Derek Jarman - Moving Pictures of a Painter: Home Movies, Super 8 Films and Other Small Gestures

Derek Jarman - Moving Pictures of a Painter: Home Movies, Super 8 Films and Other Small Gestures

Derek Jarman - Moving Pictures of a Painter: Home Movies, Super 8 Films and Other Small Gestures

Derek Jarman - Moving Pictures of a Painter: Home Movies, Super 8 Films and Other Small Gestures


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The English painter, film-maker and writer Derek Jarman (1942–1994) is mainly known
for his work in the medium of film, but he always saw himself primarily as a painter.
In this study of his lesser known home movies, Super 8 films and the ‘cinema of small
gestures’ that Jarman developed out of them, Martin Frey discusses numerous Super 8
films as well as the films THE LAST OF ENGLAND, IN THE SHADOW OF THE SUN and
THE ANGELIC CONVERSATION. He examines Jarman’s filming techniques and way of
working and also analyses influences from the fields of painting and literature, such as
Allen Ginsberg, Robert Rauschenberg, David Hockney and Yves Klein.
For Jarman, life and work represented an indivisible unity. Numerous autobiographical
elements from his works are thus considered in this volume: his repressed childhood and
adolescence in post-war England, his coming out and the liberated life of the seventies,
his struggle against the unequal treatment of homosexuals during the Thatcher era, his
dealing with his own HIV infection and finally his personal commitment to fighting
discrimination against people who are HIV-positive or who have already developed Aids.

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ISBN-13: 9783200044944
Publisher: Martin Frey
Publication date: 04/11/2016
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.67(d)

About the Author Freelance work in the areas of graphic design, project development and urban photography. In recent years, numerous documentary and urbanistic photo projects about Vienna / Austria.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Childhood Images

War and Disciplining
Tabooed Sexuality
Images of Childhood in The Last of England: 'There's no place like the HOME movie'
Home-Movie Scenes in The Last of England
Representative Terror
The Strategy of the Autobiographical and the Strategy of Naming - Painting as Self-Defence

3. Go West! Influences from Painting and Literature

Beat Power
Allen Ginsberg
A Finger in the Fishes Mouth
Slade School of Fine Art
The American Dream
Parallels to Rauschenberg
Painting It Out: David Hockney
Physique Pictorial
The Motif of Wrestling in Jarman's Films
Yves Klein - Blue
Empty Spaces

4. Beware of Definitions: Demarcation of the Rhetoric of Film Theory

Questionable Categorisations
Obsolete Categories of the Narrative
Open Narration in Jarman's Work
Subjective Mode of Expression
The Beautiful Illusion: Representation of Space

5. Home Movies and Super 8 Short Films

Studio Bankside - Private Images of Inner Life and the Outside World
Kodak Families
Not an Experiment but an Expedition
Single Frame & Slow Down
'The filming, not the film.'
Filming without a Script
Filming as a Party
No Concern for the Audience
Underground & Anger
The Artist's Intimate View
Theme 1: 'Family Life'
Theme 2: Journeys
Theme 3: Staging/'Performance'
Theme 4: Portraits
Theme 5: Music

6. 'Cinema of Small Gestures': Super 8 as Feature Film

In the Shadow of the Sun
The Origins of the Images
Silence is Golden
The Angelic Conversation
The History of the Film's Creation
Shakespeare's Sonnets
Under Attack
A Dream World

7. Farewell to Super 8

8. Never Go to Hollywood

9. Notes

10. Shakespeare's Sonnets in The Angelic Conversation

11. Bibliography

Primary Sources
Texts by Derek Jarman
Screenplays and Books on Films and Works by Derek Jarman
Exhibition Catalogues
Audio Tapes
Secondary Literature
Secondary Literature on Derek Jarman
Secondary Literature on Other Topics
Articles in Periodicals

12. Filmography

Feature Films
Short Films
Music Videos

13. Photography Credits
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