Crazy for Your Love (The Boys of Jackson Harbor, #5)

Crazy for Your Love (The Boys of Jackson Harbor, #5)

by Lexi Ryan

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BN ID: 2940156217472
Publisher: Lexi Ryan
Publication date: 04/09/2019
Series: The Boys of Jackson Harbor
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,491
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Crazy for Your Love (The Boys of Jackson Harbor, #5) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
ljtljtljt 13 days ago
Crazy for Your Love by Lexi Ryan is an absorbing and powerful novel. Main characters Teagan and Carter share an amazing chemistry, and Ms. Ryan does an excellent job of creating sexual tension, longing, and steam. Considering the roller coaster ride that Teagan escaped from, her ability to love is truly remarkable. After surviving a tragic event, Carter needs someone to love and Teagan fits the bill. This a small town romance with many twists and turns. Teagan and Carter are perfect for each other and their respective back stories are both heartbreaking and compelling. If you like the friends to lovers and fake boyfriend tropes, then you will enjoy this book. A wedding, a manipulative ex-boyfriend, and some wild women contribute to this engaging read. This is the fifth book from The Boys of Jackson Harbor series and it can be read as a standalone. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
Anonymous 15 days ago
BookDragonGirl 16 days ago
I’ve love every book in this series. And I love that each book is a standalone, but in the same family and same town. I’ve read each one from the beginning, hooked from the first book. Crazy For Your Love is book 5 in The Boys of Jackson Harbor series. Each book is a Contemporary Romance featuring one couple. This one featured Carter Jackson the fireman “Hero” with a troubled past that he keeps bottled up, and Teagan Chopra a close friend to the family and best friend to Carter’s sister. Teagan’s sister is getting married and the wedding will be in Jackson Harbor. Teagan is shook up because her family has invited her ex-boyfriend who they would like to see her together with, but Teagan gets very nervous around him for some reason. So Teagan convinces her friend Carter to pose as her boyfriend for the wedding, which is a long weekend occasion with everyone staying in a hotel. You can imagine how that goes. Carter becomes very protective, if not possessive, of Teagan around the ex-boyfriend. He doesn’t trust him. Teagan has feelings for Carter, but feels he will never return them. Carter starts to have feelings, but fights them, because of his complex issues. All I can say is, I LOVE CARTER!!!!! I love Teagan too!!! They’re both great characters, but Carter is REALLY SOMETHING SPECIAL!!!!! This was such an awesome romance!!! The cover on this book is really awesome! But I’ve loved the cover on all the books of this series!! Such a beautiful collection!!! And such a great series of books!!! ❤️
LilleyLoohLah 16 days ago
Fake boyfriend/friends to lovers, are some of my favourite reads, so it’s no surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The story is nothing new, it’s been written a thousand times. Crazy for You, however, has a few additions to the storyline with added secrets and twists. Both Carter and Teagan have their demons, very similar demons from their past. Demons that are destroying their chance of being happy. They both blame themselves for the death of a loved one. They both keep their secrets locked in deep. What a cute couple they are though. When they start their fake relationship they both agree not to blur the lines, they both have deep running feelings for each other, add to the mix their sexual chemistry, and they need to be careful. A wonderfully addictive read with great characters that I got completely lost in. I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. This is my honest review.
HeatherLM 16 days ago
In Crazy for Your Love we finally get Teagan and Carters story. Carter is the youngest Jackson brother and is a firefighter. Teagan is Shays best friend and friends with all the Jacksons and their significant others. Carter went through something very traumatic and carries a lot of guilt that he keeps to himself. Teagan has a crazy ex that is going to be at her little sisters wedding, so she asks her friend Carter to be her fake boyfriend. Their fake relationship ship quickly turns into something more, but Teagan is a little worried about getting hurt. This book is full of drama and sexiness. I really enjoyed getting back to Jackson Harbor. It’s like catching up with old friends. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.
KSwanson 16 days ago
3.5-Stars I liked this installment of The Boys of Jackson Harbor, but I just didn't love it. I was invested at the beginning of the book, I liked the main characters and how they interacted with each other. But I slowly started to lose interest when the plot became predictable on where it was going - which is a shame because if not for such a strong feeling of having the book figured out so soon, I could easily have loved it. I also felt the ending was rushed. This story was LOADED in drama, so I was a little caught off guard on how quickly everything was tied up in the end. I still have a few questions that were unanswered by the end of the short epilogue. I have always loved Lexi Ryan's writing style and have read many of her books. (My favourite being -> Spinning Out) So although this book was sort of a miss for me, I know I will be pre-ordering the next book still for the September release. Prior to reading this book, I read the previous 4 books and enjoyed reading them before diving into Carter's story. Although Carter's story can be read as a standalone, I do suggest reading the previous 4 books to get a full understanding of this family dynamic. Book 1 - The Wrong Kind of Love Book 2 - Straight Up Love Book 3 - Dirty, Reckless Love Book 4 - Wrapped in Love
Anonymous 16 days ago
So good! My first Lexi Ryan book and I am IN LOVE!! Crazy for your Love is a friends - to pretend lovers - to lovers story! Lol! It's also the 5th part of a 6 book series ‘The Boys of Jackson Harbour', and can be read as complete standalone. Teagan needs help desperately! Her sister is getting married and Teagan's ex-boyfriend from hell has been invited to the wedding. He just can't take no for an answer and wants to win her back. Teagan's plan? To get a fake boyfriend to hopefully show that she's moved on with her life and doesn't want him in it anymore. Carter Jackson is more than happy to step up to the role! This was such an enjoyable read, and one I couldn't put down. I'm going to definitely have to read the rest in the series as this one was brilliant!!
KMariReads 17 days ago
Another great read by Lexi Ryan! Crazy for Your Love is book five in The Boys of Jackson Harbor. Each book centers around a well know family, the Jackson's. Each book is a standalone with a different couple. This is Carter and Teagan's story. Teagan's whole family is coming to Jackson Harbor for her little sister's destination wedding. Teagan is happy they are all coming until she finds out that her crazy ex is coming and is going to try to get her back. Teagan has avoided him at all cost. She needs a plan...Why not convince Carter to be her fake boyfriend for the weekend. Simple right? Teagan is best friends with Shay who is Carter's sister. Teagan is actually pretty close to all the Jackson family and is good friends with Carter. Secretly since she moved to town a few years ago, she has had a crush on him, but won't act on those feelings. Teagan has a strict no heartbreak rule. She knows that it would go from lust to love in a blink of a eye. Will Teagan break her rules? Enter Carter, Mr. Hottie Fire Fighter. He recently became the local "hometown hero", but he feels anything but that. Struggling with losing his friend and firehouse buddy, Carter is resorting to "un" Carter like behavior. However, Teagan is the girl he wants, but she basically has friend zoned him and he realizes that he really isn't the guy for her. He feels he isn't worthy of her. Can Carter see his worth again? These two have some much chemistry that the sexual tension pours off the page. I loved that! When things start unraveling, I was hoping that Teagan would start standing up for herself. I loved the banter between them and I adored her little sister. Both Carter and Teagan are flawed characters, basically they are normal people and I think that is why I connected pretty easily with them. They each have some guilt and have let the demons feed off that. But can they let the guilt go? Can Teagan learn to trust again? Will this crazy scheme end up being the real thing? Lexi did a great job with the storyline. It was witty, sexy and a good read. My only problem with the story was Teagan's secret. She comes across as sassy, but when it came to that she just let them run with it until it blows up. Where was her sass? Overall though, a great read! I can't wait for Shay!!
Kelly_BTCBlog 17 days ago
Crazy for Your Love is yet another literary hit from the uber-talented Lexi Ryan! I cannot get enough of The Boys of Jackson Harbor series; and even though this book is part of the series, it can be read as a standalone. Although I highly recommend reading them in order because each book is fantastic! Carter and Teagan…*sigh*…their connection is so simple yet so complicated at the same time. Both are attracted to the other. Simple, right? You would think so. Two people who are drawn together, with promises of desire and passion, could only mean positive outcomes. But where you’d think it should be simple is anything but. It’s both Carter and Teagan’s personal demons and internal battles that makes their connection from friendship to romance beyond conflicting. Both are quietly suffering from past tragedies, and both are reticent on sharing how shameful and broken down they truly are. As much as I loved the comedic elements in story (and believe me, I’m a huge romcom fan), it’s the dramatic and contentious dynamics between the characters that really showcases the originality of the story line verses the stereotypical friends-to-lovers romance. The relationship between Carter and Teagan takes its own journey–from witty, flirtatious attraction to deep and profound love and acceptance. Their pasts may present a strong influence on their lives, but it doesn’t define who they are in their core. As flawed and imperfect as both characters are, Carter and Teagan couldn’t be more perfect for each other. Nothing worth loving comes easy, and these two characters more than prove that. Alluring, breathtaking, and tumultuous, Crazy for Your Love was just crazy good! 4.5 Stars!
Teewee125 17 days ago
Carter and Teagan are two broken souls. Or as Carter says "ugly insides" Each one is holding so much to themselves afraid to let anyone in. Teagan is afraid of her heart breaking again and Carter is filled with guilt afraid to let anyone in. Losing Max in the warehouse fire he blames himself. He changed after Max's death. Before Max died Carter was all for a relationship and devoting himself to that one woman. Now he has become a player and at times he doesn't even know their last name. He has closed himself off to commitment and relationships. When he meets Teagan all that changes. Their fake relationship because of her sister's upcoming wedding shows him what a relationship with her would be like. He likes the way she makes him feel. It's something he hasn't felt in a long time. Teagan has her own reasons for closing herself off. But together they can help heal the other if only they would accept what they could have and let down their walls. Although this series has given you these brothers who are special in their own way Carter is my favorite. He is a protector. When he saw how tense and scared Teagan got every time she was in Rich's presence all he wanted to do was take her in his arms and out of harms way. What started as something fake and a lie slowly began to take root of a real relationship. One he saw a future with with Teagan. If only she would let him in so together they could get through anything.
cookie614 17 days ago
“I am not a HERO “ .. that is what Carter knows and feels deep in his heart. He is still alive and if saving a puppy shirtless make his a hero he wants no part of it. He is in a deep dark place right now and it seem that the only light that bring his into the light is Teagan .. then he is going to put his heart and soul on the line to stay in that light !! Even if it makes him go outside the friends zone with her .. like he has felt he wanted for years !! Teagan and Carter both need something from each other and that is to be a couple for him to get out of a fundraiser and her to keep her ex away for the weekend while the family is all in Jackson Harbor. Can they keep these charades up or will they BOTH feel that is more than just faking .. the Heart always know what the Heart wants !! These two character both have some deep down dark sides and when they are together they bring each other hope, love and security. But we all know there is a but .. Can a lie bring it all crashing down around them ?? Loved this installment !! They were made for each other .. broken hearts and ALL !!
Chloe Trivelpiece 17 days ago
Oh how I love the boys of Jackson Harbor!  Carter Jackson is no exception. Crazy for Your Love is Carter and Teagan's story. They have know each other for years.  The Jackson family has taken Teagan in as an honorary member.  But for their own reasons and scars from their past has always kept Carter and Teagan in the "just friends" category. But circumstances force the two of them to pretend to be more to each other.  Then the lines between friendship and more become fuzzy. One of the many reasons why I fell for Carter is his humor.  His crazy nicknames for Teagan throughout the story made me chuckle.  His scars have changed him in some not so healthy ways.  Watching him struggle through his guilt was moving and made me hurt for him. Oh Teagan, what a secret you have kept to yourself for all those years! To see her struggle was just as moving. To see her try to put on the brave face, the "I'm fine" persona was heartbreaking. Ms. Ryan has created a beautiful world in Jackson Harbor and this story just adds more to it.  I cannot wait for Shay's story, but I am sad that that may be the last we will see of the Jackson family.  Get this story, heck get the whole series, you will thank me!
kgagnon 17 days ago
I loved this friends to lovers romance! Carter and Teagan have been friends for a long time. They are so insanely attracted to each other, but are scared to act on it. They are both so broken for different reasons, but the sparks that fly between them are explosive. To avoid the man who sent Teagan running to Jackson Harbor, she asks Carter to be her fake boyfriend for her sisters wedding. But the pretending is all too real and lines become blurred. When a spark of possibility ignites between them asking 'what if we can do this?', Teagan's heartbreaking secrets and Carters past threatens to extinguish it for good. I love how perfect Teagan and Carter are together, from how kind, and caring they are, to the brokenness that fits them together, allowing them to be whole again. Their journey to each other was so compelling, passionate, and emotional, and the sexual tension was palpable. I am so in love with the whole Jackson family and how essential they are to each other. The back alley talks were heartwarming, and the girlfriend outings are always so much fun! I can't get enough of these Jackson men and the women who love them and can't wait to read Shay's story next!