report

Bliss is boring but in a wonderful way

But boring is better than complicated

Trying to be kind, thinking John is evil

I did it

Sex makes everything better

I’m lame but I’m doing this anyway

Surprises suck

Doing the right thing

No no no no no no no no

All John’s fault

I don’t understand

I will never wish for a text again

It didn’t work

The troops are here

He doesn’t work here anymore

Nika says I have to tell you

Courage from Georgia

The place where pride ends

Kind of sappy, but I love you all

All the things

Afterword: how a story is born

Bonus: Try

Bonus: The shy girl’s guide to sexting

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