Christmas at Angel Lake (Rescued Hearts, Book 2)

Christmas at Angel Lake (Rescued Hearts, Book 2)

by Edie Ramer, Amy Knupp

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BN ID: 2940148588412
Publisher: Blue Walrus Books
Publication date: 09/26/2013
Series: Rescued Hearts , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 494,296
File size: 979 KB

About the Author

Edie Ramer is funnier on the page than in real life. She's a multiple award-winning writer. She lives in southeastern Wisconsin with her husband, her dog, and one important cat.

In addition to her Rescued Hearts and Miracle Interrupted series, she's published in paranormal and sci fi romance, plus a humorous mystery. She's happy to be able to do what she loves nearly every day. You can find her at

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Christmas at Angel Lake (Rescued Hearts, Book 2) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
My_Peace More than 1 year ago
When Logan, who inherited the house from his Grandma, shows up and finds this stranger living in his house, before he can get angry and kick Maddie out, or worse, call the police, he finds himself intrigued and entertained by her.  Logan is a screenwriter who is getting over the loss of his 'dark queen' who left him for another man.  His intention was to hole up and try to write - alone.  But he agrees to let Maddie and her son stay, on one condition.  Maddie has to tell Logan a story each night...and Logan thinks Maddie just might be his new muse. Logan has lost part of himself, not to mention his writing over the last few years, something he comes to realize clearer and clearer as he spends more time with Maddie.  He also feels an undeniable attraction to Maddie, something that Logan knows is a bad idea...Maddie is attracted to Logan also, but with her son in the house she needs to keep things under control.  For the last 5 years though, no man has made her feel the way Logan does.  Through her stories she has told him more about herself than most people, and she also makes him see himself through her stories.  But will Logan ever really be over his "dark queen"?  Can Maddie compete with her?  Does she want to, when it's not only her heart at stake but her son's too? Interwoven throughout Christmas at Angel Lake is the story of Dog, who is searching for his human.  Dog's story and his emotions are just as heart stopping, if not more so, as Logan and Maddie's story.  I loved Dog, and as much as I wanted Maddie and Logan to work out, I really wanted Dog to find his human! Edie Ramer has done it again with Christmas at Angel Lake!  She weaves a magical love story with just enough mix of reality and fairy tale to make it believable.  But who knows, maybe we all do have a fairy godmother, and maybe Dog's do think like that! :)  Edie's plots are always unique, but adding in the animals just makes it more so. I loved Logan and Maddie, they were both great characters and watching them come together was fascinating!  The way they poked at each other, yet deep down understood each other made them real people.  Their life realities may be different, but inside they are more similar than they think.  They are both strong characters, but I honestly feel like Maddie is the stronger one in Christmas at Angel Lake.  This might be because she couldn't run and hide when the going got tough, whereas Logan really did want to hide out - but Maddie didn't give him a chance to! I also loved Maddie's stories to Logan each night...a fun mix of children's stories and reality.  Both hers and his! I easily lost myself in Christmas at Angel Lake and admit to staying up way to late reading it!  It is a light hearted romance with just enough drama to keep things spicy!  Christmas at Angel Lake is a story of love, dreams, hope and lots of laughter!  I love it when a book can make me laugh...because laughing is part of loving and living, which is what Logan is learning to do again too. I highly recommend this and all of Edie's books!  This is book #2 of Edie's Rescued Hearts books, but it is a definite stand alone (but I'd highly recommend reading the first one too because it's just as great!!).
AMR0406 More than 1 year ago
Edie Ramer's books get better and better.  Her books have always been good, but it seems that I enjoy each one a little more than the last one. Her latest book, Christmas at Angel Lake is an entertaining contemporary romance book and is the perfect Christmas story. You have down on their luck characters who need a little help from others and you get to see the good side of people. It comes with a heartwarming happy ever after, too! Logan and Maddie are characters that seem very real. The snarky way the two of them interact is quite entertaining and emotional because you can see through their defenses. They are both hurting from a betrayal. Logan comes home to seek solace only to find a squatter. Maddie and her son have been living in Logan's house without permission for years. Maddie is prepared to leave but for some reason, grumpy Logan wants her to stay in exchange for Maddie telling him a story every night. Oh my gosh, the stories are a hoot. I wish Maddie told me stories with her attitude. They are usually based on real situations but told in a fairy tale sort of way that is quite captivating. Christmas at Angel Lake is a story full of hope. Sure, you have to get through the many ups and downs in the story first, but when you do, there is always a smile on your face at the end.  For the animal lovers out there, in Christmas at Angel Lake you get to read a side story that weaves into the main story story about a dog finding his way home and a kitten being saved in the winter and loved by a family. The animals always have an extra sense of what is going no which adds a little twist to the story and make Edie's books unique. If you are looking for a heart warming, hopeful, contemporary romantic Christmas story, I recommend you try Christmas at Angel Lake.
Jutzie More than 1 year ago
Christmas at Angel Lake by Edie Ramer Rescued Hearts Series Book Two Maddie Barrymore didn’t mean to become a squatter. And stay one. A stormy night, a tiny kitten and opportunity blended together into a perfect situation. Five years passed before the owner arrived to reclaim his home and hold her fate in his hands. Logan MacLeesh couldn’t get past his self-pity. His writing had dried up and so had his heart. Ten years with his dark queen and she left him. When he arrives at his grandmother’s home in Wisconsin he wanted to be alone in his misery, only it’s not to be. A squatter and her young son along with their cat had taken over the house and before long, they took over a part of him as well. What a great story. A side story is a dog looking for his real owner, an owner Dog has never met. We see through his eyes and thoughts as he travels towards the smell of the one human meant for him. Will he make in time? If your eyes water a bit while reading a good’ll want some tissues nearby for this one. **Sexual content and language **Included in Must Love Pets Boxed Set
Koalabear3 More than 1 year ago
A Great Holiday story for any time of the year! Maddie left broke and pregnant because of her ex boyfriend ends up squatting in Logan's grandmother's house. After 5 years Logan appears at the house to find Maddie and her son Zach staying there. He agrees to let her stay if she will tell him one story a night. Can they both overcome their pasts and have a chance at love again? A truly amazing story. I loved every minute of it and hated to see it end.
InspirationalAngel531 More than 1 year ago
Title: Christmas At Angel Lake - Rescued Hearts Book 2 Netgalley Review Author: Edie Ramer Publisher: Blue Walrus Books Published: 9-6-2013 ISBN-10: 193932811X ISBN-13: 978-1939328113 E-Book ASIN: B00FG92FOE Pages: 264 Genre: Contemporary Romance Maddie Barrymore plans to go to her pregnant sister's home after being abandoned her boyfriend who takes off after clearing out their apartment of his things and quite a few of hers. Heartbroken, pregnant and worried about what the future will hold for her and her baby. With a snowstorm brewing, she is just hoping to make it to her destination before the weather gets any worse when a kitten suddenly darts in front of her car. winding up in a ditch off the side of a driveway she gets out to catch the poor thing and as she is trying to warm him the caretaker of the old mansion mistakenly assumes Maddie is a friend or relative of the McLeash family there to stay for visit.. A mistake Maddie fails to correct. For the next five years Maddie stays at the old MacLeash mansion, but she does not waster her time their. She has tries to help others along the way, but she may have waited to long to move on. One of the owners has decided to pay a visit, the first visit from the family in over nine years. Logan MacLeash, is looking to taking a break at his grandmother's mansion following a painful break up with his girlfriend. He stops for supplies at the local grocery store and is surprised and confused by the many residents who stop him to give thanks for all he has done to help either themselves or a family member. Even when he tells them he did not do anything they all say that Maddie told them he did not like receiving attention and does not know what they are talking about. Upon arriving at the house he begins to comprehend what they are all talking about, because he find the mysterious Maddie, a ginger colored cat and Maddie's four year old son. Scheherazade has nothing on Maddie and Logan tells Maddie if she tells him a story each night he will not turn her and her son over to the authorities for breaking into his home. Added to the mix is the a sad, lonely dog that has run away from people who stole him and mistreated him. Barely surviving he catches the scent of HIS human, the one meant just for him. Finally he knows he exist and must find him. Even though he does not know where his human is he determined to find him and hopefully a forever home. As always Ms. Ramer gives us a story that warms our hearts and leaves us with a smile on our faces. This heartwarming story is just one of many Edie Ramer offers. She writes in many genre, but in Christmas At angel Lake we have romance, a grouch who learns to love once more and the realization that the you may have saved someone only to find they in fact saved you. This is the second story in her Rescued Hearts Series, but I hope it will not be the last. Like HEARTS IN MOTION, 25 cents from every CHRISTMAS AT ANGEL LAKE book sold will go to the Washington County Humane Society, Wisconsin.
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Julie for Read Your Writes Book Reviews What a fantastic book! I couldn't read it fast enough. Maddie, a pregnant woman who ends up living in a vacant, yet cared for house. She ends up staying for five years, instead of the two weeks she originally anticipated. The owner of the house, Logan, a screenwriter/producer/director shows up and they end up falling in love. Christmas at Angel Lake is a wonderful story of two people needing each other more than they ever thought possible. Maddie and Logan are both witty and funny and it is heartwarming. As an aside to their story, there is a dog searching for his "human" who travels three winters tracking his scent trying to find him. The dog finally finds his "human" who ends up being Logan. Christmas at Angel Lake is a good read and I highly recommend it to everyone. It's not too mushy, it's not overdone in anyway, it's perfect. Source Blog Tour Promoter
kydirtgirl68 More than 1 year ago
Maddie is on her way to start a new life when a kitten dart outs in front of her in a blizzard. She is stuck in a ditch, pregnant and cold. The house she wrecks in front of is empty so she stays in it telling her self it will be a short stay. Five years later she is still living there with her son and the cat she saved that night. She has a job and loves the place. Now the owner has finally showed up and she knows it is time to go. Logan goes to his grandmothers house to get away from his recent break up and to work on his screenplays. He is surprised to find a sexy woman and er son in his house. Maddie and Logan agree she can stay if she tells him a story every night. While she struggles to fight her desire for him she also has to deal with trouble at work. Logan is haunted by his ex girlfriend. They both have things to work out if they can ever be happy. At the same time a dog begins his journey after he smells the man he is meant for. Through snow storms and everything else he makes his journey. Hoping to get to the man he dreams of being his master. Maddie has had bad luck but she tries her best to make a living for her self and her son. She is smart, sexy and a hard worker. She is also a very caring person and does everything she can to help those in need. She also has a habit of letting people run over the top of her. She doesn't like to stir trouble up. Logan is also sexy and smart. He is also nursing a broken heart and wonders if he will ever get over his ex.I liked both of them as they both had faults but tried to overcome them. This was a very charming story that in part shows the goodness of some people and how others can be mean. I really enjoyed the story from the start I like Maddie and rooted for her. She has had lots of bad things happen in the past but she has a great treasure in her son. I enjoyed getting to know her and all that has made her the way she is. Her son is just adorable and he will make her tear up in the end with what he wants for Christmas. Logan really likes Maddie even if she isn't like his ex. They have lots of tension between them but when they come together it is a nice addition to the story. It has just the right amount of sexual sizzle that it doesn't take away from the plot. The Cat I really liked. At times she seemed almost human. If your looking for a great feel good holiday book pick this one up.
MariaD1 More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars - Fun Holiday Romance I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review as a part of a book tour through NetGalley. A sweet, second chance romance, featuring two damages souls, a small fatherless boy and the two pets that come into their lives, Christmas At Angel Lake by Edie Ramer, is an engaging tale heavily influenced by the theme of paying it forward. Well developed characters, good dialogue, and plenty of emotional angst, had me turning the pages to see how Ms. Ramer’s characters would resolve their problems and seize their opportunity to find a happy ever after. Set in a small town, with some political machinations taking place during the holidays, Ms. Ramer’s story is the perfect fit for any evening’s entertainment. Single, pregnant and abandoned by her baby’s father, Maddie Barrymore leaves the Windy City to move in with her sister and brother-in-law in Angel Lake, Wisconsin. Trying to avoid hitting a kitten in the road, Maddie finds herself in a ditch and rescued by one of the caretakers of an empty house. Telling herself she’ll only stay in the house for a couple of weeks and during the upcoming holidays, Maddie keeps the kitten, has her baby and gets a job in town. Preparing for the day the real property owner shows up, Maddie saves her money and “pays it forward” by helping others in need. Ms. Ramer does a really good job developing Maddie’s character; while realistic about her situation, she wants to help others and is determined to keep a positive outlook on life. While she’s reluctant to get involved in a relationship with another man, she’s completely devoted to her son. She knows it’s wrong to stay in someone else’s home but prepares for the day she’ll have to move out and sets aside money to pay the real owner for the time she’s been staying in his home. She makes the decision to help others, especially those who find themselves temporarily homeless, and becomes a member of the local community. Successful and handsome, Hollywood director Logan MacLeesh is heartbroken when the woman he loves dumps him for someone else. Determined to leave his old life behind and get back to writing, Logan heads home to the house his grandmother left him. Only the house is isn’t empty and he can’t help being charmed by the woman squatting in his house with her son. Taking a page out of 1001 Nights, Logan makes a deal with Maddie Barrymore – she, her son and their cat can stay with him in the house as long as she tells him a story every night. Ms. Ramer does a good job developing Logan’s character; he’s dark, brooding and used to getting his way. He’s also a little overly dramatic and realizes he’s emotionally a mess – especially since he now realizes his ex is similar to the Disney fantasy villains (think Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty). He sees the lightness of Maddie’s soul and is intrigued by her on more than one level. The scenes between Maddie and Logan are full of emotional give and take, smoldering chemistry and entertaining dialogue. Maddie’s nightly stories, while fairytales, tell both of their stories and help Logan realize what he’s been missing all of his adult life. They also help them establish an emotional connection either one was looking for. While they are obviously attracted to each other, and do eventually act on their attraction, it’s the emotional development that helps each of them heal. Something they’ll both need in order to deal with some of the upcoming events. The secondary characters are also well developed and I especially liked Caroline, Maddie’s friend at work, and Maddie’s older sister. We also get to meet Logan’s ex (who really is like a Disney villain) and some of the not so nice members of the town council. Ms. Ramer does a good job helping both Maddie and Logan learn to stand up for themselves and deal with what they attempt to do. Will Logan realize that Maddie is the woman he’s been searching for all of his life? Will Maddie open her heart to a future with Logan? You’ll have to read Christmas at Angel Lake to find out. I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading more of Ms. Ramer’s work.