Desire Never Dies

Desire Never Dies

by Jenna Petersen

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ISBN-13: 9780061743214
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 10/13/2009
Series: The Lady Spies Series , #2
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 648,086
File size: 914 KB

About the Author

Two of Jenna Petersen's childhood dreams wereto be a ballerina and a baseball player. Those didn't work out,but she's pleased to be following another childhood dream,writing books for a living. And what better than romance,where dreams come true on every page? Jenna lives in centralIllinois with her high school sweetheart husband andtwo taskmaster cats. She loves to hear from readers.

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Desire Never Dies

By Jenna Petersen Avon Copyright © 2006 Jenna Petersen
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-06-113808-9

Chapter One London, 1813

The crash jolted Anastasia Whittig out of her concentration. She blinked, pushing her spectacles up the bridge of her nose as she looked at the ceiling with pursed lips. What in the world were the servants doing up there, teaching each other to dance? She hated interruptions, especially when she was so dratted close to finding the key to this latest invention.

Glaring at the stairs that lead from her secret workroom to the main floor above, she returned her attention to her efforts.

The second crash made her jump. It was followed by more pounding feet and, to Ana's surprise, the door above her stairway flew open. Normally, the servants knew better than to invade her private area, so for them to open her door, without even knocking, was an indication that something serious was afoot.

A maid came down two steps. Her cap was crooked and her eyes wide and wild. Ana cocked her head.

"What in the world is it, Mary? I'm in the middle of-"

The girl panted, fear painted across her face in pale colors. "Lady Allington, my lady, she-she-"

The bottle of kerosene in Ana's hand slipped free, hitting the floor with a crash that she hardly heard above the sudden rush of blood roaring in her ears. Lady Allington was her best friend, Emily Redgrave, mistress of the house they shared. She was also a spy.

Just like Anastasia.

Emily had been out that night on a case. There would only be one reason for Mary's terror, for her intrusion. Something had gone terribly wrong.

"Where is she?" Ana cried as she ran for the stairs. She stumbled as she grasped the banister to pull herself up. Panic rose in her chest, choking her, making it hard to breathe as she followed the girl through the kitchen.

"She came in through the back, Lady Whittig," the girl panted. "And we carried her to the parlor."

"Carried her?" Ana repeated in shock. "Oh my God."

Mary burst through the parlor closest to the back of the house. Ana shoved past her to see a circle of sobbing, trembling servants surrounding the settee. Elbowing her way through the crowd, she stopped in horror at what she beheld.

Emily lay on the couch, eyes shut. Her skin was pale, her brow sweaty, and even the stir of the noisy staff didn't wake her as she rested in unnatural slumber. Another maid knelt over her, pressing a dishrag against her side. Ana could already see blood seeping through the cloth.

She dropped down beside her friend. "Let me see, Hester."

The girl darted a glance in her direction and then pulled the cloth away. Ana recoiled. Emily's torn gown revealed a large wound. The fabric was soaked in blood and edged with the remnants of gunpowder. She had been shot.

Grabbing the towel from Hester's shaking hands, Ana returned it to its place and pressed to ebb the flow of Emily's blood.

Nausea washed over her, fear froze her, but Ana shook it off. Now was not the time to get the vapors. The servants looked to her for what steps to take next. The next few decisions she made could save her friend's life ... or ensure it bled out on the settee in the parlor.

She measured her tone carefully. The household was already hysterical enough, there was no need to make the situation any worse. She turned to one of the men in the group. "Robert, ride as fast as you can to Dr. Adam Wexler's. You know the way. Tell him we need him. If he is with company, do not tell him anything else. Once you are alone with him, inform him Lady Emily was shot."

Her driver nodded. "Yes, my lady, I'll be back as quickly as I can."

She turned to Benson, their butler. He was pale, his eyes fixed on Emily. He might be a stodgy fellow who disapproved of female spies, but he was loyal to a fault. All their servants had to be in order to keep their secret safe.

"Benson, listen to me," she said softly, drawing his attention. "Fetch Henderson and tell him to get Charles Isley. Make sure he tells Charlie nothing except that it is an emergency. Have him come to the back and be sure no one sees his entrance so late at night or it will arouse suspicion."

Benson bowed as he moved for the door. "Yes, my lady."

"The rest of you, prepare Lady Allington's room for her convalescence." She choked, hoping her injured friend would survive to have one. But it gave the servants something to do besides stare as Emily bled. Keeping them busy was a kindness. One she couldn't grant herself. "Make her room as comfortable as you can. And please," she added for the benefit of those who weren't already aware of her secret life, "do not speak of this. Your indiscretion could endanger her ladyship even more."

The servants nodded and began to leave, whispering in fear as they departed. Ana could only pray for their silence as she returned her attention to Emily.

"Emily," she whispered, pushing a tangled lock of sweaty blonde hair away from her friend's eyes as she fought back tears. Her mind spun, taking her to places she didn't want to remember. Taking her to her own husband's bedside over five years ago. He had also died from a bullet, a hunting accident on their country estate. He'd been hurt so badly, nothing could save him.

She shook her head. No. She would not lose someone she loved again. She would not lose Emily. She pressed the cloth against Emily's wound harder and her friend let out a little cry. Ana leaned close.

"I'm here. You're safe now." She bit back a sob. Emily wouldn't want to hear her crying. "You are home."

Emily groaned as her eyes opened, a shocking bright blue even when clouded with pain. "Alone?" she coughed.


Excerpted from Desire Never Dies by Jenna Petersen Copyright © 2006 by Jenna Petersen. Excerpted by permission.
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Desire Never Dies 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
itsamekatrina on LibraryThing 8 months ago
Could not put the book down. Read it in one night. Loved it. Jenna Petersen is one of the best! 5+ stars
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Could it get any better? Yes! Jenna Petterson delights her fans with this next installment of The Lady Spies Series! The beautiful and shy Lady Anastasia Whittig is only too happy to stay at home and be the infamous code breaker of the Lady Spies team. It has been five years since Gerald's death and Ana still wears black and misses her childhood sweetheart, first and only love. But when Emily is shot in the line of duty while on assignment, it is up to Ana to step up and take her place. Now her training will be put to the test and is complicated when she discovers her partner is to be the handsome spymaster Lucas Tyler. Lucas brings out uncomfortable desires Ana never had with Gerald. Little does Ana realize that Lucus is extremely attracted to Ana and when circumstances of the case cause them to arrange a fake engagement, real passions flare and they are forced into a speedy marriage. Marriage complicates issues for them both, as Lucas believes Ana still loves Gerald and Ana believes the best friend of Lucas may be involved in the murders of government agents, including the shooting of Emily. Tensions and suspicions build as the treasonous insider is revealed and Ana and Lucus discover they make a successful team in more ways than working together as field agents. Another sensual regency era spy adventure with plot twists and turns that keep the reader riveted to the page.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Desire Never Dies certainly met all of my expectations! This book is the second in Jenna's Lady Spies trilogy that has been dubbed 'Charlie's Angels, but in Empire waists'. Here's a blurb: **Shy, intelligent widow Anastasia Whittig is really a Lady Spy in name only. Though she invents important items and decodes evidence, she¿s hardly ventured into the field and keeps herself wrapped in a shroud of mourning for her late husband. She¿s perfectly content to continue her sheltered life, but when one of her best friend¿s is shot, she¿s forced into service at the side of Lucas Tyler. **Lucas is a daring, talented spy, driven to solve the case of attacks on his fellow agents. He doesn¿t want any help, and certainly not from Ana. But as the two edge ever closer to the disturbing truth, they cannot keep from developing a grudging respect for each other. And they cannot ignore the undeniable desire that threatens to change both their worlds.** First off, let me say that the title Desire Never Dies is perfect. There is plenty of desire in this book, as Jenna Petersen is famous for writing. Ana and Lucas try to fight the attraction and desire, to keep their relationship strictly professional, but eventually give in...and when they do, it is amazing! To watch Ana, who had known love with her husband, come out of her shell of grief and find love again with Lucas was extremely emotionally satisfying. This book is rich with sizzling tension and heart-wrenching emotion...oh, and it's HOT! If you liked From London With Love (Meredith and Tristan's story), you'll love Desire Never Dies!
harstan More than 1 year ago
In 1813 Emily Redgrave arrives at the home of her best friend widow Anastasia Whittig, but not on a social call Emily was shot while working as a spy for the king. Anastasia, her fellow agent, sends for the doctor and their handler Charles ¿Charlie¿ Isley. Emily, barely able to whisper, tells Ana it was a trap while her host knows full well her severely injured friend might not make it through the night. --- Though recruited five years earlier, the timid Ana is assigned to uncover the identity of the counterspy who harmed Emily before this rogue causes more trouble. Notorious rake Lucas Tyler is assigned as her partner on this endeavor. He doubts female spies with no filed experience and even less confidence are capable of performing the mission she thinks he is too full of himself, his pleasures and his loyalty to see the truth that his friend wheelchair bound Henry is either indirectly behind or the mastermind causing the deaths of agents even as they fall in love. --- The sequel to FROM LONDON WITH LOVE, DESIRE NEVER DIES, is a fun Regency romantic espionage thriller starring a wonderful heroine who knows she is the best at breaking codes, but believes she is the worst at relationships as she assumes men detest her meekness. Lucas is more stereotypical of the dashing hero, but the refreshing Ana breaks him out of the historical hunk type-casting. The villain lacks depth as his motives seem off kilter and the twist associated with him is a bit of a shocker to everyone except Ana, but subtracts rather than enhances a wonderful Charlie¿s Angels in Regency England tale. --- Harriet Klausner