Disrupting Poverty: Five Powerful Classroom Practices

Disrupting Poverty: Five Powerful Classroom Practices

by Kathleen M. Budge and William H. Parrett


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ISBN-13: 9781416625278
Publisher: Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development
Publication date: 01/25/2018
Sales rank: 159,993
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Voices from Poverty: Estella
1. Classroom Cultures That Disrupt Poverty
Voices from Poverty: Nina
2. A Poverty Primer
Voices from Poverty: Connie
3. Disruption 1: Building Caring Relationships and Advocating for Students
Voices from Poverty: Javon
4. Disruption 2: Holding High Expectations and Providing Needed Support
Voices from Poverty: Celia
5. Disruption 3: Committing to Equity
Voices from Poverty: Damon
6. Disruption 4: Accepting Professional Accountability for Learning
Voices from Poverty: Anna
7. Disruption 5: Having the Courage and Will to Take Action
Appendix A: Application of Learning Matrix
Appendix B: Learning, Unlearning, Relearning Summary Table
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What People are Saying About This

Cristina Alsop

I loved this book and can't wait to get it in the hands of our educators. Disrupting Poverty is a great next step to Turning High-Poverty Schools into High-Performing Schools.

Phil Gore

Disrupting Poverty dispels myths and removes excuses that impede student learning. Kathleen and Bill show compelling research and promising practices to make educating all students closer to a reality.

Rick Stiggins

This book demonstrates the power of individual stories. Those who tap into the personal experiences of learners for insights into keys to success, as Bill and Kathleen have here, achieve a depth of understanding about truly effective teaching and learning practices that cannot be attained in any other way.

Marie Verhaar

This book will, without a doubt, help teachers and leaders break down the barriers that poverty creates. When I work with teachers and leaders in my district around the topic of poverty, Bill and Kathleen's research is primary in my list of recommended sources.

Gail Morgan

Parrett and Budge have done a tremendous job of providing highly practical and extremely relevant skills and strategies that can be utilized with students across all grade and curriculum levels.

Pete Hall

We can either perpetuate the damnable myth that poverty determines performance, or we can slay that beast by raising all our students to incredible heights. Parrett and Budge have yet again challenged our mindsets about the possibility—nigh, the probability—of every single child achieving at high levels. Now it's our responsibility to go out and replicate that success millions of times over.

Katsuhiko Yamashita

One out of seven children lives in poverty [and is] a social issue of grave concern in Japan. Notwithstanding different social and cultural backgrounds, Japanese children are confronted with similar constraints to those in the United States. Disrupting Poverty is very instructive and will enhance educators' abilities. I sincerely hope teachers in Japan will acquire the ideas and methods described in this excellent book.

Timothy P. Sullivan

Continuing the work . . . Bill and Kathleen's Disrupting Poverty shares real-life experiences where schools, following the Framework for Action, have changed the lives of their students. Each chapter provides stories and valuable insight into successfully tackling the challenge of teaching underserved populations. This latest book is as dynamic and impactful as their presentations.

Russell J. Quaglia

The authors challenge us to reconnect with our purpose as educators, remind us that courage comes from within, and inspire us to take action with and for our students. Disrupting Poverty is more than a call to action. It is a realignment of our moral compass and quite simply the right thing to do.

Kathy T. Glass

A research-based powerhouse offering salient information, self-evaluations, practical classroom tools and strategies, suggested activities for collaboration among colleagues, valuable resources, heartwarming stories of struggles and successes, and more.

Pattrick A. Yockey

Growing up in a dysfunctional family with little money and behavioral issues, I found help in the alternative education programs founded by William Parrett. The one-on-one personal connections helped me succeed in school and led to my career in photography. I am thrilled Bill and Kathleen have put their ideas down on paper for us.

Michael Fullan

If you want to attack inequity with excellence, Disrupting Poverty has just the right amount of research and analysis of the concept of poverty with a magnificent primer on poverty. Above all, Bill and Kathleen give us hope and the know-how that takes all the excuses off the table.

Kelly Mullin

Parrett and Budge provide deep insight into the challenges facing schools charged with serving our most historically underserved scholars. [They] make distinct connections to research that lays a foundation for strategically developing a more aware, focused, and relentlessly committed culture for educators that will lead to increases in scholar learning and achievement.

Tracey J. Adesegun

A must-have useful guide for all courageous pioneers committed to canceling out the effects that poverty can have on the lives of children . . . and a champion of high achievement for those who once believed their dreams of success had been deferred.

Grant A. Chandler

Budget and Parrett's work empowers teachers to transform their classrooms into communities of learning where every student is an invaluable asset. This commitment to our children has never been as critical as it is today.

Mark A. Elgart

Both a mirror and a map, Disrupting Poverty challenges educators to reflect on our own personal and historical views of poverty while providing powerful activities and practical tools to help create a more nurturing and equitable learning environment where all students can succeed.

Paula Kucinic

As educators we have the ability not only to disrupt the poverty cycle but also to be the conduit of hope for our children. In their groundbreaking book, Kathleen and Bill share decades of research and practical strategies and define five proven practices that disrupt poverty. A must-read book for every educator!

Camille Kinlock

Educating young people who have the least . . . requires us to teach as if the lives of our own children depend on our courageousness and voice—because it does. If we are intentional about addressing our biases and beliefs, we are better positioned to employ a culturally responsive approach. William and Kathleen offer readers a thoughtful and practical framework for doing just this.

Tiffany Anderson

An excellent research-based foundation for any school staff member. As a superintendent who serves in diverse, high-poverty environments, I know this book [offers] an excellent framework to understand poverty and build an action plan to disrupt poverty.

Shelly Wilburn

William Parrett and Kathleen Budge vividly depict a wealth of innovative, practical strategies for teachers to [help] level the playing field. At the heart of their message is that the quality of relationships between teachers and students enables the disruption of poverty’s effects on learning. This book is about transforming the culture of classrooms and deserves to be read not only by those who work in high-poverty schools, but by all who care about the practice of education.

Paul Gorski

In Disrupting Poverty, Kathleen Budge and William Parrett offer classroom strategies while rejecting dangerous "culture of poverty" stereotypes. [And] they build a revolutionary equity framework around the strategies, equipping us with the understandings we need to advocate effectively for economically marginalized students. Budge and Parrett are two of my go-to people on poverty and education and they ought to be two of your go-to people, too.

Maria Gonzalez

Every educator who truly wants to touch the lives of students and improve learning should read this book. It will allow you to see through the eyes of someone who lived in poverty, as I did when I immigrated to this country, and provide you with a framework and strategies to touch the lives of your students and improve their learning.

Michelle Krynicki

Maya Angelou wrote, "We do the best we can with what we know, and when we know better, we do better." Budge and Parrett offer an abundance of solutions, specific tools, and options for educators to do better. All children deserve better. Let’s get started.

Marian Reimer Friesen

Parrett and Budge's Turning High-Poverty Schools into High-Performing Schools transformed and focused my work with principals and teachers, leading to significant improvement in student achievement. [This book] takes their compelling message and . . . provides clear direction for staff who work with children in poverty. Expertly combining inspiration and practical suggestions to equip educators to take action and see results, Disrupting Poverty is a powerful learning tool and an essential resource in school improvement planning.

Mark R. Stratton

We were fortunate to have Parrett and Budge present an innovative approach to helping our high poverty district. Their plethora of experiences combined with an empathetic understanding of how poverty impacts education was invaluable.

Donna Bahorich

Disrupting Poverty provides a roadmap and "don't miss" stops along the way to truly disrupting the cycle of poverty in our schools, community by community, classroom by classroom, child by child. A serious practitioner's guide based on solid research.

Rob Winslow

In Disrupting Poverty, teachers and administrators will find inspiration and successful strategies for improving student achievement that can be immediately implemented in their classrooms and schools.

Stephen R. Sroka

I grew up in poverty and found this book refreshing, thoughtful, and timely—with reason and research offering a beacon of light and hope. Includes practical classroom and personal strategies to disrupt poverty.

Jamey Olney

This book shines a light on five compelling practices that can make the difference between a life of freedom or a life of captivity for students who live in poverty. Through the power of storytelling, Parrett and Budge provide the essential guide for transforming a classroom, a school, a community.

Michael A. Copland

For those of us who come to work every day trying to get smarter about how to lead schools and districts for equity and excellence—and specifically, to disrupt the impact of poverty on children's learning—this book provides a gold mine of ideas, tools, and applications.

Taylora Schlosser

A book that will pull on your heart strings and remind you why you became an educator. A powerful read that provides practical steps in addressing the issues that poverty brings to our classrooms each day.

Mary Lang

An easy-to-read book with facts and statistics on poverty, along with highly engaging personal stories of students and educators. [You will be given tools that compel] you to reflect on your own personal values and beliefs about poverty. The reflection questions and Application of Learning matrix could be easily used with entire staff s to push thinking and collaborative conversations around this important topic. Disrupting Poverty is a must read for ALL educators!

Krista Barton-Arnold

Disrupting Poverty digs deep into this complex issue and the impact it has on children. I envision using this book as a foundational resource for facilitating professional staff development as we carve a path towards excellence.

Bill Fetterhoff

Only occasionally does a body of work come along that not only speaks directly to the problem of situational and generational poverty in education, but also provides viable actions and responses to address the concerns with results.

Alan Boyle

In this mighty book, Budge and Parrett take us beyond righteous indignation to the dark side of the moon. Here they illuminate the landscape with hope and inspiration. This is the final nail in the coffin of excuses for school failure by kids from low-income homes. ESSENTIAL reading for ALL teachers who work with students afflicted by poverty.

Ivan Lorentzen

Entering a classroom without this knowledge and awareness would clearly leave one vulnerable to perpetuating dangerous and erroneous stereotypes. We’ve got to get smarter. This book helps.

Bob Barr

A stunning book that confronts head-on the overwhelming challenges of poverty and lays out a down-to-earth action plan. Kathleen and Bill do it with cutting-edge research from high-poverty, high-performing schools with the loud, insistent voices of real teachers. [The voices of real] teachers . . . call out to us, grab our attention, and move us to action.

Patricia McRae

I couldn't put Disrupting Poverty down. It is a thoughtful, relevant, and empowering book that invites professional learning and growth through reflective practice. I consider it essential reading for every professional who educates children living in poverty.

Greg Schultz

It's not enough to be well-intentioned in our quest to educate all students to their maximum capacity. Parrett and Budge's work offers hope and strategies to help us best educate all children in our schools.

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