Coming Home to You: A Handbook for Personal Transformation

Coming Home to You: A Handbook for Personal Transformation


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“Taking the journey home to you, one step at a time will reap the most amazing rewards. Be free, be brave and enjoy every minute of this wonderful life you have.”

Why do we struggle so much with Change? Why do our thoughts constantly send us negative images and beliefs? How can we find space to make new habits to bring about lasting change?

In this honest and frank account, Mary McGuire shares her story from humble beginnings to a flourishing international business career and the lessons she has learnt about life, love and harmony along the way. Every chapter comes with practical and usable techniques to immediately put the ideas into practice. Drawing from a wide variety of sources, Coming Home to You, provides insights into how to manage change, find meaningful work and free your spiritual self. If you are looking for a practical no nonsense compendium to guide your personal transformation, this book is for you.

This Book Is For You If You...

  • are constantly questioning if you are good enough;
  • feel your life is on a downward spiral, living to work and working to live;
  • feel like you are always looking for the ‘right’ answer;
  • have lost the joy and passion you once felt;
  • feel like you are suppressing long held emotions, but are unsure how to release them;
  • are constantly worried, stressed and anxious; or
  • know you need to give yourself time and energy to change your life, but are unsure where to begin.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781999704100
Publisher: The Joyful Press
Publication date: 06/09/2017
Pages: 306
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

Mary McGuire lives between England and Ireland with her partner.
A long-time transformation consultant for global companies, her own life went through a dramatic turnaround after illness in 2008 took away much of what she took for granted in her life, including her health.
Through a process of trial and error, she started to wake up to her spirituality, the nature of happiness and develop a rich inner life. This freed her from the internal and harmful thought cycles that had led to much of her own unhappiness and allowed her to regain a full and vibrant state of health.
As her awareness of the power of thoughts grew, she became more mindful and life opened in wonderful ways. This, her first book, marks her journey from lost to found, and shares the many ways she has learnt to live a joyful life. She believes that this is possible for everyone to achieve and this is the motivation behind this book.
Mary holds a BA (Hons) in Social Work, An MBA in Business and an
MSc in Organisational Development.
After many years working with international companies on organisational transformation, her focus is moving to personal transformation, where she believes the biggest impact can be made in the world.
She can be reached at:

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: My Story

CHAPTER 2: What is the Nature of Change

Change is all around us

The nature of ego

The change roller coaster

Embracing change

CHAPTER 3: Control Your Emotions, Control Your Life

The Power of Emotions

How to observe your emotions

Unblock your emotions

CHAPTER 4: The Power of Intent

The focus to succeed

CHAPTER 5: The Nature of Consciousness

What is consciousness?

Healing and consciousness

CHAPTER 6: Calm the Inner Critic

We are not our thoughts

The critic tamed

Observing thoughts

CHAPTER 7: As Without, So Within

Make peace with your body

We are what we eat

CHAPTER 8: Timeless Living

The origins of time

The arc of life

Live for the moment

CHAPTER 9: Coming Home To You

My journey home

Unlock your energy

CHAPTER 10: Courageous Living

Opportunity knocks

The transformative power of courage

CHAPTER 11: Find Value Beyond Money

The money paradox

The money trap

Our money beliefs

CHAPTER 12: Meaningful Work

Working life

Work values

Managing conflict at work

CHAPTER 13: Free Your Spiritual Self

Welcome spirit into your life

The miracle of life


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