Education and Training in Indoor Air Sciences

Education and Training in Indoor Air Sciences

by Nadia Boschi (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9780792359104
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, LLC
Publication date: 08/28/1999
Series: NATO Science Partnership Sub-Series: 2: Series , #60
Pages: 268

Table of Contents

Contributors. Preface. Acknowledgements. Part I: Introduction. 1. Defining an Educational Framework for Indoor Air Sciences; N. Boschi. Part II: Historical Perspective: Defining the Scientific Field. 2. Indoor Air Sciences: A Defined Area of Study or a Field to be Defined; J. Sundell. Part III: Current Trends in Indoor Air Sciences Education. 3. Toward an Internationally Harmonized, Multiprofessional Educational Program in Indoor Air Sciences: Needs and Strategies; M. Maroni. 4. Trends in the Post Graduate Educational Curriculum of The Indoor Air Sciences; L. Mølhave. Part IV: On-Going Educational Programs. 5. Indoor Air Science Training and Education in Finland; P.J. Kalliokoski. 6. Graduate Education and Training in Indoor Air Science - A Canadian Approach; F. Haghighat. 7. Indoor Air Fundamentals and Graduate Education in the Czech Republic; V. Benchko, I. Holcátová. 8. The Teaching of Indoor Air Quality at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Budapest; L. Banhidi. 9. Post Graduate Training on the Health Significance of Indoor Air Quality in Hungary; P. Rudnai. 10. Indoor Air Quality Education at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava Slovak Republic; D. Petras. 11. Environmental Engineering Educational Process in the Field of Indoor Air Sciences; I. Senitkova. 12. Indoor Air Education in the Slovak Republic: Education at the Medical Faculties; K. Slotova. Part V: Research and Problem Based Education. 13. Training Specialists in Occupational Medicine: The Benefitsof Research Experience in the Field of Indoor Environment; G. Muzi. 14. Indoor Environmental Quality Research and Education at Harvard University; H.S. Brightman, et al. 15. Problem Based Teaching in Indoor Air Sciences and Practice. Danish and International Experiences; S. Kjœrgaard. 16. The Assessment Techniques of the Indoor Environment: The Case of the Italian University Libraries; G. Guarnerio, R. Pavesi. Part VI: Emerging Issues. 17. A Sustainable Environment Basis for Education in Indoor Air Sciences; H. Levin. 18. Engineering Education for Indoor Air Specialists; G. Clausen, D.P. Wyon. 19. Occupant Assessment of Indoor Air Quality; G.J. Raw, D. Cpsychol. 20. Knowledge and Technology Transfer in Teaching in Indoor Air Sciences; L. Morawska. Part VII: Different Educational Players for Different Audiences and Needs. 21. Federal Roles in Education and Training in the Indoor Air Sciences: Case Studies of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Involvement in Training Development and Delivery; E. Feldman. 22. Education and Training in the Field of Indoor Air Sciences in Bulgaria; M. Tchoutchkova. 23. Education Needs in Eastern European Countries and New Independent States; L. Banhidi, V. Bencko. 24. Education in Indoor Air Sciendes in Poland; A. Charkowska. 25. Education in Indoor Air Sciences in Romania; I. Mocsy. 26. CIB and Education and Training in Indoor Air Sciences; P.M. Bluyssen, W. Bakens. 27. Assessment of Indoor Air Quality and its Impact on Children's Health; A. P&aa

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