Crossing Hearts (Cross Creek Series #1)

Crossing Hearts (Cross Creek Series #1)

by Kimberly Kincaid


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ISBN-13: 9781503941700
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 02/07/2017
Series: Cross Creek Series , #1
Pages: 317
Sales rank: 741,881
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Kimberly Kincaid writes contemporary romance that splits the difference between sexy and sweet. When she’s not sitting cross-legged in an ancient desk chair that she calls “the Pleather Bomber,” she can be found practicing crazy amounts of yoga, whipping up everything from enchiladas to éclairs in her kitchen, or curled up with her nose in a book. Kimberly is a USA Today bestselling author and a 2016 and 2015 RWA RITA finalist who lives (and writes!) by the mantra “Food is love.” She resides in Virginia with her wildly patient husband and their three daughters. Visit her at or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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Crossing Hearts 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
Alwaysahappyeverafter More than 1 year ago
Crossing Hearts, Emerson and Hunter were childhood sweethearts, but then Emerson left to pursue her career. Now she's back, can Hunter forgive her, can she forgive herself? A lovely book, that is hot but touches on series issues, a great introduction to the series.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Crossing Hearts largest character is the emotions. Ms. Kincaid had my mind spinning. Hunter is a man of few words, but an abundance of heart. Emerson is a woman with secrets and the baggage that goes along with them. There's a ton of Kleenex involved as readers navigate the pain, acceptance and healing on the road to a second chance. Life happens to everyone. It's not always fair, yet every moment is precious and enlightening. In order to appreciate the good we have to wade through the bad. Crossing Hearts is a true to life inspirational tale of the human spirit and the power of hope.
MsChris1161 More than 1 year ago
CROSSING HEARTS begins Kimberly Kincaid's new series about three brothers who work together along with their father to run the family farm, Cross Creek. Crossing Hearts is the middle brother, Hunter's story, and is all about the second chance he has with the woman he gave his heart to back in high school, Emerson Montgomery. Ms Kincaid tells this sweet love story in a way that reminds me of a Hallmark movie... well, the R-rated version, because there are some steamy parts. Even so, it's more about the small town feel, the slow pace and southern charm that makes you want to sit back and enjoy the whole story because you know the ending is going to make your heart just sigh. There's quite a bit of drama to get through, before these two find their way to admitting they are in love, that they've always loved each other, but the HEA makes for a glorious ending. 3.5 stars ~Complimentary copy downloaded from NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.
DaneWeimMama More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed Crossing Hearts from start to finish- it was such a great story. I am a sucker for second chance love stories & this one was more unique than most. This is the first book in the Cross Creek Series & I can't wait for the next book. If you are looking for a feel good story with interesting characters & an entertaining story- check out Crossing Hearts I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
Crossing Hearts is a second chance and sports romance that pairs a physical therapist with an injured athlete. Emerson and Hunter were high school sweet hearts that grew apart. Twelve years pass and both end up in their hometown. Hunter is recovering from a football injury and she is the only physical therapist in town. Their relationship evolves naturally and soon you will find yourself drawn into a great story. How will Hunter react when he learns Emerson's big secret... Read this book to find out. I am a big fan of sports romances and this is a great addition to anyone's library. I was given a free copy for an honest review.
Schultzs_Mom More than 1 year ago
This is the first book in a brand new series by one of my favorite authors, Kimberly Kincaid. Crossing Hearts takes place in the small town of Cross Creek and is the story of Emerson and Hunter. Ms. Kincaid does a wonderful job of pulling you into their story of second chance love! Emerson is a physical therapist who returns to their small town after being away for years and Hunter works on a farm with his brothers and dad. Emerson has her own demons she's battling while trying to make her business a success. Hunter is a rugged, hardworking, honorable man who enjoys the farming life working along side his family. Neither expected a second chance at love. Their story is full of heart warming scenes and as well as some swoon worthy steamy ones. Lol. I was sad for this book to end. I'm so ready for the next one! Great read! Add it to your library today you will not be disappointed! Loved it!
HEARomances More than 1 year ago
Crossing Hearts is a spunky, sexy a true second chance romance that will capture your heart. Hunter Cross once a football star now a farmer on his family’s farm. This hero is sexy, caring and compassionate is it any wonder that he is on my top 10 book boyfriends list. Hunter suffers an injury on the farm that lands him in the face of his past. Hunter knows something is up with Emerson, can Hunter figure out her secret? Emerson Montgomery left town for a good reason, but to the boy she left behind he did not quite see it that way. Now upon returning to the only place that held Emerson’s heart, her past hits her smack dab in the face. Thank you Ms. Kincaid for the knowledge you brought to Emerson health issue with MS. Emerson has a few hurtles to clear one being to clear the air with Hunter. Hunter and Emerson have chemistry along with a history of being first loves. They endured a broken heart kind of love now after years apart they are brought back together. Their passions for each other is evident from the beginning to the present. I enjoyed watching them grow independently and well as a couple. I enjoyed how Hunter’s family were so accepting to Emerson after all the years that had pasted. Their welcoming her back into their lives with open arms. Priceless and touching. {tissue moment} Ms. Kincaid captures the plot of small town living brilliantly, add in the town folk who are all just as interesting on their own and you have a wonderful start to what I think is going to be an amazing series. I can’t wait to see who Cross brother falls next. Crossing Hearts is a refreshing, heartfelt story that left me feeling anything but heartless. The main and supporting characters are a good mixture of intriguing and entertaining folks. Crossing Hearts has just enough drama to keep you on your toes and the passion runs hot between Hunter and Emerson. I can’t wait to read the next book in the The Cross-Creek series I can’t wait to see who Cross brother falls next. Rated 5 Stilettos and a Recommend Read by Deb!
Lelim0612 More than 1 year ago
I love an emotional, second chance at love story book. And the magnificent Kimberly Kincaid knows how to write a book like this in spades. Hunter grew up in a wonderful family, full of love and encouragement. His father always Hunter and his brothers know that he was proud of them. Hunter was happy to stay on the family farm and run it with his family. Hunter and Emerson’s fell in love in high school, and the summer after graduation, Hunter asked Emerson to marry him. Emerson was not so lucky with her family. Her parents were always telling her she could do better. They were never satisfied with her choices in life or her career. They even picked her college. So, when she left for college she decided she was NEVER coming back. She broke Hunter’s heart when she told him she was leaving. But fate has a way of working in LOVES favor. Emerson is back, and fate has plans for these two. I loved this book so much. I could not put it down. Ms. Kincaid had a way with her writing that draws the reader in so far that the next thing they know they have read the last word. Thank you, Ms. Kincaid for the hours and hours of reading enjoyment you give to your readers. I was gifted a copy of this wonderful book for my honest opinion, and for this I am eternally grateful. Eli, Hunter’s brother, has a story and I cannot wait to see what it is. Thank you for reading my review.
SullyGirl More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars!! Who knew my next book boyfriend would be a sweet and sexy farmer?! Hunter and Emerson haven't seen each other since she turned down his proposal and left town when they were 18 years old. Now 12 years later, she's the physical therapist he's sent to for a shoulder injury. A lesser man might have made this unexpected reunion more difficult than it needed to be. But almost right from the start, he was respectful, if not wary, of Emerson and their history. Emerson had the same attitude, although she's got a secret or two surrounding both that hasty exit from town and return to it. That's one of the things I loved most about this book. Too many second chance stories begin with bitterness and recriminations between the hero and heroine, and that turns me off. A person can apologize all they want, but when mean words are said, it's hard to forget them. Yes, Hunter is hot but I was more turned on by his thoughtfulness, his love of the family farm and his family themselves. I'm not ignoring Emerson, who I also liked very much for her strength and resolve, although these same traits morphed into a stubbornness that annoyed me greatly later in the book!! Kimberly Kincaid is a must read author for me because of all these things...complex, likeable characters facing real-life problems with heart, a sense of humor and decency towards each other...and of course, the hotness you can feel jump off the page! Another solid 4.5 star book for me!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
CROSSING HEARTS is the first book in a new series by Kimberly Kincaid. I loved this book. Hunter Cross, who runs Cross Creek 750 acre family farm with his father and two brothers, is a gray-blue eyed, hard muscled Milhaven native, who is still stuck in his 12 year old romantic past history with redheaded Emerson Montgomery, another Millhaven native who suddenly left town 12 year earlier. She has now suddenly returned and Emerson is now the town’s Physical Therapist. A farm related injury has Hunter in need of her PT help, and both of them find a way to work together to help each other heal past emotional wounds, Hunter’s present physical injury and deal with family issues with both their families, plus Emerson’s life changing secret she brought back to town with her. The tenderness and concern and intuitive way Hunter once again connects with Emerson nearly melted my heart. I developed a crush on Hunter! Emerson wanted to hide her secret, why she returned to Millhaven. She proved she was a strong and courageous woman, and Hunter proved he was equally as strong a man. She fought her emotions and tried her best but eventually, with Hunter’s help, she revealed her life changing secret and together they build a relationship one usually just dreams about. I did not want this book to end. I wanted to stay with Hunter and Emerson. Their story is not just a love story but one that educates the reader on a topic that we should all know about. I am ready to read the next book in this series. by cwlcl
teetee1968 More than 1 year ago
This is the first book in a new series by Kimberly Kincaid and I look forward to more about this wonderful Virginia town. The Cross family has a lot of story telling potential. Hunter is such a sweet hero! Emerson has had a turn of direction, due to unforeseen circumstance. I love her tough exterior and her determination. Hunter is just the guy she needs. They weren't ready when they were younger, but with age comes wisdom. I love a second chance romance - and this is definitely is up my alley!! Looking so forward to more!
Robyn_Nichole More than 1 year ago
Crossing Hearts is the 1st book in Kimberly Kincaid new series Cross Creek. 1st off let me say I love love love series when the entire family of siblings finds true love! Hunter Cross is the first brother to step up to the love battlefield in this series. Hunter loves working on his family farm and you can see it when it comes to his determination heal and ends up to going to his ex, Emerson, for physical therapy. Second Chance romance equals a plus in my world. I love that first Hunter and Emerson have to learn to be friends and trust each other before their HEA. I think their new friendship with each other helped show the growth from a teenager to adult and let them see the secrets and pressures that they both were under now and then and to finally trust each other with their full hearts. I
sbart84 More than 1 year ago
Who ever knew my next book boyfriend would be a farmer! Loved, loved Hunter, sexy, caring and so compassionate. Emerson was amazing so strong, while keeping a secret from the rest of the world. A second chance romance between Hunter and Emerson, oh the sparks do fly. Small town romance that will take your heart in and not let go. Packed full of emotions, that will bring happy and sad tears to your eyes. I'm loving the Cross family, three strong sexy boys raised by their father. Emerson has a big secret that she kept from everyone, and once she learns to trust Hunter, she is soon able to reveal her secret to her family and friends. Of course, you must have the foodies to be a Kimberly Kincaid book. I highly recommend this book and can't wait for more of the Cross boys, including their Dad!!
JenniferSchultheisJS More than 1 year ago
Kimberly Kincaid’s style of writing never fails to pull me into her stories and make me wish I was a part of them. Crossing Hearts is beautifully written and encompasses everything I love about second chances. Hunter Cross is a smalltown boy who loves where he’s at. His high school sweetheart, Emerson Montgomery couldn’t leave fast enough. She left for college and he stayed to take care of the family farm. When Hunter injures his rotator cuff and he’s sent for physical therapy, imagine his surprise when he runs into Emerson again. For Hunter and Emerson, the more time they spend together, the more they realize their love for each other, never truly faded. Can they get right the second time around or will Emerson’s secret be too much to handle? Crossing Hearts is highly recommended, in fact, I would suggest buying a copy for your keeper shelf because you will want to read it over and over again.
Staci70 More than 1 year ago
Hunter Cross loves nothing more than his hometown, except his high school sweetheart Emerson Montgomery. They broke up twelve years ago the summer after high school graduation. She moved to New York to pursue big dreams and he stayed behind in their hometown to help run his family's ranch. Now she's back and she brings back a huge secret with her. He needs her skills as a physical therapist to help heal a shoulder injury. They begin to heal more than just his shoulder and start falling for each other again. This was a beautifully written story and I cannot wait to see how the rest of these stories play out. I loved how the hero dealt with the heroine's chronic illness.
PennieM More than 1 year ago
This book is so good I wish I could give it more than 5 stars! Hunter Cross and Emerson Montgomery were high school sweethearts who broke up when Emerson went away to college but now she is back in town and surprise Hunter walks into her physical therapy office after hurting his shoulder. Emerson is back and working with Doc Sanders as a PT and Hunter is her first patient. Four weeks of therapy is just what the doctor ordered. Not only does this bring them closer but it isn't long before their friendship starts up and the undeniable chemistry flares. Too soon, though, the secret Emerson is keeping that brought her back to town comes out between them. Will that bring them closer or keep them apart? This second chance romance hits all the spots and had me laughing and crying and turning pages almost faster than I could read to the bottom of the page because I wanted to know what was going to happen next. I recommend this one and can hardly wait for the next in the series! **Received an ARC for review from the publisher via NetGalley**
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
Sometimes you really can go home again! Such a heartwarming story! It's a reunion with your one true love type of story, and also filled with emotion pulling moments as she relearns the importance of living her life when a life changing medical diagnosis shifts her future. Great characters, great connections, and I can't wait for more from Cross Creek! Hunter Cross might have never left the comfort of his home town of Millhaven, Virginia, but he has no regrets. He lives for the connection he enjoys working every day on his family farm with his father and brothers by his side. He wouldn't have it any other way! When an accident takes him out of commission for awhile, he's mighty unhappy about that ... especially when he catches sight of who is going to be in charge of his physical therapy for the next few weeks! Emerson Montgomery made a promise to herself a dozen years ago to never step foot back in this town again .. yet here she is ... and running into her high school sweetheart right off the bat! She left her high powered job with an NFL team in Las Vegas to come back home and settle into a small side-practice with the local Doc while refusing to tell anyone why she's suddenly downgrading her life. As Hunter and Emerson spend time together for his therapy, they talk and begin to be friends again. When it slowly turns into wanting those same old things with each other, she finally trusts him enough to admit her medical issues. Will she find a way to let down her guard and move forward with a future with him, or will she keep putting up these walls and refusing to get the help that she needs from everyone around her?
BetweenMyBookendz More than 1 year ago
What an amazing second-chance story! When two hearts truly are fated to be together, neither time nor trials can keep them apart….. Hunter Cross is dedicated: to his family’s farm, to his hometown, to keeping peace between his older and younger brothers. And 12 years earlier, he was dedicated to his high school girlfriend, Emerson Montgomery. But when he asked her to marry him right out of high school, Emerson said no and left Millhaven, Virginia in her rearview mirror for college and her dreams. In those 12 years, Emerson became a noted physical therapist for a professional football team sited across the country, with a pro football player boyfriend as well. Hunter stayed in Millhaven, living a simple, comfortable, straightforward life as a farmer. They each were living in two very different worlds. But Hunter’s simple world gets very complicated when a shoulder injury requires rest from the farm and some physical therapy. And the new physical therapist in town, Emerson Montgomery, has openings in her schedule to take on a new patient! What is going on? Why is Emerson back in Millhaven? If she’s back, why did she leave? Emerson Montgomery is indeed ready to schedule patients for her new Millhaven physical therapy practice. She is back home to work at being a great physical therapist for Millhaven and to work at hiding her secrets. As Emerson and Hunter reconnect, Emerson’s secrets from 12 years ago and the more recent ones begin to emerge, revealing the true reason she came back home. With her deft touch, Ms. Kincaid tackles some very serious issues in this small-town romance in a sensitive but realistic manner. All those years earlier, Emerson needed to flee Millhaven as the miasma of disapproval that descended on her from her parents only made the walls close in faster on her dreams. And now, my jaw dropped when Emerson’s present “secret” is revealed to the reader! Her actions, her feelings, her physical issues - all of a sudden it made sense. Hunter, too, was dealing with fighting brothers that have some unknown issue looming between them, and an aging parent who is working too hard. As they spend time together, Hunter and Emerson realize the connection they had was not lost. And as they face the difficulties that pop up and continue to loom, they discover that together they are stronger and better. I have read all of Ms. Kincaid’s books, and they just keep getting better and better. They are always well-written, always containing great characters, always must-reads! And Crossing Hearts is no exception - a fantastic start to a new series. I cannot wait for the remaining Cross brothers to get their turn in the pages!
JaneN17 More than 1 year ago
This book is going to grab your heart and run away with it! Hunter and Emerson story is beautifully written with deep feeling and understanding of what it takes to truly love a person with a chronic illness. It is heartfelt, tender with a little sexy thrown in at the perfect time. Great kick off to a new series for Ms. Kincaid! Can't wait to read the next book!!
Rhondaz More than 1 year ago
Crossing Hearts by Kimberly Kincaid.....5 Beautiful Country Stars!! What a great start in the Cross Creek Series. Hunter and Emerson were high school sweethearts, things happen and they break up. Emerson goes back to her hometown 12 years later sees Hunter and the sparks are still there. This book will hit all the emotion buttons, it is full of heart, love, secrets, drama and great characters. Kimberly Kincaid has done it again, her book are always the best and this one is no different. I am so excited for this series I am ready for the next book. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book from NetGalley.
caroldh4 More than 1 year ago
Crossing Hearts is book one in the Cross Creek series by Kimberly Kincaid. This is such a wonderful story of getting a second chance at love. And the setting is in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Emerson Montgomery never planned to return to the small town of Millhaven where she grew up. But circumstances in her life chose otherwise. She’s been gone twelve years and had a lucrative job she loved as a physical therapist for a pro-football team. But after receiving the life altering news that she had Multiple Sclerosis, she couldn’t withstand the busy life required to do her job. So she went back to her home town to start a small practice there. She is keeping her medical diagnosis secret. No one knows. How could she expect people to depend on her for their health if her own was failing her? Emerson knew that she would eventually have to see her high school sweetheart, Hunter Cross. But she never thought it would be as a patient. And then there he was, standing in her shop with a look of shock on his face. Twelve long years and all she had to do was look at him and her stomach filled immediately with butterflies. Yep, it was still there even after all this time. Hunter loves his life living and working on Cross Creek Farm with his two brothers and his dad. He loves the farm, the community, and the small town life. It’s all he’s ever wanted. Except for his high school sweetheart. He thought she was it for him, that she was his forever. But when they finished high school, she left, breaking his heart, until now. She’s back. Hunter and Emerson slowly get reacquainted and it doesn’t take long for those old feelings to reignite. But what does take time is for trust to grow again. Hunter has no idea why Emerson came back. And both of them can’t help but to wonder, “What if?” What if she’d stayed? Would they be married now with a bunch of kids? Would they be happy? As Emerson gets more and more comfortable with Hunter, she opens up more and finally reveals why she had to leave all those years ago. Why she had no choice. And eventually, she reveals her biggest secret of all, her health issues. But she feels in her heart and soul that she can trust Hunter with her secret. That she can let him in, let him help her. “Emerson realized that when she was in Hunter’s arms, she didn’t just feel normal. For the first time she could remember, she felt whole.” First of all, I wanted to say that I recently moved to the country. And I spent the morning outside preparing for what will soon be my very first springtime vegetable garden at our new house. It was a complete coincidence that I just read this book. Hunter lives on a working farm and there is much talk about their fabulous fresh produce they grow. It made me so excited to get started growing things myself. Isn’t it funny how things like that work sometimes?! Emerson craved the closeness that a family can provide and she found that in Hunter’s family. She got involved with some of their projects and loved feeling like she belonged, that she was accepted, that she mattered. I loved Hunter’s family. His brother, Eli, was a character. And there is definitely a story there between Eli and the oldest brother, Owen. I look forward to finding out more about that. I also loved Emerson’s friend, Daisy. I hope we get more of her in the future as well. This was a beautiful, heartwarming book with plenty of steamy sexy times and plenty of
Cali-Jewel More than 1 year ago
This is a Wonderful heartwarming Second Chance Romance Story. Set in the kind of beautiful small town that will always remember you even after a decade of being gone. Hunter Cross is the best kind of hometown boy with a heart of gold, strong deep roots keep him grounded. He is exactly what Emerson Montgomery needs to make her whole, however she is so determined to make her life on her own that she ignores what is right in front of her (has been all along). Sparks fly as the past and present collide in this highly entertaining healing power of love adventure. Looking forward to my next visit to Cross Creek.
ytcruz More than 1 year ago
I have only started reading books by Ms Kincaid in the last year or so, and in each story this talented author surpasses my expectations. Crossing Hearts is the first book of her new series title The Cross Creek Series. We have three hard working and stubborn brothers managing a farm with their father. In this first book, we have Hunter Cross. A man who loves the farm, and worries about how to make it successful. He fell in love in HS with Emerson and the day he proposes , she turns him down and leaves town. She broke his heart, and he has never wanted to love like that again. Emerson returns home, after leaving a position as a respected physical therapist in the sports arena, to the town she never wanted to return . Hunter gets injured and becomes her first patient. Emerson has secrets, which she keeps from everyone, including her overpowering parents. The two begin to forge a new , and very cautious friendship that will lead to more though neither wants to be hurt again. But the story is more than that. It’s about heartaches, misunderstandings, secrets that can cause a great deal of pain, family dynamics or lack thereof, the trials and tribulations of a degenerating chronic disease , and how others and the individual affected deal with it. And above all it’s a reminder that love , support, and hope can overcome everything. Kudos to Ms Kincaid for such a touching and thought provoking story. I was gifted this book by Netgalley. The opinions expressed are solely my own.
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
After receiving a devastating diagnosis Emerson Montgomery has decided to leave the life that she has created for herself behind, and return home in hopes of creating a quieter life where she can learn to adjust to her life altering condition. But returning home also means facing the man she left behind, she loved him with all her heart, but she had big plans for herself and his choice to settle down on his families farm in Shenandoah wasn't something she wanted, so she said goodbye and never looked back. She knew coming home and facing all she left behind would be hard, especially being armed with her life changing secret, but once she is face to face with the man that once held her heart she feels the full gravity of it. She can sense the lingering anger and disappointment, but she can also feel the sparks they once shared making an re-appearance and it scares her... she wants to give in to them, but the minute he learns her secret she is sure he'll leave, and she is certain her heart can't handle losing him again. Hunter Cross watched the woman he loved walk out of his life years ago, taking his heart along with her, and it still stings everyday, so much so, that he hasn't put a lot of effort of traveling down that path again. He just can't bring himself to let anyone in again, Emerson did a number on him and his heart and doesn't have it in him to go another round. But his world gets turned upside down when he makes a trip to the doctor's office for his bum shoulder, and comes face to face with the woman who stole his heart years ago...and she is even more gorgeous than he remembered. And so damn tempting, but he can't give into the temptation...his heart can't withstand another round with her! From the moment I cracked this book open, I knew I had discovered something truly special, barely three sentences into the story and I immediately felt a connection to the characters, and felt myself being drawn into Hunter and Emerson's world. When Hunter wandered onto the page I knew he was going to leave a mark and definitely a character that would stay with me long after the story was over. There was just something about him that struck a cord with me, he was sweet when he needed to be, strong when Emerson needed someone to lean on, and the fact that he was a former hometown football hero definitely scored a few points with me too! This story spoke volumes to me, it opened my eyes, stirred my emotions, and left my heart overflowing... definitely one of my favorites from Ms. Kincaid to date!! Highly recommend you give this one a try, Ms. Kincaid's endearing characters are sure to find a way into your heart and leave you inspired!! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
This is the first book of a brand new series from this author. If this book is any indication of what we have to look forward to in the rest of the series we have some seriously good books to look forward to. There was absolutely nothing I didn't like about this book. Small town romance, slightly flawed but intriguing characters, nice slow build second chance relationship, and a wonderful heartwarming HEA. All the components of a great read. This is one for the must read list. I highly recommend it.