Critical Government Documents on Law and Order

Critical Government Documents on Law and Order

by Don Philpott

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Critical Government Documents on Law and Order reviews of many law and order issues facing us today. The book does not offer any new science not attempt to take sides. It is, however, an attempt to gather together information from as many sources as possible so that you, the reader, don’t have to. It presents arguments for and against the issues covered so that the reader can come to his or her own conclusions.

Areas covered include the threat from domestic and international terrorism and the growth of extremist militias, the increase in school place and workplace violence, relationships between police and the public, and how people can protect themselves from being victims of crime.

About the Series:
The Critical Documents Series looks at critical issues of our times. It provides non-partisan information with no spin about critical players, events, and information from and about Washington from as many sources as possible — from scientific journals and government reports to political manifestos and lobby group publications. It presents arguments for and against the issues covered so that you the reader can come to your own conclusions.

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ISBN-13: 9781598887846
Publisher: Bernan Press
Publication date: 07/26/2016
Series: Critical Documents Series , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 250
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Don Philpott has been writing, reporting, and broadcasting on international events for several decades. He is the author of numerous titles including Life After the Military, The Military Marriage Manual, and Public School Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management Plan.

Table of Contents

Introduction 10

Five Principles of "Smart on Crime" 12

The President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing 13

Serious Crimes 16

Violent Crime 17

Data Collection 17

Overview 17

Murder 18

Rape 19

Robbery 20

Aggravated Assault 21

Workplace Violence 22

Preventing Workplace Violence 26

Forms of Violence Among Co-workers 30

Other Forms of Workplace Violence 31

Recognizing the Levels of Violence and Response 31

Domestic Violence 34

Domestic Violence and the Workplace 37

Bullying 39

Scope of the Problem 40

Laws Against Bullying 42

Types of Bullying Programs 43

Property Crime 44

Overview 44

Burglary 45

Larceny-Theft 45

Motor Vehicle Theft 46

Arson 47

Clearances 48

Overview 48

Cleared by arrest 49

Cleared by exceptional means 49

Clearances involving only persons under 18 years of age 50

Hate Crimes 50

Dealing with a Heritage of Hatred 50

"Bleeding Kansas" and the Ku Klux Klan 51

The KKK's Rebirth 53

Victims Fight Back 54


Key Findings 56

Definitions 58

Street Gangs (neighborhood-based and national street gangs) 59

Prison Gangs 59

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMGs) 59

Outlook 60

Street Gangs 61

Prison Gangs 62

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs 65

Gangs, Drug Trafficking Organizations, and Organized Crime Syndicates 66

Gangs and Financial Crimes 67

Gang Members' Employment in Government Institutions 70

Law Enforcement, Corrections, Judiciary and Courts 72

Gangs, Weapons and Explosives 72

Alcohol and Drugs 88

Alcohol Consumption 88

Race, Trust, and police legitimacy 106

Racial Profiling and Traffic Stops 108

Police Integrity 110

Management and Culture Affect Integrity 110

How to Improve Integrity 111

Principles for Promoting Police Integrity 111

Surveillance and Closed Circuit TV 137

Body-Worn Cameras 140

Sex Offenses 156

Abuse Via Technology 158

Grooming 161


Cyber Task Forces 178

The Threats 180

Internet Fraud 181

Cyber Incident Preparedness Checklist 213

Guns and the Right to Bear Arms 215

Stand Your Ground 223

Civil Disorder and Terrorism 229

Police militarization 231

The Future 236

Home Grown 240

Militant Activists 245

Solutions-Community Policing 248

Notes 302

Glossary 313

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