Dezi's Diamond

Dezi's Diamond

by Dale Mayer

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When opposites attract ... anything can happen ...

Dezi was a plain-and-simple type of guy. He loved working for Levi's company and had enjoyed the jobs he'd been given so far. When a businesswoman contacted Ice over, well, ice, ... things got interesting.

Diamond was an exclusive jewelry designer, born and raised in the industry, working within her father's diamond company. When a custom-designed item was checked before shipment, she realized the piece wasn't her workmanship. Somehow someone had forged her work and had slipped it in the shipment as a replacement.

However, the theft and forgery quickly escalate to kidnapping and armed robbery. Dezi and Diamond need to figure this out fast, before something else gets added to the list: murder.

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BN ID: 2940161832776
Publisher: Valley Publishing Ltd.
Publication date: 06/04/2019
Series: Dale Mayer's Heroes for Hire Series , #18
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,124
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About the Author

Dale Mayer is a USA Today bestselling author who writes for the young, the old and those in-between – no matter what the age. Some of her books are hot, some are sweet. Some will keep you up at night with a light on to keep the boogie man away and some you’ll want to cuddle close.

She’s long given up on trying to fit a specific genre. Instead she honors the stories that come to her – and some of them are crazy, break all the rules and cross multiple genres!

And that’s okay too.

There is one guarantee with each book – it will be a great read – each and every time.

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Dezi's Diamond 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
Anonymous 3 days ago
NCMS 10 days ago
Levi and Ivy have a reputation for sending for finding partners for their single employees. When Stone tells Dezi he’s next, Dezi doesn’t believe it will happen for him. After many missions away, Dezi is sent on a local mission to help Diamond (that’s really her name) figure out who is forging her one of a kind jewelry. As they try to find out who is responsible for stealing her designs, Dezi and Diamond fall for each other. If you like a love story with a mystery full of twists and turns, this is the book for you.
Linda Richter 10 days ago
This was great. Diamond and her sisters are named after the beautiful jewels their father sells in his stores. Of course, family dynamics come into play. Jealousy, when there is money, is a given. Surprise twist and turns throughout. I honestly cannot give a lot of detail without giving spoilers. Suffice it to say you will not be disappointed, I am never disappointed in Dale Mayer books. Her series is awesome and I love the Hero's books. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Jutzie 10 days ago
Dezi's Diamond by Dale Mayer Heroes for Hire Series Dezi Arnold wouldn't mind finding a woman like his teammates at Legendary Security. Seems all of them had such great women, how could there be any left? But somehow, Ice seemed to be playing matchmaker as she sent the guys out on missions—and they returned home in love. Maybe it would happen to him. Diamond Liechester knew about making expensive, beautiful jewelry. She didn't know about security beyond codes for her vaults and passwords on her computer. She soon found out that life was more ruthless than she could ever guess. Thankfully her friends, Levi and Ice, sent out some guys to help her out. In the world of someone has money and we want it...Diamond falls into the category of having it. Dezi has to remember he's on a mission to protect her...and a serious mission it is. Another page-turning suspense romance with plenty of possible villains. **Sexual content and language
Linda Carlson 12 days ago
WOW! This latest fabulous story in the Heroes For Hire series is quite intriguing. There are so many details to be figured out as well as a large group of suspects to research. Jewelry making is a fascinating form of art and I love the subject of Diamond having her own designing abilities and personally creating her products. I also enjoyed Dezi being so supportive of her and appreciating her back yard “muse”. A very enjoyable story which satisfies the need to shut down the ugly criminals who think they can gain profit for themselves by taking what they want from other people’s hard work without any consequences. I really liked the show of love and support Diamond has from her father despite her relationship with the rest of her family being quite strained. This story is fast-paced, exciting, full of mystery and has you guessing who the villain is until the very end. It was a joy to read and I can’t wait for Vince’s story!
CherylLoverofPugs 12 days ago
I loved this book. From start to finish, I was engrossed. The book had action, suspense, romance, etc. The interaction of the characters was great and was one of the main reasons I was so engrossed in the book. The addition of characters from previous books by Dale Mayer make the book that much better! I was taken in by the story line and it kept me turning the pages. The addition of romance to the novel keeps you guessing and makes you want the two main characters to have a happy ending. Loved this book and can't wait for the next one in the series. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Reasons I enjoyed this book:
Dimac1 12 days ago
When Dezi is asked to investigate a jeweller whose design has been stolen he doesn’t expect to find Diamond, a woman who is down to earth and captures his interest. As they delve into her friends and family to see who could have stolen her design and jewellery, she is taken by the strong handsome ex SEAL. As they search for the thief, more suspects come into the picture and a tangled web of who is involved and who isn’t. A great read and another great instalment in the Heroes for Hire series with amazing characters. As usual the story has suspense and a mystery to solve, along with sparks between the two characters and some steam. What I really enjoyed is the surprise in this book when the two actually act on their attraction and the pool scene was hot. Not only that but there was a bit more action and I always love the no drama between the characters. *I voluntarily read an advanced copy and expressed my honest opinion*
Anonymous 14 days ago
Another great book from miss Mayer full of mysterie and suspense. I can't wait till the next book comes out. I received this book via Booksprout for an honest review.
Nikita2803 15 days ago
A stunning book in heroes for hire series by Dale Mayer which has become a must read . A compelling , captivating book , just like it's prequels . It grips you from the first word and never lets you go . I loved it I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
moonfox1234 16 days ago
This is a entertaining and exciting book. I loved the chemistry between Dezi and Diamond. I thought the storyline was engaging and well paced. A compelling blend of romance, suspense, drama, danger, action, twists, steam and intrigue are combined into one very enjoyable read.
Cheryl-S 16 days ago
This is book 18 in the Heroes For Hire series and it features Dezi and Diamond. The mystery and suspense is fantastic and took over the whole story. I didn’t see the “not very exciting “ romance until it was already happening. It seemed like an afterthought. There wasn’t much in the way of flirting or foreplay. There were sexy times but not a lot of sexy talk. Again, this story didn’t really need the romance because the mystery and suspense carried it through. Looking forward to the next book in this series.
Irene_SZ 16 days ago
Keeping Diamond safe….Levi sends Dezi and Vince to Houston to investigate a high end jewelry forgery. Diamond, a jewelry designer, doesn't realize how vulnerable her business is until Levi's men arrive. Dezi is concerned that there is something personal in the attacks on Diamond's business and that Diamond herself is in danger. I received a free copy of this book from the author through Booksprout. This is my honest and voluntarily given review. Diamond is very creative about her jewelry and runs a very successful business, but is vulnerable to today's technology. One of the things that I enjoy about the series is that the women come from different backgrounds and businesses which I learn a little about. This is a very good suspenseful book that kept me guessing until the end. I really like this book.
Anonymous 16 days ago
tsinclr 17 days ago
Dezi wants what some of the other guys on Levi's team has found...someone of his own to love. But he doesn't think it will happen for him. He's surprised when he's picked for the next assignment that deals with a forgery in the diamond industry since he considers himself not from that world. However, Levi and Ice think that's exactly why he's perfect for the assignment. Diamond just wants to create her jewelry. She doesn't want to think about why someone is trying to ruin her reputation but she knows she needs help. When Dezi continues to bombard her with questions, she thinks he's being intrusive but answers his questions anyway. Then someone breaks into her house and kidnaps her and Dezi is determined to get her back. When he does, they uncover even more questions that need answers. And Dezi is more determined than ever to find those answers and to keep his Diamond safe.
Kathy_JB 17 days ago
Legendary Security, known by many as Heroes for Hire, has a new job and Dezi is protecting a jewelry designer who is under attack, both through her business and personally. The "who" has so many possibilities -- family ? friends ? an ex ? a stalker ? This book was provided free for review.
Paula-H 17 days ago
I really enjoyed reading Dezis Diamond . This story is Dezi and Diamonds book . It's full of Intrigue and Suspense and of course romance . The characters are great . Diamond Liechester owns her own high-end jewelry business and is the designer . Dezi Arnold works for Levi and Ice . Dezi is assigned to figure out who is stealing designs from Diamond and also protect her and keep her safe . Vince goes along to assist Dezi . Danger soon arrives as does trouble and alot of unanswered questions . Diamond and Dezi grow closer as they spend more time together . I found this story a real pulse pounding , action packed suspenseful and I highly recommend taking the time to read . I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
cherlym 18 days ago
Slight twist in the series, one I really appreciated. This one is based around a diamond store, a designer named Diamond and her dysfunctional family that is held together by a fathers love. Dezi is not from money but walks with belief in confidence in his self. Can you say sexy! A man who has confidence in his self, but is not a cocky a**hat is such a win. Diamond is a brilliant designer who is not only talented, but intelligent, again, win! We meet her millionaire dysfunctional family and we get to have Levi show up in person. I really enjoy this series and having it take place in a different setting, getting to know Diamond and the intrigue in her family (subplot) just made this one all the more enjoyable. Thank you Dale Mayer for the opportunity to review this arc. All thoughts and opinions are my own and were unsolicited.
D-BookNerd1 18 days ago
OMG I loved this book! I was all over the place trying to figure out who the bad guy was hahaha. I was wrong on every suspect I picked. Dezi and Diamond are wonderful characters. I love how the women in this series are strong, brilliant women. No shrinking violets here folks haha. What a fantastic story, and another book I can read again in the future. This whole series is outstanding. You just don't want the book to end :)
Maggs 19 days ago
Another wonderful story to enjoy! Yes, it's about diamonds and 'Diamond' is the heroine. 'Diamond's' family business is, of course, diamonds (she and her sisters are all named after jewels) and she has created a name and business of her own by designing jewelry. This story is about family dynamics, drama, wealth, betrayal, greed as well as loyalty, and love. The mystery surrounding who is providing and trading the fake jewelry for the real stuff gets very complicated with so many suspects. There is some kidnapping involved, info on password safety, security, being alert and safe, etc. Dezi and Vince have been sent by Levi to help solve Diamond's problems. Levi has a personal interest as Diamond has created his fiance's (Ice's) engagement ring. Of course, there is romance involved which is very nicely done. Looks like Vince will be next in line to find love and I can't wait to read his adventure!
Anonymous 20 days ago
Yet another action filled book from Dale Mayer. Dezi is yet another member of Levi's team of alpha male ex seals. He is tasked to an investigation for a beautiful rich jewellery designer who has had some of her unique pieces copied. As usual it turns out to be much more involved than just forgery and Dezi has to enlist the help of his ex seal colleagues to solve the mystery. It is fast moving, page turning and full of intrigue that keeps you guessing until the end. The chemistry between Dezi and Diamond is palpable and leads to a very satisfactory HEA. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Sue Payton 20 days ago
Wendy S Hodges 21 days ago
Suspenseful with loads of action and stuff going on, a few twists and a ton of bad guys, this is full on and gripping throughout. I loved the strong characters, both Diamond and Dezi are independent and set in their careers but as fate and unscrupulous people try to wreck one career so the other steps in to help. The chemistry is strong from the first minute and this was not dragged out, which is great. It was also nice to see a few other team members around a bit, playing their part in solving the clues and following the trail. As always Dale delivers a fantastic fast paced read that I struggled to put down, various levels of intrigue so you don't guess or figure out the true villain to fast which keeps interest high and gives satisfaction at the end. I know the couple outcome is a foregone conclusion by now but the plot and obstacles always change and each are unique, and that is what has me coming back for more every time.
Samanthagirl 22 days ago
Cupid strikes again! When Dezi is sent to investigate a forgery he does not expect to meet his soul mate. However Diamond needs his assistance and investigative skills to see who is targeting her business. She and Dezi have an instant chemistry! This is a very well written and entertaining story and one I thoroughly enjoyed.