Easy and Fun Hiragana: First Steps to Basic Japanese Writing

Easy and Fun Hiragana: First Steps to Basic Japanese Writing


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A complete handbook for learning to read and write Japanese hiragana, the syllabary that is the first of Japan's three writing systems introduced to all beginning students. Using real-world examples, illustrations, quizzes, and practice squares, this book teaches correct stroke order as well as examples of how hiragana are used for question words, adverbs, special words, and pronunciation of difficult characters.

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ISBN-13: 9781611720471
Publisher: Stone Bridge Press
Publication date: 10/16/2018
Edition description: Bilingual
Pages: 96
Sales rank: 1,121,591
Product dimensions: 6.80(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Kiyomi Ogawa teaches Japanese and translates it together with her husband. She gained insight into how non-Japanese experience Japan and its language by teaching Boeing employees in Nagoya, and now teaches online lessons to students around the world.

Orrin Cummins manages K.O. Language Services together with his wife, Kiyomi. He is currently involved in translation projects spanning a variety of fields, from contracts to subtitles. "

Table of Contents



How to Use This Book

2 4

Chapter1 History and Usage だい いっ しょう れき つか かた


1 ひらがなのとわれ

How to Use Hiragana ひらがなのつかわれかた 10 The History of Hiragana ひらがなのれきし 12 Japanese Writing and Pronunciation 14

Chapter2 Examples and Practice 17 Single Characters

だい しょう かた 2 ひらがなのき

あいうえお かきくけこ 18 さしすせそ たちつてと 20 なにぬねの はひふへほ 22 まみむめも やゆよ 24 らりるれろ わをん 26 がぎぐげご ざじずぜぞ 28 だぢづでど ばびぶべぼ 30 ぱぴぷぺぽ 32

Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson 4Lesson 5Lesson 6Lesson 7Lesson 8Tricky Characters 34

Chapter 3 Examples and Practice 37 Combinations and Symbol Characters

だい さん しょう じ ごう 3 みわせた

Lesson 9 Small つ 38 Lesson 10 きゃきゅきょ ぎゃぎゅぎょ 40

Lesson 11 Lesson 12 Lesson 13 Lesson 14 Lesson 15 Lesson 16 Lesson 17 Lesson 18

しゃしゅしょ じゃじゅじょ 42 ちゃちゅちょ にゃにゅにょ 44 ひゃひゅひょ びゃびゅびょ 46 ぴゃぴゅぴょ みゃみゅみょ 48 りゃりゅりょ ゃゅょ+っ 50 Extended Vowels 52 Punctuation 」 ー ~ 54 Punctuation 、。 56

Chapter 4 Main Types of Hiragana Words 57

だい よん しょう おも つか こと ば 4 にひらがながわれる

Lesson 19 Lesson 20 Lesson 21 Lesson 22 Lesson 23 Lesson 24 Lesson 25

Greetings and Set Phrases 58 Particles 1: は, が, を, へ 60 Particles 2: で, に, と, から, まで 62 Question Words 64 Connecting Words 66 Adverbs 68 Ideophones 70

Chapter 5 Reading Exercise and the Vertical Style

だい ご しょう 5 ・きの


Reading Exercise: Reading Exercise: Reading Exercise: Reading Exercise: Reading Exercise: Reading Exercise: Reading Exercise: Reading Exercise:

Adding Kanji 74 Adding Kanji 76 Adding Katakana 78 Longer Passages 80 Vertical Writing Style 82 Stories and Correspondence 84 Poetry 86 Manga 88

れんしゅう たて が れんしゅう

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