Dangerous Control

Dangerous Control

by Annabel Joseph


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Not all fantasies are safe, sane, and consensual. Welcome to the world of The Gallery...Milo Fierro lives for two things, dominance and music. At The Gallery, where depravity rules, he's known for his passionate desires, but on the outside, he's learned to hide beneath a veneer of dark-eyed professionalism. It's too dangerous to be himself. Most women don't understand.Alice definitely doesn't understand. Her father was his violin teacher for years, and now that she and Milo are adults, she thinks they can be friends. The girl he knew as "Lala" draws him in with her grace and kindness, unaware of his ugly, hidden side. He can't touch her, or even stand near her. He doesn't dare reach out to her, no matter how much her talent and beauty inflames his lusts. She deserves better, deserves a man who's nothing like him...If only she wasn't so impossible to resist.

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ISBN-13: 9781720436393
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/28/2018
Series: Dark Dominance , #3
Pages: 212
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.45(d)

Customer Reviews

Dangerous Control 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
DavaDora More than 1 year ago
Some authors are known for a certain genre, or sub-genre, and this particular one excels in books with characters that walk on the dark side; or rather strut in stiletto thigh-high boots to get there. Dangerous Control, the third book in the Dark Dominance series featuring the founding owners of The Gallery, a no holds barred BDSM club that’s heavy on the Dom/Sadist part. I’m a huge fan of this kink and was looking forward to Milo’s story. It’s a standalone and a very fast-paced read that ends in a teary-eyed, not due to pain, HEA. Lilly-Alice (Alice) Nyquist recently accepted an orchestra position at the NYC Metropolitan Orchestra. The violin virtuoso was a child prodigy and the daughter of Stefan Nyquist, a famed musician and violin professor. She happily accepted the position, knowing she’d eventually run into her childhood crush Milo, since their parents had been lifelong friends. Both families had always been hopeful the couple would fall in love and marry someday; something Lala, her childhood nickname, had always secretly hoped for, too. She’d fallen in love with Milo while in her teens, when he took lessons from her father, and back then the difference in age seemed huge. Now that he’s almost forty and she’s thirty-three, and both single, six-years don’t seem to matter too much. Massimiliano (Milo) Fierro is the only son and heir to the famous Fierro violin dynasty, renowned worldwide for their craftsmanship. He spends his days making violins for distinguished and discerning professionals, all made custom made, taking months to hand make each and every masterpiece. He’s not only demanding at work, he’s more so in his private life; especially with his submissive partners, ones he works over at The Gallery, the private and exclusive BDSM club he and two of his closest friends co-own and founded. He’s been looking for a new one, since letting go of his last sub. When he runs into Lala, or Alice as she insists everyone call her now, at his parent’s Christmas party, he’s not very happy to see her. Despite knowing her his entire life, having attended her Christening as a young boy and while taking lessons from her demanding father, he knew he’d never make the wishes of both families come true; that one day had he and Lala would become a couple. He would have liked that too, she was more beautiful than he remembered, but he knew she just was too good for him. There was no way he’d ever hurt her like he loved to hurt his subs, so there was no point in getting anyone’s hopes up, much less Alices’s. He dreams of telling her his true feelings: “Alice, I love you so much that I can’t let myself have you. That’s how deep you live in my heart.” When an unforeseen incident throws them together and Alice makes her feelings known to him, Milo rejects her without telling her the real reason. His feeling for her run deep but he’d never forgive himself if he hurt her, and controlling his depraved appetite isn’t an option. When she’ll discovers what Milo likes on her own she decides to confront him and insists he give her a chance. Milo struggles to have that kind of relationship he needs and craves with Alice; he doesn’t believe she’ll be able to handle it, until his hand is forced. “You can’t hide your heart from those who see it, once they know it’s there.” Always follow your parent’s advice, they know you best! I loved this story, though I would of loved to have a more sadist Milo, but that’s just me!
avidezliteraria More than 1 year ago
“What you're into – it can't hurt any worse than never having you when I love you so much.” How much do we really know each other? How much do we really know ourselves? Should our darkest desires remain locked in, or should we share with the world? More specifically, with the loved woman? Even if you know without a doubt that you have peculiar tastes, and the woman you can not forget is someone very different from you, someone you have known since childhood, who you always loved and revered at a distance and always placed on an unattainable and untouchable pedestal ? How much would you be willing to take? We will follow the journey of Alice and Massimiliano or Milo for the intimates. She, a beautiful, talented and acclaimed musician who has loved the same man forever but has never had the courage to reveal. He, an equally talented musician, who makes violins, descended from a family where music is more than a profession, is a passion. She is light. He is dark. She is innocent. He is a Dom. She wants to marry him. He wants to possess her. The only thing in common between them, apart from music, is the love they feel for each other. But Milo knows that this relationship can never occur, he will never submit Alice to his innermost desires. The problem is that Milo is not only a Dominator, he is a sadist, and his need to cause pain is what excites him, but he does not admit to treating Alice that way, so he never revealed to her what he feels. A thrust of fate, in the form of a tragedy, will bring these two together, and as Alice decides to try to charm him, Milo will dodge in every possible way. But is his self-control so powerful, or will he find that it is sometimes dangerously difficult to resist? The book deals a lot with the question of musicality, the instruments are like secondary characters, the scenes with the violins are interesting and important, were very well incorporated in the narrative. The plot is erotic, the couple has chemistry, is a little out of the comfort zone, BDSM is strong, aggravated by sadism / masochism. Milo struggles all the time for not to allow be himself with Alice. When he finally surrender himself, it will be up to him to teach and guide her through this new world. One criticism to make is the very simple solution presented at the end of the book for The Gallery issue. Nothing to spoil the plot, but I found it very quick and easy for a place so full of rules and it was presented throughout the book as an extremely erotic club. Plus, I enjoyed the plot, I loved the part of the musicality as I mentioned, I enjoyed Milo's internal struggle, and Alice is well written, sweet and vulnerable but at the same time brave and strong. A good book, nothing exceptional, but fulfills its role *ARC provided in exchange for an honest Review * https://avidezliteraria.wordpress.com/
missalicia2013 More than 1 year ago
***Please beware this is book 3 and I highly recommend reading the prior books before reading this review or book*** Milo has been the George Clooney of his group of friends, sure he was going to be the consummate bachelor ready to live out his days in debauchery and artistry. Unfortunately the mandatory Christmas party at his parents' s set a ball rolling that even God himself couldn't stop. I truly love reading Mrs. Joseph's style of writing it's truthful and raw and at the same time unapologetic. Even when her characters are falling in love you can tell that there is two sides to that love coin and hate is always nearby. In this book Milo is thrusts back into Alice's life, a childhood friend, and no matter how hard he tried he cannot extricate himself from her. Could he be trying to get away so fast due to romantical feels? Could she be his forever? I was give an ARC in exchange for a honest review from www.netgalley.com
DarGee More than 1 year ago
Holy hurts - you need to be prepared because Milo likes to make it hurt, bad. No amateurs need apply, only those with deep masochist needs should approach this uber-sadist. Or, someone he has known from childhood who is innocent to kink Milo is six years older than Alice, and he has loved her from afar. He is sure he can't act on his feelings because how could he ever hurt her, her loves her! Milo learns not everything always needs to stay the same, and you can get what you want, and what you want can change too. He still wants to be a sadist, so that doesn't change, but his perception and guilt over being one to Alice, that definitely needs to be updated Alice has loved Milo forever , and once they are alone together, she can't help but tell him. It isn't until she stumbles across his secrets she understands why he continually rejects her. And even after she thinks she makes progress, set backs again and again. She learns she loves belonging to Milo, being his, bringing him pleasure brings her peace. She finally ends up with everything she has ever wanted, but didn't know was out there, with Milo Not for the faint of heart, but definitely for those who like things real and dark, Milo and Alice find what they need in each other, once they realize they can have what they want in each other. BDSM sadist and masochist perfection!