Energy Work 101

Energy Work 101

by Todd Cunningham
Energy Work 101

Energy Work 101

by Todd Cunningham


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Energy Work 101 is a manual for operating your human energetics. This guide includes ten exercises and meditations about

• grounding and aligning with your higher self;
• becoming more conscious and aware;
• learning your unique universal language;
• gaining faith in yourself that you will heal;
• discovering what you will be happy with;
• learning to facilitate another person's awakening.

You are a synchronization of universal, individual, and Earth consciousness, which is made from our all one universe-made of light and love.

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ISBN-13: 9781452541990
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 12/21/2011
Pages: 108
Sales rank: 905,220
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Energy Work 101

By Todd Cunningham


Copyright © 2011 Todd Cunningham
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-4199-0

Chapter One


Grounding and Personal Awareness

The first step in becoming more conscious is to get grounded. By grounded I mean bringing the energy fields of your higher self into alignment with your physical energy fields and body. Grounding is a multidimensional energetic connection between your universal identity and your personal physical identity here on Earth. It is the foundation of your existence in space and time, connecting you intentionally and energetically, between this present Earth reality and our multidimensional universe. It is the process that puts individual consciousness into motion and infuses it through matter.

What Is "Grounding"?

When you ground, you are anchoring your hara line into the Earth, the ground. Your hara line is a human energy system that is dimensionally deeper than your chakra system. It is a beam of multidimensional energyincluding your individual, universal encoding—that is your frequency, your personal signature, distinguishing you from the whole of the universe. Your hara line has four very basic and powerful components.

Hara Line—ID Point

The first component of your hara line is your ID point. This is the point in space and time where your hara line—your specific frequency and identity—comes into existence from the whole of the universe. It is in the shape of a cone about two and a half feet over your head. If you have trouble seeing it, then remember that it is made out of multidimensional energy. If you practice the "Grounding Meditation" in Exercise 1, you will eventually have a perceptual experience with your hara line. All of the exercises in this book are designed to help you strengthen your connection with your higher self.

Hara Line—Ground

When operating efficiently, your hara line—your individual frequency—comes into this time and space through your ID point, passes through your physical self, and anchors into the core of the Earth, the ground. Your hara line is an energetic connection between the pure potential of our universe and the Earth. You are a physical manifestation of the combination of our "all-one" universe and your individual existence—which, of course, is made out of our all-one universe. Your physical body is made out of Mother Earth. You are not just made out of Earth. The Earth still consciously claims your body as part of her now. You are part pure universal potential, part individual universal identity (your higher self), and part Earth. As you look into this phenomenon when you call yourself "me" (I Am), you will find that you are an entire universal ecosystem, a coalition of cosmic consciousness that you experience as "me" (I Am).

Hara Line—Tan Tien

Your tan tien is located on your hara line in the area of your solar plexus. It is not your third chakra; it is dimensionally deeper. It is your physical, energetic and emotional center. The tan tien is the intersection of heaven and Earth; as above so below. Your tan tien is the intersection of all your energy fields and is located near your physical center of mass. This is your physical and energetic balance point. It is the point from which you broadcast everything you are intending to manifest in the physical Earth reality, both consciously and unconsciously.

Hara Line—Seat of Your Soul

The seat of your soul is the fourth and not least of the components of your hara line. The seat of your soul is found (dimensionally) beneath your heart chakra. The seat of your soul is the location—or more accurately the connection—your soul has with your here- and-now existence. Said another way, the seat of your soul is the part of your soul existing in this present time and reality.

No single one of these components is more important than the other. They have a circular relationship. If one is out of balance, then they all are. Also, the more powerfully grounded and aligned your hara line is, the more efficient the rest of your mental, emotional, and physical existence will be.

"Grounding" Is Consciously Running Your Hara

Your hara line is a beam of multidimensional energy, a multidimensional frequency pattern, and your signature. It is your individualization from the raw potential of our universe (zero point). Your hara line is your identity and your communication system with our all-one universe. Your hara line is that which grounds the universal you, your higher self, into material form. It is the location of your soul relative to your physical reality. The hara line is the energetic system where you radiate your intentions to the rest of material creation through your tan tien. When you ground, you are connecting your universal self to your earthly existence here and now.

Note: Grounding happens continuously now. You have to intend to be grounded.

The more consciously you ground, the more your higher self will exist within your physical boundaries. Through grounding, you are consciously locating your universal self within your physical body in present time. You are aligning your universal energy bodies with your physical and emotional energy bodies. (These are your light bodies that correspond with your chakras.) You are claiming to the universe that you are here on Earth. You are consciously giving permission for your higher self to align with your physical existence. Consciously grounding will cause you to be more aware of your self and your surroundings. It will strengthen your perception of your environment. You are giving the universe permission and the ability to help you because you have consciously claimed your existence here, now.

Universal Acknowledgment of Individual Free Choice

Our conscious universe operates with respect for free will; you must grant the universe (God) conscious permission to help you (this is cocreation). Individual, universal sovereignty is maintained through the protection of free personal choice. Without this truth, individual consciousness would not be possible. Anything done to an individual without his or her conscious choice is an infringement on the individual's universal right of free choice. All advanced consciousness must respect universal free choice in order to remain highly consciously aware. Therefore, you must ask for help from higher consciousness to receive it. You must give your conscious permission for your higher self to fully inhabit your physical body. Grounding is the single most important choice and step in becoming highly conscious. The more grounded you are, the more efficiently you will function, mentally, emotionally, and physically. As you become more grounded, you will find, increasingly, that you always have choice. Even the act of not choosing is a choice. When you take responsibility for all of your choices, especially the difficult ones, you will be on your path to living more consciously.

Grounding and aligning your hara is a practice similar to a martial art such as tai chi or chi gong. It can be easily incorporated into physical movement such as yoga or walking. Practicing grounding and hara alignment is the practice of intentional conscious awareness. Grounding is the core of facilitating energy work because like energy follows like energy. The most powerful thing an individual can do to facilitate another is to ground in their presence. In this way, you become a mirror in which individuals may experience themselves. Practice grounding until you can be consciously present in your body at all times.

Exercise 1 Grounding and Expanding Your Awareness.

Being grounded is exactly that, a way of being. It is not something that you obtain once and then have. When you prepare yourself and your space, ensure that you are comfortable and you have privacy. Use aromatherapy or any other relaxation techniques to help you focus during the grounding meditation. If you enjoy music, use your favorite relaxation music with no distracting lyrics. If you are an outdoor person, go to your favorite place in nature to do this exercise.

All of the exercises in this book revolve around grounding. When you start, you may have questions. Most of these questions will likely be answered within the process of doing these ten exercises.

One of the most common questions is, "When do I ground?" The goal is to be grounded always. To start, practice grounding whenever you find yourself thinking about grounding. This will lead you into practicing grounding when you notice that you are not presently grounded. Eventually you will develop an internal alarm system that makes you aware that you have just disconnected from your ground. Grounding is a way of being and therefore an ongoing practice.

Another common question is, "How do I know when I am grounded?" The simple answer is, if you practice, you will begin to experience a shift in your sense of personal balance and well-being.

The actual sensations that signal when you are grounded vary widely and are as vast as people's abilities to receive extrasensory information. As you go through the exercises in this book, you will be cataloging your physical and emotional sensations. Through your experience, you will notice your state of being before and after you practice the grounding meditation.

In fact, one of the blocks in your way of being grounded and more consciously aware may be the belief that you need to know how you will feel when you become grounded before you actually practice grounding. This is a fear (a need-to-know program covering up your fear of the unknown / unconscious) that is stopping you from trying. It is as unnecessary as thinking that you will know what it feels like to ride a bicycle before you actually try. One learns how to ride a bicycle by trying and failing, and then along the way you gain experience, and associated with your experience are your memories of what it feels like to ride. In this way, you will learn about grounding by practicing and often failing at first. As the saying goes, get back up and try it again; it's the only way.

Good luck, and be gentle with yourself. Remember, less is more, and judging your failures will only slow you down.

The Grounding Meditation

Give yourself permission to imagine. Use your ability to visualize, your ability to conceptualize—it is your thoughts that are made of multidimensional light, which have the ability to connect you consciously to the core energy of the Earth.

Note: If you are wondering what to visualize? The ultimate answer is—your experience and therefore your perception of what you feel, and see while being grounded is unique and personal. That being said, you can try picturing a beam of light or roots coming from you and connecting into the core energetics of the Earth. Paradoxically, it seems, the way to find your unique experience with grounding is to go looking for it with a predetermined notion. So while you practice grounding allow the imagery, and sensations that are yours, to filter through your consciousness. Eventually you will have your unique sensory interpretation that lets you know you are connected, through your higher consciousness, with our Earth.

Ground yourself to the planet, your Earth. Feel through your feet. Feel through the ground. Feel through the water and the rock. Go past the areas that have been disturbed by humans. Feel the molten core of the Earth. Attach to it. (More accurately, allow yourself to feel that you are already part of the Earth. Your physical body is made out of Earth.)

Note: It is important at this point to become conscious that you are now giving yourself permission to attach to the Earth at the same time the Earth is receiving you and giving you permission to attach to her.

Your energy is extending down into the core of the Earth and grounding you; intentionally and energetically connecting you and synchronizing you, with the Earth. At the same time, the Earth's energy is radiating out from the core and passing through you.

Note: It is important to remember that the Earth's energy is running up through you because you are connecting to the Earth, rather than you trying to draw energy from the Earth. Another way of understanding this is that you are giving first then receiving.

Now, stay connected to your ground. Extend your energy out into the galaxy and through the core of the universe. Feel this. Allow yourself to imagine. This is your energy.

Note: As you extend out into the universe, to prevent your higher consciousness from going out of your body, it is important to stay connected to the Earth.

Now you are connected to the universe through your higher self, your body, and into the Earth.

Note: At this point, you are consciously, willingly synchronizing multiple conscious awareness into one experience you call me, including your higher self, your physical body (physical awareness), and the Earth's conscious awareness.

Feel everything around you. Feel the floor. Feel the room. Feel if there have been changes in the energy of the room since you started this meditation. Feel the next room over. Feel the street outside. Feel the difference up the street versus down the street. See, hear, taste, touch, and smell, all that you are connecting to. Does your body feel different? Are the colors that you see brighter? Can you hear the frequency of the objects around you? Are you surprised that your ceiling feels different than your floor? Allow yourself to receive extrasensory information without editing or judging your experience.

Note: If you are practicing this exercise outside then; see, hear, taste, touch, smell, and feel, all of the interactions you have with the Earth, the rocks, the plants and trees, the animals, the water, the air and etc.

Keep your eyes open. With your eyes closed, you may experience all this as imagination. Having your eyes open helps you tangibly experience your present conscious connections with the Earth.

Note: Becoming powerfully grounded and energetically aligned requires constant awareness and practice. For now, allow yourself as much comfort as possible while you practice grounding. In Exercise 8, you will practice grounding during challenging circumstances.

Chapter Two


Intentionally Experiencing the Language of Your Energy Fields

Sensations, both physical and emotional, are the doorway to knowing yourself and your universal language. Consciousness runs all of your bodily systems. Your feelings are your higher self, and your unconscious and subconscious mind's attempt to communicate with you. Physical and emotional sensations are your way of interpreting your environment using your energy field. Said differently, sensation is the language of your energetic system. Before you are able to consciously operate your energetics, you will first have to become conscious of what you feel. I call this becoming aware of what is true for you now. This is a very important distinction in becoming more conscious. Instead of trying to predetermine how you would like things to be, you must be willing to consciously experience how things are for you right now. This is a major shift in consciousness.

In other words, you are not going to become more conscious if you are not willing to experience what is true in this moment. In fact, conscious awareness can only happen now. It is necessary and worthwhile to learn your own system. Your energetic system is unique, and you have your own unique internal language.

Your systems operate through your heart and being, not through intellectual control. Modern societies have put way too much emphasis and responsibility on our ability to cognitively map a situation linearly from A to Z. The first step in learning to operate and balance your physical and energetic system does not exist within the arena of understanding intellectually how your system works. The first step in learning to become more conscious, more balanced, and function more efficiently is in learning to allow the parts of you that operate these systems to do what they already know how to do; in other words, learning to get out of your own way.


Excerpted from Energy Work 101 by Todd Cunningham Copyright © 2011 by Todd Cunningham. Excerpted by permission of BALBOA PRESS. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


INTRODUCTION: A Brief Overview of Your Human Energetics....................xix
PART 1: Grounding and Personal Awareness....................1
PART 2: Intentionally Experiencing the Language of Your Energy Fields....................13
PART 3: Practice Non-Judgment with Yourself....................25
PART 4: Examining Your Emotional Relationship with Yourself....................31
A Review of Parts 1–4: Learning Your Unique Internal Universal Language....................37
PART 5: Differentiating Your External Sensations from Your Internal Environment....................41
PART 6: Be Happy....................47
PART 7: Learning to Live Beyond Belief....................53
PART 8: Personal Boundaries....................61
PART 9: The Basics of Being Consciously Aware and Facilitating....................67
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