Deja Vu

Deja Vu

by Lisa Childs

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One night, she felt the gifted hands of a handsome lover ignite her body into the throes of ecstasy. Another night, she beheld a gleaming knife and heard screams for help. That was all Alaina Paulsen remembered from her past life and the reason she now investigated FBI serial murders…including her own.

Reclusive writer Trent Baines was her prime suspect. An empath barricaded in a fortresslike home, Trent included details in his books that mirrored the murders…and that no one could possibly know. But one look at Trent, and Alaina recalled their passionate embraces. Then the murders began anew….

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ISBN-13: 9781459205901
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 06/01/2011
Series: Harlequin Nocturne Series , #114
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
File size: 283 KB

About the Author

Ever since Lisa Childs read her first romance novel (a Harlequin of course) at age eleven, all she ever wanted to be was a romance writer.  Now an award winning, best-selling author of nearly fifty novels for Harlequin, Lisa is living the dream. Lisa loves to hear from readers who can contact her on Facebook, through her website or snail mail address PO Box 139, Marne, MI 49435.

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you want me to call your lawyer?"

Trent Baines spun his chair away from the window that looked out over the thickly wooded hillside, the trees the fresh green of new life, of spring. His hands shaking slightly, he planted his palms on the shiny mahogany surface of his desk and said, "That's not necessary. I don't need a lawyer to talk to her."

"But she's with the FBI," Dietrich said, the big man's deep voice pitched low as if he worried she would overhear him, although he stood close to Trent's desk and she was on the other side of the doors, at least. Probably down the hall in the living room or foyer. Dietrich was paid well to protect Trent's privacy.

A grin tugged at Trent's mouth. "Do you think I've done something that puts me in need of a lawyer?"

"I didn't mean to imply…"

"Do you think the FBI has a valid reason for questioning me?"


Trent lifted a hand to wave off his employee's contrition. "I'm just messing with you, Dietrich."

Anything to get a reaction out of the usually expressionless man—and to distract himself from what awaited him outside the pocket doors of his mahogany-paneled den. Fate.

He drew in a deep, bracing breath and directed his assistant. "Show her in."

"She's not alone," the other man reminded him.

Trent shrugged. "I don't care who's with her. I'll only see her."

He had already felt her, drawing nearer as she drove up to the estate. Even if he hadn't had the call to warn him, he would have known she was coming. With a connection this strong, she had to be the one.

He had to be the one. Everything had led her here—to him. Trent Baines had to be the killer.

"He will see you."

Startled, Alaina whirled away from the window and its fog-enshrouded view of the treetops. How had such a big man moved so quietly back into the living room where he'd left her and Agent Vonner? Then the young man, wearing a suit as dark as Vonner's, turned to leave again.

Vonner trailed after him and, her pulse racing, she followed Vonner. Their footsteps on dark slate flooring echoed in the two-story foyer through which they passed. On one side of it were the double doors from which they'd entered. On the other, an elaborate double staircase with a cathedral-size stained-glass window on the landing.

As Vonner had commented, the place was a castle. And only one man lived here, with his servants?

The butler or bodyguard—or whatever the young man was—held out a hand as if stopping traffic at the closed pocket doors at the end of the wide hall. "Mr. Baines will only see the woman."

"Agent Paulsen," Alaina supplied her name.

"No," Vonner protested.

"It's fine," she said. Her gun heavy on the holster on her belt, she wasn't afraid for her safety.

The man—Dietrich he had called himself when he'd let them in earlier—began to slide open the pocket doors.

"You can't see him alone," Vonner protested and reached out to grasp Alaina's arm.

She glanced from the fingers crushing the sleeve of her dark suit jacket to his face. Then she arched a brow, uncertain of Vonner's motives. Did he not want her to get all the glory if they had, at last, found a genuine lead? Or was his concern only for her safety?

Neither option comforted her. In fact, she had been uneasy ever since Vonner had been assigned to the cold case with her. The male agent acted more interested in her than the case.

Vonner released her, but his dark-eyed gaze had gone beyond her to the man standing inside the dark-paneled den. "He's not old enough."

To be the killer? Was that what Vonner was about to say?

Alaina stepped away from her partner. As she joined Trent Baines in his inner sanctum, the pocket doors slid shut, closing her inside, alone with him. Despite what her partner believed, she knew Trent Baines could still be the killer. The cold cases they investigated now had occurred before this lifetime of his. Alaina was aware of her other life. Was he?

His gaze met hers, his green eyes burning with an intensity that had heat streaking through her body. Even though several feet separated them, she could feel not just the touch of his stare but the touch of his hands, caressing the curve of her waist, the slope of her hip, cupping the weight of her breasts…

She could feel his skin sliding over hers as she lay naked beneath him, her hands clutching at the rippling muscles of his back. Images flashed through her mind, images of his face as he lowered his head to hers, his mouth touching her lips. But this man didn't look like Trent Baines, who had dark blond hair and penetrating green eyes. The man in the images had brown hair and eyes, but something about him was eerily similar to Trent, almost as if they were the same man.

Her lips parted, and a shaky breath escaped her aching lungs. Was he the man she had loved or the man who had killed her for loving someone else?

"You feel it, too," Baines remarked, his voice thick with a sexy huskiness.

"Feel what?" Her heart pounded with fear and emotion.

"The connection."

Determined to pull herself together, Alaina lifted her chin and arched a brow. "Not a very original come-on. I expected more creativity from a New York Times bestselling author."

"Are you a fan, Agent…?"


"Do you have a first name?"


His mouth, his lips full and unsettlingly sexy, curved into a grin. "You're not willing to share?"

"I don't think it's necessary for us to be on a first-name basis, Mr. Baines," she said. Not when she could already feel his touch, his kiss… "I'm only here to ask you some questions."

"You don't want my autograph?" he asked, a teasing glint brightening his eyes. He reached behind him, onto his desk, and lifted a hardcover book. "I'd be happy to sign a copy for you. To your first name."

"I don't want a signed book." Or for him to know her first name. She already felt too intimately connected to him, more intimately connected than she'd felt to any other man she'd met… in this life. "I've read everything you've written."

Baines picked up a pen from the leather blotter on his desk and, as if he hadn't heard her, flipped through the first couple pages of the book. "So you are a fan."

"I'm an investigator."

He scribbled something and held out the book to her. She hesitated to step closer, but she couldn't reach it unless she moved nearer to where he sat now on the edge of his desk. He was tall, like his employee, but his body had the lean, muscular build of a runner. He obviously didn't spend all his time behind his desk. Yet how had he written so many books, and achieved so much success, at an age she guessed to be close to her own thirty years?

Curiosity overcame her reluctance, and she closed the distance between them. When she grasped the book, he pulled it back, tugging her nearer so that her thighs rubbed against his as she stumbled between his knees. Her heart slammed against her ribs as it began to beat furiously. "Mr. Baines—"

"Trent," he corrected her, his voice a raspy drawl. "Call me Trent."

She shook her head, hoping to break the hold he had on her—the one that was more emotional than physical. "I didn't come here for your autograph. I'm not a fan, Mr. Baines."

His shoulders rippled beneath his thin black T-shirt as he shrugged. "I have few fans in law enforcement."

"I'm surprised you have any," she remarked.

He released the book she hadn't realized she still held, and advised, "Read the autograph."

Her fingers trembling slightly, she opened the cover and flipped to the title page, to the masculine scrawl of his signature and the words above it. To Alaina, I feel it, too.

She lifted her gaze from the book to his face. With sculpted features and those sexy lips, the man was beyond handsome. He was fascinating. "You know my name."

His grin flashed again. "I'm an investigator, too."

"Your editor called you," she surmised because she had only been able to track him down through his publisher. The man had gone to extremes to protect his privacy.

"Of course. The publisher makes too much money off me not to take care of me," he said with glib arrogance. But his green eyes sparkled with amusement, as if he laughed at himself.

"And Dietrich?" she asked, referring to the man who'd shown her to his den. "Does he take care of you, too? Is he your butler or your bodyguard?"

"He's my assistant."

"So you don't do your own research?" she asked, wondering now if she was talking to the wrong man. But then he moved, and his knee rubbed against the side of her thigh. Her pulse raced in reaction and she knew…this was the man. She stepped back, needing some distance between them, needing to not touch him.

"I'm not sure what exactly Dietrich assists me with," he said, his brow furrowing in confusion, "but it's not my writing. No one helps me with that."

Her hand shaking slightly, she closed the hardcover book. "So you've done all your own research for this series?"

He nodded. "Do you want some investigative pointers?"

A smile threatened, but she bit her bottom lip. She should have been irritated instead of amused by his arrogance. "I am here because I want some information."

"What do you want to know, Alaina?"

Her name on his lips lifted goose bumps along her skin and the fine hairs on the nape of her neck. "I want to know how you found out details that were never released to the public."

He arched a dark blond brow. "Details of what?"

"Of the murders you sensationalized in your books."

"Sensationalized?" He tapped a finger against the spine of the book she held. "It's fiction."

Her stomach muscles tightened in dread. "No, it's not. Every one of those murders actually happened."

And one of those murders had been hers.

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Deja Vu 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
debbieaheaton on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
One night, she felt the erotic touch of a handsome lover ignite her body into throes of passion and ecstasy. On another night, she saw a gleaming knife and heard terrified screams for help. That was all Alaina Paulsen remembered from her past life and the reason she became a FBI agent--so that she could investigate serial murders that included her own.Recluse Trent Baines was an accomplished writer and her prime suspect. An empathy barricaded in a fortress of a home, Trent included details in his books that mirrored the murders--details that no one else could possibly know except the killer. But one look at Trent, and Alaina recalled their passionate embraces. And before long, the murders began all over again.This is a wonderful and stunning tale of past lives and Lisa Childs takes her readers along for a wild ride of passion and murder. Excellent!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hump u against tye edge of the pool thrusting in nd out of ur tight hard.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was a great has a spechile feachure. I fel in love with it after the first chapeter.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
harstan More than 1 year ago
FBI agent Alaina Paulsen investigates serial killings. She suspects recluse bestselling horror author Trent Baines is the psychopath as he writes detailed books on homicides that are three decades old as if he was a witness to the murders. Alaina and Agent Vonner meet with Trent to interrogate him and recognize they were once a married couple in a past life together. When an apparent copy cat begins killing, Alaina fears history repeating itself as she loved the killer and cop back then. However, her biggest consternation comes from her growing belief that the writer she loves today was the murderer then and is the psychopath now. With a nod to Kenneth Branagh's movie Dead Again, Déjà Vu is an exciting reincarnation romantic suspense. The fast-paced story line places the emphasis on the psychological tension that has Alaina wound tight; as she prays that her beloved Trent is not a serial killer although the evidence strongly affirms he is. The romantic subplot serves more to add to the Suspicion that Trent is the killer as Lisa Childs provides a taut paranormal police procedural thriller. Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago