Emotion and Healing in the Energy Body: A Handbook of Subtle Energies in Massage and Yoga

Emotion and Healing in the Energy Body: A Handbook of Subtle Energies in Massage and Yoga

by Robert Henderson


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ISBN-13: 9781620554272
Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Publication date: 06/27/2015
Pages: 320
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About the Author

Robert Henderson is a Thai Yoga Massage therapist and energy worker. A student of Asokoananda, Chaiyuth Priyasith, Pichest Boonthumme, and Jasmine Vishnu, he is a member of the Thai Healing Alliance International. He lives and works in Austria.

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1 Understanding Subtle Energy

Energy Blockages

An energy blockage is an accumulation of subtle body energy from current or former sources that has become stored in a particular part of the body. It’s a bit like the accumulation and storage of fat in the body. Under normal circumstances, the body ingests, digests, and evacuates a certain amount of harmful nutritional energy, like junk food. If we ingest too much of a harmful food, for example grease from chips, burgers, and pizzas, the body becomes unable to digest and evacuate all of the grease properly, so the remainder of it gets sent to a part of the body for storage. The body stores unprocessed food as fat, whereas it stores unprocessed subtle energy as energy blockages.

Fat is a tangible solidified form of excess nutritional energy. Energy blockages are the metaphysical solidification of negative experiences in the eight types of subtle energy, as shown in the following examples.

1. Emotional
—grief, fear, anger, jealousy
2. Sexual—use of sex to fill a void, forced or coerced sex
3. Spiritual—distorted sense of truth, lack of access to higher intellect and consciousness
Mental—unwillingness to let go, need to dominate other people,refusal to forgive someone who has hurt you
5. Interpersonal—your partner taking his or her anger out on you
6. Environmental—stress from work
7. Ancestral—energies of your parents’ lives, which are passed on to you at the time of your conception
8. Karmic—energy of your own past lives come back to you in your current life

In general all emotional, mental, and ancestral energy blockages originate in the first, second, and third chakras in the body. The presence of an energy blockage in the body can result from an acute event, such as the shock at being robbed or mugged on the street, or from a chronic negative situation, such as living in a home where you are constantly afraid of a spouse or a parent.

Take for example working in a frustrating work environment. Under normal day-to-day circumstances, the body is able to process and release low levels of frustration energy. Sometimes if the level of frustration at work rises, we may need to do some form of physical activity, like going to the gym, to help the body get rid of this energy. From time to time, however, you can have a really bad day at the office during which you get so frustrated that your body is simply unable to process and release all of the energy. These are the days when the excess energy of frustration that your body is unable to process gets pushed down and stored in some part of your body. Now imagine you have been working in a frustrating work environment for the past ten years of your life. Add the effects of all those bad days when you have been unable to process and get rid of your frustration together and you will begin to see the process of energy blockage. It might not have felt like much ten years ago, but it has been subtly building up inside until you find yourself in a semi-permanent state of unfulfilled sleep, with low-level tension, shoulder and chest tightness, breathing irregularities, sensitivity to certain food types, and the inability to find peace of mind. These conditions are all characteristic of energy blockage.

Some of the more easily detectable physiological characteristics of energy blockages include sticky skin, a feeling of cold in your abdomen, tightening muscles, nonspecific body pain, inflammation in the neck, headaches, and sensitivity to certain foods. Although the presence of energy blockages can have an adverse effect on the physical condition of the body, the good news is that all types of energy blockage can be undone and released.


There are two types of anger: simple anger and complex anger. Simple anger is an expression of anger related to a single event, for example the anger at having a bad toothache or a pounding headache. Complex anger is an expression of anger relate to a broader series of events, such as anger at work or anger at life. Complex anger is an umbrella emotion made up of parts of other energies, such as frustration, impatience, jealousy, hatred, bitterness (anger and sadness mixed together), disappointment, unforgiveness, intolerance, judgment, the need to punish, the need for revenge, the feeling of injustice, the feeling of being controlled, the experience of having your personal power undermined or taken away, the feeling of loss, such as a job loss and the subsequent feeling of entitlement following such loss or injustice. Rage is an expression of complex anger when allowed to explode without control.

I have grouped these feelings, experiences, beliefs, and behaviors together because the energies that fuel and give rise to them have a common origin, or start point, within the body. This start point is an energy center in the body known as the third chakra, located in the solar plexus region of the body. Due to their common energy and origin, all these particular emotions, feelings, experiences, and behaviors have similar physiological and metaphysical effect on the body.

1. It makes parts of your body go hard. It makes the muscles in your body go hard. Three common examples are mid-back, shoulders, and jaws.
2. You cannot fully connect to yourself. You somehow do not feel right in yourself. You are unable to ground yourself.
3. You lose your natural ability to digest a full range of foods and beverages. In other words, certain foods begin to make you feel nauseous. This is not food making you ill, but food telling you an illness is already present.

When you experience any of these feelings during or after a strong massage, yoga, martial art, or meditation practice, it shows that there has been a release of anger-type energy from your third chakra into your system.

Table of Contents

Part One

Introduction to Subtle Energy and the Chakras

1 Understanding Subtle Energy
2 Energy Balancing in the Chakras and Meridians

Part Two

Types of Subtle Energy and Their Release through Yoga and Massage

3 Emotional Energy
4 Sexual and Karmic Energies
5 Spiritual Energy
6 Interpersonal, Ancestral, and Environmental Energies

Part Three

Healing Emotional Blockages

7 Reading the Colors of Energy
8 Releasing Blockages in the Body: 30 Energetic Ailment Indicators

Epilogue Becoming the Person You Were Meant to Be

Appendix The Esoteric


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