Colby's Wife

Colby's Wife

by Grace Green

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ISBN-13: 9781459263352
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 07/15/2011
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 782,255
File size: 267 KB

About the Author

Grace was born in the Highlands of Scotland, and grew up on a farm in the Scottish northeast. As an eleven year old, she earned her very first paycheck by gathering potatoes during the school holidays - "tattie-howking" as it was locally known; back-breaking work as it was generally acknowledged! Then, earnings in hand, she cycled to Elgin, a nearby town, and with the precious pound bought a shiny black Waterman fountain pen. Grace had always loved writing, and with the treasured pen she continued to write...diaries, letters, and poetry...and fan mail to faraway movie stars living at, what seemed to be, a very romantic address: Culver City, California. Little did she dream that just over two decades later, she would move to North America with husband and children and eventually settle in Vancouver. It was there that she began to write novels...and all because of a newspaper article she read, about a popular Harlequin romance author. Until then, Grace had always believed writers to be extraordinary people, who lived in ivory towers, and she had considered it would be presumptuous for any ordinary person to aspire to become one. But the author in the article appeared much like herself... a housewife, a mother, and Scottish to boot. So should she give it a shot? Having always enjoyed writing and always enjoyed a challenge, Grace decided she would. And after a five-year period of hard work and several rejections - which she likes to think of as a five-year apprenticeship - she finally made the first of many sales. Since her childhood days, Grace has graduated from laboriously writing copperplate with her Waterman pen, to clattering the keys of an ancient Olivetti typewriter, to typing on a second-hand IBM Selectric, to using a computer, as she now does. But no matter the tool, her attention remains firmly focused on the writing itself, and the spinning of emotional, family-oriented love stories that come from her heart.

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