Entertaining Distraction

Entertaining Distraction

by Samantha A. Cole
4.8 4

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Entertaining Distraction 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
2kasmom 2 days ago
This is book #2, in the Doms Of The Covenant series. This book can be read as a standalone novel. To avoid spoilers, and to gain a better understanding of the series, I recommend reading this sexy series in order. Charlotte has known Michael for a while now. She has suddenly noticed things about his behavior that make her think they are compatible. If she gives things a chance, will he let her show him a whole new world? Mike has known about the community for some time. His brother and his friends seem to be happy to be a pat of it. It just has never interested him until Charlotte has given him a reason to check it out. This sexy addition to the series was such a joy to read. I found myself rooting right away for this couple. The pace moves nice and steady. There is even many of our favorite characters inside.
Pam-S 3 days ago
The Covenant. The most elite, exclusive, well-secured BDSM club in Tampa. Co-owned by Ian, Devon, and Mitch Sawyer, they've spared no expense to make it the best of the best. And Mistress China, a/k/a Charlotte Roth, Domme and Whip Master there, is the crème de la crème, the embodiment of the club's standards. Petite and gorgeous, Charlotte isn't just a Whip Master. She's a seasoned parole officer. You don't mess with Mistress China! But lately Charlotte's life has become routine, almost boring. Her past has always kept her work, BDSM, and personal aspects of her life completely separate. But then she notices Mike Donovan, owner of the Irish pub, Donovan's and brother of Jake, another Whip Master at The Covenant. Both feel a spark of interest. Why not? Charlotte's beautiful. Mike's certainly no slouch himself. But Mike's vanilla, never felt any interest in BDSM. Charlotte needs BDSM like the very air she breathes. Can anyone say complicated? When Charlotte notices Mike's submissive tendencies, she takes a chance. Is it going to be easy? Umm...no! But is anything worthwhile? As Charlotte eases into talks with Mike, he surprises her time and again with his insightful questions. While it's far from easy for Mike to wrap his head around the fact that the tiny Domme wants him, and as a submissive, he slowly dips his toes into the BDSM pool. Are there doubts? Oh, so very many! Charlotte makes it very clear there will be a contract with an end date, little possibility of a renewal at the end, and absolutely no relationship beyond the BDSM. Mike's never had to separate his life into starkly demarcated sections that never intersect. But there's no doubt about the attraction between the two. Then Charlotte makes a fateful decision that could destroy everything. Mixing business with pleasure is a hard limit for Charlotte. So why is she doing it? When that decision endangers lives, exactly what will happen? For Mike, putting his life in the hands of a petite woman, regardless of her training and proficiency, comes at a cost. Can two completely opposite people, both with pasts that haunt them, both with seemingly nothing in common, find a way to move forward? Or will those differences prove to be too much? Regardless, it's clear that both may have gotten in so far over their heads, there no chance for either. Will their seeming recklessness destroy the trust, faith, and friendship they've worked so hard to build? Samantha Cole has a unique and authentic writing style. The military and police procedurals in each of her books is spot on. They should be with her experience in the law enforcement field. But it's her intensive and thorough research into the beauty and captivating world of BDSM that grabs me every time. This book is full of unexpected twists and turns. Mike and Charlotte's relationship is so unusual and unexpected that I kept expecting it to implode every time Charlotte pushed Mike to take another step forward. The depth of emotion, connections, and growth of each character captured me and wouldn't let go. Honestly? I couldn't put the book down! I stayed up all night to finish it because I had to know how it ended. Predictable isn't something Samantha Cole does. She's a superb storyteller, and her books are riveting. She's at the top of her game with this one. To give Entertaining Distraction anything less than five stars would a crime! Congratulations, Ms. Cole. Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!
Wendy S Hodges 18 days ago
This was interesting, getting a different perspective from the male Doms. I love Mike and he has always come across as alpha just as much as all the other guys around Trident, submitting to Mistress Charlotte really doesn't take any of that away from him in any way. It seemed they were fairly equal even in their D/s relationship, it worked well for them both. I really enjoyed the lessons and getting more insight into training and such. Another great addition book to follow on from the main Trident series, these characters all play their parts in the main series so it is nice to get some of their own stories and backgrounds, it all just adds to the enjoyment of reading and knowing a bit more about each of them. Understanding more of the BDSM lifestyle and how it is portrayed by those that have never actually practised it in any way is always insightful. There is some excitement as well so this isn't just about Mike and Charlotte's relationship, there are one or two other subjects involved. Well written and detailed throughout, it has a great flow to the story, no jumping or gaps. There is sexual content and a small amount of violence but nothing excessive.
RhondaVB56 19 days ago
Once again, I was completely taken in by the story of Charlotte..aka. Mistress China and Mike. Even though Jake is his brother, Mike in not in the lifestyle so he can't understand why he reacts to Charlotte the way he does. He's been interested in her but knows that she doesn't play or date anyone who isn't in the lifestyle. When he reacts to her like a submissive, Charlotte takes a chance and talks to him, even though she knows that if Mike comes to her, his brother Jake will not like it. Without giving to much away, Samantha Cole writes in such a way that her readers are introduced to a female Domme and a male submissive who has never understood what the fuss was about. He's about to learn and what a ride it is! Of course there is some danger along the way and things happen but will it help or hurt the budding relationship between Charlotte and Mike? And what is Jake going to think about his brother submitting to Charlotte? Let's just say that I am thrilled with this story and loved it all. The characters are sooooo believable and the story is very well written. We see people from the previous books and get to stay caught up in their lives. I hope Samantha Cole keeps writing because she has a HUGE fan in me and many others.