by J. S. Scott


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All it takes is a little friction to turn up the heat in the third Accidental Billionaires novel by New York Times bestselling author J.S. Scott.

Like his brothers and sisters, Seth Sinclair went from blue-collar to billionaire overnight, and he’s decided to invest in what he knows best: construction. There’s only one thing in his way—the endangered birds nesting on a piece of prime beachfront real estate. And fighting for the birds is Riley Montgomery, a stubborn, pain-in-the-ass, drop-dead-gorgeous environmental lawyer. The worst part? Seth will do anything to keep her around—even if it means hiring her to be his fake girlfriend.

With a cause to fight for, Riley agrees to Seth’s scheme. If she keeps the superficial women away from Seth, then he’ll leave the wildlife sanctuary alone. But pretending to be his girlfriend comes with ground rules: No ass grabbing. And absolutely no sex. Ever. The problem? The sexual tension sizzles when they’re together.

Seth isn’t so keen on Riley’s rules, but he’ll keep his word, at least until she decides otherwise. But bringing Riley into his circle has brought her past back to haunt her in ways that neither of them expected. Now it’s less about broken rules and more about broken hearts, and Seth will do whatever it takes to protect the woman he loves.

This is the third book in The Accidental Billionaires series—Seth Sinclair’s story.

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ISBN-13: 9781542015394
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 10/15/2019
Series: Accidental Billionaires Series , #3
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 112,103
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

J.S. “Jan” Scott is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of numerous contemporary and paranormal romances, including the Sinclairs and the Accidental Billionaires series. She’s an avid reader of all types of books and literature, but romance has always been her genre of choice—so she writes what she loves to read: stories that are almost always steamy, generally feature an alpha male, and have a happily ever after, because she just can’t seem to write them any other way! Jan loves to connect with readers. Visit her website at www.authorjsscott.com.

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Enamored 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
KivicCT140 30 days ago
Enamored (Accidental Billionaires Book #3) I absolutely loved Enamored (Accidental Billionaires Book #3) by J.S. Scott. This is a fast paced, insanely sexy read, with well developed characters and just the right amount of angst. I loved the chemistry and witty banter between Seth and Riley. Once you start reading Enamored you won't want to put it down. This is a definite 5 star book. Thank you NetGalley and J.S. Scott for giving me the opportunity to read Enamored.
Cali-Jewel 3 months ago
Highly entertaining, sexy, fun and engaging romantic journey filled with thrilling charters, witty banter and undeniable passion..... a great read from beginning to end. Really enjoyed this emotionally thrilling adventure and look forward to the next one in this series.
UpAllNightBB 3 months ago
5 Stars Reviewed by Allyson Late Night Reviewer Up All Night With Books Blog "The last thing I should be agreeing to was anything that allowed for any kind of intimacy between us. He was the enemy. My adversary." Passion erupts and chemistry ignites through the heated battle over property and emotions in Enamored, the third novel in J.S. Scott's Accidental Billionaires series. I have loved every book that Ms. Scott has written and when she ventured out with the East coast Sinclaire's, I just knew these books would be sin-ful! Enamored is more than just a little sin, topped with an arrogant billionaire who gets his way and a good-looking woman who wants to save the animals. It's emotion, it's pride in what you stand for, it's heart for your family and it's above else... it's love - opening yourself up finally and letting it take hold of you for once. Ms. Scott makes you feel every last one of those qualities of this story and then some. "I need a woman, Riley. And that woman has to be you." Riley and Seth are two pieces of a puzzle that truly fit together, but to watch them figure that out was beautiful and somewhat carthritic.
Lit_Litehosue 3 months ago
Seth and Riley start out as rivals but oh the chemistry... I have enjoyed getting to know all of the Sinclair billionaires. J.S. Scott writes billionaires like no other and yet her stories keep getting better and better. I loved Seth and Riley together and all of the interaction with the family that we have come to know and love.
DebbieLTD 3 months ago
A simple, beautiful love story. Riley and Seth each have their own memories from childhood that have tainted love for them. They also are on opposite ends of a legal battle over some land. But, when they are together sparks fly. Can they work together to compromise on the land, over come their own demons, and stop fighting the attraction they have for each other? Great feel good story about life giving everyone second chances to get things right. I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
Shaidh 3 months ago
Seth Sinclair is a recent real estate tycoon. He owns a special piece of land that a protected species visited last year. He wants to develop it but has hit a roadblock in a fiery read-head. Riley Montgomery is an animal rights activist and attorney. She hears about the possible development of a nesting ground and even though she offers to buy the land she’s turned down. Since Seth came into money he’s been propositioned more times than he can count. It’s all fake women though, only interested because he’s a lost Sinclair. When he meets a woman who seems to see the real him he’s intrigued. Too bad she’s the same woman who’s making his life difficult. Can he give in to her demands and keep her in his life? As with every single book about the Sinclair’s (original or extended) this book will captivate you. Seth and Riley are such great characters. Riley has so much depth in her backstory and she’s got to overcome so much personal struggle in this story. Her character grows so much as she becomes more sure of herself and more confident in her relationships with others. Seth doesn’t really change that much. He pretty much realizes what he wants pretty quick and he doesn’t really waver in that. It is wonderful to see how completely supportive he is of Riley though. I found myself smiling so much while reading this story. It is not all one big happy journey but the happiness does outweigh the suffering. I also liked how some real issues and problems were addressed within this story and resources were given at the end. I can’t wait for Noah’s story. I really have no idea what to expect with him. I received an advanced copy of this story through NetGalley and am very happy to leave my voluntary and honest review.
Luadri 3 months ago
Enamored is the third book in the "Accidental Billionaires" series. It was a great story from start to finish. Seth and Riley agree to help each other. She wants to protect some endangered animals that are nesting on a property that he wants to sell and Seth needs assistance in making a smooth connections in society. They are very attracted to each other from the beginning. The emails they exchanged at first where filled of sexy bantering. As they spend time together they seemed to get along very well. Sadly Riley begins to have doubts and becomes reluctant to take their relationship further. She lived a very traumatic childhood and is still trying to put herself together. These scenes between them when she explains to him of the life she has lived were very heartbreaking. When she talks about how those people who should of protected her from harm where the ones responsible for her trauma was so sad. I loved how Seth was there for her and built up her confidence. He did slip up for a moment, but he later apologized and redeemed himself. Overall this story was a wonderful read. It did talk about some difficult topics that they both went through, but their support and love for each other made it all better! Their siblings were a delight and I'm looking forwards to reading Noah's story! Thank you to the publisher for the ARC given through NetGalley for an honest review.
dshutters 3 months ago
Starts with Seth talking with his sister Jade about a piece of land that is trying to build on and birds that have nested there and will come back next season and she does not want him to build on it. Riley is a lawyer who is fighting Seth through legal channels to get the property for the birds. Seth and Riley communicate through emails which always makes Riley mad. Love how the story goes and look forward to reading more books in this series. I recommend this book!!!!!!
emilyk52281 3 months ago
"Enamored" (Accidental Billionaires Book 3) by J. S. Scott is a fantastic read. I loved Seth and Riley's story. This is a wonderful addition to this series. This story has romance, passion, billionaires, close family, interesting and entertaining characters, and more. I loved catching up with the Sinclair family. I can't wait to see what happens next in Noah's book. Highly recommend to all fans of romance, billionaires, families, and series.
Mimiphilly 3 months ago
This ARC was courtesy of netgalley - all thoughts and opinions are mine and unbiased Loved this - a fantastic holiday read - Part of a series - this is the only one I've read so far - hot and steamy I now have to go back and search out the others in the series !!
Sandrathereader 3 months ago
Enamored, book 3 in the Accidental Billionaire series, is another fantastic book that definitely kept me reading until the end. To be completely honest, I am so glad I had forgotten Seth and his actions in Aiden and Skye’s story because I was really annoyed with him! So when I started Enamored, it was with a clean slate. Despite how I felt about him in Entangled, in his story, I absolutely adored Seth. He realized the error of his ways and expressed how remorseful he was so all was forgiven :). Just like Aiden and Noah, he was the big brother to his 3 younger siblings, he sacrificed so much to make sure they had everything they needed. He would basically do anything for them. So when Jade teams up with Riley, an environmental lawyer to protect the land he has plans for, he pretty much knew what he had to do. The only problem he saw was the loss of communication with a woman that fascinated him. So he cooked up a proposal to remain in her life. What results is a story that was so much more emotional than I was anticipating. Riley has some secrets that were heartbreaking, but the way Seth supported her and was so patient with her was so heartwarming. Like in the previous books, there was a misunderstanding that led to a separation, but in Seth and Riley’s story it was short lived and dealt with so much more smoothly. I did want to still smack Seth over the head for his reasons, but I appreciated how quickly he groveled and I was really happy with Riley’s response. All in all, a wonderful and emotional story and I highly recommend it. Now I really want to know Noah’s story and see his happily ever after!
Sugarhoney1964 3 months ago
Excellent read by J S Scott. From the beginning to the end she puts meaning behind every word written. Seth and Riley chemistry was off the charts from their first encounter . Once Seth put things in motion to get with Riley there was no turning back. A must read to enjoy.
Mary_G 3 months ago
Enamored (Accidental Billionaires #3) I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Enamored (Accidental Billionaires, book 3) is another excellent book in the Accidental Billionaires series. With the sneak peek we got at the end of Entangled (Accidental Billionaires, book 2), you just knew Seth and Riley’s store was going to be good, and it was so, so good. I really liked our handsome hunk, Seth, but Riley was such a wonderful character because there is so much more to her, and once the mystery unfolds you will understand why she is the way she is. I loved watching their relationship grow into something so meaningful. Their story begins with property that Seth owns and would like to develop; however, Riley (an environmental lawyer) has squashed that idea because the property needs to stay as is for the wildlife that uses that land during the summer. The solution to this problem results in deals being made. Enamored (Accidental Billionaires, book 3) offers so much, there is mystery, drama, secrets, misunderstandings, groveling, and with all that going on there is also a wonderful love story, and J. S. Scott never disappoints when she delivers these oh so delicious HOT, HOT sex scenes. Enamored (Accidental Billionaires, book 3) is a must read! I cannot wait to read Noah’s story!
MLH438 3 months ago
Enamored is the third book in J.S. Scott's Accidental Billionaires series featuring Seth Sinclair, a down-to-earth, scrumptious, and sexy developer who wants to build a resort on a beachfront location. Riley Montgomery is a passionate, "drop-dead gorgeous" environmental lawyer who is fighting his plans since it threatens a nesting colony for an endangered species of birds. They spar back and forth in emails because Seth knows, if he gives in without a fight, Riley would have no reason to contact him again. He plays his trump card and tells Riley he'll give up on the land if she will agree to a "deal" - accompany him as his girlfriend for a few months to allow him to drum up alternative investors for his company. Riley had already "rescued" him from women who want him since he became a billionaire but who would never before have acknowledged him. Seth learns about Riley's past and dysfunctional family, and his protective instincts are engaged. He wants Riley to know she is perfect to him - no matter what happened in her past. "Let me care about you, Riley. I already do, but I want you to accept it as your right, as something you deserve." Like all of Scott's other Billionaire series, this is a steamy, page turner that you will definitely enjoy. She always writes characters that grab you and don't let go. I'm looking forward to Noah's story and can't wait to see what's in store for him, and I'd love to know more about Riley's brothers too! I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
KindleKat64 3 months ago
I loved every little thing about this book! I knew I was going to love Seth's story, and even though I have enjoyed the other two books in this series, I think I love this one the most so far. Seth and Riley are an amazing couple! Seth simply makes me swoon. The two may start off on opposite sides of an environmental/property dispute, but passion runs deep and often spills over into other facets of life, so before long they are on the same side of the road to their happily ever after. Something that is much deserved for them both. As usual Ms Scott drew me in from the very first page and kept me there until the last. I can't wait for more in this wonderfully entertaining series.
Kohler7586 3 months ago
Enamored is one of my favorites for sure! Seth has something Riley wants and he wants Riley. So he is willing to do just about anything to keep her by him. Proposing to have her as his fake girlfriend in order for him to not build on the bird sanctuary is the least she can do to keep it safe for them. Riley does just that. BUT with rules.. No sex, no grabbing etc... Seth is going crazy. Having her so close but not. As things come up from her past it draws her to him but still keeps her walls up. Seth is determined to be there for her, the same as she stepped up as his fake girlfriend. Only he wants more. Will he be able to break down the big walls that high society has built? This one I could not put it down!  
Lashea677 3 months ago
Enamored made every page count. Scott takes the term heartbreaker seriously. Seth and Riley went from raw to inspiring. Riley could be the poster child for bad luck. From childhood to adulthood, painful secrets continue to shape the woman she's come to be. She's a fighter that doesn't know how to quit. Even if that means breaking her own heart. Seth Sinclair is the firestorm she never saw coming. Brought together by a difference of opinion, they push each other at ever turn. With battle lines drawn, it quickly becomes obvious that more is going on. Battle scarred and world weary, can these fierce enemies survive the heartache of falling in love? Out of a tarnished life comes a captivating romance that will forever haunt your heart.