Dark to Mortal Eyes

Dark to Mortal Eyes

by Eric Wilson
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Dark to Mortal Eyes 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
diana45 More than 1 year ago
Eric Wilson never disappoints! I love all his books and this one is no exception. I would recommend!
Pucksmom More than 1 year ago
I read Dark to Mortal Eyes shortly after it was released. A friend recommended it and, although I am generally very picky about what I buy, I picked it up at the store the next day. WOW. I now own every book this author has written. He writes with a style that is edgy and cuts deep into your soul. Eric Wilson is one of those hidden treasures the world needs to discover!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Eric Wilson's Dark to Mortal Eyes is a heart stopping, roller-coaster ride, spiritual thriller. This is a story that spans 3 generations, starting with a WWII veteran and his ties to a German chemist, and ends with a young woman finding her faith in God again and her family. It takes the reader though the dark mind of a German chemist who is intent on destroying the world then, and now. The Professor, as the chemist is now known, hatched a plan that takes 60 years to come to fruition. Josee Walker happens to be the key to this destruction, but will she comply and be the pawn that the Professor wants. While searching for the parents that gave her up for adoption, Josee is thrown into this battle. She is days from meeting her mother, Kara, only to think that she was abandoned again. Her father wants nothing to do with her, yet due to a twist of fate, joins Josee to search for Kara, and come to terms with his own past. Dark to Mortal Eyes uses the game of Chess to press the story onward. It is filled with chess strategy, but in no way makes the book a bore. Also filled with spiritual imagery and Biblical Truth, Eric weaves a tale of beauty and grace in the midst of evil. I will have to say that this book is one of my favorites - and I am an avid reader. My personal book collection numbers in the thousands. This is a new beginning for CBA Fiction and I am very glad to see this change.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It¿s been a long time since I¿ve read a Christian novel that I¿ve wanted to rave about, and DARK TO MORTAL EYES has just shot to the top of my list. Not only is the pace kept to a breakneck speed, but we get character development too, which so many thriller writers tend to neglect. Robert Whitlow (Christy award winning author of THE TRIAL & LIFE SUPPORT) had this to say about the book: ¿In DARK TO MORTAL EYES, Eric Wilson coils suspense as tight as a snake prepared to strike.¿ An apt quote, considering some of the events that transpire, but I¿ll add no spoilers here. Take this as a hint of what¿s to come when you pick up this outstanding debut novel (which is the first in a series devoted to the five senses). But reader beware - don¿t expect to know right off the bat what¿s spiritual and what¿s natural. The lines between those realms blur in this story, but that¿s what makes it interesting. What IS reality? You¿ll have to read on to find out, which is exactly what I did, savoring every page. I¿ll leave the plot summaries to others, but suffice it to say that ultimately good triumphs over evil, with one heck of a battle in between. Kudos, Eric, for making it gritty while keeping it clean. I also found it refreshing that the spiritual insights were unashamedly woven into the plot without compromising the suspense. Highly recommended to all thriller fans, but especially those of Alton Gansky, Frank Peretti, Ted Dekker & James Pence. DARK TO MORTAL EYES is a keeper. Now get out there and buy this book! You won¿t regret it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Her wealthy parents Kara and Marsh Addison dumped Josee Walker for adoption because her father did not want to deal with the emotion of loving a kid. Two decades plus later, twenty-three years old Josee has become a cynic, clearly reflected in her work as an artist and poet. She cares little if any about other people. Still Josee needs to know why her biological parents dumped her. She returns to her birth home in Oregon, but Marsh refuses to meet with her while Kara desperately wants to see the child she gave up though she loved her with all her heart............................... While walking in the Willamette Valley, Josee finds a canister containing a poison that can destroy the body and the soul. Marsh's mother warns her that she has found something evil and soon a malevolent being begins to creep out of the shadows with plans to destroy the Addisons and their rejected daughter. Knowing she must find a way to defeat this malicious foe that she does not understand, Josee needs to find the faith that she lost when her parents dumped her because she needs a miracle to succeed........................... This intriguing complex thriller grips readers from the moment Josee finds the canister until she shows off her latest tattoo. The story line is action-packed, and the plot twists in ways that constantly surprise the audience so casual readers beware. Though hints and clues are interspersed throughout the tale, fans will not fully realize what is happening until the final showdown. Readers will appreciate this dark with a glimmer of light suspenseful novel......................... Harriet Klausner