Escape from Eternity

Escape from Eternity

by Nate Scholze


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Set in the modern era, a humanoid alien entity, Adrian Antagon, arrives on Earth with a specific mission in mind. He must locate his long lost brother and cohort Menonan Antagon, who disappeared 60,000 years ago on Earth after trying to put down a rebellion of creative aliens who were supposed to be the stewards of the world, of which he was Supreme Commander at the time. Adrian assimilates the body of the first person who comes upon his tiny cylinder-shaped spacecraft and journeys from London, England to the beautiful water-front resort area of Door County, Wisconsin. In Ephraim he meets up with an old man who recognizes but is not happy to see him. Emil Bitterman says that Adrian has never brought anything but heartache to him and he should leave immediately, but Adrian tells Bitterman he has other plans and requests that he assist him because of a former commitment. The old man refuses, but refers him to a young woman with a messed up life. Laura Whitmore is dealing with an overbearing father, a restaurant employer who's paying too much attention to her, and the recent death of her cherished boyfriend. She is not happy when Adrian asks for her help. Tired and depressed, Laura just wants to be left alone, but Adrian is determined to win her over and relays information about strange creative endeavors that changed our world. He explains that all humans are eternal and Earth is simply a place to escape the boredom of eternity and to forget about the problems associated with living forever for a while. Laura is rattled by his bizarre commentary and decides to try to avoid him, so she seeks out her sister Michelle, and her best friend, Colin Benton, a burned-out druggy. Meantime, the family of the man whose body Adrian had assimilated has discovered he is missing, and to their horror determines their beloved family member now resides in Wisconsin, U.S.A. Bewildered and hurt, Katherine Nolan and friend, John Barrington, make the trip from the U.K. to recover him, but realize when they arrive that the man they think they know is now very different. Adrian kills Laura's boss for assaulting her, and he is arrested and jailed, but then discloses what he has really come for: To reveal a mysterious truth that will change Laura's life forever, and send her scurrying for safety. But Adrian needs her, and discloses that she has been chosen to play the central role in his plan whether she wants it or not, and as far as he is concerned, her involvement is not optional. Laura's father vows to see Adrian dead and in a bizarre turn of events Adrian is fatally shot by the sister of the now deceased Emil Bitterman. As Adrian is dying at Laura's feet she discovers, to her horror, the strange and unnatural connection she has to the lost Menonan Antagon, and realizes that the information she receives could cost her more than her sanity, it could cost her her life.

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ISBN-13: 9781432789060
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 05/29/2012
Pages: 382
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.85(d)

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Escape from Eternity 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Lily_F More than 1 year ago
For full review, please visit Bookluvrs Haven blog. I am pretty selective with science fiction. Though the book cover left a bit to be desired, when I read the book description, I was extremely curious and excited. My excitement continued when I began reading this novel. It had a definite 'Men in Black' storyline feel in the very beginning. Aliens? Bring on the aliens! I love aliens! In London, England, William Nolan investigates a mysterious object that initially both him and his wife believe to be a meteor. But when Will touches the object, something happens. And when he returns home to his excited wife, Katherine, who is waiting to hear the details, he is no longer the same man. Fast forward a couple of days, and we meet 21 year old Laura Whitmore in Ephraim, Winsconsin. At first she is a very interesting character, suffering from very strange dreams, seems to be very independent and determined and a no-nonsense type of gal. (I like her.... for now....). When a mysterious Englishman that calls himself Adrian arrives and pursues her, things start to get even stranger. I am still excited at this point and read on... But something happened in this novel..... Laura slowly becomes this annoying, almost pathetic simpering fool that can't seem to deal with anything that happens. Most of her interactions with other characters begin to border on hysteria. And throughout it all, Adrian relentlessly pursues her with riddle upon riddle, that even I the reader is getting exasperated with... SPIT IT OUT ALREADY, Adrian! What the hell do you want to say? At 60% in, I had to take a break. My eyes hurt from all the rolling I was doing as every conversation these characters had irked me. I was irritated. After reading another 20 novels (not exaggerating here), and walking by this book that was sitting on my dining room table, day after day, I decided I either had to DNF it, or give it another go. Ignoring that voice in the back of my head not to bother, I picked it up again. Admittedly, a break for a couple of months did the trick. The remainder of this novel flowed a lot better for me. Laura got her head together in my view in the later part of the book, resembling the determined woman I thought her to be in the beginning. Adrian finally starts to spit out what all the ruckus is all about, and his reasons for being on Earth finally start to make sense. The pieces are starting to fall into place and fit. And this story started to make more sense, and was entertaining again. Though I have to say, the ending didn't give me the clear answers that I wanted, and quite a lot left to reader interpretation and imagination. The idea of this novel was very interesting to me, and a pretty cool concept. It wasn't executed very well to my liking, unfortunately, but I didn't hate this book either. It grabbed my attention in the beginning but failed to keep its hold on me for long. However, I did end up choosing to return to it and glad that I finished the novel. *I received a eBook copy of this book for free to review from the author/publisher; this in no way influenced my review, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.*
Openbooksociety_dot_com More than 1 year ago
Several Plot Twists Will Keep your Interest!! Brought to you by OBS Reviewer Lee Laura Whitmore is twenty-one years old and determined to make it on her own. In the aftermath of her beloved boyfriend Steven’s death, she has moved out of her overprotective father’s house and into her own space, taking a job as a waitress in order to make ends meet. She deals with an interfering younger sister and a sexual predator of a boss, and seems to do nothing else in her spare time but consume copious amounts of brandy and cola. That all changes when a mysterious Englishman named Adrian arrives in town. Adrian is some sort of extraterrestrial spirit, who has taken the body of an ordinary British professor named William Nolan in order to carry out his quest to find the leader of his people, Menonan. For some reason, he believes the answer to Menonan’s location lies in Ephraim, Wisconsin, with the eldest Whitmore daughter—Laura. What follows is a madcap journey across the Atlantic and to the rural Midwest, where Laura’s small town and social circle find themselves torn apart by the murder, mayhem, and mystery that comes in Adrian’s wake. Especially when it turns out his arrival was not altogether unexpected. The plot has many twists and turns and characters that slide in and out of the storyline. Scholze has created a remarkably detailed mythology within Escape from Eternity, one that cannot be fully explored over the nearly four-hundred-page novel. One can only hope that he plans on exploring the ideas and worlds created within the story further in additional novels. However, those novels would benefit from not featuring Laura Whitmore as a main protagonist. Perhaps we’re supposed to have sympathy for her because she has been grieving, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Laura is selfish, immature, rude, and expects everyone to bend to her every whim. Readers will find themselves identifying with Laura’s bossy parents and little sister, despite Scholze putting portraying them as being too overprotective, because Laura’s actions throughout the novel show that she clearly needs someone to take care of her. Her father repeatedly tells her she isn’t ready to live on her own, and her actions throughout the story prove him right time and time again. She repeatedly takes advantage of her childhood friend, Colin, then grows whiny and screams at him when he finally tells her he’s not going to jump every time she calls anymore. She appears to believe that she is the princess of Ephraim; it might be what Scholze intended, but it’s rather off-putting and makes it hard for the reader to care about her destiny. Perhaps in any further installments of the story Laura will have matured and accepted her destiny; however, in Escape from Eternity she is most definitely a child, despite being of legal drinking age. Overall, Scholze exhibits remarkable creativity in the ideas he explores within Escape from Eternity. Menonan’s identity and location is indeed rather surprising, and opens up a host of new mysteries for the reader to contemplate. There is a large ensemble of characters, including Laura’s impossibly evil boss, Adam Blake, that will capture the reader’s interest, even if one finds oneself incredibly annoyed with the heroine of the piece. This review and more at openbooksociety dot com
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Alice D. for Readers Favorite William Nolan, a professor at the University of London, scares his wife Katherine very badly one day when he comes home holding what he calls a defective Telon Analyzer. He demands that she give him his passport and a credit card. Calling himself "Adrian", William then arrives in small town Ephraim, Wisconsin, and demands to see the oldest Whitemore daughter who will tell him where Menonan might be. Laura is the older Whitemore sister, Michelle the younger, and Laura is in no shape to deal with the stranger with the British accent who calls himself "Adrian", gets into fights at the local bars, and manages to get into Laura's small home without a key. Laura is barely recovered from the horrific death of her love, Steven Morrison, and still smokes and drinks brandy mixed with her coke in the morning before she goes off to her job at the Blue Seagull where lecherous owner Adam Blake pursues her. The local Bitterman brother and sister have an old family homestead that is reputed to be haunted and "Adrian" wants the Telon which is in that house's attic. "Adrian" frightens people as he turns up here and there around town. What is going on and what is a Telon and who is this Menonan? "Escape from Eternity" is science fiction at its creepy best as British professor William Nolan, who has turned into "Adrian" or thinks he has, comes to a little town in Wisconsin that is filled with its own secrets that may or may not concern "Adrian". Laura Whitemore and her sister Michelle not only have to deal with "Adrian" and the ruckus he stirs up around small town Ephraim, but also with the Bittermores and their underhanded nephew, Adam Blake, and events from the past that are far from normal. The story's ending is anything but calm, and readers will enjoy "Escape from Eternity", just not on a windy autumn night with branches hitting against the window.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago