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Deception Tactics of World War II: Cunning, Camouflage, and the Art of Misdirection

Deception Tactics of World War II: Cunning, Camouflage, and the Art of Misdirection

by Peter Darman


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The Second World War was not won by military might alone. Critical advantage was gained through deception—the projection of power in areas of weakness, camouflage of soldiers and vehicles, manipulation of the enemy’s intelligence agencies, and the canny transmission of false intentions. Deception Tactics of World War II presents the most notable successes, as well as the most daring, sometimes outrageous plans.

The book also introduces the cast of personalities behind these efforts. You’ll encounter enigmatic double agents such as Garbo, who established a fictitious network of spies in Britain and then fed Germany a stream of false information. You’ll also meet their occasionally eccentric commanders.

The deceptions featured include:
• In Europe, the Fortitude deception that preceded the Allied invasion of Normandy
• In the USA, the remarkable efforts to disguise an entire wartime industry in California
• In the Pacific, the flawless Japanese plan to conceal an entire fleet on its way to Pearl Harbor
• In North Africa, the British-led efforts to create a fighting force where none in fact existed

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ISBN-13: 9781435164697
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Publication date: 02/03/2017
Pages: 224
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About the Author

Peter Darman has written extensively on twentieth-century military history. A former research officer with the Defence Intelligence Staff in Whitehall, London, he has a BA in history and international relations from Nottingham University and a postgraduate degree in military history from the University of York. He has published over 20 books, including Posters of World War II, World War II Stats and Facts, Heroic Voices of the Spanish Civil War, and Uniforms of World War II. Peter lives in London with his wife, Karen, and a bulldog called Nelson.

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