Confessions of a Lighthouse Keeper

Confessions of a Lighthouse Keeper

by Greg Appel


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A memoir that's more than an insider's account of a mid-eighties Australian independent band. Confessions of a Lighthouse Keeper provides multiple insights into the broader music and entertainment world-in a country that has mixed feelings about the arts. It's atmospheric, light and full of musings from others who have travelled this road over the last fifty years. The Lighthouse Keepers are sentimental favourites among the generation who came of age in the inner cities of Sydney, Melbourne-and even Canberra-during the 1980s.

Featuring personal interviews, diary entries, and writing contributions from other witnesses-interviews include: Lindy Morrison, the Go-Betweens; James Cruickshank, Widdershins, Cruel Sea; Rob McComb, the Triffids; Murray Cook, the Wiggles; John Paul Young, legendary Australian popstar; Steve Kilbey, the Church; Ken Gormly, Cruel Sea; Clinton Walker, writer/academic; David Nichols, writer/academic; Juliet Ward, the Lighthouse Keepers; Sarah Macdonald, journalist/broadcaster... with a foreword by
Tanya Plibersek, Australian Labor Party, Member of Parliament.

Greg Appel-a key member of the Lighthouse Keepers-brings to this tale a unique perspective on the raucous world of the music business, public broadcasting and creative program-making.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780958795692
Publisher: Spontaneous Films Pty Ltd
Publication date: 07/31/2020
Pages: 234
Product dimensions: 6.69(w) x 9.61(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

Perhaps as a punishment for his sins in this indie world, Greg Appel ended up as the producer of the ABC TV rock history Long Way to the Top and has created numerous other music programs and events: guitarist/songwriter for the legendary Lighthouse Keepers; documentary maker for ABC television and radio; producer in the fraught world of theatre.

Table of Contents

1. Ode to Nothing - the Lighthouse Keepers break up after an onstage brawl in Hamburg
2. Dishwashing Liquid - a dreamy Canberra childhood, followed by a not-very-good punk band
3. Lighthouse Keepers - early history in Sydney independent scene interviews, diaries
4. We've got a Gig - the Lighthouse Keepers play a lot, the inner-city scene explodes (sort of), interviews, diaries, records of live shows
5. Springtime - the Lighthouse Keepers play even more, interviews, diaries, records of live shows
6. Wheels over the Desert - the Lighthouse Keepers go overseas and try their luck with mixed results: interviews, diaries, records of live shows
7. Torture Road - one big tour to Europe: interviews, diaries, records of live shows
8. Bad Mood - the end of the road for the band: interviews, diaries, records of live shows
9. A Time of Evil - another band is formed - the Widdershins - some darker times, including witchcraft, drugs and even sex
10. March of the Green Men - Greg Appel starts to work at the ABC and begins to make documentaries
11. Cruising - Greg works on various ABC TV shows including King Street, Newtown and A Long Way To The Top
12. Shadowlands - the story of Van Park, a musical comedy about some old musos stuck in a caravan park, starring John Paul Young and Steve Kilbey
13. Return of the King - putting on live shows and making docos is occasionally rewarding
14. Love Beacon - flashes and reflections
15. Hoogle Waltz - what goes around comes around, a life in the arts placed into perspective

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