by Carol Oates
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Ember 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
iheartyabooks More than 1 year ago
Ember is dynamite! That's how I felt after reading this book-like I've been sitting on a keg of dynamite for the last two days, and Carol Oates just blew me away. She threw the most wicked and twisted curves in Ember. Everything I thought was going to happen just blew up, and my heart is still racing. Oh, how I love it when an author does that. The storyline is fantastic. The romance is steamy hot! The characters are awesome. This whole book is one amazingly beautiful thrill ride. Thank you, Carol Oates, for getting my heart racing and blowing my mind! Sebastian and Draven are both gorgeous in looks and body. These two are in a bad boy match, and Candra is the prize. Candra's eighteen, and she carries the Watcher war between Sebastian and Draven on her shoulders. Love for Candra is a curse. She can't just chose to follow her heart for the one she loves. The romance between these three soooooo goooooood! I love the way Oates describes these moments, especially Candra's intimate thoughts about Sebastian. Swoon, swoon, and more swoon :) I don't know if there's going to be a second book. The ending was left open for one, but it could work for a finished ending, too. I do hope for a second book. I definitely could go for more of Sebastian and Draven. Just can't get enough of these two bad boys. I highly recommend Ember as a must read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I think this sounds cute and I would like an cute angel watching over me~Ember
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Couldn't get into this book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
-Did he?- Shadowmist breathed in deeply. "I think so. But be careful when you do..."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Beatiful she cat warrior of fifteen moons with a grey bluesh pelt with white streaks. Dark blue eyes. Has a mate called Darkpelt and thtee kits: Tumblekit Pondkit and Duskkit, l ready to become apps. Would love a app of her own! She is kind, daring, DEFENSIVE, ad dives into things nose first. If she ever retreats, youll find her at 'coolness' res one.
WhatsBeyondForks More than 1 year ago
Ember is the first book in the Ember series by Carol Oates. Angels, angels, everywhere! I couldn't get enough of this book. Any chance I got, I was reading it! There were so many unique aspects to this story. For one, you don't have a clear picture of who's good or who's bad. That really kept me on my toes while I read. Even though I favored Sebastian from the start, I couldn't help but wonder what his true motives were. There are two main groups of angels, and both sides want something from Candra. Like Candra, I had a hard time picking a side. Both choices seemed to have good intentions. But do they really? I'm not telling! There are surprising twists and turns as you ride the emotional roller coaster with Candra. The wrong choice could mean war. Or maybe it's the right choice? Hmm. When I thought I had the two sides figured out... Wrong! The plot was very well thought out, and the author has a way of making the reader feel really invested in the lives of her characters. If you're a fan of angels and fallen angels or just a fan of a good paranormal romance, this is definitely a book to put on your  "To Be Read Now" list!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
AmberSupernaturalandYARev More than 1 year ago
Ember was an awesome read. It was one of those books you can't put down til the end and once your finished you can't stop thinking about how it will continue on, kind of like a book high. Carol Oates descriptive details in the story came alive in your mind, you can see things as you were reading like I have never had before. I love her style of writing. This book is awesome, I would highly recommend it to anyone. I think Carol did an amazing job with this book, it was unlike any of the "traditional" stories you read about with angels. Ember was full of secrets, lies, and so much more. Cambra has just been told that she is not who she think she is and neither was her father. Cambra is just about to find out how confusing her life really is. Her father was a fallen angel, her mother, a human making her Nephilim. The only one of her kind. She was hidden away from the angels, so that she would not been killed, because it was thought that the Nephilim were soulless and evil. Sebastian the leader of the angels that took the lives of the Nephilim, was searching for his partner who fell from Heaven years ago, however, he didnt expect to find Cambra, it was his mission to kill her kind, but once he saw her, he know she was unlike the rest. He couldn't do it. Now Sebastian is trying to protect Cambra from Draven. Draven is practically forcing Cambra to his side of the Angels. She accepts only because if she doesn't he has promised a war between the angels. Sebastian isn't about to let her make that choice he's willing to do everything in his power to make sure she never belongs to Draven. After Cambra has spent so much time together with Sebastian, while under his protection, she is falling for him more and more every day and doesn't know if she can keep the promise she has already made.
MarissaA More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading Ember, I really did. It was a fascinating story with a lot going on, and I felt there was a good pace, a good flow throughout. The story itself deals with Candra, and we first find her in a suspenseful scene that lands her in the hospital, and she has no idea what happened, but remembers a good looking guy, and perhaps some wings? What? Well, eventually she meets the guy with the wings, Sebastian, but he is not telling her anything, literally, so she tries to find some answers from her Stepmother whom is also tightlipped, but she somehow knows Sebastian. What Candra finds as answers is ultimately shocking to her, but she tries to adjust to keep her normal life, even though things are going to change, but are they for the better...or worse? And why does Draven, Sebastian's rival, want to be with Candra so badly? Well, you just got to read this first book in this series, to find out, and let me say it's not at all disappointing!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Is this the nursery?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Okay Read for Angel Lovers
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A_Tale_of_Many_Reviews More than 1 year ago
What I liked: This book was a very character driven story, which I'm all about. I fully invested in the main characters and the supporting cast. This story has a nice romance at the core that just makes you squirm at all the tension! I am a sucker for the push and pull of a budding relationship. The 'will they or won't they' get their act together pulls at my little reader heart strings. Candra and Sebastian are one of the best young adult examples of feeling like you can cut the romantic tension in the air. You will root for these two and all the while wonder about this 'other guy' Draven. I wasn't sure what to think about his presence but he has more to do with the over plot behind the romance I think. I really appreciate that Oates has written a complex character with Sebastian. He is struggling with himself and a mess of new emotions. I think she did a great job portraying how a man would handle these feelings with the type of situation he is personally facing. Candra is a likable character and takes A LOT of things in stride. However, one tragic incident occurs and it was good to see her crack after everything that has happened. One thing I can say is I felt all the raw emotions along with the characters, from butterflies in the stomach, to a first kiss, to heartbreak and sense of duty. Ember sets the stage for character building, fully investing the reader into caring what comes next. The sinister side of the plot is just taking form in this book and I'm set for some action coming for everyone. This leads me to the type of cliffhanger this book has. There is resolution to the romantic conflict set in this book, albeit this resolution comes with an unexpected twist. The cliffhanger involves a sinister 'something' that I can't say much about because it deals with the twist and well, it was part of the cliffhanger, so I don't know. ? What I didn't like: This isn't really a didn't like, but something to be aware. It does take a few chapters to start attaching to the story. The beginning mixes getting to know the characters, setting a stage for everyone's place in the story, setting the foundation for this paranormal world, and until that gets established, you are left wondering which way to throw your allegiance in characters and guessing where the plot is going to go. I didn't see where the plot was actually going to go though until the end. It's hard for me admit this since I pride myself in figuring plots out quickly. ;) Needless to say, because I thought I had it figured out the way things would play out in this book, I was surprised at the climax and kept reading furiously thinking, "OK, where's the catch." There is a catch but you'll have to read the book to find out for yourself. ;) The paranormal side deals with fallen angels and the story created behind it does not fit with traditional Christian views. This is a work of fiction that takes existence of the fallen angel's story and is woven into something created by the author to spin a good paranormal tale. There are other young adult fallen angel books out there, but Ember stands on its own among them. Yes, I've read those too. :) Overall: I enjoyed Ember as a young adult paranormal romance. I would highly recommend this to paranormal romance readers 8th grade and up.
Andreat78 More than 1 year ago
My first thought after reading Ember? Wow, just Wow. My next thought? Seductive. And when I say seductive, I don't necessarily mean sexual. Ember is a book that, at times, felt extremely sensual. Author Carol Oates wrote very sensual scenes, that were hot and heavy without a single kiss or removal of clothes. Those romantic, seductive passages were all about the subtle gestures. The soft touch of a wrist, the heat in a gaze. Writing sensual scenes without the overtly sexual tone takes true skills from an author. In my opinion, Oates writing was simply fabulous. I read Ember within a few hours, often feeling as if I were in a trance. I simply devoured it. Ember is a book filled with enthralling characters, who make you love them one minute and curse them the next. Except for Candra, I never cursed her. Candra was an engaging heroine. She has a quiet determination. She is unwilling to accept anything less than the whole truth. She does not rely on someone else to save her, she takes her fate (and other's) in her own hands. Candra has a beautiful selflessness about her. She is resolved to give up everything to protect those she cares about. As for the men of Ember, I have one word: Swoon. Sebastian is full of self-torture and self-loathing. He is unable to put his violent, disgraceful past behind him. But, and I hardly believe it myself, he's still lovable. The author managed to make him a sympathetic character even when it seems he's done horrendous things. Draven (by the way, awesome name!) is handsome and alluring. He is self-assured and has swagger. And, the guy is a master manipulator, always playing all angles. Sebastian and Draven are both sexy and dangerous. And I wasn't sure who was good or bad until the very end of the book. Just the way I like my guys! In Ember, Carol Oates has written one gorgeous book. The book could definitely be a stand-alone, but for all our sake's, I hope there will be many more tales of Candra, Sebastian and Draven. Favorite Quotes: "You see this body and this face, but you can't see the ugliness that's inside. I've been a black cloud over everything and everyone I've ever come into contact with through my entire existence. You see a storm as a shelter." "Something inside her called out to him as the moon called to the tide, dragging it forward to crash and break apart against an unyielding shore." *I received a copy of Ember for a blog tour, in exchange for an honest review.*
krishna47 More than 1 year ago
Ember is a Paranormal Romance about a girl named Candra. She is a very normal teenaged girl or that's what she thought until that fateful day that Sebastian, a Watcher Angel came into her life and shattered everything she believed about herself. Suddenly, her stepmother Brie is actually Ambriel an angel who had fallen for her and her father. And her father is actually an angel who had also fallen and that makes her a Nephilim, a half angel and half human. Sebastian, an angel who went down to earth to kill all the soulless Nephilims, has fallen in love with one. It had to be a sick joke but nope.. it's real! His only plan was to find his little sister Ambriel but instead he found her with a Nephilim stepdaughter. He should've killed Candra the moment he saw her but he couldn't. He saw that she's different from the soulless Nephilims he has killed. He's conflicted with the emotions he feels for her. So he became a creepy angel stalker and Candra wouldn't even know if not for the beautiful flame haired woman who attacked her. Suddenly, Candra's life changed from a very ordinary teenager to a Nephilim girl who fell in love with a sad, arrogant and brooding angel with a very dark past. And if that's enough, another angel named Draven enters her life. He informed her that there could be a war between the two groups of angels if she did not become his mate. And it all comes down to her, will she choose the angel who owns her heart or would she chose the other angel for the greater good of everyone but her? My Reaction: Miss Carol Oates is one magnificent writer! Reading "Ember" reminded me why I love the good old Paranormal Romance. It reminded me why I love all those sad and full of angst angels. This is one great read for me. The main characters are really well written. They would both make you giddy and frustrate you. I always thought that when my emotions are twisted in a roller coater ride by the characters of one book then that means, the writer is an effective one. Miss Carol Oates also did a fantastic job on writing about the supporting characters. She gave them importance. The supporting characters were given their own moment to shine and they affected me as the reader. The supporting characters were not in the story just for the heck of it, but they were vital in order to make the changes that the two main protagonists are going through, much more believable and effective. Miss Oates succeeded in what other writers lacked; she made the other characters important and memorable as the two main protagonists. Candra and Sebastian's chemistry was excellently done! A reader would be a stone not to feel their chemistry. Although, I would admit that there were times that they frustrated me and I didn't understand why they're not together but the moment they did admit their feelings for each other was perfect, and right then and there, I realized that it is how it should be. It actually touched me. That scene was powerful and full of emotions. I don't think I could say anything more to describe how much I enjoyed reading this book. I swear to you, my fellow book lovers, that when you read this book you'll feel all kinds of emotions, giddy, sad, frustrated, and happy. I'm sure you'll want to read more!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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