Echoes Between Us

Echoes Between Us

by Katie McGarry


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Echoes Between Us is bestselling author Katie McGarry’s breakout teen contemporary novel about a girl with everything to lose and the boy who will do anything to save her.

Veronica sees ghosts—more specifically, her mother’s ghost, thanks to the blinding migraines that consume her whole life and keep Veronica on the fringes. But the haunting afterimages make her wonder if there is something more going on….

Golden boy Sawyer is handsome and popular, a state champion swimmer, but this All-American is hiding an adrenaline addiction that could kill him. Drawn to each other after a chance meeting, can they help each other battle the demons that haunt their every step or will they push their luck too far and risk losing it all…including their lives?

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ISBN-13: 9781250196040
Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates
Publication date: 01/14/2020
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 67,139
Product dimensions: 8.30(w) x 5.40(h) x 1.50(d)
Age Range: 13 - 18 Years

About the Author

KATIE MCGARRY is an award winning and critically acclaimed young adult novelist. The author of Only a Breath Apart and the Pushing the Limits and Thunder Road series is currently living out her real life love story in Kentucky with her husband and three children. Katie is a lover of music, happy endings, reality television, and is a secret University of Kentucky basketball fan.

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Echoes Between Us 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
A_Ravenous_Reader 5 days ago
A ghost story unlike any other! Wow, wow, wow. I didn't expect to like this book as much as I did. Despite the fact that Veronica sees her mother's ghost and senses the negative spirits that haunt the first floor of her house, she deals with the same issues that most other teenagers do - an uncertain future, loss of friends, and burgeoning feelings for someone she shouldn't want. Veronica is refreshingly honest, both with herself and others, and has the kind of confidence that most teenagers could only dream of - at least that's what she wants you to think. Sawyer isn't the typical golden boy - he has his own deep-seated issues and heaps of responsibility. He's surprisingly charming and grounded. Although both Veronica and Sawyer could easily fall into some pretty stereotypical YA tropes, the author does a good job of differentiating her characters from others in the genre by giving them complex storylines and struggles that make them feel more real to the reader. And, unlike with many popular YA narratives, it feels like the struggle is mutual. Both Veronica and Sawyer are dealing with life's harsher realities. I was compelled to follow Veronica and Sawyer's journeys as they overcame deadly brain tumors, dangerous addictions, high school gossip, and their differences. I truly enjoyed watching them develop as characters and living life to its fullest. Although some huge obstacles were put in their paths, it never felt like a pity party. Overall, it was a beautiful story that explores the ideas of life after death and coming to terms with the uncertainty of tomorrow.
mlmopinions 7 days ago
Katie McGarry is an author whose writing style I have always admired. She writes with such raw, unfiltered emotion. I am not a big fan of romance, but I love the way she does it. It's realistic, and that's what I love about her books, the relatability. This is raw and edgy. You have Veronica, a girl who suffers from the effects of her brain tumor and ghost sightings. Yes, she sees ghosts. She also believes that the ghosts haunt her home. Then we have Sawyer, the adrenaline junkie. He lives in the same home and doesn't share Veronica's idea of their home being haunted. We have two different personalities, who are both going through things they wish to conquer, come together and form a beautiful relationship. Through all the hardships they stuck together and found solace in one another. I highly recommend this book. I would recommend it anyway from the author alone, but this book is a gem. * I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. *
Mizzyred 10 days ago
I don't usually read contemporary Young Adult books but the cover caught my attention and the blurb sounded interesting so I thought I would give it a try. Any book is usually made better with the addition of ghosts and such and I really enjoyed reading it. Both Veronica and Sawyer were surprisingly likable characters. I really liked how despite the struggles they were going through with the tumor and the addiction, they were able to help each other out and be nice to others. The senior project with trying to prove ghosts are real was fun to read about and added to the story nicely. It wrapped up well too and I enjoyed the whole book. If the author's other books are like this one, then I will probably read more by her!
Lisa_Loves_Literature 27 days ago
This was my first Katie McGarry book, and I did enjoy it for sure. It makes me open to the possibility of reading other books by her in the future. I classified it as YA contemporary, even though it is left unsure as to whether there were really ghosts or not in the story. All of the characters had a lot of depth, and all of the kids were going through so many things. Learning just what the ghost/monster was for Sawyer’s little sister was really terrifying and very sad. Sawyer going to the AA meetings for his own addiction was really such a mature thing to do, but it made sense with him feeling like he had to take care of his little sister. Veronica’s own health problems and family issues were very big as well. And it was hard to see the boy that she thought she had feelings for turn her away, and why he did it. So I was rooting for Sawyer and Veronica all the way through. A very good story, kept me on the edge of my seat and turning pages all the way through.
Toya Scaggs 27 days ago
I’ll be honest, I was drawn to this book for two reasons: the gorgeous cover and the ghost story line. Unfortunately, I went into this story thinking that this would be more of a supernatural suspense with a little romance on the side, but what I got was a full blown romance with only sprinkles of ghosts. Now, I am a romance fan, but when you’re expecting ghosts…it was a bit disappointing. Veronica suffers from debilitating migraines thanks to a benign brain tumor. While her migraines may knock her out at times, she refuses to let them stop her from living. Veronica believes in ghosts, which isn’t surprising since she sees her mother’s ghost daily. With her inner circle of friends moving on after high school, Veronica is all alone as she tries to finish. She plans to power through alone to get to college, but when she’s told she must have a partner for an assignment in AP English, her options seem to only point to Sawyer. Sawyer is your quintessential popular athlete with looks to kill. On the surface, he has it all. What people don’t see is his controlling mother who has a very unhealthy relationship with wine, the dyslexia that makes the simplest of tasks 1000x harder, and the adrenaline addiction that is quickly consuming him. After Veronica doesn’t tell her dad about his mother’s bounced rent check, Sawyer owes Veronica and decides to work with her even if it means angering his friends and his mother. This book does a fantastic job of tackling some tough issues like addiction, parental expectations, dyslexia, migraines, loss of a parent, and grief. I appreciated the insight into these topics. That being said, I wasn’t so keen on Veronica and Sawyer’s relationship. Their relationship just felt so over the top most of the time, that I found myself eye rolling more often than not. Thank you to BookishFirst and Tor Teen for the giveaway win. This did not influence my review. All opinions are my own.
Heart-of-a-Book-Blogger 3 months ago
Katie McGarry's writing is so addicting. It seems I forget this fact every time she has a new book come out, but once I sit down to read it, I cannot put it down. This is very true for her latest novel, ECHOES BETWEEN US. Before I get further into the review, let's take a moment to appreciate how beautiful that cover is! I love the purple and blues mixed together with the almost sparkle effect. Plus, I love how the cover solely focuses on Veronica whereas her other covers all show off the couple—it's definitely a fun change. Anyway, back to the book. This story has everything Katie McGarry is known for—alternating POVs, complex characters, and a steamy romance. I also loved that it included something new—the paranormal aspect with the ghosts. Overall, Katie McGarry fans are sure to love ECHOES BETWEEN US!
Bookishly_Nerdy 3 months ago
I have loved Katie McGarry’s books since I was fourteen. That’s almost a decade’s worth of books from a single author. And I love every single one of them. Of course, Katie McGarry has, up until now, been contemporary. Only A Breath Apart had just the slightest hint of paranormal. Until this one. Held in the same world as Only A Breath Apart, Echoes Between Us takes on death, grief and sicknesses in the way that only Katie McGarry knows how. Veronica first made an appearance in Every Breath Apart. She was the “weird” kid, the one that everyone denied knowing in public. Sawyer was the kid that, according to the public, was perfect. But he was drowning in his reality. They were both sick in completely different ways. Sawyer’s was more emotional and psychological while Veronica’s was more physical. Either way the challenges these two face were so much harder than any normal YA. It was captivating and heart breaking and awesome. At the beginning, the voice was a little passive but I think that was deliberate because of the situation the characters were in. There’s diversity, family, love and growth. Katie McGarry keeps on getting better.
sincerelykarenjo 3 months ago
Oh the FEELS! I absolutely LOVE this Book! I have never read anything by Katie McGarry before, so I was really excited when I won this ARC. I've added some of her books on my TBR and even have 1-2... I think.... but I just never got around to reading any of McGarry's works. Well, that is changing as of right now because after reading Echoes Between Us, I am absolutely in love with her storytelling. Her words are so full of heart,emotion, and everything else in between. I honestly loved everything about this book. I adore the characters. I enjoyed the surprises and twists. I loved the paranormal aspects, the thrill, the suspense, the humor, and even the heartbreak. Everything seemed so real to me and I connected with the characters so much. Sawyer and V will always have a special place in my heart and I am still reeling from all the flutter and aches I felt while reading this beautiful story. I know I'm just rambling now, but if you haven't read any of McGarry's book, then you have to add this on your TBR! I'll write a better review in a few days, but I just wanted to leave this mini review now so you know that I AM UTTERLY IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK and you should DEFINITELY READ THIS!!! Thank you Bookish First and Tor Teen for my free ARC. Best book I've read so far this year and I have a feeling it's going to be on my Top Ten 2020 Reads.
Breywar 3 months ago
was super excited for this book, and I wasn’t let down! The overall premise of this book isn’t unique, weird girl and hot popular guy somehow get connected and fall in love. This one had a very unusual twist that pulled me in: ghosts, and not either of the main characters being a ghost (thank god!). It was sold as a paranormal romance, and the paranormal was around the romance instead instead of apart of it, if that makes sense. Win: -sawyer and Veronica. I loved our 2 main characters. It centered around the secrets both of them were keeping -hunting ghosts. YES! I love Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, and anything to do with ghosts/ hauntings and proving their validity, so when that happened, I was super elated! -super cute story with a cute ending. I dont do contemporary, or ya romance all that often, because I prefer fantasy, but I needed this right now, and I loved it. -evelyns diary entries. They were interesting, and I genuinely do love the outlook she had on life. I’m definitely interested in reading her full diary without Sawyers point of view popping in to tie it in. Opportunities -why did Veronica want sawyer for her project so bad? Because he was close and had a car (not buying it) -Leo. What an awful “love triangle” attempt. Leo was a self-centered jerk, and suddenly at the end all is forgiving. Mmk. My big warning on this, there may be some triggering things throughout the novel, and none of the were mentioned before hand. Predatory behavior (mentioned a possibility of it happening), adrenaline junkies, as well as alcoholism. I wish there was some kind of warning beforehand, instead of just in the authors note at the very end. Other than that, this was a super cute novel, and I’m not mad at it. The paranormal was interesting, the TB hospital, the diary entries, and the brain tumor were interesting additions to a very cliche book.
JillJemmett 3 months ago
This is a great paranormal story. Veronica has a brain tumor. Her mother died of brain cancer, and Veronica’s tumor is getting worse, but she wants to keep it a secret. This is more complicated because she also sees her mother’s ghost in her house. That makes her want to research ghosts for a paper at school. When Sawyer, the popular boy at school, moves into the apartment in her house, she has her suspicions of her haunted house confirmed because his sister also sees the “monsters” downstairs. I loved the paranormal, ghost hunting aspects of the story. They were creepy. I found myself holding my breath in many parts. Those parts were very descriptive and realistic. The paranormal parts were slightly fantasy, but there were also serious issues addressed in this book. Veronica has a brain tumor, which she is in denial of. There are also some characters with addictions. These health problems were also scary because they were very realistic. I really enjoyed this story! Thank you Tor Teen for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
bjneary 3 months ago
Thank you to NetGalley and Macmillan-Tom Doherty Associates and Tor Teen for the advance reader copy, Echoes Between Us by awesome YA romance author, Katie McGarry, in exchange for an honest review. I love the way this story unfolded; cool guy Sawyer and weird Veronica are new neighbors since his mom is renting the first floor of V’s house. But both of their personalities hide enormous pain in their lives; Sawyer’s divorced Mom (along with absentee Dad) have put him in the awful position as caretaker for his 6- year-old sister and his mother (she drinks on weekends) but this has caused Sawyer to develop a secret, dangerous addiction. Veronica (V to her friends) believes in ghosts; she sees and talks to her dead mother all the time. I rooted for Sawyer and Veronica! Katie McGarry has written a hard-hitting story about teens with haunting secrets; parents who don’t care (Sawyer) as opposed to a close family relationship with their teen (Veronica), and high school friendships that are fierce to their core; I loved every word in this novel! Both Sawyer and V have friends they totally depend on but these friends do not like seeing the new closeness between V and Sawyer. As they work on a class project together about the existence of ghosts; Sawyer and Veronica open up to one another, becoming very attached. This poignant, mesmerizing, gripping novel reminded me of one of my favorite Katie McGarry novels, Crash Into You, with Isaiah and Rachel, my very special protagonists. I could not stop turning the pages. Katie McGarry is a gifted writer for teens and is totally delivers with real themes, current topics, and contemporary issues they want to read! Highly recommended.
Yolanda Margolin 3 months ago
4.5 stars* Thank you to Tor Teen and NetGalley for giving me the chance to read this eARC. After I sped through this book last night, I wondered why they didn’t release for October because it was the perfect fall read for me! Why? Because of the ghosts! The creepiness factor of this book was SO unexpected, I literally had some chills reading this late past midnight. I almost stopped but pushed on and I’m glad I did. This is more than a story of Sawayer, the popular hot guy, who pairs up with Veronica, the quirky weird girl at school to do a project. I mean that’s the gist of it but no, ohhhh nooooo…their Senior project Veronica or V as her friends call her, want to do is to prove ghosts exists. Okay! I love a good paranormal activity story. But this was more than just a story about hunting down ghosts as well. V has a brain tumor and she a reason for this project. Sawyer doesn’t believe in ghosts because he feels like his real life is scary and messed up already. He has secrets and these two teenager find a way past their first impressions to understand one another and help each other out in ways unexpected. What I Liked: *I love the ghost hunting! I love when they had to research for their project, it even scared me. Yes, I used to binge ghost hunting shows like Paranormal Activity haha and in high school, it was all about going to haunted spots with friends, just to get that thrill of maybe seeing something. But um this book did too good a job at scaring me…. *We get dual POV in this story. Sawyer is a complex character with his role as caretaker, and swim star. The pressure and depression he feels from every aspect in his life and his dangerous coping mechanism was taking a toll on him. I seriously felt for him, so glad he gets help. I liked seeing him attend the AA meetings and basically just trying his best to be better for himself, and his sister. *Veronica is special and the ones who realize it protect her. I love that she had a protective circle of friends since others in their community just thought she was super weird. She has these horrible migraines because of her tumor and just seeing her go through it, it’s tough. Her grief over her mother though, broke my heart. *Sawyer and Veronica’s love story is beautiful ❤️. At one point I said aloud, “I love you, Sawyer”. I was like, whoa where did that come from? HAHA…even though Veronica is this shining light and the person who shows him life can be thrilling in a different way…he is the thing that grounds her. They struggle with their relationship and feelings as well…but he was mature enough to make some hard but right decisions and I was like, go Sawyer. I didn’t mind their relationship drama in this, I thought it fit in well and was believable. Their love wasn’t all consuming, it was deep but I liked that family came first too. And V stepped up to the plate too…I love how they decided to be all in. All in. *There are heavy topics in this story like addiction. Sawyer’s mom is clearly an addict, and Sawyer is addicting to adrenaline. Veronica is dealing with grief. Heavy topics all around but it works even as it’s interwoven with this ghost hunting project. It’s written so well. *There is a historical angle as well to this story with the TB Hospital in Kentucky. **review too long, see full review at**
Brooke Allen 4 months ago
Veronica has a secret: she has a brain tumor, and she thinks it's spreading. She's about to start a new school year, and unfortunately, her best friends are either going to college or won't be attending school full time, so she's going to be a little lonely. Many of the other kids at her school think she's weird. Sawyer just moved into the floor downstairs from Veronica, where her father is a landlord. Even though everybody at the school think he has everything together, he's got a secret too: he has an addiction to jumping off cliffs, and his mom likes to drink a lot on the weekends. With Sawyer living downstairs from Veronica, they need to confront their problems... and they find out they like each other. I loved this book for so many reasons. For one, I love the voice of the author. She brings these characters to life so well. Additionally, I like the message this book sends. It speaks about addiction, alcoholism, and being truthful with your friends. There's heartbreak, children that have to deal with terrible parents, and a main character who has to learn to live even when she thinks she's dying.
seasaltdaydreams 4 months ago
Veronica can see ghosts: namely the ghost of her mother but others as well. When Sawyer and his family move in downstairs from her, Veronica enlists him in her senior year project, proving that ghosts really exist. Sawyer reluctantly agrees, he’s strangely drawn to Veronica, even though she’s a social outcast. Echoes Between Us pleasantly surprised me with its sweet story, solid, dynamic characters, and unique issues. While it is primarily a romance, it also tackles some heavy topics such as addiction, alcoholism, cancer, and death. Told in alternating first-person between Sawyer and Veronica, it has an intimate feel and closely explores each’s vulnerabilities. Veronica is whimsical and full of life, despite having a potentially fatal brain tumor. Sawyer is compassionate and loving, spending most of his time taking care of his sister and mother, all while battling his adrenaline junkie compulsions telling him to jump off dangerous cliffs. Echoes Between Us reminded me a bit of A Walk to Remember but with ghosts. It’s an emotional but lovely story, and I thoroughly recommend it to other fans of emotional YA.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Hauntingly beautiful. This book stuck with me even when I put it down, which I tried not to do often. There were moments were I was genuinely creeped out, goosebumps and all, and had to put it down. It not only questioned Sawyers’ belief in ghosts but my own. McGarry is an instant but for me, so when I saw eARCs available for Echos Between Us I immediately snagged one without reading the synopsis. Going back and reading it after I’ve finished the book makes me glad I didn’t because it’s not a subject I typically enjoy. I’m not a supernatural fan and I like my YA contemporaries to be filled with romance rather than ghosts. This was not the case with Veronica and Sawyers story. ➽ Veronica - the weird girl at school. She celebrates holidays at the wrong time of the year, doesn’t fit the typical mode with her loner friends and supposedly eats Girl Scouts for lunch. ➽ Sawyer - Mr. Popular rich boy who has a ton of friends, is the leader of his group and excels at swimming. His life seems perfect from the outside looking it. Sawyer moves into the haunted downstairs apartment of Veronica’s house and she gets to see firsthand just how hard his life really is and the facade he has been putting on. Sawyer also gets an inside look at Veronica’s life and sees just how wrong he was about her and why she lives life the way she does. Soon a tenuous friendship with the promise of something more forms between the two as they work on their senior project: proving the other side exists. A sweet contemporary romance with supernatural elements, Echos Between Us tugs at the heartstrings while also giving you goosebumps. Neither Veronica or Sawyer have it easy, but in drastically different ways. I don’t want to spill too much on Veronica, but I loved how Sawyer’s storyline was handled. He was an adrenaline junky that used dangerous acts of adrenaline to escape his life and responsibilities for a few moments. While there are a ton of self help groups out there available, adrenaline junky help groups like AA isn’t really a thing. AA is though and it was touching to see him taken under another guys wing and show readers how to ask for help. I think that is such an important lesson to take away from this novel. From Veronica I learned to live life to the fullest and the way you want to live it no matter what anyone thinks. The secondary characters in this books were so important. From Veronica’s dad, to her best friends and Sawyer’s sister and mom. Everyone had their own story and we got to learn it. I’m actually hoping we get to revisit this world someday and maybe get endings to Veronica’s friends stories. I fell in love with Nazareth, Jesse, and Leo. I want to know where their stories go from here and how they end. Plus I’d like to check in on Veronica and Sawyer. Echos Between Us was so unique to not only McGarry’s other works but anything else I’ve ever read. For moments I too believed in the supernatural like Veronica, got chills and a tad nervous about not things that go bump in the night. If you’re a non-believer like Sawyer you’ll still enjoy this book and his explanations behind residual hauntings and the spirits left behind that haunt us.
jrozereads 4 months ago
I had difficulty getting through the beginning since it had a bit of a slow start, but definitely picks up the pace throughout the rest of the story, and I enjoyed it! I thought it seemed like a typical YA contemporary at first, but with paranormal elements, and heavier topics such as mental illness, addiction, and other topics it separates itself from typical YA novels. The characters were interesting, but they fit into some high school stereotypes (loner, golden boy, etc.) which was kind of cheesy, but I liked how the author used dual perspectives to tell both Sawyer and Veronica's stories and how they both dealt with issues that they faced and they were both interesting characters who deserved better. It was an amazing contemporary novel, with characters that I liked, mystery elements that kept me hooked, and an amazing relationship between the two main characters. I was lucky to get the chance to read this. Thank you to bookishfirst / Tor teen for providing me a copy to review.
Sarahb 4 months ago
This was a lovely young adult novel with some paranormal twists! I am a fan of Katie McGarry and was thrilled to receive this arc of Echoes Between Us. This was a great read full of paranormal elements and romance. The author also dealt with some addiction issues and abandonment issues, as well as processing grief and dealing with health issues. Overall, this story read quickly and I found myself wondering where McGarry was going to take the story. Thank you netgalley for this arc in exchange for my honest opinion.
Acciobiblio 4 months ago
4.5⭐ - this book started off a little slow/confusing, but once it got going, it was excellent. Touched on a lot of deep and heartwrenching issues, and did it with great nuance. I loved the relationships developed in the book at all levels- familial, friendships, and romantic. This was my first book by Katie McGarry, and I definitely would like to see what else she's done!
Monica-x 4 months ago
Thank you Bookish First, publisher Tor Teen and author Katie McGarry for an Advanced Reader Copy of Echoes Between Us, in exchange for my honest review. Veronica -knows that people think she's weird -lives life on her own terms -has the best friends she could ask for -haunted by her dead mother -has a secret she's keeping all to herself, until she can't anymore Sawyer -considered popular -great at swimming, school not so much -took on the responsibility of "man of the house" -carries the weight of a secret he can't tell anyone, not even his best friends. Everyone has secrets. Can Veronica and Sawyer confide in each other when their own secrets are to much to bear? This book surprised me! It was more than I thought it would be. This book could have easily broken my heart. Katie McGarry had me so wrapped up in the casual love thing between Veronica and Sawyer, I almost forgot that they were not supposed to fall in love. The chemistry between the two characters was perfect. I feel Veronica and Sawyer were meant to be together. The ending...oh my god it could have gone so many different ways . I'm glad it ended the way it did. It's been a while since I've cried so hard reading the ending of a book. I loved it, I loved it so much! Veronica has some amazing friends, the best support system. They are there for her when she needs them most. I think we all want someone to be there for us like that, unconditionally. I love the way V lives. I love the way she's not afraid to be herself. Veronica lives by her own rules. I want to live like her. I have too many thoughts about Sawyer. He is just so much more than he knows. I was rooting for him to handle his demons on top of everything else. He took care of everything surprisingly well. Only being 17, both Veronica and Sawyer handle what's thrown their way surprisingly well. I couldn't imagine going through what they do. One of my favorite things about Echoes Between Us was the Playlist. I think every book needs it's own playlist. Katie McGarry left us with a list of songs relating to the Theme, Veronica, Sawyer, and Veronica and Sawyer's Future [link to playlist below].
Bibliomatter 4 months ago
This book was a total breath of fresh air! I feel like there haven't been many YA novels with ghosts recently, so I was really excited to dive in. However, Echoes Between Us was even better than I ever expected! The character development was phenomenal. My only complaint is that I wish it wasn't over so soon. I could have read this story forever! The way they handled the topic of brain tumors was well done. At times, the story was absolutely heart wrenching. I would highly recommend this story to anyone who loves contemporary, but wants to give fantasy a try. Somehow it had the same feeling as a contemporary novel even though it was filled with ghosts and supernatural occurrences. Very unique!
Jenea Whittington 4 months ago
I saw this one BookishFirst and thought it sounded really so I was thrilled to be able to read it. Now, I was thinking it would be a ghost story with maybe a little bit of young love, but I was in no way prepared for the emotional journey that these two take but it was so worth it. This story that follows a teenager named Veronica, who suffers from migraines due to a brain tumor. Not only does she have migraines from the tumor but it causes her to see her mother’s ghost. And then the golden boy Sawyer moves in their apartment her father and her rent out, and needless to say, they don’t get along. His friends have always talked horribly about Veronica and made fun of her and even though he never said anything himself, he didn’t stop them either. They do however strike up a friendship when his younger sister starts seeing the ghost as well and Veronica tries to help. And things also start to change between them while they were working on a school project but there is so much more to it when feelings come into play. Veronica is a character that I adore from the start. She knows that she will suffer terribly one day from the tumor, but she still lives her life to the fullest. Always staying true to herself. Never trying to be like the popular kids. She is picked on for being the weird girl but she still doesn’t try to change anything about herself and I loved her for it. She also has a great group of friends who know about her illness and help her whenever she needs them. She also has a wonderful Dad, who loves her so much and spends a lot of time worrying about her. But as for love, she sees no reason for it if she won’t be able to see it through and that just broke me heart. Now Sawyer, is one that I wasn’t sure of at first. I was a little upset with him at the beginning for standing by while his friends mercilessly picked on Veronica. Then there was the fact that he was an adrenaline junkie and does stupid and dangerous things for the high to deal with his problems. I didn’t know a whole lot about the addiction, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt till I knew more about it. His home life pretty much sucked, and he’s expected to be the best of the best in school and on the swim team and there are a few other things he had to deal with too but I won’t give to much more away. And I will say, that over time the more I learned about his home life and what he was dealing with U began to understand why he did the things he did and my heart went out to him. Plus, the way he genuinely loved and cared for his little sister made me become to adore him and just had to root for him to make it through it all. The story is given to us from Veronica and Sawyers point of view and was the perfect way to see the story as a whole and their story covers a lot of things that teenagers deal with. School issues, friendships, first loves, bullying, drinking, home life and illnesses and McGarry did an amazing job handling it all too. while reading my emotions were all over place while reading this and it didn’t let up till the end. I snickered at Veronica and Sawyers interaction, especially their flirting. I felt the eeriness of the ghost aspect that carries throughout and how it played into everything. I cried for Veronica and her illness and the loss of her mother and how it has affected her and what Sawyer was going through as well. Like, I said, my emotions were everywhere but all the while, I wanted these two to find some kind of happiness. I could go
Anonymous 4 months ago
Echoes Between Us had me from the start. It draws you in and keeps you till the very end. Katie tackles a lot throughout the book. Addiction, death, relationships in ways I haven’t read before. It’s not your typical Young Adult romance read. And I love that about it. It has the handsome athlete, Sawyer, but unlike most books, he carries demons with him everyday. Our main character, Veronica, has her struggles and demons but doesn’t let that stop her from trying to live her life. When the two are drawn together they set out on a mission to discover and prove the unknown. One is a true believer the other a skeptic, which brings the story to life even more. I don’t usually go for ghost stories, (I’m a baby and scare easily), and though this book has a few eerie scenes, I still fell in love with it. My one suggestion would be, if you’re like me, don’t read it too much at night. But would recommend it to anyone.
ambam1987 4 months ago
‘Echoes Between Us’ dives into essential topics that affects teens today such as addiction, grief, serious illness, depression, and will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride in a million different directions. I completely fell in love with the story line and it was an emotional roller coaster with an unpredictable twist . This romantic story overflows with love. It's about letting others in to the deep places and secrets of our lives and allowing love to flow in. It was amazing. I will be recommending it to teen readers and other library patrons who enjoy reading something with a paranormal twist. Thank you to Bookish First for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
jwx4 4 months ago
Veronica is a misfit who has a brain tumor and knows that she's dying. Sawyer is the popular boy who is tired of everyone else's expectations of him, he just wants to live his life his way. The haunted house full of ghosts and a school project that's required for graduation, will these issues bring the two together? I loved the characters. They were well written and well formed, very relatable. The imagery of the popular kids versus the socially inept kids reminded me of when I was in school. I thought the story was great. It was very fast paced and enjoyable. I stayed glued to this story until it's conclusion. There was just enough spooky content to make it a creepy read, but not enough to call it a horror. I thought it was a really sweet book.
Anonymous 4 months ago
When I read the description of this book, I just knew I needed to read it and I'm so glad that I did! I love both the YA and Paranormal genres and Echoes Between Us merges the two wonderfully. Told under dual voices from the two main characters, Veronica and Sawyer, this book explores the complexities of teenage life, sickness and addiction. There are so many layers to this book and it rarely went where I thought it was going to go. It was definitely a page turner! The characters, while quirky and a little broken, are all very believable and likable. The plot line is both creepy and intriguing. This was the first book that I have read by Katie McGarry, but it will certainly not be the last! Thank you to NetGalley for my digital copy of the book and to Bookish First for my print copy. Both were in exchange for my honest review.