Dogged Optimism: Lessons in Joy from a Disaster-Prone Dog

Dogged Optimism: Lessons in Joy from a Disaster-Prone Dog

by Belinda Pollard


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ISBN-13: 9780994209832
Publisher: Small Blue Dog Publishing Pty Ltd
Publication date: 11/25/2015
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.44(d)

Table of Contents


Author’s note—vi


It begins—1

Lesson 1: Joy is not always a tidy thing—9

Lesson 2: Joy is rarely where we expect to find it—21

Lesson 3: Joy is having something to lose—33

Lesson 4: Joy is worth fighting for—43

Lesson 5: Joy is unpredictable—55

Lesson 6: Joy is embracing your own uniqueness—69

Lesson 7: Joy is having flexible expectations—77

Lesson 8: Joy is making the best of life’s imperfections—89

Lesson 9: Joy can’t get through if we’re obsessed with misery—101

Lesson 10: Joy is a new way of looking at things—111

Lesson 11: Joy is bigger when life is harder—119

Lesson 12: Joy survives in the worst of times—129

Lesson 13: Joy is surrendering control—141

Lesson 14: Joy isn’t where most people think I should look—149

Lesson 15: Joy is being yourself, not someone else—159

Lesson 16: Be content, and joy might surprise you—173


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