Daddyman's Flying Adventures: (A Lifetime in the Air)

Daddyman's Flying Adventures: (A Lifetime in the Air)

by David Clinthorne

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37 years of flying provides material for a lot of stories. Daddyman’s Flying Adventures is a collection of experiences—about people, connections, and the opportunities and chance meetings woven into the fabric of life. There is joy in flying, and sharing the experience with others. This book is for anyone who finds the joy and freedom of flight alluring. Happy Landings, DWC

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ISBN-13: 9781543906684
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 06/30/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 158
File size: 5 MB

About the Author

David is a husband, father and proud grandfather. He is a private pilot with both tailwheel and seaplane ratings. He has accumulated 600 hours of flight time in 51 different aircraft types over four decades. As a lifelong flying enthusiast, David has also flown, helicopters, sailplanes and a myriad of single and multi engine aircraft.

When he is not flying, David remains passionate about his work as a PhD cancer researcher and the development of new biologics and medicines to treat cancer patients. He also enjoys oil painting and playing guitar.

David and his wife, Gina, currently reside in Virginia, with their beloved Great Dane, Sadie

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Practice Engine Out in 8486 Charlie 1

Chapter 2 Goode Cookies in Kentucky 10

Chapter 3 1st Solo 14

Chapter 4 A Snowy Night into Toledo 19

Chapter 5 Travel to Another Country- Tangier Isle 25

Chapter 6 Checkride from "The Great Waldo Pepper" at OFC 29

Chapter 7 Seaplane Rating; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 31

Chapter 8 Stranger at 1st Flight 40

Chapter 9 Going to Mecca in Formation 45

Chapter 10 Ghost Memorial 56

Chapter 11 Grand Canyon 59

Chapter 12 Homestead in a Piper Cub 63

Chapter 13 Uncle Scott over Caseville 67

Chapter 14 The Life and Times of Pancho Barnes 70

Chapter 15 JFZ the Maytag Repairman 74

Chapter 16 Papa Visit On Top 78

Chapter 17 Flying to Work IGX 86

Chapter 18 Emergency Over Cleveland 93

Chapter 19 Full Circle to TDZ 101

Chapter 20 Across The Big Lake 105

Chapter 21 The Golden Valley 112

Chapter 22 The Golden Gate 118

Chapter 23 Pappy Boyington's Plane 123

Chapter 24 Sentimental Journey 128

Chapter 25 How Not to Repair a Cessna 134

Chapter 26 Zen and the Art of Airplane Maintenance 141

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