Dream Child

Dream Child

by J.J. DiBenedetto

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BN ID: 2940044391871
Publisher: J.J. DiBenedetto
Publication date: 03/18/2013
Series: Dream Doctor Mysteries , #3
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 769,607
File size: 2 MB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

J.J. (James) DiBenedetto was born in Yonkers, New York. He attended Case Western Reserve university, where as his classmates can attest, he was a complete nerd. Very little has changed since then. He currently lives in Arlington, Virginia with his beautiful wife and their cat (who has thoroughly trained them both). When he's not writing, James works in the direct marketing field, enjoys the opera, photography and the New York Giants, among other interests. The "Dreams" series is James' first published work.

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Dream Child 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
AvidReader2015 More than 1 year ago
This time, the twist of the entire Dream series on the “What if you could see someone else’s dreams” question has taken an extra new bend. It is, “What if your child could see your dreams, and the dreams of others? What if she has your power?” Here is the first time Sara realizes that her daughter, Lizzie, can see inside her: “She was seeing—she was inside—she saw me dreaming. She’s got it just like I do.” Being inside her is doubly frightening because at this point there is a new life inside Sara: she is pregnant again. So in a way, there is a sense of violation when boundaries can be crossed like that, even when the dreamer is only a four-year old, sweet child. On the other hand, there is the motherly wish to keep her daughter safe, which in this case may mean keeping her away from people whose dreams she might penetrate. Which is exactly what happens when Sara and Lizzy meet two strangers, a woman and her son Billy, on the train. Billy’s father is being blackmailed, which will put Billy and his mother in danger. The conversations are lovely, showing you a family scene between Sara, her mom, her husband Brian, her mother-in-law, Helen, and Lizzy. It is the dialog that wraps the entire mystery in a wholesome, familiar veil, and observations such as this, about Lizzie: “Then she occupies herself by trying to get both twins smiling at the same time, which is a trick none of us have managed yet.” . And, it is also the sense of inheritance of power, and the connection between generations: “I can’t believe that in all this time, for seven whole years, I never once wondered about my mother. If Lizzy got it from me, I had to get it from somewhere too. And I never gave it a thought.” Five stars.
prismseven More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this story in exchange for a honest review. This is book three in the series. I really enjoyed the nice family connection displayed by the main characters. In this book the MC is a MD who works in a children's hospital. She has a 3 year old daughter who just started having the visionary dreams. As a family they solve the mystery and stop the crime from happening. Great read-looking forward to book #4.
SheilaDeeth More than 1 year ago
J.J. DiBenedetto’s Dream series of novels just keeps getting better. The characters grow convincingly into their lives. New friends are introduced with an enjoyably natural touch. And the world of a new doctor feels real enough despite this new doctor’s many other activities. Overworked... always overworked... struggling to balance family and job... eager to serve each of her young patients and their parents, Doctor Sara suddenly finds that scary dreams just might be genetic. Readers who’ve followed the series will find their expectations well fulfilled, while new readers will quickly come up to speed. Clearly Sara has dreamed before. Clearly four-year-old Lizzie hasn’t. But if stopping the dreams means solving the problem first, how will a mother see the problem through her daughter’s eyes? Of course, there’s always the question of what a daughter will see when she dreams through others’ eyes. Little Lizzie is certainly a bright, inspiring four-year-old, imaginative, friendly, and sweet, but it’s easy to understand her mother’s concerns. Meanwhile a mobster’s daughter needs treatment, a grandmother’s disapproval is balanced with genuine kindness, and a politician’s son has a booboo. It’s all good fun with just the right amount of introspection, intriguing action, and genuine affection. Smooth fast writing, convincing dialog—even from the four-year-old—and genuine family relations combine into a romantic tale that grows with the family; mystery that slides into dreams; and paranormal powers that definitely intrigue—I’m just eager to read more. Disclosure: I was given a free ecopy, rather a while ago, and I offer my honest, if belated review.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Michelle Randall for Readers' Favorite Dr. Sara Alderson is in the middle of her residency, and she hasn't had a dream that needed her interference since her first year of med school. Just when she believes that they have disappeared from her life forever, she gets the biggest shock of her life as she discovers her four-year-old daughter Lizzie has inherited her gift too. Dream Child follows Lizzie's dreams as she meets a new friend on the train to Washington DC for the week, and ends up dreaming about him. Sara and Brian have to calm Lizzie's fears and, at the same time, work to figure out what her dreams mean. This time Sara is more willing to reach out to other people in the family and allow them to know what is happening, instead of trying to do it completely by herself. J.J. DiBenedetto weaves this story around children, not only Lizzie. Sara is working in Pediatrics and a number of the patients on that floor are also introduced into the story as side stories, which are wonderful and heart-warming. Dream Child is the third book in J.J. DiBenedetto's Dreams series of Cozy Mysteries about Sara, who can see other peoples dreams. It is a light-hearted and fun mystery that is an easy read. Sara has grown up, but there are still times when she is quite flaky and unsure of herself, and yet at other times in the book she is strong and confident. Lizzie is supposed to be a four-year-old, but sounds much more like a six to eight-year-old. Also, she is allowed to follow her mother around the hospital while she is on rounds during residency, which would never be allowed in any hospital. Then again it's a story, it's not meant to be real life. Even though this is one of a series, you can actually read this book without having read the series. It doesn't refer back to the other books much and if it does, it gives you the information you need to understand what it is talking about. If you are into quirky, cozy mysteries, then this is the book for you.
LJCapehart More than 1 year ago
I got a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I had just finished 'Dream Student", the first in the series, and liked it enough to snap up the opportunity to read this one. Who doesn't like a free book, when you know it'll be good?!! And I was definitely not disappointed. Lizzie, the daughter of Sara (the main character) is adorable, and adds fun to the story. I think this is well written, and I'm going back to read the other two in the series that I haven't read yet. 'Dream Child' can be read alone, but you'll understand better and get more out of the story if you start with the first book in the series. I hear that he's coming out with a fifth book as well. I'll be waiting!
Ariesgrl More than 1 year ago
Dream Series #3. By: J. J. DiBenedetto. Format: eBook. Read: August 2013. Sara is a resident at Children’s Hospital, which means excruciatingly long work weeks, but it is worth it to come home to Brian and their adorable daughter, Lizzie. Sara is very grateful that she is able to bring Lizzie to work with her when she can’t find a babysitter. All the staff love Lizzie and Lizzie gets to play with the children, which helps distract them from the routines of being a hospital patient. Lizzie is a lot like Sara and is always ready to lend a helping hand. Unfortunately though, Lizzie has picked up something else from Sara too. When Lizzie’s dreams start, Sara’s world is turned upside down, again. This is the third novel in the Dream series and this is by far the best so far. The addition of Lizzie to the family and to the storyline is perfect. She provides just the right amount of comedic relief that was missing from the previous two books. Lizzie is very young, but she steals the show, so to speak. J. J. DiBenedetto shows a superb talent in his writing his characters. Readers will feel like they have grown with Sara and they will find themselves thinking similar thoughts as Sara tries to juggle work, family, and interpreting her and Lizzie’s dreams. Minor characters from previous books keep popping up to lend a hand, which gives the series another real-life connection. Readers will have extremely high hopes for the next book to see what Sara and Lizzie stumble into, next. This is a very unique mystery series that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading. I am looking forward to spending more time with Sara, Lizzie and the rest of the family in the next book. I absolutely love a series that ties previous books into current books, with hints towards what could happen next. It keeps me guessing until the very end, which is nice to read. If you are looking for an easy-to-read and easy-to-follow cozy mystery series, with a unique twist, I definitely recommend this series. Notes: The author provided a copy of this book for me to review. This review was originally posted on Ariesgrl Book Reviews.
CatDipity More than 1 year ago
Better than the first two! Dream Child picks up a few years down the road, Sara is a doctor, and her and Brian now have kids- 4 year old Lizzie and the twins. Lizzie has inherited her mother's ability to see others' dreams, and stumbles into a huge political coverup that has her friend scared. Sara and Lizzie are able to see each other in the dreams, Sara can see the nightmares that Lizzie is having about her friend, about this new ordeal that they have to unravel. So many more twists, amazing strength shown from Sara and from Lizzie, and entire new perspectives of their lives. Review by Kendra @ FaeBooks