Enlighten Up: A Medium's Perspective on Becoming the Light That's Inside of You

Enlighten Up: A Medium's Perspective on Becoming the Light That's Inside of You

by Angela Blanchet


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Enlighten Up is designed to uplift and guide others toward living from their spirit so they can create a magical life. The special design of Enlighten Up includes several inspirational, law-of-attraction-based messages that are expanded on by the unique perspective of a clairvoyant medium. The author’s personal spiritual experiences, as well as compelling stories from her clients, become prime examples of how to live a more enlightened life.

The examples and stories shared in Enlighten Up encourage and teach others about lifting up their vibration so they can lead the life they are meant to and experience the love, health, joy, and abundance that is always within reach.

Enlighten Up perfectly blends thought-provoking, motivational messages with fascinating accounts of signs from spirits on the other side.

“Enlighten Up is an inspirational book! It teaches us to always be positive, grateful and that our thoughts determine our actions and outcomes. After reading this book it’s comforting to know that when a loved one passes, they are still present in our lives”

- Maria Guercio, teacher

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ISBN-13: 9781504378956
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 04/20/2017
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.22(d)

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Where is your dimmer?

Early on in my work as a medium, I learned that there is something called "vibration", or the movement of energy. I also learned that there are many different levels of vibration. It became more and more evident to me that we are energy and spirits are energy and God is energy and in order for me to connect as a medium, I was lifting up my vibration and tuning into the vibration of spirit (almost like tuning into a higher radio station). The more I did this, the easier it became for me to get up there. What I never expected was the level of fatigue that hit me after a few straight hours of reading. Total exhaustion would come over me. However, the more I thought about this, the more it made sense. I was using my energy to lift my vibration and connection to the higher vibration of the spirit world. After readings, I would come crashing down. I couldn't hold myself in this vibration for long. Ironically, this is the pattern we all have as humans in regard to our own vibration. We all have levels of vibration within us. It's as if we all have an internal light dimmer, just like a dimmer in a room. When we raise our dimmer up we are shining bright. We are on a high vibration. We feel good. We are happy. Things are easy and clear. When we lower our dimmer our world becomes darker. We are depressed and anxious. We live from fear.

It took me some time to really get it, but the more I practiced lifting my vibration, the more apparent it was. When we focus on the good things in our lives, our blessings, what we love, what feels good to us, then we raise our dimmer. We lift our vibration and are living from our own spirit, our soul, closest to God. When we focus on what we are afraid of, what we worry about, what we don't want or don't have, then we lower our dimmer and disconnect ourselves from the high vibration of God.

Just like my work as a medium, if you lift yourself too far too quickly, you may come crashing down. The challenge for most is to break the habits of thought they have created and to get into a place of belief in themselves and the world around them. Like training for a marathon, this doesn't happen in a day. But if you get out there and do a little more training each day, create a little more awareness each day, lift your dimmer a little higher each day, then you teach yourself to hold a high vibration for the majority of your days and will create a healthier, happier, easier, more abundant life. You will live the life of joy you came here to experience.

So, the question is "where is your dimmer?" In the following chapters I will be teaching and guiding you on ways to lift your dimmer so you can "enlighten up"!

The signs of spirit are always there for you. Signs that God is with you, that the angels are near, that your loved ones crossed over have never really left you, are everywhere for you. The signs are there to comfort you, to bring you peace, to guide you, uplift you and validate what you already know. The question is, is your dimmer up high enough to receive them?

I have heard countless numbers of stories over the years about signs received from loved ones who have crossed over. Many clients, and friends, have shared with me their experience of seeing repetitive numbers, animals, birds, flowers, rainbows, hearing songs and names, smelling perfume, cigarette or cigar smoke etc. I love these stories and can't hear them often enough. I love the peace it brings for people to become aware that there really is more than what the eyes can see.

Spirit is very playful. Your guides, angels and loved ones on the other side love to hear from you. If you have a question, they will answer. They will do what they can from their highest of vibration to send you a sign or symbol to provide the confirmation and reassurance that you are seeking. What I have learned as a medium who intentionally raises her vibration to communicate with spirit, is that the higher your vibration ... the brighter your dimmer ... the clearer and more obvious these signs and symbols become.

When you receive a sign from spirit it is important to validate back to them that you "get it". For example, if you asked a loved one to send you a flower as a sign that they are with you, and you receive a random rose that day, it's important to acknowledge your awareness and appreciate the communication. The more you do this, the more the communication will continue and become easier and more natural for you.

As I began my work as a medium, I often asked for signs and validations from God that this is what I was meant to do. It was such an unexpected life path change for me, causing me to constantly seek reassurance. It was as if overnight, I received a whole different set of eyes and ears, along with which came a lot of fear, mostly of the unknown and that something "bad" could come to me.

One day, early on in my work as a medium, I sat in meditation asking God to show me a sign that I was protected. It was the day before my son's birthday party. I asked for a sign and then began to get my children ready to go to a party supply store. I brought myself into a state of wonderment of how and when God would answer me. We opened the front door to go out to the car and to my astonishment, there was a tremendous turtle on my front steps just sitting there. I had no idea how he got there or where he came from. He was huge and somehow got himself onto the very top step. I didn't think much of it in the spiritual sense, but I was in shock to see him there. We then went out our back door to get to the car because there was no way around this turtle. When at the party store, I told both my kids that they could each pick out something very small to bring home with them that day. My daughter chose a yo-yo and my son a hand clapper toy. We left the store and when we returned home, we noticed that the turtle was no longer there. I then unloaded my packages and handed my kids the toys they chose. It was at this time that I noticed something that I didn't notice while in the store. Both my daughter's yo-yo and my son's hand clapper had a picture of a turtle on it. I knew better than to believe this was a coincidence. I learned very early on while communicating with spirits that there truly are no coincidences. It hit me right at that moment. God was trying to get a message to me. When I saw the giant turtle on my steps, I didn't recognize it as a sign or message, but now seeing pictures of two more turtles woke me up. This is what I call "synchronicity". God, spirits and the angels talk to you through signs and symbols. When you miss it the first time, they will show it to you again and again in a different way, hoping that you will notice. Luckily, my dimmer was up and I noticed. Then, I ran to my computer and googled the spiritual significance of a turtle. It was a direct answer to my request to God to please show me a sign I was protected. A turtle represents protection, as it can retreat under its hard shell at any time for safety. WOW! It doesn't get clearer than that. There was nothing to fear. I was like the turtle with protection all around me.

A client of mine, shared with me her personal story of asking to receive a sign from her brother who had passed away suddenly. Very soon after the news that her brother had died, she began talking to him and asked him for a sign that he was safe. The next day, as she walked her dogs on a hiking trail, she noticed something shiny on the ground. She picked it up and saw that it was a silver heart pin. This trail was the last place she had seen her brother. As she placed the pin in her bag, she wondered if this could be his sign to her. The following day, she took her daughter shopping to buy a dress for the funeral. She noticed a shiny object in the dressing room. As she reached for it, she realized it was a glittery silver heart pin. She realized the synchronicity here, yet still asked for more. She thought to herself, three times the charm, as she asked for this heart symbol to continue to be shown to her. In the mail, the next day, she received a sympathy card. Inside the card was an angel pin. It was silver and shaped like a heart. She went on to receive more silver heart pins as the days went on. In total she received five silver heart pins in the five days following his passing. When spirit knows you are asking for a sign, they give it to you. When you acknowledge the sign and ask for more, they give it to you. All you need to do is look for it with hope and expectancy.

Expectation is a key factor in receiving signs from the spirit realm. If you don't really believe, if you come from a place of fear or doubt then it lowers your internal dimmer and separates you from the vibration of God, your guides, the angels and your loved ones on the other side, where your signs already are. Expect to be guided. Expect to see, feel or hear a sign. Not only is this comforting, but it creates magic in your day!

I have noticed all too frequently when listening to my clients that they feel life is hard for them, and sadly, most of them believe that it's supposed to be that way. But the truth is, it's not. Life is meant to be fun and things are meant to be much easier than we create them to be. We create them to be difficult by affirming over and over to ourselves that it's too difficult. Not only do we affirm it, but we hear it throughout the day from others as well. When we hear and think something over and over again, it becomes a belief and when we believe something to be a certain way, it will be that way. Therefore, we have allowed ourselves to fall into the trap of believing and creating things to be much harder than they really are.

Become aware and take notice of how often you hear yourself saying "it's hard" or "it's difficult". When you catch yourself in the midst of that affirmation, stop and laugh and think to yourself, "Wow I really have created a habit of thinking that this (particular subject) is hard in my life." Then repeat to yourself "this may be easier than I believe it to be" and "things are getting a little easier each day." Also, pay attention to how often you hear others around you affirming that their life, or a part of it, is hard or challenging. You will then begin to create an awareness for yourself that many others hold this belief, which has only been making it more challenging for you to believe differently. The goal here is to create an awareness that how we think it to be. ... it becomes. So, if we think it will be hard (paying the bills, finding a relationship, finding a good job, feeling well, etc.) and continue to think it will be hard, then we have created a belief that life is hard and so it will become.

BUT. ... you are a powerful, spiritual being and there is great power in your mind and your thoughts. If you can start to shift towards the thought that the parts of your life that now feel difficult may become easier and easier, then it will.

Try saying these "Enlighten Up" affirmations daily to help you raise your dimmer and create an easier life:

"Life is so EASY"

"Things that I desire flow EASILY to me"

"I will get through this with EASE"

"Things are getting a little EASIER each day"

Many people have come to me for a reading to connect to their loved ones crossed over. However, others have come to get my "psychic" impression about a question they have regarding their life path. The truth is, the answer to these questions are not in the cards, they are inside of you.

How often do you seek the opinions of others? It is so common for us when we are feeling confused or trying to make a decision to ask everyone around us what they would do. We ask and we ask, hoping someone else will be able to bring us clarity. Have you noticed that asking others for advice or their opinion of your circumstances often brings you more confusion?

People come from different energy vibrations and different perspectives. Everyone has their own unique set of lenses to the world around them. When you ask others for help solving your problems, they are looking at things from where THEIR energy stands, which can be very different from where YOUR energy stands. That is why we often do not resonate with the advice others give us. You have the ability to go deep within yourself, where all of the answers for you are.

As you continue on your journey, observe how often you ask others for their opinion. If you are seeking clarity or trying to make a decision, sit quietly with yourself and ask yourself how it FEELS to YOU. Your feelings are your best guide. You are looking for what FEELS better inside of YOU and that is what brings you to clarity. What feels good to you is not necessarily what would feel good to another, which is why going deep within yourself is where your best guidance comes from.

When you learn to go within for guidance and answer your own questions and decisions based on your own feelings and emotions, you can never go wrong. The more you practice, the easier it becomes!

In my practice, I have frequently seen the pattern of people focused on what they do not have. Clients have easily become emotional regarding the fact that they do not have something they have been wanting for a very long time. Commonly, people become upset over having trouble finding their ideal job or meeting a significant other. Others feel they are lacking money to pay their bills, take a vacation, or make a particular purchase they have long desired. In general, we tend to look at the lack in our life, things we don't have yet but want. We become frustrated that we don't see certain things in our lives that we see in the lives of others. We wonder why certain things came to others so easily that we struggle to receive. We begin to focus more on what is not there instead of what is. But what we don't realize is that this type of focus actually blocks us from receiving what we want.

Trust me, God and the Universe know exactly what it is that you desire. But it's much more difficult for you to receive it from a place of worry, fear or doubt. These low vibration feelings lower your dimmer and disconnect you from the vibration of God, where all the things you want flow easily to you. When we live from a place of constantly noticing what we don't have, we are not allowing ourselves to receive what is already there for us. When we choose to live from a place of gratitude for all of our blessings and all that we do have right now, then all the things that we want come to us faster. The positive focus raises your dimmer and when your vibration is up it's as if magic happens.

From this moment on, do your best to be happy now, without whatever it is that you want to receive. If you find yourself talking to others about what you don't have then take a few moments afterwards, look at your life, look at your home, your friends, your family, all of your blessings and start to notice all of the little things that you do have that are right in front of you right now. Write them down if you can, or simply take a few moments to feel the fullness of them.


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Enlighten Up: A Medium's Perspective on Becoming the Light That's Inside of You 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Steve13D More than 1 year ago
Angela Blanchet's "Enlighten UP" is a book that everyone can benefit from reading. Whether you have 3-5 minutes before bed, or an hour or two to indulge, this book is the perfect read. Each chapter is introduced by a powerful thought from Angela, and is followed up with insight, inspirational personal experiences, and guidance on how to "Enlighten Up." No matter where you are in your life (age, financially, or mentally) I sincerely believe that there is something for everyone in this book. It is an inviting, enjoyable read and will leave you with plenty to think about!