Engaging the Earl

Engaging the Earl

by Diana Quincy


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England 1819 Vivacious Lady Katherine Granville is the toast of the ton, but society's most eligible miss secretly yearns for her childhood love, an untitled loner who vanished long ago after her father forbade their marriage. After years abroad, the dark and brooding Edward Stanhope returns to England a changed man. No longer a second son with no prospects, his battlefield strategies have won him an earldom. His return should be a victorious one, but the new Earl of Randolph is battling secret demons that no one can discover. Least of all, Kat. When the man she can't forget reappears at her betrothal ball, Kat's perfectly arranged future is thrown into tumult. Edward remains cold and distant, hoping she'll marry a man worthy of her. But nothing is settled when Kat sets out to win back her first love. Can the new Earl of Randolph resist the woman he's loved for so many years?

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ISBN-13: 9781502821959
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/09/2014
Pages: 268
Sales rank: 1,115,154
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.61(d)

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Engaging the Earl

An Accidental Peers Novel

By Diana Quincy

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2014 Dora Mekouar
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-700-0


Six years later

"You'll make such a beautiful bride." Kat's mother dabbed a handkerchief at her eyes. "We thought this day would never come."

Kat swallowed hard to tap down the nerves fluttering in her stomach. This evening, after five glittering Seasons as the toast of the ton, she would finally become betrothed. She studied her reflection in the looking glass, smoothing her hands over the low-cut, pale yellow silk bodice that showcased her modest breasts and slender form to full advantage.

She smiled, pleased with what she saw, knowing many young debutantes would flock to their modiste for a dress similar to her betrothal gown. She'd been an incomparable all these years on the marriage mart, turning down numerous offers before agreeing at last to a match that made her father proud.

Her mother clasped her hands to her chest while looking over Kat's shoulder in the looking glass. "You look ravishing. Lord Sinclair will no doubt think so as well."

Her betrothed, Viscount Lawrence Sinclair — Laurie — would appreciate her in this gown. His warm blue eyes always gazed upon her with sincere affection and admiration. He loved her, Kat knew that for certain, and she returned his affection, although not in the same gut-wrenching way she had loved Edward. She shivered. Never that.

She closed her eyes as the unbidden memories stole over her. With a shuddering breath, she recalled the feel and taste of him, the sensation of his mouth on her skin that final night. A familiar sharp pain, almost paralyzing in its intensity, spiked up through her belly and into her chest. Forcing herself to breathe through the discomfort, she shoved thoughts of Edward out of her mind. She must not think of him. Especially not tonight of all evenings.

She'd been right to hate him for leaving her. He never returned after abandoning her six years ago. All he'd left her with was the pain. It slithered up on her, unbidden, at the most inopportune times, whether it was while calling on friends or walking in the park. The smallest things — listening to someone play the violin or the pianoforte, any mention of the war — triggered thoughts of him. No, she didn't love Laurie with that kind of painful intensity and was glad for it. She'd barely survived loving Edward. Losing him had scorched her soul. She would never love another person that way again.

"Come dear," said her mother. "Lord Sinclair will be waiting."

She focused on her image in the looking glass. Chin up. Shoulders back. Smile in place. The woman in the looking glass didn't appear to have a care in the world. It was time to put Edward Stanhope in the past and move on to her future.

"As always, you are a vision." Laurie's warm smile floated up to greet her as she descended the grand staircase.

Reaching the bottom, Kat curtseyed, forcing gaiety into her countenance. "I have outdone myself, don't you think?" She twirled, showing off her gown.

He grinned. "It is perfection. All of the other girls will burst into tears and throw themselves to the ground when they see you in that gown."

She smiled, feeling a comforting surge of affection for Laurie. "Oh, that would be too much." She fluttered her lashes. "Perhaps just bursting into tears without swooning would suffice."

He laughed, his striking blue eyes glittering with approval. "I will certainly have my hands full with you, my future viscountess."

"No doubt," she said, taking his arm to join their families. Instead, Laurie pulled her into the nearest door, an empty salon that had not been opened for this evening's guests. "Laurie, what are you doing?" she asked as he shut the door and edged her up against it.

Sliding his hands around her waist, he drew her close. "I mean to have my arms full of you post haste."

She giggled and turned her face up to welcome his kiss. It was soft and gentle, with the respect and consideration a gentleman shows his intended, in a way that prompted a warm sensation to flutter down her body.

He broke the kiss, resting his forehead against hers. "I vow I will make you happy, Kat. On my honor, I will."

She smiled. "I know you will." She put a hand to his cheek. "You are such a dear."

He blew out a breath. "I would be more than that to you."

Feeling hedged in, she gave an uncomfortable laugh. "Of course, silly, you are to be my husband and we shall be deliriously happy."

His searching gaze prompted nerves to flutter in her belly. She slipped her hand behind his head and brought his lips to hers once more. She kissed with deliberate enthusiasm, determined to show Laurie how much she appreciated him. And to distract him from that probing gaze that sometimes seemed to see too much.

He held himself aloof at first so Kat parted her lips, allowing him a taste. He made a muffled sound and then his tongue swept inside her, stroking along her cheeks, touching her tongue. Not an unpleasant sensation. She focused her attention on the exploration, allowing it so he would be reassured how much she cared for him.

She tried to ignore the growing din beyond the door of the little parlor, the opening doors, footsteps against the marble floors, and chatter out in the public rooms. She indulged him a few more warm kisses — enough to convince him of her devotion — before pulling away.

"Our guests are here," she said in a gentle reminder that they should greet the arrivals.

His breaths came short and sharp. "I vow the wedding cannot come soon enough."

Disengaging from him, she gave a teasing smile. "But the anticipation is what makes a betrothal so amusing."

He tugged his waistcoat straight and offered his arm. "I would not describe it as amusing. More like tortuous." She took his arm, recognizing his frustration, but not really comprehending it.

Her father's Mayfair townhome had begun to fill. An invitation to the betrothal ball of Lady Katherine Granville, daughter of the Earl of Nugent, to the handsome and well-regarded Lawrence Sinclair, the fourth Viscount Sinclair, was the most coveted event of the Season. Despite her advanced age, Kat had remained the ton's reigning beauty for several Seasons. And, in addition to his title, looks, and considerable purse, Laurie possessed an innate kindness and effortless charm that attracted people's regard. Both were shining lights in the ton and, to all outward appearances, an ideal couple.

She threw herself into enjoying the party. As usual, her dance card was full, but she'd taken care to reserve a waltz and the supper dance for her intended. When she wasn't on the dance floor, Kat held court with a group of merry friends, which included her cousin and best friend, Beatrice. Kat never took her popularity seriously, but she did enjoy it. It was certainly preferable to being a wallflower. During a break in the dancing, she wandered off to fetch lemonade with Bea, anxious for something to cool her since the air in the crowded ballroom had grown stiff and humid. Sipping her drink, Bea watched Laurie dance with Alexis Campbell, one of the girls from their set.

"He is very fine," Bea said. "You are most fortunate."

Kat sipped her lemonade, following Bea's gaze. Laurie was well formed and uncommonly handsome with those flashing blue eyes and firm jaw. His hair, like hers, was a golden blond. The idea of being joined to him for all eternity made it difficult to breathe; her ribs felt as though a tight band was wrapped around them. Taking a deep inhale, she fought the suffocating sensation, and changed the subject. "Tell me, is your brother coming?"

A shadow crossed Bea's face. "Toby assured me he would attend, but he still finds crowds difficult."

She put a hand on Bea's arm. "Does he continue to be unwell?"

"That awful war has ruined him." Tears welled in Bea's eyes. "You know how he was before, so charming and amusing. Now he's touched in the head." She swiped a tear away. "Sometimes he is all that is agreeable, but then he experiences one of his episodes."

Kat's throat squeezed. Dear Toby had always brought a certain liveliness to any party, and hostesses had clamored to have him grace their tables. Yet, since returning from the war, he'd avoided most large gatherings. She squeezed her cousin's hand, feeling protective of both Bea and Toby. "Hush, Toby just needs time. You mustn't let anyone hear you suggest he has windmills in his head."

"You have the right of it, of course." Bea braved a shaky smile. "Toby is bringing a friend with him tonight, his commanding officer, I think he said."

A heavy weight compressed Kat's chest. Talk of the war always reminded her of Edward. It had affected Toby's mind, but at least her cousin had returned home at the end of the fighting. Edward hadn't bothered. She'd heard he'd gone off to India instead. He'd not only abandoned her, but he'd clearly forgotten she even existed. Kat forced her thoughts away from him, but the tiny shadow of pain in her gut, which had lingered since their final evening together, remained.

When the music came to an end, Kat watched Laurie approach with Lexie Campbell on his arm. She favored her intended with an incandescent smile.

Laurie's eyes lit with appreciation and he sketched a bow. "Lady Katherine, Miss Hobart, Miss Campbell. I am surrounded by all that is beautiful." He addressed them all, but his gaze remained fastened on Kat. "I am the most fortunate of men."

Lexie eyed Kat. "That is the most delightful gown I have ever seen. You sicken me, Kat. Do you never look poorly?"

Kat uttered a delighted laugh and smoothed a hand down her bodice. "Nonsense, your gown is lovely as well."

Lexie shot her a disbelieving look before casting her gaze around the crowded room. "They say the Earl of Randolph is in attendance. Have any of you seen him?"

Kat drew a blank. "Who is the Earl of Randolph?"

"Some war hero." Ever solicitous, Laurie took the empty lemonade glass from Kat to hand off to a footman. His manicured masculine fingers brushed hers, lingering far longer than necessary.

Kat's cheeks warmed when her gaze met Laurie's flirtatious one. "An earl who is a war hero?" she asked, looking away.

Beatrice's face lit up. "That must be the friend who is accompanying my brother this evening. Toby said the gentleman was granted an earldom for his brilliant service in the war."

"Is he a gentleman?" Kat's curiosity sparked. "I've never heard of him."

"It is a new title," Laurie said. "I believe he recently arrived home from abroad to receive it."

"New or old, a title is a title." Lexie scanned the room. "His wife will be a countess. Perhaps I should set my sights on Randolph now that Kat has brought Laurie up to scratch."

Intrigued, Kat wanted to know more about the mysterious Lord Randolph, but Willis, the butler, alerted her that it was time for the announcement. She took the arm Laurie offered and sought out her father.

Her father, the Earl of Nugent, signaled for the orchestra to stop playing. The loud chattering came to a stop as the crowd directed its attention to where Kat's father stood on the elevated landing. With his shock of gray hair and trim form, Kat's father remained an attractive man in his forty-ninth year.

"Thank you for joining us on this auspicious occasion," he said. "It is with profound pleasure that we host this event this evening."

Kat and Laurie joined him on the landing. When she looked out into the sea of people, Kat's nerves erupted again and the insides of her hands started to itch. Suffocating heat pressed against her skin; the warmth of all these human bodies in the ballroom made the June evening air all the more stifling. As the thumping in her ears grew louder, Kat pasted a smile on her face and tried to focus, reminding herself to keep her chin up, her shoulders back.

Seeming to sense her distress, Laurie placed a comforting hand over hers where it rested on his arm and gave it a reassuring squeeze. She forced herself to breathe evenly. This was supposed to be a moment of triumph, of celebration. She looked into Laurie's smiling countenance and the robust warmth and love she saw in his expression buoyed her, quieting her nerves. She drew a deep breath, her smile becoming genuine, and focused on her father's words.

"This evening I announce the betrothal of my daughter, Lady Katherine Granville, to Viscount Lawrence Sinclair of Wiltshire." Footmen appeared with champagne flutes on trays. Laurie took two, handing one to Kat. There were murmurs of approval and sounds of clinking crystal as the guests received their champagne. Her father raised his glass. "To Sinclair and his future viscountess."

The guests raised their flutes, and calls of "here, here" and "well done" rang out. Kat smiled and raised her champagne to her lips. Looking over the crowd, her eye caught on a tall guest with dark amber hair standing near the back wall. Rivulets of awareness trickled through her.

She sipped the champagne, the bubbles fizzing in her mouth, the warmth sliding down her throat and heating her skin all over. She tilted her head to get a better glimpse of the man, but the guests crowding in front of him impeded her view. He moved toward the door. When he reached it, his back to her, the man stood quite alone. He was impossibly lean, his movements both precise and concise, as though he brooked no nonsense. When he paused at the door, a shiver tingled through Kat despite the warm June heat.

Then he turned around and their gazes met. And locked.

She recognized him at once, even at a distance — the sharp cut of his cheeks and the dark intensity of his eyes. He'd shorn his hair short, very close to his head and tremendously out of fashion. The amber curls were gone. He appeared much changed and yet achingly familiar.


Her Edward.

The floor beneath her slippers wobbled, and somewhere a glass shattered. She realized she'd dropped her champagne. The crowd murmured and the heat in the room pressed in on her slick skin as she reeled into darkness, falling deeper and faster until strong arms surrounded her. Someone spoke to her, but she heard echoes that made no sense.

Blackness crept in and she gladly went to it.


"Are you certain you're well enough for a ride through the park?" A crease appeared between Laurie's brows. "You have not been yourself since the ball."

Avoiding his gaze, Kat forced a light tone. "Pish posh, it was just a touch of ague." She directed her horse onto Rotten Row, maneuvering through the crowd of riders on the trail.

Laurie's gelding inched up alongside her mare. He peered over at her. "But you fainted. That is not a sign of ague."

"You make me swoon, my lord." She tossed her head and flashed a flirtatious smile. "Most gentlemen would be delighted to have that effect on their lady."

Laurie's eyes twinkled and he laughed aloud, allowing the compliment to distract him, just as she intended. Desperate for an excuse to cut off the conversation, she shook the ribbons, commanding her mare into a trot. She fell into the rhythm of the horse's movements, the passing riders a blur of color.

It had been three days since she'd seen him. Edward. Agonizing hours full of uncertainty and turmoil that had left her physically ill. She'd taken to bed with a pounding headache and no appetite. When she tried to force food down, it tasted like foolscap and her stomach rebelled, threatening to expel the meal.

Her reaction mortified her. How could Edward still have this kind of effect on her? She'd reacted as though he'd abandoned her just yesterday instead of six endless years ago. She hadn't seen him since that glimpse at her betrothal ball. After her embarrassing collapse, Kat had insisted upon returning to the party. Shaken and out of sorts, she'd nonetheless been determined not to let Edward ruin her big night. Yet she couldn't help scanning the crowd for his face, desperate to look into those dark emerald eyes once more. Even now, she didn't dare ask anyone about him, fearing the questions her inquiry might raise in Laurie's mind. But what had Edward been doing there? Perhaps he'd come for her at last.


Excerpted from Engaging the Earl by Diana Quincy. Copyright © 2014 Dora Mekouar. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Engaging the Earl 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
MTSmith More than 1 year ago
I have to give Edward credit. He tried his best to dissuade Kat&rsquo;s feelings for him, going as far as saying he would not be faithful if she managed to convince him to marry her. While that statement had the desired effect, it didn&rsquo;t kill the feelings Kat had for him, nor did it leave him feeling proud of his actions. That low feeling, combined with his battered psyche, made his journey to being complete a long and hard road to travel. Highs and lows, uncertainties and absolutes. It didn&rsquo;t matter what was thrown in Edward and Kat&rsquo;s way, the love they shared in their youth was still present years later. That kind of love, the kind that endures all things, is heartwarming to read about. Their story might be fiction, but the message is true nonetheless: the heart knows what it wants and it won&rsquo;t settle for less. And I&rsquo;m going to grin like a fool here: I love that the part that seemed like &ldquo;The End&rdquo; wasn&rsquo;t really &ldquo;The End.&rdquo; There was still a wall that needed to be torn down, a sentiment that Edward needed to hear from Kat regarding his nightmares from the war. He believed himself so damaged that he didn&rsquo;t deserve her. Stupid man. Kat said it best: <blockquote>That is nothing in comparison to being with you. If you had returned sightless, I would gladly be your eyes. If you had returned legless, I would carry you on my back. Nothing else matters as long as I am by your side. Nothing else even comes close. (PDF ARC Bod249)</blockquote> There are stories of soldiers returning from war, past and present, and the effects of war are shown in word and action. Yet there are those who love them unconditionally, who love them through their nightmares, who love them enough to help them take steps to become whole again. Kat did that for Edward. After all they&rsquo;d been through, after all that time, she did for him exactly what she was meant to do: she loved him completely and without boundaries. ***Received from PUYB and Entangled Publishing for an honest review***
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really liked this one too. Wonderful series. Great characters but wanted more at the end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It is a must read..my only problem is it ended to quick...with no epilogue..other wise good.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book! For me...it is the hero that determines how much I like a book. And while Edward was broody (my kind of hero) he was also charming and easily loved. I understood the reasons he wanted to stay away from Katherine and not taint her. I could feel his struggle and nothing about it felt forced which allowed me to immerse myself deeper into the story. I liked Katherine very much as well. adored how she loved Edward so completely and was honest with herself, if not her fiance. This was a sweet, enjoyable and steamy read with engaging characters and a love story that I was totally rooting for. Without reservation I recommend to historical romance lovers.
Paaj13 More than 1 year ago
I forgot who Edward was until I realize that he was one of Cam's younger brother that went to fight in the war. I enjoy this book a lot because it felt like a cat and dog chase.  The heroine, Kat, is engage to Viscount Sinclair and it is at her betrothal ball that she sees Edward again after six years. Edward came back from the war a change man and was given the title Earl of Randolph. There is also Elena who played a role in this whole cat and dog chase.  At the beginning after Kat learn of Edward's return, she tries to get back together with him to the point she says she will run off to be with him. Kat never forgot Edward as even now she is still in love with but Edward pushes her away. He doesn't want her to be with him because of what has happen to him and what the war did to him. When Kat finally decides to stop her pursuing of Edward, he decides to pursue her. This is why I said it is a cat and dog chase because then Kat is the one pushing away from him.  Yet during all of this Viscount Sinclair and Elena played a role in which cause for both Kat and Edward to change their decision. I had hope thar Sinclair was a bit more noble or at least more discret about his meetings with Elena but no.  Each of these characters' personality were strong and perfect for each of them. Even though I did not like Sinclair and Elena's personality, they were well written to give the book a good ending because our H/H got together.  I receive a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.
celticmaggie More than 1 year ago
I liked this book. It is the start of the war with Napoleon for Edward and Kitty. They are in young love and Edward has no prospects. Her father denies his asking to marry her. She swears she will wait for him to come home. 6 years later Katherine is the belle of the balls. She has decided to marry a Viscount. She is shocked when a hero is introduced from returning from the war and India to receive a title and estates. He has been injured and shell shocked. He loves Kat. She loves him. He doesn't want to bring her down. I felt so bad for them. Give this book and twists a read. If only to know that some people did care about the Recency' s wounded warriors!
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
ENGAGING THE EARL by Diana Quincy is an exciting Regency Historical Romance. Accidental Peers, #4, but can be read as a stand alone. A war strategist,war hero,and the newly appointed Earl of Randolph, Edward Stanhope, returns to his debutante,Vivacious Lady Katherine Granville, six years later, for a second chance at love. Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome(PTSD), romance, passion, danger, and love. Ms. Quincy is a wonderful storyteller who brought PTSD to the front of a story, so many don't want to address. Fast paced and filled with passion and troublesome issues, such as PTSD, a broken betrothal, and the power of love and trust. I enjoyed how Ms. Quincy brought ENGAGING THE EARL to a satisfying end with no broken hearts. Powerful and emotional but satisfying! Received for an honest review from the publisher. RATING: 4 HEAT RATING: HOT REVIEWED BY: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More
littlelorimarie More than 1 year ago
I received an arc for a fair and honest review. I have read all of the Accidental Peers books and enjoyed each one.  The Stanhope brothers are strong men but nice guys. To me this makes them real and a much better read than a fictional character. They are betas with alpha qualities. Edward, the Earl of Randolph, did not disappoint. He is trying to protect Kitty from everybody including himself. He also is in love and trying to find a way to be with her. Lady Katherine Granville can be dramatic when she wants to be. I was laughing a few times at her antics. She also is a determined woman which I think is why Edward trusting her works.  When I closed the book I smiled. If a romance book can do that it is worth reading. If you are still unsure of reading Engaging the Earl I suggest looking at Ms. Quincy's pinterest board for this book.  The pictures are spot on to the book.
WorldsCollide More than 1 year ago
An overall enjoyable romance, Engaging the Earl was a lovely read. It wasn't perfect, but I did like it and I did enjoy reading it. Kat was a good heroine. I liked that she was determined to fight for what she wanted and she refused to settle for less when it came to marriage. I thought she was great and I really liked her. Edward was a bit frustrating. On one hand, he could be very sweet and I loved how, despite all the years apart, he was still totally devoted to Kat. On the other hand, he could be so frustrating. One minute, he doesn't want to marry Kat because of his PTSD, the next, he can't stand to think about her with someone else. Not only was it irritating, but it was unfair to Kat. Several times, I wanted to smack some sense into him. In the end, he finally realizes how ridiculous he was being, so I ended up being okay with him. The romance was okay. I thought Kat and Edward were sweet together in how, after so long apart, they both still loved each other. And, the sparks were always flying between them. However, it was frustrating how it went in circles, with one pushing the other away at one moment, then wanting to be together the next. It just went back and forth like that until they both finally saw the light. Overall, though, I thought they were a good couple. The plot was well paced and I was kept interested most of the way through. There were some parts where the plot slowed down because of a certain someone's stubbornness (I'm looking at you, Edward), but I was kept drawn in. I enjoyed the story and the ending was lovely. Engaging the Earl was an enjoyable historical romance. It had its issues, but it was an overall lovely read.  Romance lovers, you might want to check this book out. *I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review
2_PMVH More than 1 year ago
Fairy Godmother are so important when a couple needs a helping hand, push or even a shove to make their love blossom. This story is extra special because this Fairy Godmother has 4 paws, is kinda furry, a tail and loves to be petted and scratched! Come meet the unique and sometimes smelly Vera! When Lady Katherine Grandfield was 16, she ran to Edward Stanhope to be compromised, so they could marry. Her father would not let Kat and Edward marry because his a 2nd son, had no prospects and all he was trained to do is play his beloved music. Edward refuses to compromise his Kitty because he agrees with her father. So to make himself worthy of her, he brought a commission and is leaving to fight on the continent. Kat is devastated and begs him with tears, and even her body, to stay, and he says NO! Edward then has the nerve to ask her to PROMISE that she will wait for him. Kat flips out and screams that she will never love him again. As she and her trusted maid/friend, Fanny, stalk across his lawn, she hears wood and glass breaking, so she goes to the window to see if he is hurt. She sees him shattering the violin, that she brought him, against the wall and she realized their love was demolished forever. Six years has past and Kat has had 5 Season, as a diamond of the first water, and tonight is her betrothal ball. As she and her fianc&eacute;, Viscount Lawrence (Laurie) Sinclair, are standing up front for her Father's toast, Kat looks out on the crowd and see a ghost from her past, Edward, and she faints! Edward is now a famous war hero and granted a title, Earl of Randolph, a London home, an estate and wealth galore, but he still feels unworthy of her because of his PTSD from the war. Now here comes the furry Fairy Godmother of their story, Vera. She is Kat's ugly, slightly smelly and unique dog. Vera finds Edward at the park, during one of his PTSD episodes, and she bonds to him and tries to help and even heal him. With Vera's help of coming and going from Edward and then to Kat, they are together and passions ignite between them. Kat is still in love with him and tries to get Edward to love her again. Edward then serious cripples her heart and soul, by faking an affair with his Spanish friend, Elena Marquez-Navarro. Elena is sensual, beautiful, oozes sexuality from ever pore and has a luscious body, an exact opposite of Kat. Edward, Elena, Kat and Laurie are always thrown together all Season long and sparks, provocative looks, kisses and wandering hands fly. Can Edward swallow his pride and get help with his PTSD? Can Kat forgive all the pain that Edward has caused? Who will win and earn Kat's heart? ? What are Laurie and Elena roles? But most impotently, who will get custody of the loveable and caring Vera? This is my first Diana Quincy book and my pompoms have been pulled out and I am cheering, &quot;I am her newest FAN!&quot; Ms. Quincy creates these wonderful characters and they worm their way into your heart. It doesn't matter if it's the hero, heroine, the betrothed or the sexy Spanish beauty. I loved them all. Her hero and heroine had the same flaw, hiding their true selves. Kat hide behind a mask of dazzling beauty and Edward's mask hide his PTSD from the world and they both see it in one another. Ms. Quincy writes some tantalizing, magnetic, arousing and inventive romance scenes. It was such a steamy romance, my comfy reading corner felt like a supernatural event. Ms. Quincy has earned my score of 4 fingers up and 8 toes and I will be reading many more of her books. NetGalley ARC given for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really like this series
booknerdDS More than 1 year ago
I should know by now that when I pick up a book by Diana Quincy I&rsquo;m going to enjoy the book and it&rsquo;s going to be different than any other book.  That was the case with &ldquo;Engaging the Earl&rdquo;.  I really liked and enjoyed the characters and the plot.  Her writing was, once again, engaging and it flowed.  I also found her plot to be unique and there were some events I never expected. When the story begins we have Katherine and Edward madly in love with each other.  They want to be together but Katherine, or Kit as she is known to her friends, encourages Edward to run away with her so that they can marry.  She knows that her father will never approve of the match because Edward is not titled.  Even   Edward leaves to fight in the war and Kit wants nothing more to do with him. The story picks up six years later when Kit is engaged to one of the most eligible men of the ton.  They are perfectly matched since Kit is considered one of the most sought after ladies in society.  Although Kit still has Edward in her heart she believes that he forgot about her and it&rsquo;s time for her to marry and move on.  As would be expected Edward returns but he is not the same man.  He is no longer the na&iuml;ve young man that Kit knew.  He is almost a stranger to Kit.  When Kit sees Edward she immediately feels the same way for him all over again.  I&rsquo;m not giving too much away this happens in the very beginning of the book.  Both Edward and Kit were fantastic characters.  Kit was a great heroine.  Although Edward was very confusing to figure out at times she had her mind set on him and she was not afraid to go after what she wanted.  Edward for his part was a wonderful hero.  He not only earned a titled-he was given the title of Earl-but he was a great guy.  He wanted only the best for Kit and in his mind the best was not him.  Edward was very badly wounded, both physically and psychologically, by the war and although he returns home to England a hero, he sees himself as dead inside and beyond repair. Although these two have enough going against them there are other characters that add to their conflict.  Kit&rsquo;s fianc&eacute;, Laurie, Viscount Lawrence Sinclair and also Elena, the Maid of Malagon.  Elena was a great character and I really liked her.  Also. There are Kit&rsquo;s parents who don&rsquo;t approve of the union and then Lexi Campbell.  A little nobody who blackmails Edward.  My all -time favorite was Vera, for me she was the unifying force for Kit and Edward.  So what were so of my issues? First, I really enjoyed the story. I love Quincy&rsquo;s creativity and her very unique storylines.  I just one big issue with a theme that ran throughout this story.  I don&rsquo;t want to give it away but it damped the book for me.  Also, there was so much going on! I think Kit and Edward had enough to contend with without all the extras. Also, all the people that were opposed to Kit and Edward&rsquo;s union were suddenly in favor&hellip; Even her maid that loathed him&hellip; Overall, I really enjoyed this story and will continue to read more of Quincy&rsquo;s writing.  I highly recommend and enjoyed this book and anyone that is looking for a great read will enjoy it as well.  
CrystalCB More than 1 year ago
I have had the delightful pleasure of reading three books in the Accidental Peers series by the talented Diana Quincy. I have loved each one and I anxiously await the release of her next book.  Engaging the Earl is one of those historical romances that really tugged at my heart. My heart went out to Lady Kat who had so many emotions going on. She never got over her first love Edward and now he's back in town. Which would be great except NOW she's engaged to be married to someone else. Watching Kat and Edward fight their emotions while getting to know each other again was enjoyable and had me pulling for Edward to convince her to be his once again.  I really liked Kat, she is a strong lady that is trying to do what she thinks she should do even if it's not what her heart wants. She has some major decisions to make if she is to follow her heart.  I really liked Edward as well. He tries his best to stay away from Kat until he just plain can not fight his feelings anymore. He knows something about Kat's intended that she doesn't. He doesn't tell her until later though because he doesn't want to be the one to break the news to her.  This is one of those great reunion romances that are so much fun to read because the couple already has a deep connection. Kat &amp; Edward already loved each other so much. However there was many obstacles they had to overcome before they could be together.  I love books that include a little fur person is a character in a storyline. Vera, Kat's very adorable dog plays a part in helping these two get together. Vera is such a cutie and just plain melts your heart.  There is a lot of drama in this book along with a few twist and turns that I sure did not see coming. I found it to be a very enjoyable historical romance story. This book is part of the Accidental Peers series as a I mentioned, however if you have not read the prior books I don't think you will have a problem. I think this book could easily be read as a stand alone.  If you enjoy a historical romance with some drama, steamy scenes, and some humor then I think you should give Diana Quincy's Engaging the Earl a try. The rest of the books in the Accidental Peers series are pretty awesome as well. I have never had a problem becoming completely engrossed in one of Diana Quincy's books. She writes a great historical romance that completely captivates my attention and keeps me turning the pages quickly.  I was given the opportunity to read this story so that I may share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you on Engaging the Earl.