Close to Me

Close to Me

by Monica Murphy


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ISBN-13: 9798610975429
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 02/08/2020
Pages: 380
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.85(d)

About the Author

Monica Murphy is the New York Times bestselling author of One Week Girlfriend and its sequel, Second Chance Boyfriend. A native Californian, she lives in the foothills below Yosemite with her husband and three children.

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Close to Me 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Felicia71 2 days ago
Monica Murphy is going back to her New Adult roots with Ash and Autumn in Close to Me. Close to Me is a classic boy from the wrong side of the tracks falling for the good girl romance. Through football, her parents and high school we get a great story that takes the readers through a definite journey. We get to see the evolution of their relationship starting their freshman year and throughout high school which I really enjoyed. As with any teenage romance, there are lot of ups and downs and with Ash and Autumn, that is no different. Though in the end I truly believed they are good for each other.
Felicia71 2 days ago
Monica Murphy is going back to her New Adult roots with Ash and Autumn in Close to Me. Close to Me is a classic boy from the wrong side of the tracks falling for the good girl romance. Through football, her parents and high school we get a great story that takes the readers through a definite journey. We get to see the evolution of their relationship starting their freshman year and throughout high school which I really enjoyed. As with any teenage romance, there are lot of ups and downs and with Ash and Autumn, that is no different. Though in the end I truly believed they are good for each other.
Squenn 4 days ago
I loved everything about this book! The characters are so great and are dealing with so much. Ash is just so broken that you can’t help but hope that he finds his way. Autumn is a well adjusted and has a loving family. She cannot fight her feelings for the bad boy. At times he treats her like he can’t stand her and other times like he likes her. Oh the mixed signals and angst is just perfect. Loved seeing Drew and Fable as parents. You will not be disappointed!
Sandy-thereadingcafe 4 days ago
CLOSE TO ME is the first instalment in Monica Murphy’s contemporary, young adult THE CALLAHANS romance series focusing on the Callahan siblings-a spin off from the author’s ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND series. This is high school students Asher Davis, and Autumn Callahan’s story line. Told from several first person perspectives including Asher and Autumn CLOSE TO ME covers four to five years in the life of high school students Asher Davis, and Autumn Callahan. Autumn Callahan is the eldest child and daughter of former NFL quarterback Drew Callahan and his wife Fable, and as such finds herself often on the outside looking in but her four year, love/hate relationship with high school quarterback Asher Davis pulls our heroine into the vortex that is about to suck Asher Davis into the depths of h*ll. When trouble at home finds Asher living with Coach Callahan, his relationship with Autumn is stepped up to the next level, no longer a love/hate relationship but a teenaged love affair wherein Asher’s past is determined to destroy them all. What ensues is the building friendship, relationship and romance between Asher and Autumn, and the potential fall-out as Asher’s home-life, and previous relationships affect everything going forward. The relationship between Asher and Autumn begins acrimoniously as Asher’s attempts to befriend Autumn are met with derision and scorn. Autumn struggles to accept everything that Asher represents without ever truly understanding the totality of the darkness that controls his world. As Autumn and Asher dance around one another throughout their entire high school career, Asher’s life begins to implode leaving our hero a shell of his former self. The $ex scenes are intimate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. The colorful and energetic cast of characters include Drew and Fable Callahan (One Week Girlfriend series), as well as their children Jake, Ava and Beck; Autumn’s friend Kaya; several high school students, mean girls and wanna-bes. Jake’s story is next in Falling For Her. CLOSE TO ME is a story of family, dysfunction, betrayal, secrets and lies; of one boy’s struggle to survive against the odds; of one girl’s need to love a boy who believes he is not worthy of love. The premise is heart breaking and emotional; the romance is passionate; the characters are charismatic, broken, struggling but strong.
SaraEK 5 days ago
Close To Me details the relationship between Autumn Callahan and Asher Davis, spanning all four years that they're in high school together. Autumn is the daughter of NFL great Drew Callahan, whose own love story was chronicled in the One Week Girlfriend series (which I have not read, so no, you do not have to have the previous stories to follow Close To Me). Autumn is a "good girl", who never breaks the rules, tries hard not to disappoint her parents, and dates the right kind of guy. But she keeps finding herself inexplicably drawn to the *wrong* guy, Asher "Ash" Davis, who, while he has a bright future in football, comes from a broken home and continually makes the wrong choices. There is definitely an attraction between them, but they're also very wrong for each other... or so they think. They spend a lot of their time bickering, pushing each other away for one reason or another. As an adult, I found quite a few moments between Ash and Autumn to be somewhat problematic, so I had to remind myself that they're both teenagers, and teenagers aren't always the most mature bunch. There is plenty of angst, which I love, sexy times and optimism. Better yet, there is also enough character development to keep me invested. Honestly, I kept waiting for some catastrophic moment between the two that would thrust us into the future to find Autumn and Asher apart as adults, but this remained strictly a contemporary YA novel, which I was not expecting. That's not a bad thing, but I hope Murphy revisits Ash and Autumn down the line, when they're both older. I have read a handful of Murphy's novels now and have always enjoyed them. I read CTM in one day, if that tells you anything. She's a talented writer, so I'm looking forward to reading more of the Callahan series as they come. If I knock this story for anything, it's the unstable psycho ex-girlfriend subplot that felt a little out of place and rather generic. Other than that, I found myself really enjoying Autumn and Asher's story. Definitely recommend to Murphy fans, and anyone who likes a bit of an edge to their YA romances.
Rhondaz 5 days ago
5 HOLY MOLY STARS!! Holy moly....Ash and Autumn's story was perfect and had me reminiscing back to my high school days. Their story is full of angst, sexiness, drama, quarterback and cheerleader. I was sucked into their world instantly and held my attention all the way through. Monica Murphy has delivered another series that has me dying for the next book.
MaryJoMI 5 days ago
I’m so excited for the Callahan’s series. Drew and Fable are an awesome couple so getting to experience their children’s stories is wonderful to me with the added benefit of letting me experience Drew and Fable as parents. Autumn is the oldest daughter and isn’t happy that they moved to a small town as she starts her freshman year of high school. On her first day she meets Asher, a football player with a bad boy vibe that sparks something in her while at the same time, telling her to stay away. Asher’s road hasn’t been easy but meeting Autumn, he sees someone that he doesn’t feel worthy to know yet wants in his life. As they progress through high school, Autumn and Asher work hard to avoid each other even though life seems to throw them together. When Asher’s world crashes down around him, it’s Drew of the big heart and new assistant football coach to the rescue and suddenly Asher is living at the Callahan’s home. I love how Autumn and Asher danced around each other for 4 years. This time allowed them both to learn more about themselves which permitted them to truly open up to each other when the time was right. Even then, the road wasn’t an easy one which had me captivated wanting to know how this journey would unfold.
astroyic 5 days ago
OMG! Exhilarating! Monica Murphy perfectly captures contemporary YA romance with the push and pull, the non-stop drama, the yearning, a super dose of angst, a scorching attraction, and the all consuming rush of first love. I loved every moment, the first meeting, the first kiss, the heartache, and so much more. Be prepared to take a trip down memory lane, to those awkward, self-centered teenage years, where this author will make you burn for these two, and oh what an Exhilarating feeling that brings. This was seriously an addicting read. Oh yeah! Asher and Autumn were great characters that I loved. There was so much tension and animosity between them but this crazy attraction and chemistry as well. They meet at the beginning of their freshman year of high school. Autumn has just moved to this school and is the good girl with a famous football father that was in the NFL and now is the new high school football coach. Autumn always worries that boys will use her to get close to her father. Ash is the hot, bad boy, quarterback, with a troubled family life, from the wrong side of the tracks. From the moment they meet their chemistry is electric. As each year passes they are thrown together at different times and they continue to fight their feelings and connections even as those feelings grow stronger. I was rooting for them from the beginning. Everything about this storyline and the characters captivated me. Their personalities, their conversations, their my my! I was a goner, charmed beyond words. Filled with heartfelt goodness. And gosh did I ever fall in love. This story had me smiling, laughing, melting and swooning as well as crying at the trials of young love. But I never stopped turning the pages. Oh no! So mesmerized with the story, main characters, and secondary characters and their journey. Loving the new friendships, first romances and serious issues as well as some family dynamics that made this fantastic. This also definitely took me back to my first book by Monica Murphy that I read and which started my love of her writing, which was ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND with Fable and Drew. CLOSE TO ME is about their daughter and I loved catching up with them once again. Loved it!
mjlovestoread 6 days ago
Close to Me proves once more that when Monica Murphy writes about the Callahan clan, magic truly emanates from her fingers. This coming of age tale about Autumn, the oldest of 4, hit all the right spots of my heart, leaving me sighing with pure joy over and over again. I loved that we get a glimpse of each of the four years of high school, with freshman, sophomore and junior years showing us the meaningful albeit brief encounters between Autumn and Asher Davis. But with each of those moments, there is a powerful pull between the two that ultimately leads to the most important year of all, their senior one. Everything goes a bit upside down as the brooding and troubled Ash becomes much more to Autumn and not just because her dad is his football coach at their small-town high school. And yes, both Drew + his Fable are key components of this story and add just the right amount of parental guidance and support when needed most. But it's the unmistakable chemistry Autumn and Ash have that drives this book and all the reasons they shouldn't be together. Their secret meetings when everyone is asleep are both sexy and touching. The rawness that bleeds out of Ash would turn most girls away but Autumn, with her strength and desire to be there for him, wins out time and again even when he is downright cruel at every turn. Much like her parents before her, there are plenty of obstacles standing in her way with Ash but I can undoubtedly say that Autumn is her parents's daughter and her devotion to her bad boy never really wavers. And she never gives up even when she probably should. Close to Me is full of feels and I appreciated that the author didn't waste time with unspoken truths. Everything is laid bare and she lets Ash and Autumn figure out which way they want to go in their relationship, even when it hurts. Being back in this world has shown me once again that there is no love quite like Callahan love and I look forward for more to come. 5 big stars!
lindseydomokur 6 days ago
Close to Me is a binge worthy book. I didn't want to put it down and read it in a day. Autumn is Drew and Fable's daughter and you see how close knit of a family they have. Drew coaches football at Autumn's high school so she is popular and also kids try to get close to her because of who her dad is. The good thing about her is that she is such a nice girl. Even though she is wealthy, she is also sweet to everyone, everyone but Ash. She does feel pressure to be a certain way and feels that she is expected to be a proper girl and have the perfect boyfriend. That perfect boyfriend isn't the bad boy she meets freshman year that she can't stop thinking about. Ash is not so much a bad boy, but he comes from a rough home. He has no one that truly cares about him and he feels like he has nothing left inside him. Until he meets Autumn. He knows she steals a bit of him and he will never get it back. You see glimpses of their interactions over the course of their four years in high school and you are just rooting for these two. There is always something that happens that forces them apart, but you know in the end, love will win. There is, of course, the high school drama that I don't love, but it was done in such a way that it didn't bother me, even when it probably should have. This is why I read Monica Murphy. I trust her writing and I loved this book.