Defiant Queen

Defiant Queen

by Meghan March


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The Mount Trilogy continues with Defiant Queen...

I'm his entertainment. His toy. Payment on a debt.
I tell myself I hate him, but every time he walks into the room, my body betrays me. How can I want him and fear him in the same moment?
They told me he'd mess with my head. Make it go to war with my body.
But I didn't realize it would be complete anarchy.
I should've known better. When Mount's involved, there are no rules.
I will not surrender. I will not show weakness. I'll stand my ground and make it out of this bargain with my heart and soul intact.
But he has other plans . . .

Defiant Queen is the second book of the Mount Trilogy, and should be read following Ruthless King. Mount and Keira's story concludes in Sinful Empire.

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ISBN-13: 9781943796052
Publisher: Meghan March LLC
Publication date: 10/01/2017
Series: Mount Trilogy Series , #2
Pages: 254
Sales rank: 153,600
Product dimensions: 4.90(w) x 7.50(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Meghan March has been known to wear camo face paint and tromp around in woods wearing mud-covered boots, all while sporting a perfect manicure. She's also impulsive, easily entertained, and absolutely unapologetic about the fact that she loves to read and write smut. Her past lives include slinging auto parts, selling lingerie, making custom jewelry, and practicing corporate law. Writing books about dirty talking alpha males and the strong, sassy women who bring them to their knees is by far the most fabulous job she's ever had. She loves hearing from her readers at

Grace Grant is an audiobook narrator. Her works include Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren and If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones, among others.

Joe Arden's narration has been described as "sensual," "sexy," and "hot." His recordings range from sweet and romantic to steamy and raw. In his spare time, Joe raises and trains rescue pit bulls and restores vintage motorcycles.

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Defiant Queen 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 128 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thought I loved this couple in the first book... but oh man!!! This couple is AMAZING!!! I can't get enough of them. Waiting for the last book is going to be bitter sweet, I want to see how the story ends but I don't want this couple to end. Meghan I absolutely love this couple. Well done, 5 stars from this very happy reader.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this series. Mount is the man!!! Kiera is by far the best heroine in a love story I have read about in a long time. She fights back and likes what she likes!! Can't wait for the next book!! Puddin
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm not going to lie and say I wish it wasn't all one complete book instead of three. The author writes this story so well that I don't care that much. I love how strong willed Kiera's has been throughout this situation she's been in and the way Lachlan is falling for her. Definitely keeps riveted. Luckily not waiting to look long for the next book.
SpiderEffect More than 1 year ago
With her world turning upside down, Keira is learning that nothing is as it seems. With Lachlan’s demands playing such a huge part in her life, Keira can’t help but find herself enjoying his twisted demands. How can this be possible when the man infuriates Keira to no end? Now that so many secrets have worked their way out of the woodwork, Keira finds herself in a love/hate status whenever Lachlan is around. Now that Mount has Keira within his grasp, he is determined to make her desire him all on her own. With an empire to run, Mount finds that others are noticing the attention that he devotes to Keira. Making her a weakness in the eyes of his business associates. Determined to balance both his empire and Keira’s time in the bedroom, Lachlan looks to an unlikely source for a few tips to show her just how much he cares. As the walls surrounding their hearts come down, Keira and Lachlan can’t help but grow closer to one another. Both a blessing and a cure. Now those lines are becoming even more blurry, and Lachlan and Keira can’t help but want ‘more’ from their relationship. With the dynamic of their agreement shifting by the day, the two can only wonder where their future will lead. Well….well…well…..after devouring Ruthless King…I couldn’t wait to dive head first into Defiant Queen!! Let’s say this book was just as compelling with the romance, sex, and story line !! Mount….where do I begin? This man definitely peeks my interest. He is cunning, determined, and seriously throws out some really HOT sex!! The total package that is slowly peeling back the layers of his hardened heart. I can’t get enough!! Don’t expect a lot of details about the plot in this review!! NOPE!!! The mystery and path that Mount and Keira travel is a winding road full of unexpected curves. It’s a journey that any reader will want to savor themselves. Leading you to the final book! Seriously…..I cannot wait!
BookwormSFL More than 1 year ago
Lachlan Mount is one of the most mysterious and intriguing characters you’ll encounter. As his hold on Kiera debts mount (no pun intended), his ruthless game begins to falter as she unknowingly casts her bewitching spell. This is one hell of a New Orleans ride and possibly one of Meghan March’s best-spun stories yet. Once again, I’m left hanging in anticipation of Sinful Empire, which cannot come soon enough. Defiant Queen (book 2) follows Ruthless King (book 1) of the Anti-Heroes Collection.
sarahbabyy211 More than 1 year ago
I freaking loved this even more then the first book. but these endings killed me lol. I loved how Mount opened up to Kiere. They are so perfect for each other. Definitely can't wait to see how this ends. Hopefully sooner then later lol.
mrsdaniel1028 More than 1 year ago
Goodness. I was drawn in from the first page. I don’t know how Meghan March does it, but she makes me love these characters, even when I shouldn’t love this hero. But how could you not?! Lachlan Mount is everything! I didn’t want to put this book down. I’m very anxious, and so ready to read book three. I’m sure it’ll be epic!
jennajen More than 1 year ago
WOW!!!!! Meghan March brings us yet another scintillating story that has Lachlan Mount melting your heart, not just your panties!! The "edge of your seat" ending had me in tears wanting more! Absolutely, hands down a Five Star MUST READ!!! Gripping, sexy, heart-pounding, jaw-dropping amazing perfection!!!
danabasket More than 1 year ago
How do I even begin to write this review!!!! I am still in Book hangover!!!!! Kiera continues to be a strong willed and strong minded woman (which is perfect for dealing with Mount). Mount, oh Lachlan!!!! I just love him!!!! Dark and still my heart. I I need Sinful Empire STAT!!!!!!
MomLovesToRead More than 1 year ago
Holy moly! What a ride! A phenomenal journey filled with heat, twists and surprises. Absolutely love Lachlan and Kiera. That ending, , WOW!! I need book 3 Sinful Empire stat!
Jlmonty4 More than 1 year ago
OMG!! These cliffhangers are killing me! This continuation of Ruthless King is amazing!! It's dark,gritty,and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I'm a huge fan of Mount. I love him. This book you really get to see his many sides. I can't wait to see how it ends. I can't wait for Sinful Empire. This series ROCKS!!
JRichman More than 1 year ago
How does she do it? Meghan March keeps you guessing in the 2nd installment of this series. In this book you get more behind Mount which as a reader really helped me fall for him, I loved that there was more backstory on him and more interaction with him and Kiera. I'm really looking forward to the 3rd and final book in the series.
JenPH More than 1 year ago
After that devious cliffhanger that Meghan March left readers with in Ruthless King, she's pushing us to our limits yet again in the most delicious ways possible with the sequel, Defiant Queen. Book two picks up immediately after the events in the series starter, and suffice it to say that if the first book left me breathless, this second one had me fanning myself and in dire need of my asthma inhaler. Now, I've never questioned the author's ability to write hot and heavy romances. Just look at her track record, for goodness's sake! And yet, there's something about this new series of hers that's got people paying closer attention. It's darker and, dare I say, more erotic than anything she's given fans and readers before. It's got more wit than humor, and whatever levity is there is at a bare minimum, but it's enough that you don't find yourself overly burdened by any amount of heaviness that you may be experiencing. March has done antiheroes in the past, but damn, there's something about Lachlan Mount that makes you want to smack him and then pull him in for a kiss (and then some!). As for her heroines, March has, more often than not, molded them into women who are as far from helpless as one can get, but they aren't stupid enough not to ask for help when needed either. And Keira Kilgore? She doesn't merely dish back whatever Lachlan throws her way. Nope, she isn't scared to stand up to the man who insists he's claimed her and neither does she hesitate to fling her own brand of fiery words and actions before he has a chance to. This sequel has its resolutions and revelations, and yes, it does end in a cliffhanger. God help me while waiting for Sinful Empire because after things were left hanging here, I may suffer from one Mount-induced case of desperation. All hail the Defiant Queen. Five-plus stars. ♥
Lbzoza More than 1 year ago
I'm not sure any words that I write can do this book justice. I've loved Lachlan since book one, and it hasn't changed. He has met his match with Keira. I am in desperate need of book three!!
PeggyCopeland More than 1 year ago
Ms March does not disappoint... AND THE STORY IS NOT EVEN OVER! Great writing... characters... the list is endless of all the great "components" to this series! You will not be disappointed... you will wanting MORE and thankfully we are getting MORE... Great Series! This is my new go to reread!
mandy30 More than 1 year ago
This was freaking amazing!!!! Seriously, the chemistry between Mount and Keira is so hot! This author does such a fantastic job of writing strong heroines and super sexy alpha males. Loved this so much and can't wait to see how this story ends! Fantastic!!!!!
Lisa04 More than 1 year ago
Lachlan Mount, you've met your match. Your power, your will, your rules and structure are no match for the likes of Keira Kilgore. The fiery redhead with an Irish temper equal in size only to Mount's ego, Keira refuses to submit to his demands without a fight. If he wants her, she will make him work for it. Every. Freaking. Chance. She. Gets. Atta girl. I LOVE a story where an alpha-hole sees his world crumble around him because he falls for the girl. It's pretty much my favorite thing ever. Why do I like to see them break? Because I believe in love, and when a big, bad man realizes he is no stronger than the rest of us mere mortals, it makes my heart soar. That probably says a little something about me, but whatever. We're not here to talk about me.... ;) This second installment of the Mount trilogy was everything I was hoping for, and then some. And I swear on all things holy, if Meghan March doesn't cough up Sinful Empire soon, I'm going to....well, I'm probably just going to sit in a corner and pout, since there isn't much else I can do. Curse you and your evil ways, MM. *cries all the pouty tears*
Jill__D More than 1 year ago
5 stars for - Defiant Queen - book two in The Mount Trilogy by Meghan March. This book must be read after book one - Ruthless King - in order to fully understand the story Ms. March has weaved for us. With an epic cliffhanger ending that left me reeling - I can’t wait for the release of Sinful Empire to see just how it all works out. Kiera Kilgore is (as the title states) more defiant than ever throwing sass at every turn. She will have to live up to that fiery redheaded spirit and strong will if she wants to come out on top. Trying to run her business while she’s distracted has admittedly been quite a challenge especially when Lachlan Mount is the one doing all the distracting. She is determined to prove people wrong though, most especially the beautiful man at the center of it all. With such a climactic ending in book two I don’t want to give anything away - just know that you are in for a treat. Now come on book three :)
momof3infl More than 1 year ago
What a rollercoaster! Defiant Queen will leave you breathless! Mount is in charge of New Orleans, and his newest acquirement is Keira, and he's not planning on letting her get away. She has other plans. These two, I just can't even. They are reckless, yet intoxicating and scorching hot when they give in to their baser needs. You do need to read Ruthless King prior to diving into Defiant Queen, but you won't be sorry you started this addicting trilogy. I felt that we start to get an inkling of who Mount really is in Defiant Queen, but I loved that we delved deeper into Keira. She's strong, spunky, smart as a whip, and is a serious match for Mount. The dynamic between these two will set you on fire. I don't want the spoil the book by explaining too much, just know that I absolutely loved it, and am dying to read Sinful Empire now!
AmyBosica More than 1 year ago
“I am not a good man. My soul is black. My heart is stone. My reputation isn’t legend or myth, but a collection of facts.” “He’s breaking all my rules. Stealing every bit of my control over my body and my emotions.” Oh my goodness!!! Oh my goodness!!! My heart is pounding!! I need the next book right now!!! Talk about a thrilling and exciting ride. Meghan March pulls out all the stops with this follow up to Ruthless King. Defiant Queen is heart-pounding, mind blowing and an oh so sinful read that will keep you begging for more. Defiant Queen is so gripping, so captivating that I literally devoured this book in just 4 short hours. I could not put it down. I devoured every single word and was just utterly hooked. Defiant Queen picks up right where the last book left off and it totally hits the ground running. This story is emotional, dark and intense. It takes you for one crazy ride. If there was ever a doubt in my mind about Kiera and Mount, this story totally pushed all those doubts away. These two could’t be more perfectly matched if they tried. Kiera is the woman that Mount never saw coming. She makes him want to throw out all of his rules. And Kiera is stronger than I ever thought possible. She challenges Mount at every pass and gives as good as she gets. She is the only woman who could ever stand by his side. Their push. Their pull. Their constant fight for power. Their intense chemistry. Their banter. It’s everything and boy do they keep me coming back for more. There’s not much else to say other than this book/this series is a total must read. It is sexy and sinful with just the right touch of danger. There are twists and turns and moments that steal your breath. I went into this story with high expectations and am happy to say that Meghan March took my expectations and totally blew them out of the water. I am totally speechless and completely dying to get my hands on the next book. I wish that I could tell you more, but you are just going to have to pick up this book and experience it for yourself. I promise, you won’t be disappointed….
RLLind More than 1 year ago
Holy Cow! I'm a HUGE fan of Meghan March, but this book just surpassed anything I could have expected. I absolutely loved being able to see a little more of Mount, and the power play between Mount and Kierra felt like it stepped up a notch. The title of this book is so dead on - Kierra is so very much a Defiant Queen. I'm often left on the edge of my seat while reading March's books, and I certainly was while reading Ruthless King. But the end of this book... It felt like the drop off the highest roller coaster ride. One minute I'm relaxing into the gradual climb to the top, the next my stomach is bottoming out, my world is on it's side, and I'm cursing the author for not giving me more. This book. It is everything. And I can't wait to read the conclusion of this amazing series!
ReadsALot13 More than 1 year ago
Part two of this trilogy ends in....wait for it....another cliffhanger. Really, what did you expect? It's a trilogy and you HAVE to keep reading! As we delve more into what makes Mount tick and what Keira craves in her life (him, in case you missed that), I think we all have a crisis of conscience....because, really, who wants her love him? Who wants her to need him? He's detached and he's ruthless and he's... Well, we all know what he is...and we all want him for her for some reason. That reason? Meghan March's writing ability. How she can turn someone who we should hate into someone we all love. How she can take a story that throws us ALL out of our comfort zones and make us want to live it and relive it over and over again. I can't wait. I cannot WAIT for this to continue. And then I'll cry when it's over...
Devin_McCain More than 1 year ago
"The golden rule. He who has the most gold makes the rules... and gets to determine where those lines between right and wrong are drawn." When I finished Ruthless King, I couldn't wait to get my grabby little hands on Defiant Queen. I HAD to have more of Mount and Kiera's story. Let me tell you, it gets better and better. I didn't think it was possible... but it does. Full of fire and passion between two people working in the business of sin. Meghan March is a master and setting the scene and navigating a love/hate romance that happens in the gray area between light and dark. I can't wait for the final book! Hoping these two get their darkly every after.
Christine_Miller More than 1 year ago
This is book 2 in the Mount trilogy. You need to read Ruthless King which is book 1 before reading this one. This book take us further into Kiera's and Lachlan's story. The story is intriguing and they are both starting to let their guards down a little where the other is concerned. This tale is spell binding as these two are so drawn to each other, but try to fight it. There is another huge cliffy at the end of this book, but that's to be expected since we know book 3 is right around the corner! This is a great read and I can't wait for the conclusion of the story! The story has definitely captured me!
JadeRolison More than 1 year ago
HOLY WOW!! A-MAZ-ING!! This has become my all time favorite Meghan March book! I could read it over and over again! Keira is feisty and strong! Lachlan Mount is just (fans self) HOT! I can't wait for the conclusion of their story in Sinful Empire! 5 STARS