Cowboy Heat: Western Romance for Women

Cowboy Heat: Western Romance for Women

by Delilah Devlin, Beth Williamson

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They may ride off into the sunset, but cowboys never go out of style. These manly men embody the fiercely independent, earthy alpha male and hero who isn’t afraid to show the gentle, nurturing side of his complex nature when he’s faced with a woman in need. Even when he’s coated with dust from riding behind a herd of cattle or up to his knees in mud freeing a calf from a wallow, this stud still generates a lot of Cowboy Heat. Delilah Devlin's Cowboy Lust was a sensation, hitting the top ten of romance books and generating a river of praise. Award-winning Devlin is back on the ranch with stories of rugged romantics, rough riders, and rope wranglers sure to satisfy the reader who craves the idea of that gruff, romantic hero, a man of few words but many moves. Cowboy Heat sits tall in the saddle, winning hearts and spurring readers to new heights of happiness.

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ISBN-13: 9781627780506
Publisher: Cleis Press
Publication date: 03/18/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 232
File size: 420 KB

About the Author

Delilah Devlin has published over 60 erotic stories in multiple genres and lengths. Her published print titles include Into the Darkness, Seduced by Darkness, Darkness Captured, Down in Texas and Texas Men. She is published by Avon, Kensington, Atria/Strebor, Ellora’s Cave, Samhain Publishing, Berkley, and Cleis Press and lives in Arkadelphia, AR. Beth Williamson is a revered romance writer who lives in Raleigh, NC.
Delilah Devlin is a rising star in the world of erotica and romance. Her titles include Cowboy Lust, Into the Darkness, Seduced by Darkness, Darkness Captured, Down in Texas, and Texas Men. Her short stories have been featured in Zane's Purple Panties, Girl Crush, Fairy Tale Lust, Lesbian Lust, Carnal Machines, and Passion. A USA Today best-selling author, she lives in Arkadelphia, AR.Jo Davis lives in Wylie, TX.

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From the foreword:

For years, I lived in the Texas Hill Country, my ranch-style house was one of many look-alikes in a rural subdivision, with my back yard butted up against a working ranch. After I woke to the insistent mooing of a cow at my bedroom window and her moist breaths fogging the glass, I put up a chain link fence, which gave me a unique vantage. My view was panoramic— grassy fields, clumps of wildflowers, rolling hills, a tall rugged escarpment in the distance—cowboys riding horses and motorized mules as they herded cattle.

Those cowboys came in all sizes and shapes, but wore “the uniform” well—chambray shirts year-round, occasionally torso-hugging T-shirts, if they didn’t expect to be in the sun too long, Wranglers—do cowboys wear anything else?—and scuffed, broken-in boots. And then there was the hat. Those cowboys I watched from my back yard might have worn the same brand of pale, straw cowboy hat, but the brims were shaped according to their individual preferences—some draped low over deep-set eyes, some brims curled tight at the sides to tell you the man wearing it was a little wild and likely playful. If I’d known what I was going to be when I “grew up,” I would have learned the language of those hats.
What I did learn was that their muscled frames weren’t honed in any gym—cowboys work damn hard. And they take pride in what they are—a living, American icon. Honest, protective and on the side of justice, they walk the walk.

My favorite memories are of strolling down the sidewalk in the small nearby town and passing a tall, lean cowboy coming the other way. Without fail, he’d touch his hat and give me a nod. More often than not, he’d say, “Howdy, ma’am.” As corny as that scenario might be, that greeting never failed to make me blush and smile. Back when I wasn’t free to act on my attraction, I had my little fantasies. Maybe cowboys made me what I am.

Seems plenty of writers love a sexy cowboy, too. Narrowing down the choices from the deluge of sexy stories I received was tough. In the end, I selected the stories that turned me on and made me wish I was the girl enjoying her first cowboy. You’ll meet rodeo cowboys, Outback jackaroos, cowboys from all over the Western states—all of them turning up the heat on the one girl they can’t let go. Enjoy the slow burn.

Delilah Devlin

Table of Contents

xx Rope Burn – Tamsin Flowers
xx Remember – Mia Hopkins
xx Mrs. Morgan and the Marshal – Emma Jay
xx Cowboy Downtime – Cheyenne Blue
xx Coming Home – Macy Man
xx Her Captured Cowboy – Layla Chase
xx Back Stage Pass – Cynthia D’Alba
xx At the Mercy of the Cowboy – Amber Lin
xx Shall We Dance? – Myla Jackson
xx Cowboy Adonis – Michael Bracken
xx Denim and Lace – Robie Madison
xx One Track Cowboy – Delilah Devlin xx Drop Two Tears in a Bucket – Shoshanna Evers
xx A Cowboy for Delilah – Sabrina York

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