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Digital Customer Service: Transforming Customer Experience for an On-Screen World

Digital Customer Service: Transforming Customer Experience for an On-Screen World

by Rick DeLisi, Dan Michaeli
Digital Customer Service: Transforming Customer Experience for an On-Screen World

Digital Customer Service: Transforming Customer Experience for an On-Screen World

by Rick DeLisi, Dan Michaeli


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Digital Customer Service is the new standard for creating a 5-star customer experience

As much as technology has improved our lives, for many people customer service experiences remain unnecessarily frustrating. But the advent of Digital Customer Service (DCS) promises to make these interactions seamless and effortless by creating experiences that occur entirely on a customer's own screen, even in situations where it is preferable to speak to an agent.

Digital Customer Service: Transforming Customer Experience for an On-Screen World traces the evolution of customer service—as well as the evolution of customer expectations and the underlying psychology that drives customer behavior - from the days of the first call centers in the 1980s all the way to today's digital world.

Written for Customer Service and Customer Experience leaders as well as C-suite executives (CEOs, CFOs, CIOs), Digital Customer Service helps business leaders balance three critical priorities:

  • Creating an excellent experience for customers that increases customer loyalty and profitability
  • Driving down the cost of Customer Service/Support interactions, while increasing revenue through Sales interactions
  • Moving quickly toward the goal of "digital transformation"

We have discovered—in our research and our first-hand experience—that when companies commit to achieving true Digital Customer Service, they can make significant progress toward all three of these goals at once. Digital Customer Service provides the roadmap for how your company can get there. And when you do, who wins? EVERYONE.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781119841906
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 08/31/2021
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 1,054,622
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

RICK DELISI has been researching customer service and customer experience for the past two decades. He is the co-author of the bestselling book The Effortless Experience, and has written several pieces published in the Harvard Business Review. Prior to working in customer service he was a journalist, winning four Associated Press awards for outstanding feature reporting.

DAN MICHAELI is CEO and Co-Founder of Glia, the New York-based technology company that has become an industry leader in Digital Customer Service. The Glia platform helps businesses reinvent how they support customers in a digital world. He is an award-winning speaker who has been a contributor to numerous publications including Forbes.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Corrie Carrigan

Preface: Now It’s Our Turn

Section I: The Problem With Customer Service and the Digital Opportunity

Chapter 1: The Win-Win-Win-Win

Customer Service At An Inflection Point

The Difference Between “digital customer service” and DCS

Two Very Different Experiences

Story: “Phone” and “Voice” Aren’t The Same Thing

Win #1: The Benefits of DCS For Companies

Win #2: The Benefits of DCS For Customers

Win #3: The Benefits of DCS For Agents

Win #4: The Benefits of DCS For Service Executives and Leaders

Customers Have Transformed, So Should Your Company

Key Takeaways: Chapter 1

Chapter 2: The Peaks and Valleys of Customer Service

It Wasn’t Always this Way

Story: The Billboard

How Did Customer Service Become Such An Easy “Punching Bag?”

Customers Are Wired For Negative Reactions

Companies Are Wired For Efficiency

Cost Eats Quality For Lunch

Evolution of Customer Service: The “Quality Valley”

Key Takeaways: Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Digital Self-Service Changed Things Forever

The Citi Never Sleeps

From Migration to Expectation to Demand

Never Going Back Again

Story: Three Sad Faces

Evolution of Customer Service: The Digital Self-Service Explosion

Why The “Bolt-On” Approach Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

Social Media: Salt in the Wound

Evolution of Customer Service: The “Expectation Valley”

Key Takeaways: Chapter 3

Section II - DCS Terminology Overview

Chapter 4: The 3 OnScreen Pillars Of DCS

Climbing Out of the Valley of Expectations

Evolution of Customer Service: The Inflection Point

DCS Defined

OnScreen Communication

OnScreen Collaboration

OnScreen Automation

OnScreen Collaboration: Getting On The Same Page

DCS in Action: CoBrowsing Creates Major Efficiency Improvements

Digital-Also vs. Digital-Only vs. Digital-First

How to Build a Business Case for DCS

Added Bonus: DCS is More Secure

Get Your Agents To Stop Asking This One Question

Key Takeaways: Chapter 4

Section III - DCS Transformation Overview

Chapter 5: The Process - A Step-by-Step Guide

Put It On The Screen

“Cooking Up” The Ideal Digital Service Strategy

Step 1: Get the Right Ingredients

The Digital Customer Service Journeys Grid

The “Secret Ingredient”: OnScreen Voice

So, Do You Still NEED a Phone Number For Customer Service?

Step 2: Learn Which Dishes People Like Best

Digital Self-Serve Inventory (2x2)

New Ways Of Learning About Customer Behavior in Self-Service

Step 3: Serve Your Best Dishes Consistently

Virtual Assistance vs. Live Assistance

Journeys Based On The “Process” Not The “Person”

Earning Your Michelin Stars

Key Takeaways: Chapter 5

Chapter 6: The People - Empowering Agents, Leaders and (even) Bots

From Call Center to Contact Center to “Collaboration” Center

The Evolution of Role Expectations

The Agents: Rise of the “Superagent”

What IS In It For Your Team?

What Does The Term Customer Service “Rep” Mean in DCS?

Story: AHT vs. THT

The Leaders: Retaining and Attracting the Best People

The Hiring Profile of Agents in a DCS Environment

Sample “Situational Interview” Questions

The Bots: Humans and Machines Working As A Team

Here to Help You, Not Replace You

The “HR Department” for Your Virtual Team

Managing Microbots with Specialized Skill Sets

DCS in Action: AI Management Deployment

Live Assistance? Virtual Assistance? Or A “Hybrid” of BOTH?

“Confidence Equity” Works Both Ways—For Customers and Agents

Story: Standing On The 50-Yard Line

Key Takeaways: Chapter 6

Chapter 7: The Positioning - How DCS Future-Proofs Your Company

Time To Move To The Center Of The Universe

Internally: It’s a 6x3 and A-to-Z World

The Dichotomy of Expectations

Story: The Ultimate “Effortless Experience”

Externally: CX is The Last Frontier For Differentiation

Positioning “Digital CX” As A Differentiator

DCS in Action: Differentiating Service for International Customers

Key Takeaways: Chapter 7

Epilogue: To Infinity and Beyond

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