Embers in the Ashes (Of History and Indifference): When it is dark enough...

Embers in the Ashes (Of History and Indifference): When it is dark enough...

by Robert A. Bonner


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Embers in the Ashes (Of History and Indifference): When it is dark enough... by Robert A. Bonner

in 1993 an historian wrote:
"... The lynching was especially atrocious: Two young black men were seized, dragged into the woods, and there chained to trees and tortured to death with blowtorches while a howling crowd of whites cursed and taunted them. Photographs were made of the dead bodies...." (K.S. Davis)

This historical novel - ground-breaking in its emotional and graphic intensity - portrays the impact of that atrocity (1937) on two empathetic boys who didn't taunt, but secretly snapped pictures of the living, screaming victims (ironically, one with FDR's surname) - and desperately tried to stop it! Two against 500 (some came by school bus). Failing, they fled in despair and determination - with their Brownie Eagle Eye, embarking on a compelling mission! They had no choice - they'd been 'Out There.'

Enraged, then galvanized, by the failures and heart-breaks of Book I, 'Einstein' Brian and 'Maestro' Marcus become avenging angels, sworn to strike 'Preacher-Creature Cecil' and his 'henchmen from hell' with the swords of retribution, self-defense, and 'un-Confederate' justice. Kids no more, they begin to act like God because 'Somebody has to...!'

With images of brutality sealed in camera, conscience, and nightmares, they write to Eleanor and FDR, and accept her invitation to dinner at the White House. Irrevocably sworn to the most profound 'what-if' of the Twentieth Century, the boys pledge themselves to a daunting 'rendezvous with destiny' - theirs and humanity's. And a Time Capsule ticket to 6939 (CE) and beyond from Albert Einstein.......

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ISBN-13: 9781460254547
Publisher: FriesenPress
Publication date: 07/08/2015
Pages: 576
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.28(d)

About the Author

Life-long Keystoner, taught government, English, history, mock trial, and school paper for 35 years in Pennsylvania. Baccalaureate in history and English, Masters in Political Science, and several years (when almost 50) toward J.D. in law. In WHO's WHO of American Teachers. Served as building representative and on negotiating committees.

Drove truck cross-country for three summers in the Sixties. Saw segregated realities in the South first-hand.
Church pianist and organist off and on for much of life. Always enjoyed a wide variety of music, especially Mahler's Second, Beethoven's Ninth, and Isolde's Libestod (Wagner). Collects books and recordings. Wife Marjorie and he have four grandchildren; all have played sports and taken instrumental lessons.

Coached baseball at Tee-ball, Pony, and Midget levels. (Dated designations) Avid fan of the sport (live), especially when grandkids (now 11-20) are playing it. Favorite ball parks: Williamsport, Happy Valley, and Pittsburgh. Roots for PennState, Steelers, Pirates, and Red Land Little League (non-political). The Bonners have two sons; both have also coached.

A lifetime reader of great literature, favorite novelists are Conrad (Nostromo), Dickens (Tale of Two Cities), Dostoevsky (The Brothers Karamazov), and Twain (Huckleberry Finn). Favorite period of history is the 1930s, with its challenges and incredible combinations of heroism, amateur villainy, ideological zealotry, and pathetic indifference.

EMBERS In The ASHES is his only work of fiction. Motivated (initially) by the failure to identify by name victims Robert "Bootjack" McDaniel(s) and Roosevelt Townes in the historical writings (often footnotes) that referred to their horrific fates....

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