Cloaks and Maidens; Gods and Train

Cloaks and Maidens; Gods and Train

by Broken Walls Publishing

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A collection of short stories and excerpts from novels
A few quotes from the book:
"Even a billion dollars is only so many pennies...yes, the bulk of it will make most men bow over...but not is coinage yes but it rarelymakes change. "
"Guilt is the strongest prison; he who is a fugitive from himself is never free"
"Childhood ends when we stop believing in monsters and start making them

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BN ID: 2940044479708
Publisher: Broken Walls Publishing
Publication date: 04/14/2013
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Far from the Road, the road more or less travelled, there is, under the Bent Tree, surrounded by long grass, an Old Man and a sleeping Tiger. That is to say that sometimes the man sleeps and sometimes the tiger sleeps. There are times too that both sleep, but because there is always peace, there are never times that both do not sleep. Strangely too, there is always one tiger for one man or one woman...never more , never less. What does this mean? We know the road is life, more or less travelled. We know the long grass is the vagueness of fates between living and wisdom. We "see" things in the distances of our destiny but how do we get there? Do we want to get there? The Bent Tree is easy. It is Death and it is Wisdom. For all knowledge comes with Death, the Great Portal...and then, that is the end of all Knowledge. Which is Wisdom also. The Death of all Knowledge. Under the Bent Tree, knowledge sleeps. We are left to explain a man and a tiger. The tiger sleeps and the man is awake. The man is Logic, Reason, Consciousness. The man sleeps and the tiger roams. Do not be alarmed, however. Though the tiger is indeed a man or woman's passions, without reason and logic, passion is only passion. It is Natural. It creates. It knows nothing of evil. Unless the man or woman awakens also. Then we have a soul to deal with.

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