Debunk This!: Shattering Liberal Lies

Debunk This!: Shattering Liberal Lies


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As heard on The Dan Bongino Show

The biggest liberal myths of the modern age are exposed and debunked.

Countless studies have proven that over 90 percent of Trump-related news coverage is negative, and the percentage of journalists that identify as Republicans are in the single digits. When liberals are running the show, you can bet that their narrative has gone unchallenged. If you tell a lie long enough people will begin to believe it, and that’s certainly the case with so many liberal myths that have become accepted as conventional wisdom.

In this book you’ll learn, among many other facts:

  • What happened to non-gun mass killings when Australia enacted strict gun control.
  • The truth about “Scandinavian socialism.”
  • How Obama twisted the numbers to appear tough on immigration.
  • Why Mexico has stricter immigration laws than the US.
  • How Bill Clinton faked the “Clinton surplus.”
  • That the US doesn’t have the majority of the world’s mass shootings.
  • Why statistics claiming that illegal aliens commit fewer crimes than the general public are bogus.
  • The countless lies the media simply made up about the Trump administration.

If you’re in need of ammunition to shoot down liberal lies, this is the book for you.

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ISBN-13: 9781642933048
Publisher: Post Hill Press
Publication date: 08/20/2019
Pages: 272
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About the Author

Matt Palumbo is The Dan Bongino Show’s “resident fact checker” and author of The Conscience of a Young Conservative, In Defense of Classical Liberalism, A Paradoxical Alliance, Spygate, and Debunk This!.

Dan Bongino is a former Secret Service agent, NYPD Police Officer, and a former Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate and the House. He is a multiple-time New York Times bestselling author and he is the host of the top-ranked podcast The Dan Bongino Show.

Table of Contents

Foreword Dan Bongino xiii

Introduction xv

Economic Myths 1

Scandinavian "Socialism" 3

Why Do People Call Scandinavia "Socialist"? 4

The Poor Face Massive Tax Burdens in Scandinavia 6

Scandinavians Perform Setter Economically in America Than in Scandinavia 7

Scandinavia Is Wealthy Despite Their Welfare States, Not Because of Them 8

Economic Performance in Sweden Has Improved as Their Government Has Shrunk 10

Income and Wealth Inequality in Scandinavia 13

Social Program Performance-"Free" College 13

The Bizarre Case of Free College and Crippling Student Debt 15

Social Program Performance-"Free" Health Care 16

Wait Time Statistics 18

Is Scandinavia Even Socialist? 18

Heritage Foundation 2018 Study 19

Fraser Institute 2018 Study 20

Scandinavian Leaders Deny "Socialist Slurs" 21

Socialist Damage Control on Venezuela 23

Venezuela Was "Real Socialism" Until It Wasn't 25

The Reagan Deficits 28

Defense Spending and the Deficit 28

Inflation and the Deficit 29

The Recession of 1980-1982 29

Conclusion 30

Red State Welfare 31

Do We Need a $15 Minimum Wage to Prevent Full-Time Workers from Living in Poverty? 34

Does the US Lead the World in Child Poverty? 37

The Cost of Illegal Immigration 38

Birthright Citizenship Is the Biggest Cost of Illegal Immigration 38

The Overlooked Cost of Health Care for Illegals 39

Do Illegal Immigrants Pay Taxes? 40

How Bill Clinton Faked the Clinton Surplus 43

Did We Used to Tax the Rich at 90 Percent? 47

Debunking Four Crazy Cortez Ideas 51

What's an Unemployment Rate? 51

The Federal Jobs Guarantee 53

The Assault Weapons Ban 53

Housing (or Any Service) as a Human Right 54

California-Model for America? 55

The Cost of Living Brings California's Incomes Below the National Average-and Puts Them #1 in Poverty and #3 in Homelessness 56

California's Public Investments Are Underperforming 56

Blue State vs. Red State Economic Performance 58

Blue State Inequality 61

Are 97 Percent of the Poorest Counties Really Republican? 63

Corporate Myths-Tax, Wages, and CEO Pay 66

Was the US Corporate Tax High or Low? 66

Corporate Profits: History, Wages, Workers 69

Corporate Tax's Effects on Wages and Growth 70

CEO to Worker Pay-Three Hundred to One? 72

The Problem with Warren's Wealth Tax 75

Media Myths 78

Did Trump Cause a Surge in Hate Crimes? 80

More Agencies Reported Hate Crimes in 2017 80

The Hate Crime "Surge" Began in 2014 81

The Initial Hate Crime "Surge" Was Due to an Increase in Anti-White Hate Crimes 81

Apartments and the Minimum Wage-or. How to Lie Poorly with Statistics 84

Are Federal Employees Underpaid? 87

Public Sector vs. Private Sector Pay 88

Hotel California Economics 91

And About That Federal Pay Freeze… 92

Does the Fourteenth Amendment Protect Birthright Citizenship? 93

Is Birthright Citizenship a Misinterpretation of the Fourteenth? 93

Nineteenth-Century Legal Interpretations of the Fourteenth Amendment 94

Has the GOP Gone Extreme? 96

Is the American Dream Dead? 101

How Mobile Is the US? 101

Is the US Less Mobile Than Europe? 102

Is Mobility on the Decline? 103

Is the Senate Rigged Toward Republicans? 104

The Senate Has Historically Been Dominated by Democrats 105

How to Lie with Statistics: Islamic vs. Right-Wing Terror Edition 107

The Real Reason the Kansas Tax Cuts Failed 111

What Do the Critics Allege? 111

Tax Cuts vs. Poorly Designed Tax Cuts 112

Kansas's Economy Mainly Suffered Because of Oil Prices, Not Tax Changes 112

Who Has Stricter Immigration Laws-the US or Mexico? 114

Mexico Rejects More Asylum Requests Than the US 114

Mexico Regulates Immigration Based on Nationality 115

Mexico Deports More Central American Illegal Immigrants than the US 115

Mexico Has Its Own Southern Border-and Invisible Wall 116

No, Trump Did Not Kick Immigrants Out of the Army 117

Do Illegal Aliens Really Commit Fewer Crimes? 121

Illegals in Arizona 122

Nowrasteh's Criticism of Arizona Study 123

Government Studies on Illegal Alien Murder Rates 124

Nowrasteh's Criticism of GAO Study 125

And Let's Suppose I'm Wrong 126

Trump's Tax Cuts Didn't All Go "to the Rich" 128

Tax Refund Confusion 131

Trickle-Down Talking Points 134

A New Wage Gap Myth-Are Women "Really" Earning Only 49 Cents to a Man's Dollar? 137

Is There a Sports Wage Gap Too? 139

Is There a Gender Debt Gap? 141

The Pink Tax-Another Feminist Figment 144

Trump vs. Obama Myths 147

Is Obama to Thank for the Trump Economy? 149

Did the Stimulus Work? 152

The Stimulus Didn't Meet the Obama Administration's Own Predictions 152

Despite Failing, the Real Unemployment Rate Was Still Higher Than Reported 153

The Speed of the Recovery 155

Is Obama to Thank for the Trump Stock Market Surge? 157

Praise Be to Trump-or Obama? 157

Hilariously Bad Pundit Predictions 159

US Outperformed International Markets Despite Declining in 2018 160

Did Obama Deport More Illegals Than Trump? 163

Has Trump "Foxified" the White House? 167

Did Obama Pay Iran Ransom Money? 171

The Official Line of Defense 171

The Fact That Payment Was in Cash Proves the Events Are Connected 172

The Payment Is Still Ransom-Even Though It Was Legitimately Owed to Iran since 1979 173

Iran Literally Calls the Payments Ransom 173

A Caravan of Myths About Obamacare's "Repeal" 175

Obamacare Didn't Reduce Health Care Costs 175

Private Obamacare Insurance Is Glorified Catastrophic Insurance 176

Most Were Insured Through Medicaid 176

Trump's Actions Can't "Take Away" Anyone's Health Care 178

The Individual Mandate Repeal Saved Affected Families a Fortune 178

Obamacare's "Repeal" Is Not Killing Forty Thousand-Plus People Per Year 179

Obama Takes Credit for an Oil Production Boom He Did Everything to Prevent 182

Oil Production on Federal Land Tanked 183

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) Credits Technology, Not Obama for the Oil Boom 184

What About When Oil Prices Fell Under Obama in 2015? 185

Unlike Obama, Trump Is Behind the Recent Price Drop 185

Who Was Tougher on Russia-Trump or Obama? 186

Who Was Worse Toward the Press-Trump or Obama? 189

"The Most Transparent Administration in History" 189

Prosecuting Journalists 190

Obama Would've Expelled Fox News If He Could've 190

Gun Control Myths 193

Australian Gun Control Facts and Fallacies 195

Did Gun Control Eliminate Australian Mass Public Shootings? 196

Non-Gun Mass Killings Offset Mass Shootings 197

Did Gun Violence Decline in Australia? 198

Australian Gun Control Wouldn't Be Possible to Implement in America 201

Does the US Lead the World in Mass Shootings? 203

Are Guns "Almost Never" Used in Self-Defense? 207

The State with the "Craziest Gun Laws" Is Also the Safest 210

Is the AR-15 Uniquely Dangerous? 212

Some Notes on the Data 212

How Many Murders Involve Rifles Like the AR-15? 213

Conclusion 215

Did the NRA Help Ban the CDC from Researching Gun Violence? 216

Endnotes 219

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