Earth Blessings: Prayers, Poems and Meditations

Earth Blessings: Prayers, Poems and Meditations

Earth Blessings: Prayers, Poems and Meditations

Earth Blessings: Prayers, Poems and Meditations


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In this book of poems and prayers, you will find not only beautiful prose, but illuminating passages and reflections on the condition of the Earth and humanity's place on this beautiful planet. Cotner and her contributors contemplate every aspect of the environment, from grasslands to ocean, to desert and mountains, with gorgeous meditations on the world around us. Earth Blessings features work both from ancient tomes and from modern, award-winning writers about how we are nurtured by nature, and the relationship of humankind and the environment. Earth Blessings fosters environmental awareness and insight, and it inspires individuals to view the Earth as sacred and cherish it as they explore writings about the relationship of humans and the environment. The selections in the book remind readers of the necessity for sharing and conservation. The overriding intention of Earth Blessings is to create an ecological celebration of inspiring poems, interfaith prayers, and spiritual prose. By nature of the spiritual focus of Earth Blessings, the selections energize readers to recognize and embrace environmental stewardship.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781632280237
Publisher: Start Publishing LLC
Publication date: 03/08/2016
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 6.40(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

June Cotner is the author or editor of 28 books, including the best-selling

Graces, Bedside Prayers, and Dog Blessings. Her books altogether have sold over one million copies.

June's latest love and avocation is giving presentations on "Adopting Prisoner-Trained Shelter Dogs." In 2011 she adopted Indy, a chocolate Labrador/Doberman mix, from the Freedom Tails program at Stafford Creek Corrections Center in Aberdeen, WA. June works with Indy daily to build on the wonderful obedience skills he mastered in the program. She and Indy have appeared on the television shows AM Northwest and New Day Northwest.

A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, June is the mother of two grown children and lives in Poulsbo, WA, with her husband. Her hobbies include yoga, hiking, and playing with her two grandchildren. For more information, please visit June's website at

Read an Excerpt

Nature and the Environment


How fiercely, devoutly wild is Nature in the midst of her beauty-loving tenderness!—painting lilies, watering them, caressing them with gentle hand, going from flower to flower like a gardener while building rock mountains and cloud mountains full of lightening and rain. Gladly we run for shelter beneath an overhanging cliff and examine the reassuring ferns and mosses, gentle love tokens growing in cracks and chinks. Daisies, too, and ivesias, confiding wild children of light, too small to fear. To these one's heart goes home, and the voices of the storm become gentle. Now the sun breaks forth and fragrant steam arises. The birds are out singing on the edges of the groves. the west is flaming in gold and purple, ready for the ceremony of the sunset, and back I go to camp with my notes and pictures, the best of them printed in my mind as dreams. A fruitful day, without measured beginning or ending. A terrestrial eternity. A gift of good God.

—John Muir


I went there for solitude and restoration.
It was a place at the edge of the silver lake,
where I could go and smell the forest.

No one knew about my secret altar,
except for some chipmunks and a blue heron.

Yet concealed under a canopy of birch leaves,
my love began:

for rocks
for trees
for water
for God.

—Mike W. Blottenberger

Honoring the Earth


The earth is not a mere fragment of dead history, stratum upon stratum like the leaves of a book, to be studied by geologists and antiquarians chiefly, but living poetry like the leaves of a tree, which precede flowers and fruit—not a fossil earth, but a living earth.

—Henry David Thoreau

Living Simply


Planting a tree, I may not save the world
But I can help the birds have homes, and to revive nature.
Walking more, driving less, I may not save the world
But I can help to keep the air clean, and pollution levels down.
Starting a garden, I may not save the world
But I can help the insects and birds feed, and even myself.
Dressing warmer in winter, cooler in summer, I may not save the world
But I can help keep energy rates down, and use less natural resources.

You know, perhaps I can help save the world.
Perhaps we can save the world.

—Audrey Star Josefek

Joy, Praise and Gratitude


I want to tell you something. This morning
is bright after all the steady rain, and every iris,
peony, rose, opens its mouth, rejoicing. I want to say,
wake up, open your eyes, there's a snow-covered road
ahead, a field of blankness, a sheet of paper, an empty screen.
Even the smallest insects are singing, vibrating their entire bodies,
tiny violins of longing and desire. We were made for song.
I can't tell you what prayer is, but I can take the breath of the meadow into my mouth, and I can release if for the leaves'
green need. I want to tell you your life is a blue coal, a slice
of orange in the mouth, cut hay in nostrils. The cardinals'
red song dances in your blood. Look, every month the moon
blossoms into a peony, then shrinks to a sliver of garlic.
And then it blooms again.

—Barbara Crooker



It's just another doughnut day in the universe.
I want to smash my face into flour, fluff and sweetness
and forget anything that prevents me from feeling
the absolute joy of birdsong or yellow balloon
whether it be deadline or telephone line
the electronic busyness of our lives
for there are rows of tulips conspiring pink
and lovers breathless next to willow trees.
There are lilacs whispering among their twisted trunks
and windmills whirling through Van Gogh's ear.
There is color everywhere
and sprinkles of hope in my heart
that you will feel the freedom
of renegade rivers and the vast expanse
of starry starry nights.
Connect the dots, the body of water
between us, this great flood of love
that seeps through and beyond the earth.

—Terri Glass

Table of Contents

1. Nature and the Environment
2. Honoring the Earth
3. Healing the Earth
4. Cycles of Life
5. Love, Kindness and Compassion
6. Living Simply
7. Our Children
8. Honoring Animals
9. Spirituality, Prayers and Blessings
10. Community and Worldly Blessings
11. Joy, Praise and Gratitude
12. Reflections
13. Inspiration

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