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The glory gives you the throne to rule with Christ in God as an overcomer. It is rising up to the depths of Heaven and descending with authority and power of the kingdom of Heaven. it is ruling in God beyond having victory. Are you ready for the throne? In Dominion, power of rulership you will find extraordinary revelation to excel in God. You will know and understand the authority and power of:

  • Principalities -- jurisdictional and territorial authority and power. How to move from levels and measures of authority and power to dimensions of authority and power.
  • Rulership -- supreme authority and power (doiminion). How to rise above limits and overcome boundaries, and reach any depth, height, width and length in God.
  • Counsel and Judgment -- the key ingredients of rulership authority and power. Become part of important decision-making in the kingdom of God and kingdom of Heaven by declaring the glory of the LORD God or his rulership decrees.
  • Satisfaction and Fulfillment -- enjoy the comfort of eternal rest in God. Overcome the frustrations of disappointments, endless warfare and over-labor.
  • And Much More.

Dominion, power of rulership has been crafted to take you above powers, principalities, rulers, high places, thrones, kingdoms, dominion and might. You must prayerfully ask the LORD to help you to understand the profound depths of the revelation contained in this material.

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ISBN-13: 9781087848440
Publisher: World Harvesters
Publication date: 11/15/2019
Pages: 172
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Apostle John King Hill was ordained by the world-renowned servant of God, Rod Parsley, Pastor of World Harvest Church, Columbus, Ohio. Apostle John King Hill holds the following degrees: Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies, Master's degree in Theology, Doctorate of Divinity, and PhD in Ministry from Canon Bible College and Seminary, Orlando, Florida, USA. Apostle John King Hill is the founder of World Harvesters Outreach Ministries Conferences & Crusades, Inc. Apostle John King Hill is the Host of the Power&Glory World television and radio broadcasts, and has appeared on many Christian Network Televisions around the world: WHT, WHNO 20, The Word Network, Oracle Television Network, The Miracle Channel, Sky Angel, TBN, The Church Channel, Impactv, BellTV, ShawDirect, TelusSatTV, SaskTel Max, TelusOptik TV, and several others. World Harvesters Outreach Ministries Conferences & Crusades, Inc. produces conferences and crusades dedicated to reaching the world with the Word by the power of the Spirit. The call upon this ministry is to reveal God to suffering humanity through the Word of God, and by radical demonstration of His glorious power, until people's heart-troubling questions and circumstances are laid to rest, and they find genuine confidence and good courage to overcome life's obstacles, difficulties, provocations, aggressions, challenges, confrontations, demons, and elements of God's creation.

The goal of this ministry is to reach the world through providing education, leadership training, mentorship, media outreach programs, worldwide evangelistic conferences, and crusades; caring for the needy and less privileged; supporting other organizations of like faith; and showing an example of Christian life.

Prophetess Dr. Evette Young was born and raised in New Or-leans, Louisiana. She is a license and ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel and Evelyn Young. The wife of Dr. John K. Hill, and Mother of Anointed Evelyn Divine. She is an upcoming and a New Strong voice in the Kingdom of God. The power of God is extremely evident in her life and Ministry. Countless lives have been changed and transformed through her work. Dr. Evette is a prolific preacher who is empowered to release the fire of God. God has truly placed on her life the prophet-ic mantle, the working of the miraculous, healing, teaching and preaching. She has an incredible deliverance power of God on her life to free people from addictions, sexual per-versions, abusive relationships, all forms of demonic bond-age, and satanic works, etc. There are numerous testimonies and praise reports of bodies being healed and set free in her ministry. Dr. Evette is a tremendous, dynamic Woman of Prayer. She has impeccable integrity, and live a holy life unto the Lord. She is dedicated and committed to her God-given ministry assignment for the Kingdom of God. She has the Spirit of Excellence. She is a woman of class, servitude, and with uncanny boldness, she powerfully declares the unadul-terated Gospel of Jesus Christ. Dr. Evette is a Graduate of World Harvest Bible College, where the Honorable Rod Pars-ley is founder and Pastor, and Graduate of International Miracle Institute, where Apostle Christian and Robin Har-fouche are the Founders. She holds her Associates, Bachelor, Masters and PH. D in Theology. She has appeared on 'WACTV' Live, and World TV Network besides other Christian Networks.

Table of Contents

Here are the outlined chapters of this heavenly material:

Chapter One -- From Manifestation to Revelation

Chapter Two -- The Battle for the Future

Chapter Three -- Ultimate Sacrifice

Chapter Four -- Body of Evidence

Chapter Five -- Overcoming

Chapter Six -- All Authority and Power

Chapter Seven -- Anointing and Glory

Chapter Eight -- Power and Demonstration

Chapter Nine -- Dominion Power of Rulership

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