Drawn Deeper

Drawn Deeper

by Brenda Rothert


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I've come undone. For years I thought the world looked at my family and saw perfection. I was a busy surgeon and my wife was devoted to our two boys. But her devotion crumbled as her alcoholism took over. The outside world saw all too well what I wanted to deny.
Ten months ago she filed for divorce, packed up and moved away. To where - I don't know. Nor do I care. But my boys do. And they're left with me, a man who never learned how to be the dad they deserve.
Just when I'm starting to pick up the pieces, my world is rocked again by the last woman I'd expect. Given her past with my family, she's a bad idea. But I'm drawn like a moth to a flame. I can't stay away, even though I know this, too, will eventually crumble around me.

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ISBN-13: 9780996849876
Publisher: Silver Sky Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 10/20/2016
Pages: 252
Sales rank: 802,967
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.53(d)

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Drawn Deeper 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
highly recommended. well written and easy to read...sex is not over the top....!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm loving all of these books in the series; interesting relationships, steamy love scenes, characters that seem like people you'd actually enjoy meeting.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This third Lockhart Brothers book is as great as the first two. Love the characters and the story line. Meredith was an unexpected twist but it worked. Can't wait for book four! Everyone needs to read all of her books.
JWright57 More than 1 year ago
This is the third book in the Lockhart Brothers but it can be read as a standalone but what I will say is if you are anything like I was you will be going back to read the previous two books in the series. This is Kyle's story, he is the eldest Lockhart brother, he is a single dad and a doctor who is sexy as hell but his boys will always come first, after what his wife put them through romance is the last thing on his mind. Meredith is the woman who left his younger brother Reed at the altar and when she enters Kyle's life sparks fly, he has fallen for her but will his family ever except her back in a Lockharts life. This book has it all, twists and turns, romance, love and some steamy sex. I loved the insight we got into why Meredith did what she did all those years ago. Second chance romance and single dads who love their children I wonder is there anything sexier !!!! Another fantastic read from Brenda Rothert
khulseman More than 1 year ago
Ever feel like you are in a character rut where all the characters are painted with the same brushstroke and bucket of paint? Well, look no further than Drawn Deeper. Brenda Rothert has given us Kyle Lockhart to be that breath of fresh reading. This novel is part of a series that can definitely be read as a standalone, but strongly urge you to read the preceding novels for the character arc of Kyle and Meredith. To be honest, I read Deep Down and almost skipped In Deep. (Yeah, I know stupid girl). But I didn't. And in the vein of honesty, I'm glad I got to know them as secondary characters first. Now onto my enjoyment of this story... First, Meredith? Okay, maybe I was in a bubble. But I thought I was not supposed to like her. I love when authors give me a character I'm not interested in HEA and gives me one. It gives you hope that everyone deserves to be loved. Next and most importantly - Kyle. Go back to the first sentence of the review. Okay now: Heartbroken man, left to pick up the pieces, trampled on emotionally, financially, and physically deprived. You know the character? He holds the grudge on those feelings and is not going to allow anyone to break down those walls. Got the character? Okay now toss him away with yesterday's trash because that is NOT Dr. Lockhart! Kyle is loyal, trusting, open and giving. All the swoon worthiness wrapped up in a tall drink of water. Yes, Meredith and Kyle have some hiccups along the way, but what relationship doesn't. Ms Rothert gives you an enjoyable tale of second chances to get lost in. Now, I have claimed Mason (In Deep) as my book boyfriend. However, as much as I love that smart mouthed man, I LOVED Kyle and Meredith's story even more. Do you really need to read the entire series? No but consider yourself warned you should. If you are a first time reader for Brenda Rothert - start with the Lockhart brothers series book 1 before jumping to this one - you won't be sorry. If you read the previous book, she definitely gives you a story to read over and over again. 5 out of 5 stars.
Anonymous 4 months ago
This is my favorite book in this series of the Lockhart brothers. I truly enjoyed Meredith and Kyle journey to finding love. I felt so many wonderful emotions for the bond that developed with Meredith and the kids. Loved, loved, loved it. I would definitely recommend this book.
CoffeeGoddessTK More than 1 year ago
VeraMachado More than 1 year ago
Drawn Deeper is the third book in the Lockhart Brothers series by Brenda Rothert, but can be read as a standalone. Almost a decade ago, Meredith Hobbs left Reed Lockhart at the altar. After that, she became a pariah. She lives for her father and for her job. A year ago, Kyle Lockhart's wife left him and their kids. A workaholic, he had to balance is job as a doctor and raising his kids alone. A chance encounter brings Meredith and Kyle together. As she helps him by tutoring his children, Kyle develops feelings for Meredith. When he realizes that she feels the same way, they start dating each other. But Kyle is afraid that Meredith will leave him like his ex-wife did. And Meredith doesn't believe she deserves a man as wonderful as Kyle and fears his family's reaction. Will they find their happy ending? I loved Drawn Deeper! The story is amazing and I couldn't stop reading. It took me in a rollercoaster ride of emotions with its laughter, drama, and hot steamy scenes. I love that Drawn Deeper has a dual POV and I could enter Kyle's and Meredith's minds. Meredith Hobbs is a pariah in Lovely, even if it has passed almost a decade since she left Reed at the altar. She feels lonely, with no one to confide. She gave up her dream of becoming a teacher so she could help her father and work for him. In the beginning of the book, Meredith is an insecure and lonely woman. But throughout the book, she changes a lot. I loved seeing her grow! Kyle Lockhart is now a single father of two boys. He used to be an workaholic and didn't notice that his marriage and his wife were falling apart, until his wife left him. He is a very sweet and kind guy that made me swoon a lot. But when he let his alpha side come out? Oh my god! He had me drooling. So hot! He is perfect! Brenda Rothert gives us a fantastic book, flawlessly written, making it easy to connect with the incredible story and the great characters she created. Can't wait to read more about the Lockhart brothers!
Maari More than 1 year ago
This is the 3rd in a series, but can be read as a stand-alone Despite this being the third in the Lockhart Brothers series, this can be read as a stand-alone and you won't miss anything paramount if you start here. I do recommend the others, but you are fine, if not. This story is quite fast-paced, yet, felt rushed at times. I love the angst and development between two people that are growing into a relationship and this book didn't have so much of that. Their attachment was quite instantaneous, which is fine, it happens, but I just felt that I needed more. Their innocence is so cute, but wouldn't that make them more cautious? Either way, the whole single Dad in the plot, made me swoon continuously, and I definitely recommend this to those who enjoy a sweet, genuinely sincere romance.
Ronetta Williams More than 1 year ago
Brenda's books are like fine wine. They get better with time. This latest Lockhart brother is a perfect mix of sweet and hot! The things Kyle did in this book are hot, hot, hot. But there is a catch. The woman he wants to do these hot things with is his brother's ex-fiancé. Meredith is a woman trying to take care of her father and find her place in a new town that has labeled her with a scarlet letter after leaving one of the town's favorite sons at the altar. Kyle is a man trying to find balance between being a single dad and a doctor. Faith leads Meredith to offer to tutor Kyle's sons. Both see the wonderful in each other, but both know the path to a happily-ever-after will be rocky at best. Are they willing to fight for what they want? One-click now this book now! '''
Avidbookie22 More than 1 year ago
Great read, makes you feel all emotions of each character. Can't wait for the next book.
mjlovestoread More than 1 year ago
Oh wow, Drawn Deeper is clearly my favorite so far in this series. This time around we get the recently divorced and hesitant Kyle Lockhart and his quest for a happily ever after. And what a surprise to both him and to me just who he would be destined to love. As Kyle struggles to keep up with his demanding life as a surgeon and father of two boys after his wife abandons them, it is with utter shock and relief that Meredith Hobbs becomes his savior of sorts. Never did he imagine anyone could be there for him and his sons and turn their wayward family life into a seemingly perfect world. But Meredith has changed since she walked out on her wedding day all those years ago and she becomes the salve to Kyle's heart in more ways than one. I loved that the author continues to give us strong heroines in this series, who have faced shame and scorn but deep down are good people who display grace and humility even when their worlds are falling apart. With Meredith, I didn't think she would be worthy of redemption. But the way she effortlessly takes care of Kyle's boys, takes care of her Dad and his business and gives Kyle back his self-esteem made me a fan. These two have a simmering heat about them and they bring out the best in each other, both for the town of Lovely to witness and for private times when they can't keep their hands off of each other. Kyle and Meredith have a raw honesty in common and I liked that. They found the person who could unburden them while also being cherished. The whole Lockhart crew is once again present and accounted for with the town regulars always a welcomed addition. A series I am thoroughly enjoying and looking forward to more. 5 solid stars!
Marlene211 More than 1 year ago
Well, Hot Damn!! This book is the third installment in the Lockhart Brothers series. It can be read as a standalone, but I strongly recommend starting at the beginning with book one, Deep Down, in order to get the full effect of the family dynamic and history of all of these amazing characters.
dsubsits More than 1 year ago
4.5 of 5 Stars Brenda Rothert’s DRAWN DEEPER is a heartwarming addition to the Lockhart Brothers Series. Dr. Kyle Lockhart has been recently divorced and now a single father of two boys. He finally finds someone he is interested in; however, she has a negative history with his family. This contemporary romance takes place in Lovely, Missouri. My heart went out to Kyle. He married his high school sweetheart, Kim. She became an alcoholic and left him with two young boys. He is a wonderful father and man. He is the oldest of the Lockhart boys. I love that he appreciates his mom more for everything she did for them when they were growing up, now that he is a single father. I also respect that he stood up to his mother when she was being unfair. I love how the Lockhart brothers support each other. I love Kyle’s kids: Jordan and Eric. Being a Harry Potter fan, I adored that their puppy is named Hagrid. I also, appreciate that Kyle bought his boys a puppy because Kim never wanted pets. He wanted to make his boys happy at a sad time in their lives. I like Meredith Hobbs. I felt bad how she was treated in her community. I respect that she left Reed instead of doing something she knew she would regret. She misses her mother. She is a good daughter. She is self-sacrificing. I love that she tutors Kyle’s kids. She is wonderful with children. Meredith’s relationship with Kyle’s mother, Grace, was intense. It caused some interesting tension in the story. Brenda Rothert’s DRAWN DEEPER was a wonderful read. The story was touching and convincing. It demonstrates the difficulties and benefits of living in a small town where everyone knows each other. This is a story of second chances. The characters are likable and grew throughout the novel. DRAWN DEEPER was well-written and emotional. The Lockhart Brothers is a wonderful series. Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.
DannyJeffbooks More than 1 year ago
This is the third book in the Lockhart Brothers series. While I would recommend reading the series in order, it is not a requirement and Drawn Deeper can be read as a Stand Alone. I've really enjoyed this series and this was another good addition. Kyle Lockhart is trying to juggle life as a single dad and a working surgeon after getting a divorce. He has not been in the dating game for a very long time, but he finds his head turned by Meredith, his brother's ex-fiancee, after she starts tutoring his kids. What I really liked about this was the fact that Meredith and Kyle are a little older and therefore, there was no game playing between them. They had great chemistry from the get go and I love how they really have to come together to work through their issues and stand up to their doubters. I've really loved how family plays a really big part in this series and in Drawn Deeper we really get to see how a parent and offspring relate to each other from every age spectrum. Drawn Deeper is a real feel good book with good characters and a good story. This series really just makes me smile and I'm very much looking forward to the next book. I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.