Entice Me (Austin Singles, #2)

Entice Me (Austin Singles, #2)

by Kelly Elliott

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BN ID: 2940156359516
Publisher: K. Elliott Enterprises, INC
Publication date: 03/08/2019
Series: Austin Singles
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 3,899
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Entice Me (Austin Singles, #2) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
JWright57 13 days ago
Entice Me may be book 2 in the Austin Singles Series but it can certainly be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone because each book is about a different couple and this time it’s Nash and Kaelynn’s story and let me tell you it’s a story you don’t want to miss...... Nash is a kind, loyal, reliable swoon worthy hero who was cheated on by his ex girlfriend so the last thing he is looking for is another relationship in fact I would go as far as to say he is sworn off woman for life but that was before Kaelynn came into his life ........ Kaelynn has moved to Austin from Utah to get away from her family and it’s connections, she is happy to be a town where people know her for who she is and not her surname which by the way she chooses not to use. Will Nash run for cover when he finds out who her family are or will he accept her for the woman he has come to love ...... I love this series, I love the couple’s and they are beginning to feel like friends I meet down the local rather than characters in a book. The chemistry is sizzling the banter is witty and this book will give you all the feels you want in a great read. Cant wait to see what’s next from this very talented author.
Anonymous 4 days ago
Kayreader 6 days ago
Entice Me was delightful! Kelly Elliott put me right in the center of a lovely group of close knit friends and family that I never wanted to leave. This is the first book I've read by Kelly Elliott, yet I felt as if I'd known everyone for years by the time I was done reading Entice Me. Yes, the story is centered around two main characters, but their lives are interwoven around their friends and family, which may have their own books, but since I've just discovered Kelly Elliott, I will be diving back into her list of written works to find out. Nash is a man scorned by love. His longtime girlfriend cheated on him, got pregnant, and then left him because he didn't make enough money. Yeah, that is a lot to bring a man down on dating. Even months later he still felt kicked in the gut whenever he saw her, even though he knew deep down she wasn't the right woman for him. When he meets Kaelynn something inside Nash shifts, she's the first woman since he's been single that actually makes him smile. The first woman to make him feel, really..anything. That in itself is probably what scares him the most. He isn't ready to get his heart broken again, especially when Kaelynn seemed to be hiding something. Kaelynn has a secret, one that could destroy the relationships she's just beginning to build. Morgan is Nash's sister and the reason she's just moved to Austin, starting up a new job with Morgan. Kaelynn doesn't like to talk about her family, not that they are bad, but because they are wealthy. Extremely wealthy. In her history, people tended to treat her different once they find out she comes from money. So, Kaelynn doesn't exactly feel that she is lying, as much as omitting that she is wealthy. Once Kaelynn learns about Nash and his ex, the amount in her bank account becomes an elephant in the room. The longer she waits, the more the issue weighs on her, but she's also afraid to lose the connection she's building with Nash and his friends. What choice makes the most sense when she knows she has to eventually make one, come clean and lose the man she's beginning to care about, or live a lie? Nash and Kaelynn have amazing chemistry from the beginning. Nash may have his hangups about dating, but he also wants what his friends have; family and a forever love. He is super swoon-worthy, a delicious book boyfriend. Kaelynn constantly comments that his ex was an idiot for giving him up, yet she's very happy she did. The two of them are very cute. The world Kelly Elliott has built is sweet and inviting and I can't wait to revisit them
pantydroppingbookblog 10 days ago
Oh Nash and Kaelynn! I knew right at chapter 1 I was gonna love this couple and I wasn’t wrong! I love everything about them individually and as a couple. Nash is freaking hot as hell!!!! I’d do anything that man says! I get why Kaelynn was the way she was. But I love how she never held her feelings back from the get go! I can NOT wait for the next book! Bring it on!!
shelly lazar 12 days ago
Kelly Elliott has done it again! This sexy, heartfelt, sensual romance was a joy to read. You’ll find yourself, rooting them on, and you will love the road they travel to get to that HEA you seek. This is an easy, enjoyable, read that will have you turning those pages without any breaks in between. Definitely one I would recommend to my fellow romance readers!!!
MaimeosAngelsEL 13 days ago
5 Star Review Entice Me (Austin Singles #2) by Kelly Elliott   Entice Me was full of off the charts chemistry between Kaelynn and Nash and had me riveted from the first to the last page, honestly I couldn’t put this book down and read it in almost one sitting. Although a stand alone, since there is only one book before this one I would read Seduce Me first, but that is only my opinion. Nash Barrett has been badly burned in the past and deeply hurt. He has trust issues and I am not sure how he will react when he realizes that Kaelynn Dotson is not what she seems to be. I really enjoyed the story that Ms.Elliott wove about a chance meeting that morphed in to so much more. Although I also admit to a little frustration with all the miss communicating between the characters. There is plenty of humour, drama, love and intense chemistry throughout Entice Me. Both Kaelynn and Nash are extremely likeable characters and I though Nash was totally swoon worthy at times. The banter and camaraderie within this story made me smile so much it hurt. Can Nash and Kaelynn overcome their pasts and forge a future together? One click and find out. The secondary characters caught my attention and I eagerly anticipate the next story in the Austin Singles series.
LexyH 13 days ago
**4.5 Stars** Kelly has done it again! This is turning out to be another of favorite from her, just like every other story. Nash and Kaelynn might be my favorite story to date, maybe it’s the Utah connection and I can relate to the snow, maybe it’s because the story was flat out amazing! Nash has sworn he isn’t ready to move on after his last relationship. He’s had flings but hasn’t wanted more than that, until Kaelynn. His sister new mysterious friend helping with her new clinic. Watching these two navigate their chemistry was so good. Kaelynn has a huge secret and Nash doesn’t know if he can handle it once he finds out. But watching these figure out their feelings so good and so perfect for them.
Tanya_tgbookboutique 13 days ago
The Austin Singles is one of my favorite series. It has this adult romance feel where the characters know who they are and what they want. The romance is really beautiful and well developed between the characters. This books just makes you feel good about life! Plus, the cover matches the storyline of the book perfectly and that is why I love all of Kelly's covers. She does everyone perfectly to match her book. Can I also rave about a character?! Nash had me in all kinds of moods with this book. He is truly an incredibly romantic and he has definitely been added to my boyfriend list. He is truly swoon-worthy. Kaelynn is strong and does what she loves. She is an inspiration. I love women who have this amazing career with this humble and caring personality. Kaelynn is just that! She is definitely someone to look up to in the romance world. This whole series just breathes life to my heart. I can't get enough of the friend dynamic and the crafted romance that Kelly creates. I always need more of her books. They are so beautiful!
bbarneybooks28 13 days ago
I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of chance encounters and the role fate plays in making them happen. And while I’m not completely sure about fate and free will’s relationship or if they co-exist amicably, what I do feel strongly about is that timing is everything and that being in the right place at the right time allows people to heal, to succeed, and to move forward in their lives to the best of their ability. Nash Barett and Kaelynn Dotson unexpectedly met each other, and from their first exchange, it was clear there was mutual attraction and perhaps even a spark between them. But these two come from different worlds and since Lily, Nash has sworn off women, which means that as much as Nash is intrigued by and interested in Kaelynn, the repercussions of those feelings might be too much of a risk to take. I can’t say that I blame Nash for safe-guarding his heart after his ex cheated on him and his trust and faith in women was broken. It has to take a lot for those ill-feelings and unhappy memories to not dictate how to proceed in life. But there’s something about Kaelynn that calls to him…that makes him want to take a chance, the problem is, Kaelynn’s lack of honesty about who she is and where she comes from might make their connection impossible to keep. On some levels, I understand why Kaelynn hid her real identity. She has anonymity in Texas unlike in Utah - she can be herself and be accepted for who she is as a person not due to her last name or the status that goes with it. It has to be awful wondering if people like you and/or want to be around you because of your bank account and what you can do for them or if they truly want to be your friend. But because of what Nash had already endured, I would have thought that Kaelynn would understand the need to be completely honest, even if her reasons seem logical. A relationship issue that frustrates the heck out of me is a couple’s lack of communication, and this flaw threatens to destroy what Nash and Kaelynn are building and that’s on top of the secret Kaelynn is keeping about her family background. Either one of these issues can upend a relationship, so the fact that they have to contend with both of them definitely makes it seem like there are just too many obstacles standing in their way. I spent a lot of the story wondering when the truth would be revealed and how Nash would find out, at some parts, I was actually begging for Kaelynn to expose the secret because I knew the longer she took, the more difficult it would be for these two to get back what was more than likely going to break them. It’s more than clear as the story progresses just how good these two are together, and while it does take them a bit of time to figure things out, once they do, the steamy and heartfelt scenes more than illustrate what they’ve come to mean to each other. One aspect of Kelly Elliott’s stories that I always love is the roles that the main characters’ family and friends play in the lives of the hero and heroine. Kelly Elliott surrounds her main characters with supportive and comforting people, but also ones who are more than happy to call them on their crap and help them see the truth when it’s unclear to them.
Lashea677 14 days ago
There is no perfect in permanent. The two aren't mutually exclusive. With Entice Me, Elliott steps away from the fantasy of love and brings it into the real world. Finding happiness means enduring pain, loving someone means accepting the good along with the bad. Within reason, of course. Being human means we're going to make mistakes, but are we willing to forgive or ask for forgiveness when that happens? Nash and Kaelynn are a work in progress. A heart never stops learning from the choices that we make. The beauty of Entice Me is that it reminds us that despite our imperfections, everyone is deserving of love. That in itself is powerful.
Megancity23 14 days ago
Nash and Kaelynn’s story was a super sweet read! Nash thought he had been in love before, but he was burned by none other than his best friend’s sister. He decided to keep his heart of equation. However, when he literally bumps into Kaelynn, memories of the past instantly fade away. Their chemistry is explosive. Kaelynn falls fast for Nash and eventually learns of his past. She fears that once Nash finds out the truth about her, he will no longer see for who she really is. Nash knows Kaelynn is hiding something from him. When secrets come to light, will Nash and Kaelynn run from each other or find their HEA? If you like to laugh and swoon, read some very sexy scenes and see a little drama, this book is for you. GREAT READ!!!