Discover the Upside of Down: Investment Strategies for Volatile Times

Discover the Upside of Down: Investment Strategies for Volatile Times

by Ron Coby


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Discover the Upside of Down enlightens readers and give them investment strategies for both protection and profits. Chapters include information on the hot button economic topics of today and for the foreseeable future: oil, gold, real estate, stocks, the dollar, the U.S. and global economies and the future outlook from a longterm viewpoint for each. A timely book with a timely message, this book targets the investor concerned about maintaining their investments during volatile times.

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ISBN-13: 9780470419724
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 02/03/2009
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

RON COBY is a twenty-one-year industry veteran with a diverse background in securities. Starting on Wall Street in 1987, he has worked as a stockbroker, syndicate manager, investment banker, financial analyst and market strategist, venture capitalist, and currently as a hedge fund manager. A student of market history, Coby is passionate about his short side strategy—developed from an intense trial-and-error method of stupendous wins and disappointing losses while trading in wild bull and vicious bear markets. Currently, he is a partner in Coby Lamson Capital Management. Get to know Ron Coby and receive more information about this book by watching his video presentations at

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Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Bulls versus Bears, and the Winner Is . . . .

Chapter 2: Boomtown to Ghost Town.

Chapter 3: Today’s Dollar Is Worth Less, Tomorrow’s Dollar Could Be Worthless.

Chapter 4: Black Gold: Boom and Bust Profit Opportunities in Oil Stocks.

Chapter 5: Why Gold? The Proliferation of Paper Money Creation and Inflation.

Chapter 6: Nothing but Downside: The Road Ahead for Stocks, Bonds, and Real Estate?

Chapter 7: The Short Side: The Only Side to Make Money in a Bear Market.

Chapter 8: The Long Side of Your Portfolio and the Four Stages All Stocks Travel.

Chapter 9: Adventure Capital: Opportunities and Risks in Private Placements.

Chapter 10: How to Identify the Bottom from the Top.

Chapter 11: My Beat-Up Chevy and the 10 Iron Laws of Investing.

Chapter 12: Finding the Grail: The Chapter that Demanded to Be Written.

Epilogue: The Speed of Change.



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From the Publisher

"As anyone involved in finance has observed, the decade starting in 2000 has had 2 bear markets: 2000-2002 and now 2008-? The S&P 500 has had a negative return in the last 10 years that looks like it will break the 1929-1938 10 years [0.89%]! A book on "short selling" is a necessity — not an option — if you want to maintain your capital. This book is an excellent description of the how to profit from shorting."
—Victor Sperandeo, CEO of Alpha Financial Technologies, and author of Trader Vic on Commodities

"In today's macro-driven environment, Ron provides a roadmap for investors to embrace macro factors in their investment decisions. Ron's entertaining stories make complex concepts understandable and help investors protect their downside. This is an insightful read about the pitfalls of not having a global macro viewpoint and the need to stick to a basic set of "Iron Law" investing rules to keep out of trouble."
—Mark Argento, Senior Equity Analyst, Craig-Hallum Capital Group, LLC

"Ron navigates the dangerous waters of today’s markets and proves that he is much more profit than prophet, laying out a short side strategy that enables investors to surf volatility and come out a winner. Ron bares it all, and not just the glorious winners but the painful losers as well, using each to masterfully illustrate key principles. Like case studies, these investment stories put flesh on the cold hard axioms and make Ron’s strategy come to life. This book is a pleasure to read."
—Bob Scott, MBA, investor and fellow student of the "School of Hard Knocks"

"I was privileged to read an early copy of this book prior to the financial meltdown in the markets. As the news headlines in the weeks that followed began to echo Ron's predictions seemingly play-by-play, I found the book to be almost chillingly clairvoyant in its timeliness, scope, and accuracy. It’s clear, concise, and entertaining—a must read for today’s "average Joe" investor."
—Tom Burchill, author and "average Joe" investor

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Discover the Upside of Down: Investment Strategies for Volatile Times 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
DRL747 More than 1 year ago
I have read many investment books, but this is the first one that was both intelligent and easy to understand. No Wallstreet-speak here. Just a very honest accounting of what has happened to get us in the mess we are in, and how we as investors can protect our assets in this time. I HIGHLY recommend this work. Well done Mr. Coby.