Country Strong

Country Strong

by Linda Lael Miller

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For the men of Painted Pony Creek, it’s never too late for a second chance…

Cord Hollister is a true cowboy at heart. As a man who has devoted his life to training horses under the big skies of Montana, he thrives on the stability of ranch life. But when a girl arrives in Painted Pony Creek with a shocking secret, Cord’s orderly life is upended. She’s the spitting image of the first woman who broke his heart—a woman he hasn’t seen in years—and he’ll do whatever he can to help her. He just can’t do it alone…

Shallie Fletcher left heartbreak where it belongs—in the past. And she’s done everything she can to reinvent herself and move on. But when an opportunity arises to partner with a therapeutic riding program for kids, Shallie can’t resist seeking out Cord for lessons. Back in school, he was the crush she couldn’t forget, even though he only had eyes for her best friend. Seeing him now floods her with memories…and fills her with hope. Could the one who got away be the one who stays?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781488096815
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 01/21/2020
Series: Painted Pony Creek Series , #1
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 396
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Linda LaelMiller is a #1 New YorkTimes and USA TODAY bestselling author of morethan one hundred  novels. Long passionate about the Civil War buff, she has studied theera avidly and has made many visits to Gettysburg,  where she has witnessedreenactments of the legendary clash between North and South. Linda exploresthat turbulent time in The Yankee Widow.

Date of Birth:

June 10, 1949

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Country Strong: A Novel 2.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
sharon ruschak 27 days ago
drug on and on. couldn't force myself to finish! did LLM really write this ? save your money
Anonymous 3 months ago
It was very disappointing. You never bond with any of the main characters. All are dysfunctional and should be in therapy. In the end all is forgiven and loving which could not even happen in a fictional story. I’ve read all of Linda’s books and this is not a good example of her writing.
Anonymous 3 days ago
Is there a no star option? It was so boring and so very slow and I ended up skipping to the end to find out who was the dad and it was no surprise. She really has lost touch with her readers. I used to adore her books. Last two have been awful slow and boring.
Karen4Cowboys 6 days ago
Linda Lael Miller’s Country Strong is the first book of the Painted Pony Creek series. It starts with the arrival of a girl who is a spitting image of a woman who broke Cord Hollister’s heart. Her shocking secret upends his orderly life. As the story progresses, Shallie Fletcher arrives in Painted Pony Creek because of an opportunity to partner with a therapeutic riding program for kids. She seeks lessons from Cord who trains horses. But she is there for another reason close to her heart. Back in school, Cord was the crush Shallie couldn’t forget, even when he had eyes for her best friend. Seeing him now floods her with memories and fills her with hope for a second chance with him. Linda Lael Miller creates a small town of interesting characters, forgiveness, redemption, and family reunions.
Billie Taylor 15 days ago
I've read all her work, haven't read a bad one yet!
onemused 22 days ago
COUNTRY STRONG is a story that I found it hard to connect with. We follow Shallie and Cord in alternating sections. Shallie and Cord were BFFs, along with two other guys back when they were in high school. Shallie had a thing for Cord, but Cord was involved with Reba- who was also involved with his two male best friends, Eli and JP. Finding out that they had all fallen in love with and had been sleeping with the same woman tore them apart for a long time. Now, 18 years in the future, a seventeen-year-old girl, Carly, shows up saying that one of the three of them is her father. Shallie had been raised by alcoholics after her mother abandoned her at a motel when she was two. She is coming back to town to try to figure out more about her past and to take classes run by Cord, as she is doing equine therapy. The book is very slow to get started, and I found it hard to connect with either character. I think I would have liked more focus on the two of them and how they had a past together with the other plots taking a much more limited role. As-is, they felt a little thrown together, and I didn't really feel like they connected with each other so much. We are pretty much told briefly about the past, with the focus being on Reba at the beginning. I did like Carly and I wanted to follow her story, but Cord and Shallie were harder to connect with. I might recommend this for people looking for more personal drama vs. romance. This was just not my cup of tea, but I know others might really enjoy it more. Please note that I received a review copy. All opinions are my own.
Anonymous 23 days ago
I have read every LLM book I could, but find this to be far below par. There is no rise and fall of action, no climax, no high point. There are too many little things that could develop into something interesting, but they are sadly solved in a short paragraph. Both mothers discovered and no/little emotion or anger over being abandoned? Potential "uncles and a dad" with everyone wanting to be the dad? I was disappointed and can only hope the next two of the trilogy are worth reeading.
Buffiphile514 28 days ago
I did not enjoy this introduction to her new series. I was so bored and just kept skipping pages to get to the end. I usually love this author so it was even more disappointing. The characters have no chemistry. The romance was so dull and the sex scenes were perfunctory.