Essential Skills for the Real World of Work: Things Every Georgia Student Must Know

Essential Skills for the Real World of Work: Things Every Georgia Student Must Know

by Carole Marsh


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ISBN-13: 9780635105103
Publisher: Gallopade International
Publication date: 10/01/2012
Pages: 74
Product dimensions: 8.20(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.20(d)

About the Author

Carole Marsh is the founder and CEO of Gallopade International, an award-winning publisher of children's books and educational materials intended to guide, inspire and inform children of all ages. During her 30 years as an author, Marsh has been honored with the Georgia Author of the Year Award and Communicator of the Year Award. Her books have also received the iParenting Media Award for Greatest Products, the Teachers' Choice Award and NSSEA's Excellence in Education Award.

Table of Contents

Essential Skills for the Real World of Work:Things Every Georgia Student Should Know
The "I's" Have it! "Skill 1"
Keeping Up With Technology "Skill 2"
Self Discipline" Skill 3"
Do Your Job Homework "Skill 4"
Creativity "Skill 5"
Plan! "Skill 6"
Smart Debt Management "Skill 7"
Consider Trade Skills " kill 8"
Imagination "Skill 9"
Bring It! "Skill 10"
"Grow Assets, Reduce Liabilities" "Skill 11"
Make it Happen "Skill 12"
Apprentice! "Skill 13"
Debt Smarts "Skill 14"
Financial Aid Smarts "Skill 15"
Add Value! "Skill 16"
Build Multi-Skills "Skill 17"
Keep An Open Mind "Skill 18"
Avoid Unnecessary Speed Bumps! "Skill 19"
Flexibility "Skill 20"
Earn Occupational Certificates "Skill 21"
Real Tech Skills "Skill 22"
Dress For Success "Skill 23"
Embrace Skill Building "Skill 24"
Be the GREAT You "Skill 25"
Good Grammar "Skill 26"
Build Good Habits "Skill 27"
Think For Yourself "Skill 28"
Learn a Language "Skill 29"
Self-Study Self Starter "Skill 30"
Job Option Savvy "Skill 31"
Idea Courage "Skill 32"
Action Oriented "Skill 33"
Perseverance "Skill 34"
Financial Savvy "Skill 35"
Lifelong Learning "Skill 36"
Temp-Smarts "Skill 37"
A Can-Do Attitude "Skill 38"
Proactive Ambition "Skill 39"
Knowledge Building "Skill 40"
Self Sufficiency "Skill 41"
Strategic Planning "Skill 42"
Initiative "Skill 43"
Networking "Skill 44"
Give Back "Skill 45"
Stay Informed "Skill 46"
Be An Explorer "Skill 47"
Asset Management "Skill 48"
Motivation "Skill 49"
Assertiveness "Skill 50"
Pride in Work "Skill 51"
Anticipating "Skill 52"
Self-Determination "Skill 53"
Handling Setbacks "Skill 54"
Never Give Up! "Skill 55"
Interview Acer "Skill 56
Obstacle Overcomer "Skill 57"
Heed Good Advice "Skill 58"

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