Earl to the Rescue

Earl to the Rescue

by Jane Ashford

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ISBN-13: 9781492674320
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 11/27/2018
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 90,770
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.80(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Jane Ashford discovered Georgette Heyer in junior high school and was captivated by the glittering world and witty language of Regency England. That delight was part of what led her to study English literature and travel widely. She's written historical and contemporary romances, and her books have been published all over Europe as well as in the United States. Jane has been nominated for a Career Achievement Award by RT Book Reviews. Find her on the web at www.janeashford.com and on Facebook. If you'd like to receive her monthly newsletter, you can sign up at either of those sites.

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Earl to the Rescue 3.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
pinkcowlandreads 5 days ago
Gwendeline Gregory has lost everything… her parents, her home and all of her friends… She is destitute when Alex St. Audley, Earl of Merryn arrives in time to share the good fortune of a trust that was created by her parents friends to support their one child… Lord Merryn expected a child when he arrives to the rescue… will an entailed past ruin his good deed? Will Gwendeline discover the truth of her good fortune? Full of heroism and good deeds, this novel has many twists and turns as you discover the truth behind the generosity. I enjoyed Ashford’s writing and was especially fond of the Lord Merryn character. I would recommend this book to historical fiction fans. Earl to the Rescue by Jane Ashford was released November 27, 2018. I received a complimentary copy of this book from SOURCEBOOKS through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Thank you NetGalley for facilitating this title. After reading some of the reviews, I wasn't expecting much. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either. I just don't believe this is under the right genre. Most of it is quite unrealistic, but I can look past that, after all it's a work of fiction and imagination can be wild. The one thing that ruined it a bit for me was the lack of romance in this "historical romance". I am a fan of such authors as Stephanie Laurens and Darcy Burke, so my taste goes towards a more romantic, graphic kind of story.
Anonymous 9 months ago
This was a fast moving book and I enjoyed that even though he helped her she wasn't needy. Jane Ashford does historical romance like no one else.
Anonymous 11 months ago
I found this book hard to get into. There was alot of back info/story given that I felt was too much. I usually love historical romance, but just couldn't "feel" for the main characters. Gwendoline just didn't have much of a personality. I'd def give this author another try, just because I love how easy historical romance is to read and get into.
Robindpdx 12 months ago
This was an entertaining historical romance. Gwendeline's parents had passed away and she had nowhere to live. Alex visits her home and tells her a group of her parents friends have sponsored her for an income and a house in London. He invites her to stay with his mother for the Season. I enjoyed this book and would read others by this author.
Noire 12 months ago
For people who like Old School Regencies I received an ARC of this book to read through NetGalley in exchange for a fair review. Earl To The Rescue by Jane Ashford is a refurbished version of her first book Gwendeline so it has a bit of an old school romance feel to it and is definitely sweet not steamy. I will admit that at first I was not particularly fond of the heroine as heaven forbid .... she doesn’t like books and hates to read, she does grow on you despite that. Recently orphaned Gwendeline Gregory is in a pickle, her parents left nothing but debt and everything including the home she lives in is to be sold to satisfy those debts. At the very last moment a rescue arrives, Alex St Audley, Earl of Merryn has come to take her to stay with his mother in London, and she is to have a season. He tells her that a group of her parents friends have created an annuity for her including a small house in London. Adventures ensue and if you are looking for a classic regency romance I think you will enjoy this book. Publishing Date November 27, 2018 #NetGalley #EarlToTheRescue #sourcebooks
Historical_Romance_Lover 12 months ago
This was just an ok read for me. I didn't particularly care for either of the H/H. I also didn't feel like I was able to watch them fall in love, which is the whole reason to read a romance book...
Pompie1999 More than 1 year ago
** 2.5 Stars Rounded up ** This book was originally published in 1980 as ‘Gwendeline’. I have read and enjoyed several of this author’s books, but this really wasn’t one of those. I wanted to love it – and once I picked through the bits and pieces, I did like the core of the story. The writing was patchy and the story was slow and very predictable. However, it just mostly left me puzzled about the people who populated the story, their relationships and the time in which they lived as well as their interactions with each other. The heroine isn’t just TSTL, it is worse than that. She reminds me of the old cartoon series where Snidely Whiplash is always tying Nell Fenwick to the railroad tracks – she never learns. The hero just puzzles me. I guess in my cartoon scenario, he’d be Dudley DoRight. He seems to be in a world of his own. He doesn’t share any information or tell what is going on – but – yet he shares ‘glances’ or ‘smiles’ with others that makes you think there is a conspiracy of some kind. He manages to do some TSTL stuff as well. The basic story is: Gwendeline Gregory’s parents have just died and left her with absolutely nothing. She never really knew them because they placed her in the country and only visited for a short period each year – and they had house parties, etc. during that time. So, when they died and their holdings had to be sold off she isn’t terribly bereft. Now, the parents deaths and the legal aftermath didn’t just happen in a day, yet when the hero, Alex St. Audley, Earl of Merryn, shows up at her door to ‘rescue’ her, she has absolutely no thoughts and no plans even though she has to be out of the house that day. She thought maybe she’d go to an Inn for a while. Alex shows up expecting an infant or a young child and he has planned for the future care of that child. It is his plan to provide a house and yearly stipend. However, when he arrives, the young child turns out to be a lovely young woman. Alex makes up a story about a ‘group’ of her father’s friends getting together to provide for her. (How can he be good friends with either or both parents and not know something about the child?) He takes Gwendeline to London and places her in his mother’s home with plans to provide a season. Gwendeline learns some hurtful things about her parents, meets a bad guy, gets kidnapped, gets rescued, gets kidnapped, etc. Alex does some stupid things, keeps secrets when he should be speaking up, etc. – Then finally HEA. As I said, I enjoyed the core story, but you had to really pick it out of all the stuff going on – and it is slow going. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you wish the read the book or not. Please check out my reviews at: Blog: https://flippinpages.blog/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/flippinpages... Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlippinPagesRev Twitter: https://twitter.com/BarbBookReview "I requested and received this e-book at no cost to me and volunteered to read it; my review is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Devonshire Gwendeline Gregory, age 18, is having to leave her home, Brooklands, after the deaths of her parents, Roger and Annabelle Gregory, in a carriage accident. Her home and all but her personal items are to be auctioned off to satisfy her father’s creditors. As she is an only child with no relatives, the solicitors are searching for a male heir to take the title of Baron. Having had just a sporadic education, she wonders how she will find work to support herself. She had rarely seen her parents because they didn’t come to Brooklands often. Alex St. Audley, the fifth Earl of Merryn, stops in to see Gwendeline. He had known her parents and their wild habits and was surprised to learn that they had a child. So, several of their friends have gone together to offer her a small house in London and a thousand pounds a year. They feel it is unfair that her parents had left her in such dire straits. At first suspicious of his generous offer, she refuses, but ends up going to London with him anyway along with some of the staff and household items from Brooklands. In London, Alex and his mother, the Countess of Merryn insist she stay with her for awhile and perhaps even allow Gwendeline to have a season. The petite and chatty woman is the author of gothic novels. Even with the kindness of Alex and his mother, she cannot help but wonder why they are being so generous to her. As Gwendeline enters society, she meets some people who knew her parents that imply that the couple was rather wild and she wants to know more about them, as well as the people who support the home in London where she is to live. Too much drama. Kidnapping not once, but twice is exhausting. I like Jane Ashford and have read many of her books. Some have been good and others not so much. However, I think that this book deserves 4 stars because the author used her imagination in numerous ways taking the story in different directions but ending in a great place. I will continue to be a loyal reader of her books. Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
DebDiem More than 1 year ago
Earl To The Rescue by Jane Ashford is a wonderful historical romance. Ms. Ashford has given us a well-written book and filled it with a stellar cast of characters. Gwendeline has lost her parents and everything is being auctioned off. When Alex, Earl of Merryn, arrives to whisk her off to London she goes along with the plan. Alex and Gwendeline's story is loaded with drama, humor, action, suspense and spice. I enjoyed reading Earl To The Rescue and look forward to reading more from Jane Ashford in the future. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Darlene491 More than 1 year ago
Earl To The Rescue is my first experience with Jane Ashford's work. Out on shelves on November 27th, it's a good way to take your mind off the holiday craziness. Ms. Ashford's writing style is smooth, her characters likeable and there's adventure with a side of humor. I read the entire book in one sitting, during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. These days that's saying a lot. Our heroine is Gwendeline Gregory, daughter of the recently deceased Baron Gregory and his wife, Annabella. With her pale blond hair and striking aquamarine eyes, she's the spitting image of her late mother. Gwendeline has spent all her 18 years living on the family country estate while her parents mostly lived in London. The creditors are forcing the sale of all assets to cover their outstanding debts. It's hard to mourn for people you barely knew but easy to be a little angry and disappointed. Their thoughtlessness has resulted in Gwendeline being turned out on her ear. Alex St. Aduley, Earl of Merryn, is our knight in shining armour. He arrives just in time to scoop Gwendeline up and escort her to London. He's surprised both because he didn't know there was a child until recently and that she's not a baby. He thought to rescue his friends child but boy, oh boy, she is not a child. Gewndeline is dazzled by our hero. He's tall, stylishly dressed and has the broad shoulders of an athlete. His auburn hair and cool gray eyes are a stunning combination. Finally a hero with, kind of, red hair. After a misunderstanding about the nature of Alex's offer, these two, and several servants, set off for London and Gwen's new home. To start Gwendeline's first season off on the right foot, Alex takes our girl to stay with his mother. Mom's a trip, you're going to love her. She's a scattered-brained author of gothic novels. What transpires is a little like Pygmalion, there's a lot for our heroine to learn in a short period of time. This delightful romp takes us on a journey of loss, learning, friendship, love, revenge, adventure and a lot of bewilderment. I didn't cry, not once. It's not that kind of story, it sweet. I won't hesitate next time I see Ms. Ashford's name on a book, I'm going for it. As this is a romance book, there is a happy ending. We'd be disappointed if there wasn't. Receiving a free book ARC is a privilege and one I certainly enjoy. Being able to share my opinion with you is a pleasure. Both are free and without obligation. Happy reading.
georgia1 More than 1 year ago
An enjoyable story that had the heroine, Gwendeline, left destitue after the death of her parents. The hero, Alex St Audley comes to the rescue with his mother acting as her benefactors. Telling her a falsehood that her father's friends had all pooled funds to help her, he really was the one with the money. Then a series of mishaps begin to happen with a kidnapping, scandal and the truth coming out about who really was providing the funds for her. She begins to have feelings for Alex but it seems circumstances get in the way. A slow build on the romance between the two eventually ends in a happy ever after. An overall likable story by an author I follow. Lori Dykes
AmyHi More than 1 year ago
I usually love Jane Ashford’s books but I found this one to be stilted. I then saw that this book was originally published 30 years ago. The plot was convoluted and a bit over the top.
Pokeybooboo More than 1 year ago
This is my first foray into the work of Jane Ashford. Though this book kept me entertained, I'm thinking that perhaps it's not her best work. I read that it was previously released around 30 years ago. Perhaps that's why it seems to be a little dated. I guess you would classify this as a traditional Regency romance, as there was no steam or hanky panky to be found. Gwendeline was about to lose her home and just about everything she owned. Then Alex arrives, stating he's one of a group of benefactors, and she was to come to London, where she would have a residence and would be taken care of and needn't worry about anything. I really tried not to hold it against Gwendeline that she hated to read. She hated to read! That is SO wrong! What I did hold against her was that she seemed to be as dumb as a box of rocks. Then there's Alex. He was a rather bland hero. As to their romance, there really didn't seem to be much of one. I don't see how they fell in love. There just wasn't much interaction between them. All is not lost. There was a nice little side romance between Alex's brother Andrew and Gwendeline's friend Lillian. Also, there was enough mystery there to keep me turning the pages. I received an ARC of this book courtesy of NetGalley. I received no compensation for my review, and all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.
Lesley Walsh More than 1 year ago
Enigmatic Hero, Volatile Heroine. When Gwendeline’s parents die, she is left with no money and no home until a stranger turns up on her doorstep. Alex St. Audley, fifth Earl of Merryn whisks her off to London where his novelist mother introduces her to Society but Gwendeline can’t shake the feeling that she is being kept in the dark about both her parents London life (which she was never party to) and the source of the income that has been granted to her. An enjoyable story with a heroine who is poorly educated because she never worked at her lessons, who hates to read but has raw talent as an artist. There are the requisite Society events (Almacks, balls, riding in the park) plus kidnapping, attempted murder and several love triangles. The only reason I didn’t give this five stars is that I didn’t feel there was sufficient interaction between Alex and Gwendeline for them to form a connection and to make their love for each other believable. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.