Dirty-Talking Cowboy: A Kinky Spurs Novel

Dirty-Talking Cowboy: A Kinky Spurs Novel

by Stacey Kennedy

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Dirty-Talking Cowboy: A Kinky Spurs Novel by Stacey Kennedy

From author Stacey Kennedy comes Dirty-Talking Cowboy, the first book in the Kinky Spurs series

Emma Monroe has returned to River Rock, Colorado, after the death of her grandmother. Now she’s inherited a farm full of abused animals and she’s working as a waitress at the local hotspot, Kinky Spurs. The last thing Emma wants in her life is a man, as she’s still recovering from a recent heartbreak. But when a sensual and powerful cowboy, Shep Blackshaw enters her life, Emma begins to want things she shouldn't.

Shep knows sex shouldn’t be on his mind. He’s got a world of responsibility on his shoulders. He’s attempting to save his late father’s cattle ranch, Blackshaw Cattle Company, from foreclosure. But Emma’s heated reactions to his touch make ignoring her impossible. She’s the perfect distraction to make him forget that his father’s company is a sinking ship.

While their nights only heat up, soon emotions become tangled into the mix. Shep’s not only giving Emma the hottest nights of her life, he’s also healing her heart. With every encounter, she forgets her heartbreak. With every naughty adventure, she stops mourning the life she left behind. And with every dirty word whispered from Shep’s mouth, she stops thinking of all the reasons why she shouldn’t fall for him. But when the past comes to claim Emma, she’ll need to choose between the life she thought she wanted and the life she’s grown to love with Shep. How will she say no to forever with a dirty-talking cowboy.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781250168429
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 06/05/2018
Series: Kinky Spurs , #1
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 200
Sales rank: 1,396
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Stacey Kennedy is an outdoorsy, wine-drinking, nap-loving, animal-cuddling, USA Today bestselling romance author with a chocolate problem. She writes sexy contemporary romance with a dash of suspense and a sprinkle of heart and humor, including titles in her wildly hot Kinky Spurs, Club Sin, and Dirty Little Secrets. She lives in southwestern Ontario with her family and does most of her writing surrounded by lazy dogs.
Stacey Kennedy is an outdoorsy, wine-drinking, nap-loving, animal-cuddling, USA Today bestselling romance author with a chocolate problem. She writes sexy contemporary romance with a dash of suspense and a sprinkle of heart and humor, including titles in her wildly hot Kinky Spurs, Club Sin, and Dirty Little Secrets. She lives in southwestern Ontario with her family and does most of her writing surrounded by lazy dogs.

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Sweet Jesus, the cowboy could kiss.

Emma trembled against his mouth while Shep gently laid her out on the mattress. This man had an intensity she didn't know how to handle. Only when he had her panting did Shep lean away. Those captivating eyes of his promising pleasure helped her know one thing for certain.

She wanted sex. Hot sex. Dirty sex. With this guy.

His mouth met hers again, and she moaned, her eyelids fluttering. Dear Lord, how amazing he felt as his lips danced across hers, while the length of his tall, muscular body pressed against her, pushing her back down into the mattress. His big, strong hands gripped the strands of her hair, holding tight, pinning her right where he wanted her. Beneath him.

He took control, and under his strength, she became drenched, flushing her body with unnatural heat. Needing more of whatever he had to offer her, she lifted her hips, pressing her slick heat against his leg until her clit rubbed against him perfectly. The low guttural moan he gave urged her on. She squirmed again, arching into the hard lines of his body blanketing her, fueled by the sensations flooding her.

His low and deep chuckle tickled across her as he rose on his hands, staring down at her. She reached for his face, cupping his cheeks, amazed she had met a man like Shep. There was confidence in his eyes that she was jealous of. He held a sureness about himself that anyone would envy. But it was the passion in their potent depths that caught her attention most. He lifted a single eyebrow and asked, "Can't stay still, darlin'?"

"I want you. Stop waiting." Her voice sounded distant and soft. She glanced down at her totally bare skin, blinking in confusion. She looked at his chest, finding him fully clothed. "Why am I naked and you're not?"

"You keep taking your clothes off." He frowned.

She ran her hands across his five o'clock shadow, her palm scraping against the scruff on his chiseled face. She couldn't stop staring at his sculpted mouth, the way the side curved ever so slightly. As if he knew all her secrets. "That's because I want you."

He dropped his head, bringing his mouth so close to hers. "I know exactly what you want, sweetheart, and that's losing your goddamn mind beneath my hands." He lowered his head to her neck again and sucked, licked, and nibbled his way across her flesh, causing her heart to race. She moaned when he pushed against her thighs and widened her legs.

Over and over again, he circled his hips, pressing his erection against her bundle of nerves, curling her toes. She gasped against the intensity of all that man grinding against her, her chin lifting to the ceiling. He pressed his erection against her sex harder, teasing her with what she could have.

She wiggled again.

"I want you to be still, Emma." He dragged a piece of rope across her arm. "So that I can fuck you good and properly."

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Between his heated kisses, he'd expertly bound her wrists with rope cuffs and then tied her tightly to headboard.

"This is what you wanted, isn't it?" he asked, his tongue sliding across her neck, slowly and teasingly, taking his time to savor every moment.

"Yes. Please." Even with her dubious track record, she couldn't help liking her men naughty and adventurous, and everything about Shep screamed that.

She shivered when he swirled his tongue over the curve of her earlobe and murmured in her ear, "You can't run. You can't squirm. You're all mine to taste ... to tease." He tugged on the rope again, letting her feel how trapped she was beneath him.

She wasn't afraid, not a shred of worry in her mind.

He raised up again, hovering over her. Something changed in his eyes then. They became more powerful, controlled even. Like he reined in all his wicked thoughts and formed a plan for the night ahead. She burned with anticipation, watching the magnificent man open his worn jeans. He shoved them down to his knees, freeing his hard cock that was the size she'd imagined, just the right length and perfectly thick.

With his pants off now and nothing between them, the air became charged with energy. His warm, hard body closed against her soft planes, and her skin flushed red-hot. He pressed a hand against her hip, pinning her down again, beneath him, exactly where she wanted to be. Those powerful eyes watched her intently as he began brushing his erection against her clit. He was relentless in his teasing, until she began to quiver with need. Until she couldn't take anymore.

"Please. I want you so bad." She struggled against the bindings and the weight of his body. "I need you so much."

"You need this." He slid his erection back and forth over her throbbing clit.

"Yes," she breathed. "I need more."

"Ah, I see," he whispered across her lips, lifting his hips and pressing the tip of his cock inside her. "Is this what you want, Emma? My cock driving inside you?"

"Yes!" She'd beg if that's what he wanted, if only he'd keep touching her in the way he had. Passion seeped from his touches, and when she looked into the depths of his eyes, the promise there consumed her.

"Tell me that you want me."

It was an order.

One she'd happily oblige.

"I want you, inside me," she breathed.

Her eyes widened, breath caught in her throat, when he pushed through her slick heat, right to the hilt, as if all he'd been waiting for was her permission. She couldn't hold back the moans pouring from her mouth. He filled her perfectly, moving so very deep inside her, working her body like it belonged to him.

He stared at her intently, his fingers grazing the rope around her wrists, while he shifted his hips in a steady rhythm, his hard flesh stroking her soft, wet skin. Energy sizzled around her and she lost herself in his touch. There was something about this guy that tempted her with unfamiliar sensations. It seemed like if she let him in and lowered all her guards, he'd show her the world in a way she'd never seen it.

With each pound of his hips, he brought her higher. The burn on her wrists. The pressure of his body. The passion in his eyes. It all became too much, so much to absorb. She fought against closing her eyes and lost sight of those unique silvery-blue beauties, as blackness began to fill her vision.

Skin slapped against skin. The sensual brush of his low grunts spilled over her.

Until he spoke again. "That's it, Emma, come back to me."

His voice sounded far away now, not hovering over her, but off in the distance. His strong body was no longer resting against her, and coldness sank deep into her bones. "What ..." Her throat was dry, scratchy.

"This may hurt a little," another voice said.

A sudden prick on her hand had her gasping, eyes flying open. Instantly, she was blinded by the bright lights above her. She blinked, again and again, until she saw Shep's silvery-blue eyes. He wore the same dark-brown cowboy hat that she remembered he'd had on earlier at the bar, but his clothes were different. He'd been in a plaid button-down. Now she found him in a black T-shirt. No bound wrists. No dirty talk. No warm, defined muscles beneath creamy flesh. She blinked twice more. "Where am I?" she croaked.

Shep's eyebrows were drawn over concerned eyes. He rested his hand on her forehead, and he felt so cold, his eyes looked so cold. This wasn't the man she'd known a second ago. "Don't worry," he said softly. "You're all right. We're on the way to the hospital."

"I'm going to give you something for the pain," the other voice said again from somewhere next to her.

She attempted to lift her head, but a harsh throb sent her head straight back down onto the pillow, where she stared up at a bag of IV fluid. "What's going on?"

"Be still, darlin'." Shep pressed harder against her forehead, pinning her in the same way he'd pinned her to the mattress. "I know this is confusing. But you're fine. I found you in a field being dragged by a horse this morning."

"A horse ... dragged ..." She turned her head and glanced at her wrists, longing for the rope she swore she could still feel. Red burns marked her skin. When she looked at Shep again, she mourned for the way he stared at her, intently and passionately. "I —"

"Shh ..." His voice became a low, comforting rumble. "Rest easy now, Emma."

Blackness began to creep into her vision again and the world turned a little fuzzy. She shut her eyes against the pain hammering in her head, and that's when she heard the ambulance sirens blasting through the air. Slowly, the missing pieces began to come back to her. She rejected Shep twice last night. Once at the bar, and again after their little show on stage. And apparently now, she wasn't having the best sex of her life with a dirty-talking cowboy, she had head trauma.


The day began normally enough. Shep hopped on his horse, Tadgh, and joined the morning cattle drive handled by the cowboys at his late father's multimillion-dollar cattle company, Blackshaw Cattle Company. Truth be told, he expected to have a quiet day that mirrored every other day this week, since he'd given his team at his wilderness survival company, Blackshaw Survival, time off. His team was due back to work in a couple weeks for the next contract with the military to train their soldiers how to survive under harsh conditions. When his team was home with their families, Shep took time off, too. In his absence, Lorraine, the receptionist, handled the day-to-day tasks. Though his expectations of a calm day vanished when Emma's scream sent him and Tadgh galloping at full speed in her direction. Of course, he hadn't known it had been Emma at the time, until he saw her face. Though one quick look at the fear in the horse's eyes told him all he needed to know.

Not only had the chestnut gelding been abused at some time in his life, but the woman who had melted in his arms last night at the bar was the granddaughter of Daisy Monroe, an old lady who had a habit of taking in animals that should've been euthanized. No one had a bigger heart for abused animals than Mrs. Monroe. Shep had heard through the gossip grapevine that Daisy's granddaughter had moved into the hobby farm after Daisy's passing, but he hadn't connected the two until he saw the horse.

Earlier this morning, when he first roped the crazed horse dragging Emma through the grassy meadow, he'd thought she'd been dead. But that rope, tied tightly around her left wrist, likely saved her life because it kept her head off the ground. While Shep suspected she'd be bruised from head to toe tomorrow, she'd have her life, and that was a good end to his day.

It'd been an hour now since they'd arrived at the hospital, and he'd been waiting to be allowed into her hospital room. When he finally entered the room, he found Emma lying in bed with her eyes shut, sleeping soundly. Her long, chocolate-brown hair spilled out onto her pillow, her pink, pouty lips parted with her deep breaths.

Not wanting to disturb her, he carefully grabbed the chair next to her bed and sat down, waiting for her to wake up. Twice now this woman had fallen into his life, and Shep didn't believe in coincidences. He wanted to know more about this sweet little thing who went all soft and warm when he touched her.

Right as he leaned back into his seat to relax, her eyes snapped open, and revealed beautiful light-green eyes, as she said, "I banged Jake, the CEO."

"Did you now?" Shep fought off his smile, sure she had no idea what she was saying to him. He'd been warned by Doc Thompson that she'd been heavily drugged. Regardless, curiosity had him digging into her life. "When did you do that?"

"Oh, for the last year or so, but it was the biggest mistake of my life." Her glassy eyes locked onto his. "Let me give you a piece of advice, stay away from the bad boys. They're all trouble."

Shep stretched out his legs. "I will. I assure you." Just so happened, he was also one of those bad boys, who never quite followed the rules, always paving his own path in life, and so were his two brothers. "Is that why you've moved to River Rock?" He had heard through gossip that Emma was originally from New York City. "To get away from this guy?"

"Well, partly." She stared up at the ceiling, looking at nothing. "Of course, Grams's death brought me here, but I haven't left River Rock because I don't want to go home and face all the whispers and looks of coworkers who think I got my promotion all because I fucked my way to the top. So, here I am, rethinking my life and forming a new plan."

"And then?"

She looked at him. Or at his chest, her eyes rolling a little. "Then I will kick ass."

He laughed softly and placed the heels of his boots on the end of the hospital bed, staring at the beauty in the middle of the mattress. She was cute and feisty. His type of woman. And the sexy soft moans he heard last night at the bar remained imprinted on his mind. If it were up to him, he'd hear them again soon. "Sounds dramatic."

"Totally dramatic. Horrible, in fact. First, I need a plan." She glanced back up at the ceiling. "I need to rethink where I'm going after where I've been. I've put in years ... so many fuckingyears ... and then Grams died and she, for some reason, left me the farm, and then I thought, why in the hell not. I can do this. I can raise abused animals. Well, obviously I can't because I guess I was being dragged in the field by a crazy-ass horse and eating cheeseburgers."

Shep barked a laugh, unable to stop himself. Eating cheeseburgers? "And apparently, you're hilarious on drugs."

"Ah, I see the nurses have taken good care of you, Emma."

Shep glanced left, finding Doc Thompson stepping next to Emma's bed. He was an older man; his retirement was long overdue. His good bedside manner shined when he rested his hand on Emma's shoulder, giving a gentle smile before he turned to Shep. "It's just the morphine talking. Try not to pay too much attention to what she says."

Shep nodded and smiled in return. Amusing, is what it was. His ex- girlfriend, Sara, a woman whom he'd uprooted his entire life for and dated for four years, had become uptight and rigid before their relationship ended a little over two years ago. Emma was like a breath of fresh air.

He began to wonder if fate was dropping him a line, when Emma spoke up again. "Wait. Where am I?"

"You're at the hospital, Emma." Doc patted her on the arm before turning back to Shep. "She'll be fine once she sleeps a little bit."

"Of course, I'll be fine." She lowered back down onto the pillow and cringed, breathing deeply for a few seconds before adding, "I can handle everything. I don't need anyone. In New York, I was a big deal. Executive Creative Director at only twenty-seven." Her eyes fluttered shut and she mumbled something incoherent.

"You're still a big deal, dear." Doc grabbed the clipboard off the end of the bed and began writing. "I think we should take the morphine down a notch or two."

Shep smiled. "Probably a good idea."

"Bad idea," she interjected. "These drugs are so ... exactly what I need." She paused. Then, "But you should take that dirty-talking cowboy with you when you go." She gave Shep a good hard look, with a blatant sexual regard that caused his cock to swell. When her eyes lifted to his again, she added dryly, "That guy right there is far too sexy for his own good. That makes him my nemesis." She paused, closed her eyes, and snored a little, then opened her eyes again and said, "You know you want to kiss me. Remember how good it was? What are you waiting for?"

Doc laughed. "And that's my cue to leave."

Shep sighed, watching Doc leave the room, hoping this moment wasn't added to River Rock's gossip. When he turned back to Emma, she still smiled at him, awaiting his answer. "You're right, darlin'. There's nothing I'd like more than to kiss you, but I don't make it a habit to kiss women hopped up on morphine."

"No, you just like to tie them up. That's your thing, isn't it?" She dragged her teeth across her bottom lip. "All rough. Super sexy. You take control."

Sure, she had him pegged right.

Regardless, he chuckled, placing his ankles onto the side of the bed again and leaning back in his seat. "How would you know that's my thing?"

She rolled her glassy eyes and snorted. "Because we had sex."

News to him. Fuck, he wanted to have sex with her last night, and she rejected him twice, leaving him standing on the stage with a raging hard-on. "Pray tell, when exactly did this sex between us happen?"

"Before I hit my head." She paused, nose scrunching, clearly fighting to find her memories. "Or maybe after. I don't know. But damn, we had some good sex together."


Excerpted from "Dirty-Talking Cowboy"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Stacey Kennedy.
Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Dirty-Talking Cowboy: A Kinky Spurs Novel 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 43 reviews.
Nini12563 11 days ago
Shep and Emma. Sexy, seductive, and definitely kinky. Great series.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Very good story
sportochick 8 months ago
Richly detailed storyline Since I rarely read cowboy stories I was curious if this book written by Author Stacey Kennedy would catch my interest. Yes, yes it did. I disappeared into Shep and Emma's world and didn't look up till I finished the book. The richly detailed storyline offers the reader the opportunity to live in the cowboy world that they may never experience in person. Additionally, the heat in Shep and Emma's relationship burns the pages. Forewarning "Do not read on the airplane or in a crowd. It's that hot!" City girl, Emma, comes to River Rock, Colorado to nurse a broken heart and stay on the farm she inherits from her deceased grandma to decide what to do with her life. She just wants to be alone and Shep can't leave her alone, so the reader is taken through their relationship of how the city girl learns to be a country girl. Shep has a definite alpha personality that dominates his need for Emma while he tries to save his family ranch and hold his family together after father dies leaving them in debt. He has a big heart filled with love for his mother and brothers which he opens to include Emma much to his surprise. The resolution to this story is rewarding as the city girl teaches the country boys how to diversify and she finally learns what makes her happy. 5 STARS making this reader a bonafide cowboy enthusiast.
Anonymous 8 months ago
I could not put the book down I could actually feel how they felt about each other. Wish I did not have to wait so long for the other two books
Monnie777 9 months ago
So there are books that I start to read then get to a point in the book that I either don't like a character or a spot in the book and then put the book down read other ones and come back to the original book, this was one of the books. The reason I put the book down at 40% into the book was for two reasons. One reason was I found Emma to be a very whinny person and I really want to tell her suck it up buttercup as she was getting annoying. The second reason was because it hit the part where they were doing some BDSM which is fine for some people but I just didn't want to read about it. Now weeks later when I picked the book up to finish I was pleasantly surprised. There really wasn't any of the typical BDSM so the sex scenes were not bad to read. I still thought Emma was a whinny person, she grew on me a little but not much. Shep saved this whole book and I still think he could do better then Emma. But overall after finishing this book I did like it and would the next two in the series for Chase and Nash. *I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.*
Bookbytch5 10 months ago
Stacey you delivered a well-written story about Emma and Shep. They had an instant connection towards each other, They both have emotional connection because of there last relationship plus there is plenty of steamy hot sex, There plenty of flirty banter between them, Cant say to much with out tell to much of the story. Just have to pre-order to day to find out when its released if Emma and Shep het there HEA. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy from Netgalley.
belllla 10 months ago
Emma is on a big crossroad in her life, her grandmother dies and she inherits her farm with wounded animals, her career is under question and she is left heartbroken. Until she finds all the answers she works in a Kinky Spurs as a bartender. And there she met him Shep sexy as sin cowboy which makes her blood boil and speeds her heartbeat. But she doesn't want another mistake but an accident with horse draws them together. Shep is letting for a long time women in his life. In a way, they heal each other but all lover comes back and who will Emma choose? I liked the story and both characters were great and well developed. Also, the chemistry was hot and explosive. And as we see this book great start of the series, two remaining brothers must also fall in love. I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly.
JoannaDursi 11 months ago
(3.25-3.5 stars) This was a strong start to what I hope will continue to be an enjoyable series. Emma is a city girl that moves to the country after inheriting her Grandmother's farm. Fresh out of a breakup she's not looking for a relationship. After Shep saves her from a life threatening accident, she decides she's ready for a little fun. I enjoyed Emma and Shep's story but overall it lacked that WOW! factor. I think it's a good set up for Nash and Chase's books and that the author can have some fun with those boys' stories!
Lashea677 11 months ago
I love Stacey Kennedy. She's not afraid to appeal to the inner bad girl in her readers. Her characters lay bare every emotion from the naughty to the disillusioned and the painful. Dirty Talking Cowboy is every word we're afraid to say, but forever lingers on our minds. It's fun, gritty and temptingly delicious.
carvanz 11 months ago
On the day Emma learns of her Gram’s death, she also learns that the man who she believed to be her forever was not going to stand up for her. Leaving New York for a small town in Colorado, she takes over her grandmother’s farm. She has a lot of healing to do to get beyond the broken trust her ex left her with. She was not expecting to get tied up by a cowboy at Kinky Spurs. Shep was hot to rope Emma in from the first time he saw her. When the opportunity presents itself, he grabs the reins and holds on. He’s got a lot on his plate these days after his father’s death and running his own business. Shep is a fixer and he’s determined he’s going to fix the problems that the Blackshaw Brothers have just learned about. And if she’ll let him, he’d like to help fix Emma’s problems as well. This was a great cowboy story with plenty of interactions with horses as well as some other livestock curtesy of Emma’s Gram. I loved the way Shep stepped up to help Emma when she was in a little over her head. He has had his own heart broken and he is so patient and kind while he waits for Emma to find her way to him. This is very well written and deeper than I originally expected it to be. While there is plenty of humor, at the core of this story is the love of family and learning to rebuild trust within yourself. Emma’s transition from fear of her own choices to determination to be what Shep needs in his woman was heartfelt. There are secondary characters all over the place that I suspect will be getting their own stories and after reading this first installment in the series I’m curious to see how the rest is going to play out. This is my first book by this author and I am looking forward to reading more from her. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book provided by NetGalley and St. Martin's Press. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Pinky1979 Reviews 11 months ago
Stacey Kennedy has become the go-to name for bdsm romance. Romance that is spicy and kinky but no less emotional. I have been reading her books for a long time and was ecstatic to see her releasing a new series. And this time we not only have alpha heroes who likes sex on the spicy side, but who also happen to be a cowboys!! Seriously, it can’t get better than this ;) Shep Blackshaw recently lost his father. As the eldest of three boys he feels the responsibility of taking charge and taking care not only of his father’s legacy but also of his mother. The fact that his father’s business, “Balckshaw Cattle Company” is at the brink of bankruptcy only makes his troubles more pressing. And even though the last thing he needs now is a relationship, he can’t help but feel that the sexy new waitress at Kinky Spurs may be exactly what he needs. Emma Monroe has turned a new leaf. After leaving her high profile job in New York City in humiliation and heartbreak, she has found comfort in the farm that her late grandmother left her. A farm that is a shelter for abused animals. She has no idea what she is going to do with her life. But she knows that after the huge blow that her last boyfriend dealt her, she is not in any hurry to trust a man with her heart any time soon. But when a handsomely dark cowboy ties her up on stage of the bar where she works, she finds herself yearning for his touch. This is admittedly a lot less kinky than Stacey’s usual work, but no less intense or hot. With two more Blackshaw brothers, I can’t wait to read the rest of this scorching new series!!! Thank you Netgalley and St. Martin’s Press for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
BeckyRendon 11 months ago
What's hotter than a Dirty-Talking Cowboy? A Dirty-Talking Cowboy who can back up that mouth! Shep is HOT! His commanding presence, his well worn jeans, and his gorgeous eyes all say stop and notice me. It's the whole package that has women panting for scraps and don't even get me started on his...package. He's been burned. She's still feeling the aftermath of her burns. Both have been hurt and neither is looking for anything. It doesn't seem to matter what they want because this thing...pulses between them. It's like a cord that connects them. It's tension, lust, and energy that they can't fight. This Dirty-Talking Cowboy is everything you want in a man. And if by some miracle tall, pensive, and passionate isn't your thing- he has two brothers that might just be your kind of cowboy! Kinky Spurs sounds like my kind of place. I'm just waiting to find out from the author if they are hiring before I move. (Verifying before I decide what to do with the hubs!)
Cheryl-S 12 months ago
This fantastic book one in the Kinky Spurs series features Emma and Shep. PHEW! I had to keep a towel close by to wipe the condensation from my overheated e-reader! Shep is HOT HOT HOT! His voice along with his description but most of all his confidence is undeniably sexy! No wonder she couldn’t resist. I can’t seem to get him out of my head now! Anyways, I admire Emma’s determination to try to do her grandmother Daisy proud. There’s some unexpected serious business happening, which makes for a deeper story. This book has an amazing story line, with fabulous characters! ALL the Blackshaw men are seriously SEXY but Shep is the darkest emotionally. BRAVO Stacey Kennedy! You definitely know how to write a truly kick butt cowboy! I can’t wait for more.
Karina 12 months ago
I have got to say I love a cowboy romance. Shep and Emma are such a hot pair. I not only enjoyed the storyline but I liked the bit of humor thrown in now and again. Especially when Emma under the influence of medication said things she might not otherwise say. This couple was very well mached and they seemed to be good for one another. I like how Shep was able to build trust in Emma by opening up to her and listening to what she had to say. All the characters in this book were great. Emma was able to realize that what her grandmother left her was worth sticking around for and that she loved River Rock and could make a great life for herself. I am glad she was able to see the ex that hurt her was not what she needed and sent him away when he came around. Shep was such a warm and caring man. Always trying to make sure his family was taken care of. He is definitely an alpha man who knows what he wants and makes sure that Emma knows that. I love how Shep and his brothers Chase and Nash along with the help of Emma are able to keep their father's legacy alive. Great HEA. I can wait to read what is in store for Chase and Nash and the ladies they have their eyes on! I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
WendyBookWhore 12 months ago
I have a thing for cowboys and the blurb sounded like it might be good so I took a chance on this one. Stacey Kennedy is a new to me author so I had no idea what to expect. Honestly I was a little worried that this book would be all sex and little substance given the title. It really wasn't at all. Shep is the H in this one and a real cowboy. Emma, the h, is a city girl who inherited her Gram's farm. Emma arrives broken hearted to the River Rock farm, not only because of the loss of her beloved Gram but also because of the end of a one year relationship. The physical attraction between Shep and Emma is intense from the start but how could they possibly make it being so opposite of one another? Could Emma even stay in River Rock? What about her corporate line of work? Are things really over with the ex? All this is happening while Shep is also dealing with major family and financial problems after the death of his father. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. The characters were interesting and engaging. The plot flows nicely. And the author even sets up some future stories for this series (although this one can completely stand alone). Glad I read it and will likely continue with the series.
Rainn2978 12 months ago
This is book 1 in the Kinky Spurs series. It's about Emma Monroe and Shep Blackshaw. Emma has moved to Colorado after her grandmother died and she inherited her farm. She also felt the need to stay there after her heart was broken by things that happened right before she was to leave to go handle her grandmother's estate. Now working at Kinky Spurs part time she meet's Shep. Shep is trying to get over the death of his father and handle all the things that are left to be handled for the estate and his family. He really doesn't have the time or the inclination for a relationship right now. But he never plans on being so attracted to Emma. And Emma certainly doesn't feel like she needs or wants to deal with a man right now, but with the way Shep makes her feel she isn't sure she should just walk away from that. This was a new to me author and she definitely didn't disappoint in any way with this story! I loved how Shep and Emma had chemistry right from the start and even though they both didn't feel like they were in a place for any sort of a relationship-they still decide there is something there they can't and shouldn't walk away from. Emma is not only sweet but she is strong, smart, and loving. Shep is just wow. He is the epitome of a stand up guy! He shows Emma that not all men are horrible and when you meet the right one he will not only stand beside you but he will be whatever you need when you need it. I loved the both separately and together! They were perfect! This was the perfect way to start of this series and this author has made a fan of me with this one! Can't wait to read the next one!
Lorizen 12 months ago
The title says it all! Dirty talking, cowboy, kinky! What else is there? Stacey takes us to the Blackshaw ranch for this one and what a great story this is. I loved every single dirty talking minute of it. Emma comes back to her grandmothers farm after she passes aways and leaves it to Emma. Her gran always took in stray animals and those that needed rescuing. Emma has great memories of summers here with her, while grateful for a place to escape to she's still a bit confused why Gran would leave her this farm. Emma needed to leave NY, after a disastrous end to a relationship with her boss, that not only demolished her career and hopes of a future it totally destroyed her. No self esteem, unsure of herself, her ex did a number on her. The break up is fresh and she's still as skittish as the abused horse she took in. Grateful for Megan giving her a job bartending on weekends at the Kinky Spurs bar, it's there she meets Shep, oldest of the Blackshaw brothers and good grief sexy as hell. The man has a presence that oozes off the pages. He's got a little thing for Emma, so on game night he makes a deal with Megan that he'll play but only if Emma is his partner. It's a rope 'em up contest. No one beats Shep roping. He had Emma tied up before she knew it. Best part was you could tell Emma liked it. Emma gets hurt trying to ride the new horse and luckily Shep is out riding with the cattle when he heard her calls for help. From there we hit the hospital and his insistence on caring for her. Shep is a real nuturer behind that quiet exterior and he cares for people. He's a fixer to an extent but he wants Emma but knows she's got to come to him on her terms. He's around a lot working with her horse, now named Bentley. Emma's still torn about her past, and Shep does his best to prove she's worth so much more. If only she'd really believe him. Shep and Emma, when they hit the sheets or any other convenient place the sparks fly. He's the perfect man. Not too Alpa, just enough, smooth talking and tie me up, tie me down, just rope me kind of sexy. Emma meets his two brothers Nash and Chase. Along with Emma, Harper works at the bar too and there's tension between her and Chase. Chase's best friend is Brody, Harper's brother. There's def some sexual tension there. They both have their own dreams they need to follow and things were in place until the sudden death of their father. When Shep met with the accountant and found out how badly the ranch was doing, it was time to make some major decisions. It was distracting for him and he hated breaking the news to his mother. Megan's father was the largest competitor for beef and their farms abutted. He'd made an offer to their father before he died and their Dad was considering selling to help bail out the company. There's so much backstory here you have to read it. I loved this book. It's a must read. I loved Shep and Emma together and when the rubber hits the road, it's Shep who steps in. The end is not to be missed and like every other Stacey Kennedy book I've read, you just fall right into the story. Great story, fantastic plot and I can't wait for another taste of these brothers. Next up is Chase and Harper. **arc from NetGalley and Publisher for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**
gdsnv 12 months ago
Very smexy read that goes from cold to hawt in the blink of an eye! DTC is all about Emma Monroe and Shep Blackshaw but there are family and town meddlers galore. Pay attention to Emma’s behavior around the animals on her grandmother’s farm as it will really give you insight into her character. Now that she is a “city” girl, she sometimes forgets how early farm life can be – as the animals sometimes remind her. Shep steps in to help her get into a groove with the farm and he starts to forget his own problems. They make a great couple, after learning to trust in themselves and each other, and did I mention the book is hawt??? Some intensity to the story as well that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Good read for an afternoon. I received a free, advance copy of this book from the publisher. This is my unbiased and voluntary review.
ljtljtljt 12 months ago
Dirty-Talking Cowboy by Stacey Kennedy is a very steamy novel! Panting, happiness, and tearing up, are only a few of the emotions I experienced while reading this book. This is the first book from the author's brand new series Kinky Spurs, and it can be enjoyed as a standalone. Emma Monroe loved the hustle and bustle of her life in New York City. Her creativity and smarts got her the job of Executive Creative Director for a prominent advertising agency. Then her grandmother passed away and her boyfriend, who is also the CEO of the company she works for, dismisses their relationship without batting an eye. In the process, he tarnishes her stellar reputation in the advertising field. Needless to say, Emma has to get away, sort through her life and grieve for her beloved relative. She finds some solace at her late grandmother's animal rescue farm, which she now owns. Shep Blackshaw is a powerful cowboy from a wealthy, yet down to earth family. When his father dies, their family's cattle ranch becomes the responsibility of Shep and his two brothers. Unfortunately, the brothers have no desire to continue in their father's footsteps, especially since they are making huge in roads in their own professional lives. For example, Shep's survival company just recently received a huge government contract. Emma and Shep meet at Kinky Spurs, a local bar where Emma is working part-time. They share an immediate attraction and longing which cannot be denied. In a very short period of time, they are each other's soulmates. I liked this hot read. If you enjoy stories with an alpha male, sex scenes with a bit of kink, and a heroine that comes full circle, then pick up a copy of this book. Overall, this is a must read for anyone that likes an engaging love story in cowboy country. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
Nicolerko 12 months ago
4.5 Stars This is the first book in her new series and I'm hooked! What could be better then dirty talking cowboy with a heart of gold. I just loved the characters. Emma and Shep had so much chemistry, but you could feel the connection between them. Things between Emma and Shep get very steamy. What I loved about this book is I got a good heart warming story along with my heat. Emma is pretty much at her lowest and her Grams has one last gift to give her granddaughter. I can tell you I already love the town and I know this series is a winner because I'm already thinking about the secondary characters' stories yet to come. I can't wait for more from this series!
tfail24 12 months ago
Stacey Kennedy is one of my automatic buy authors, so I was excited when I heard about Kinky Spurs. I thought Emma and Shep's book was a good start to the new series. Poor Emma was dealt several blows at once and decided to stay at her Grams house in River Rock, Colorado until she was ready to head back to New York City. She takes a part time job at the town bar Kinky Spurs and that is where she first lays eyes on the tall, broad, well-built cowboy. She wants nothing to do with a man right now, especially after what her jerk of an ex just put her through, so why does she feel so drawn to this cowboy. Shep is still feeling of the loss of this father and trying to save his fathers company, so he heads to Kinky Spurs. He doesn't know why Emma responds to his touch the way she does, but thinks that she is just the distraction that he needs. What starts out as sex only, quickly turns to more when they started sharing more time together getting to know each other. I liked Emma and Shep's story and the beginning of this new series, but I can't wait to get the 2nd book in this series. It will be Chase and Harper's story and I can't wait to get my hands on Chase.
Momma_Becky 12 months ago
Sexy cowboy with a great big heart. That's Shep in a nutshell and it's impossible not to fall a little in love with him. This first Kinky Spurs novel introduces the characters of River Rock, Colorado and they are certainly an entertaining bunch. Shep and Emma's romance is steamy enough to melt the paint off the walls even when they're both determined that they're not in a relationship. Both have been burned by love before, so neither wants anything serious. Of course, with their chemistry, serious is certainly bound to happen. This pair does see some drama by way of meddlers and an ex, but the biggest problem for Shep is the need to save the family business. Emma has some important choices to make too, but overall, the angst level is pretty low. The only drawback for me was that almost every intimate scene was pages long and there were a number of them, which became repetitive after a while. That aside, the story and likable characters did hold my interest and I will be checking out whatever comes next for this series.
DebDiem 12 months ago
Dirty-Talking Cowboy by Stacey Kennedy is a western type contemporary romance. Ms. Kennedy has delivered a well-written book. Emma's fling with her boss ends in a bad way and she moves from New York to River Rock, Colorado into her grandmother's house. Shep owns his own business and is dealing with his father's death and his ranching business. Emma and Shep's story is packed with amazing, lovable characters, drama, humor and lots and lots of smokin' hot sex. I enjoyed reading Dirty-Talking Cowboy and look forward to reading more from Stacey Kennedy in the future. Dirty-Talking Cowboy is book 1 of the Kinky Spurs Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
MJHughes12 12 months ago
From the title of this one right through the prologue, this book was set up to give a fun-filled, steamy read – and although this one packed tons of heat and some kink, it also had lots of sweet and a real nice romance to go along with all those sexy times and left me smiling at the end. I just loved Shep and, after reading this one, the title fit him perfectly! But there was also a whole lot more to him. He definitely knows what he wants and loves to be in control, but what struck me most about him was his outlook on things, especially when it came to his past serious relationship that ended: “Sara is who she is. I can’t control her behavior. But I can control not allowing that drama into my life.” Although I did like Emma, there were times when she did get a tad bit annoying when dealing with her recent break-up. She’s been totally burned by her ex, who also happened to be her boss, so I get her taking time away to figure out what she is going to do with her life now that her career has been impacted – but boy I wanted her to have a bit more anger at Jake. With her grandmother passing away and leaving her the ranch, she has the perfect opportunity to regroup and figure out a plan – and then she starts rethinking everything once she realizes that Shep may be just more than a no-strings attached fling. The writing flowed smoothly and, even though the romance developed quickly, nothing seemed rushed or forced. This was a great start to this new series and I am definitely intrigued by the other characters that were introduced that will be featured in the next installments of this series. I just loved the whole premise of the Kinky Spurs bar and look forward to more in this series.
kJenn 12 months ago
**Received ARC from NetGalley for a fair and honest review** Dirty-Talking Cowboy is the first book in the Kinky Spurs series and is Emma Monroe and Shep Blackshaw's story. I rate this book at 4.5 stars!! This was a fantastic start to this new series. I really enjoyed the storyline, the characters, and the secondary characters and had a hard time putting this book down. This is a fast, fun, read with just the right amount of hot/steaminess. Emma Monroe has been living her dream in New York City. She has a job she loves, is close with her family and has a great relationship, only problem he's the CEO of the company she works for and it has to remain on the down-low. When Emma comes to tell Jake about the death of her grandmother, she overhears a conversation that makes her leave New York City and head to River Rock Colorado to clear her head and figure out what to do with her grandmothers beloved rescue farm. Shep Blackshaw is successful, runs a successful wilderness survival company and exactly where he wants to be in life, then tragedy strikes and things change for him, he just won't know how much at the time (sorry not leaving any spoilers). When Shep is at Kinky Spurs he see's Emma and he wants her, but she shoots him down. Then Shep is out riding his horse and see's her being dragged by a horse and rescues her and steps in to be her knight in shining armor. The first book really does a job job of laying out the storyline for the series. I really enjoyed Emma and Shep together, loved their chemistry. If you like hot and steamy this book is for you. Shep is the strong, alpha male, but not overboard, but caring and Emma is emotional, feminine and somewhat strong. The secondary characters in the book were great and I can't wait for their stories. Hope this helps! Happy Reading!!!