Destroying the Spirit of Rejection: Receive Love and Acceptance and Find Healing

Destroying the Spirit of Rejection: Receive Love and Acceptance and Find Healing

by John Eckhardt


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ISBN-13: 9781629987705
Publisher: Charisma Media
Publication date: 09/06/2016
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 149,675
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

Apostle John Eckhardt is overseer of Crusaders Ministries, located in Chicago, Illinois. Gifted with a strong apostolic call, he has ministered throughout the United States and overseas in more than eighty nations. He is a sought-after international conference speaker and has authored more than twenty books, including Prayers That Rout Demons, Prayers That Break Curses, Prophet, Arise!, and God Still Speaks. Eckhardt resides in the Chicago area with his wife, Wanda.

Table of Contents

Introduction Robbed and Spoiled 1

Israel's Redemptive History Is the Key to Your Deliverance 3

By His Stripes We Are Healed 6

Part I The Desolation of Rejection

Chapter 1 How Does Rejection Enter? 11

Rejection From the Womb 14

Generational Rejection 15

More Ways Rejection Enters During Early Stages of Life 16

From parents' relationship to each other 17

From parents' relationship to their children 17

From sibling dynamics 18

From life-changing events or trauma 18

From involuntary physical characteristics 18

From school, church, and other social groups 19

A Special Word on Parental Rejection 19

Abuse and Trauma Can Open the Door to Rejection 22

Sexual violation by rape 23

Sexual violation through incest 24

Rejection Later in Life 25

Societal, Cultural, or Ethnic Rejection 26

Chapter 2 Rejected By God? 29

Biblical References to Divine Rejection 30

Rejecting the Knowledge of God Opens the Door to Destruction 32

Rejecting God Leads to a Reprobate Mind 34

You Can't Live Any Way You Want and Be Accepted 36

God Will Always Reject Disobedience 40

Chapter 3 Demonic Manifestations of Rejection 43

Demonic Spirits Associated With Rejection 45

Insecurity/inferiority vs. confidence 45

Self-accusation vs. forgiveness 46

Depression vs. joy 46

Perfectionism vs. excellence 46

Pride vs. humility 47

Fear vs. faith 48

Paranoia vs. trust 48

Indecision vs. decisiveness 49

Passivity vs. proactivity 49

Lust vs. love 50

Fantasy vs. reality 50

Perversion vs. purity 50

Unfairness vs. mercy 51

Guilt vs. grace 51

Sensitivity vs. long-suffering 51

Excessive affection for animals vs. a simple appreciation of all of God's creation 52

Ahab: A Picture of Rejection 53

Rejection and the Criminal Mind 58

Rejection and Arrested Development 59

Chapter 4 Fear and Paranoia 63

Fear Can Lead to Paranoia 64

Other Biblical References to the Spirit of Fear 66

Phobias-Intense Fear 67

Chapter 5 The Kingdom of Perversion 71

Perversion Is a Heart Issue 74

Fornication 75

Demons That Operate in the Kingdom of Perversion 77

Unrighteousness 77

Sexual immorality (or "fornication," in the King James Version) 77

Wickedness 78

Covetousness 78

Maliciousness 80

Envy 81

Murder 81

Strife 81

Deceit 82

Gossip 82

Slander 82

God-haters 82

Insolence 83

Pride 83

Boastful 83

Inventors of evil things 83

Disobedience to parents 84

Without understanding 85

Covenant breakers 85

Without natural affection 85

Implacable 85

Unmerciful 85

Guard Your Heart 86

God Wants to Give You a New Heart 88

Chapter 6 Pride: The Spiritual Blocker 91

King of Pride-Leviathan 92

Unable to flow in the Holy Spirit 93

Self preserving 93

Blocks prayer and prayer ministry 93

Speaks harsh words 94

Breaks covenant 95

Hates serving but likes to be served 96

Not to be played with 96

Difficult to defeat 96

Stiff-necked and stubborn 97

Hard of heart 97

Deeply rooted 98

Controlling and resists submission 98

Deceptive 98

Defeat Leviathan With the Power of God and Fasting 99

Chapter 7 The Spirit of Infirmity 101

He Carried Our Sickness and Disease 103

Deliverance Gets to the Root of Disease 104

You Don't Have to Be Tormented 106

Bitterness and Unforgiveness Are Killing You 107

Revelation of Healing at Marah 112

Forgive by Faith 114

Release Guilt and Shame 115

Let Jesus Cover You 116

Part II Deliverance and Restoration

Chapter 8 Rejection Must Go! 121

Spiritual Truths That Set You Free From Rejection 121

Revealed knowledge 122

Christ's own rejection 122

Warfare prayer 125

The anointing of God 126

Persistence 126

Authority in the Spirit 127

Be Set Free! 128

Chapter 9 Rebuilding the Gates and Walls 129

Like a City Without Walls 131

The Spirit of Shame 132

Nehemiah the Comforter 133

A Broken, Contrite Spirit 134

The Process of Rebuilding and Restoring 136

Stay focused; don't get distracted 137

Assess the situation 138

Be encouraged-God loves working in impossible situations 139

Set a watch 140

Haul away the rubbish 141

War and fight through the process 143

Understand that the battle is not yours 145

Guard and protect the work 145

Maintain your gates by becoming a student of the Word 146

Rejoice and enjoy the fruit of your labor 148

Authority Restored 150

Sent Ones 151

Chapter 10 The Right Way to Handle Rejection 153

How to Deal With Rejection 153

1 Ask why 154

2 Do well 156

3 Seek to understand and obey the standard 156

4 Accept that your acceptance comes only through Christ 159

5 Let your faith match your lifestyle 161

What God Accepts 163

Chapter 11 God of the Overflow 167

God Will Do Great Things 169

God Will Restore Fruitfulness 169

God Will Open the Windows of Heaven Over Your Life 170

God Will Cause an Overflow to Occur in Your Life 171

God Will Restore What Was Lost in the Past 172

You Will Be Satisfied 173

You Will Never Be Ashamed 173

Restoration Is the Work of the Holy Spirit 174

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit will cause you to dream again 175

Be Filled With the Holy Spirit 176

Chapter 12 Prayers That Destroy the Spirit of Rejection 179

Prayers for Deliverance From Rejection 180

Prayers That Increase Faith 182

Prayers for Boldness and Courage 184

Prayers for Sexual Purity 185

Prayers Against Leviathan 187

Prayers That Break the Spirit of Pride 189

Health and Healing Declarations 191

Prayers That Cast Out the Spirit of Infirmity 193

Prayer for a New Heart 194

Rebuking the Spirits That Attack the Mind 194

Restoration Declarations 194

Prayer for Restoration 195

Declaring God's Acceptance Through Christ 196

Prayer for Acceptance From God 196

Prayer of Thanksgiving 197

Notes 199

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