Cook Your Butt Off!: Lose Up to a Pound a Day with Fat-Burning Foods and Gluten-Free Recipes

Cook Your Butt Off!: Lose Up to a Pound a Day with Fat-Burning Foods and Gluten-Free Recipes

by Rocco DiSpirito


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ISBN-13: 9781455583522
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 02/17/2015
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 717,643
Product dimensions: 9.40(w) x 7.60(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Rocco DiSpirito entered the Culinary Institute of America at the age of sixteen, and at eighteen began working with legendary chefs worldwide. The James Beard award-winning chef opened the 3-star Union Pacific in New York City where he established his culinary credentials. He was named Food & Wine's Best New Chef and was the first chef to grace the cover of Gourmet as "America's Most Exciting Young Chef". DiSpirito stars in Restaurant Divided on The Food Network. He is the author of ten books, including the New York Times bestselling Now Eat This! Diet and The Pound a Day Diet.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Cooking-and Eating-for Life xiii

Part 1 The Plan

Chapter 1 Cook and Burn Calories 1

Chapter 2 Eat and Burn Fat 11

Chapter 3 Cook Fresh, Stay Lean 27

Chapter 4 Cook Your Butt Off in 14 Days 39

Chapter 5 Day 15 and Beyond 63

Part 2 The Recipes

Chapter 6 Beverage Recipes 75

Chapter 7 Breakfast Recipes 95

Chapter 8 Lunch Recipes 121

Chapter 9 Dinner Recipes 141

Chapter 10 Salad and Soup Recipes 179

Chapter 11 Snack Recipes 205

Chapter 12 Dessert Recipes 219

Resources 240

References 243

Index 244

What People are Saying About This

Whoopie Goldberg

This book is so great. I bought pots and pans!! --Whoopi Goldberg

Sherri Shepherd

I'm living proof that Rocco's Cook Your Butt Off! recipes work. --Sherri Shepherd

Paul Stanley

Fitness and being at your best is dependent on an inseperable combination of exercise and proper eating. For me, Rocco's meals and point of view are an integral component. The results speak for themselves and there is no substitute. --Paul Stanley, rock icon and co-founder of KISS

Stacy London

I love this book. Even I cooked my way from a mushy tushy to a Rocco-hard butt in no time! The food is delicious. Rocco, my jeans thank you. --Stacy London

Kris Jenner

Cooking at home is so necessary for a healthy lifestyle and Rocco gives you all the ingredients to Cook Your Butt Off! --Kris Jenner

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Cook Your Butt Off!: Lose Up to a Pound a Day with Fat-Burning Foods and Gluten-Free Recipes 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a book that your body, through your eating habits, will thank you for! Listen, I've been a fan of Rocco's for a long time now and with this new book, I'm glad to see that he's still on top of his game! I started losing weight back in 2012 using another dieting solution and since then, I have been clamoring for more recipe ideas and other ways to maintain my 30 pound weight loss. I haven’t felt this good since college. Rocco delivers every time in every book that he puts together. For the first time, an author included recipes for people who are lactose intolerant. Rocco has really delivers another great book filled with delicious recipes and easy-to-follow instructions. This is a MUST BUY for anyone who is serious about their diet and health. Also, if you are serious about losing weight, buy yourself a copy of The Hungry Chick Dieting Solution. I honestly dare you to follow the first week challenge and see for yourself how much weight you can lose and how much better you are going to feel. I am proof that it works!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My new year’s goal is not only to lose weight, but to also get healthy. I love Rocco’s books and have had great success on his Now Eat This book. When I saw this one in the bookstore today, I decided to buy it. The concept of this book is that you burn more calories cooking the food than the food contains. What a cool idea. I had never thought about it before. It also incorporates Fitbit, which is great for me because I own one. Part One of this book is called “The Plan.” This is where Rocco explains the concept of the book and how you can actually achieve it. There’s a ton of valuable information in this section, including diagrams and what the food burning activities actually are (i.e. baking, bartending, serving food, washing dishes, etc.) He explains natural sweeteners, pesticides, different types of milk and the benefits of going gluten and eating locally grown foods. I thought I understood these things, but now I actually know what they mean. This section also offers suggested menus and shopping lists for 14 days (extremely helpful!) Once you have part one down, you’re ready to cook your butt off! The recipes are listed in part two of the book. From beverages to snacks and desserts, this book provides more than just breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The point is to not dwell on the photos, because, let’s face it, ours will never look like Rocco’s anyway. I’m actually glad the pictures are done in red and white because it really made me focus on the actually recipes. The ingredients look even cleaner than his previous books because they are gluten free and don’t have any unnatural sweeteners.  All in all, I’m happy with this book and I can’t wait to start cooking. I think this is going to be the book to help me finally lose the extra weight and start feeling stronger, healthier, and happier with my body. I will post an update with photos as I make the recipes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I simply loved this book. Nowadays it's all the trend to eat 'natural, whole foods' without counting the calories - but at the end of the day, it's simple maths - No matter how healthy coconut oil or raw almonds are, if you eat more calories than you burn, you're not going to loose weight... and that's exactly what was happened to me - I'd been eating lots of whole grains and fruit and nuts and 'healthy fats' like avocado and cashew butter but the weight simply wasn't coming off... This book finally got things back in order, the good old fashioned way - Seeing the calorie count for each recipe finally allowed me to get proper control over what I am really ingesting (and truly, isn't the point of preparing home cooked meals knowing what you're putting in your body?!!). The recipes are easy and delicious, and the chart that tells you what foods have the most pesticides from them was super useful as I now know what foods to buy organic and what foods I can buy regular, so I don't end up with a crazy grocery bill each month. All in all, I highly recommend this book if you actually want to lose weight beyond just eating healthy, it's one of the best investments I've made - super effective and an easy read as Rocco's tone is so personal and down to earth. I’d also recommend that you buy a copy of Conquer Your Kitchen… The Hungry Chick Dieting Solution Cookbook Reference Guide from Chef Jai Scovers as well and its companion cookbook, Simple, Healthy & Delicious... which is on sale here on BN. Like another reviewer, I am also a fan of the original book, The Hungry Chick Dieting Solution. It helped my sister and I lose over 30 pounds. Conquer Your Kitchen is filled with over 100 kitchen secrets guaranteed to save you time and money. The charts for food storage are worth the costs of the book alone. Who knew that you should never defrost meat on a counter top? Where Chef Jai tells you to do it makes a lot of sense. With Simple, Healthy & Delicious is filled with delicious meal ideas and recipes like Lemon Shallot Scallops, the Ham & Herb Cheese and the Pound Cake French Toast. Finally, two books that will allow you to lose weight and still be able to feed your entire family. Buy both!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Few prepared foods will do it as will cooking fresh frozen or using one food per can you ll get extra salt and sugar too but can leave out in combining