Every Step She Takes

Every Step She Takes

by Jannine Gallant

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ISBN-13: 9781616506537
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 07/07/2015
Series: Who's Watching Now , #2
Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 268
Sales rank: 168,788
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Write what you know. Jannine Gallant has taken this advice to heart, creating characters from small towns and plots that unfold in the great outdoors. She grew up in a tiny Northern California town and currently lives in beautiful Lake Tahoe with her husband and two daughters. When she isn’t busy writing or being a full time mom, Jannine hikes or snowshoes in the woods around her home. Whether she’s writing contemporary, historical or romantic suspense, Jannine brings the beauty of nature to her stories. To find out more about this author and her books, visit her website at www.janninegallant.com.

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Every Step She Takes

Who's Watching Now Series

By Jannine Gallant


Copyright © 2014 Jannine Gallant
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-61650-654-4


Grace Hanover dropped her cell phone on the counter and happy danced around the apartment. Fists pumping in the air, she kicked an empty pizza box and let out a hoot. "Oh, yeah, oh, yeah! Pulitzer Prize, you're mine, baby."

Collapsing onto the old leather couch, she pictured herself wearing a killer black dress, long hair swept up in an elegant knot and diamonds the size of her thumb sparkling at her ears. She smiled graciously at the tuxedo-clad presenter.

All in a day's work. I uncovered the story quite by chance ... Who would I like to thank? Why, my family for their loving support, my longsuffering editor, and a reliable source who made this story possible.

Her brows drew together as the vision faded. Calling her source reliable was a gross exaggeration, although Tia had come through for her in the past. She prayed the girl was merely stoned and not tripping on some hallucinogen when she overheard the rumor about Casey Sutton. A sober Tia was too much to hope for, about as likely as palm trees growing in Alaska, but Grace was willing to risk a wild goose chase for the story of the decade.

Thinking about the possibilities sent a quiver of anticipation skittering down her spine. She, Grace Hanover, would have an exclusive interview with the man who had stumbled upon a billion dollar drug exchange and witnessed the murder of a government agent. For an investigative reporter, it didn't get any better. San Francisco native Casey Sutton's testimony was the key to bringing down Colombian drug lord Juan Estrada, and she would tell the public Sutton's story in his own words.

Both the national and local media were panting for details, but no one had a clue where the man was sequestered. Until now. If Tia could be believed. If the woman shooting off her mouth at some party really was Sutton's girlfriend.

Grace bounced off the couch and stared out the window through the marine layer obscuring her view of Golden Gate Park. Summer in San Francisco was nearly always foggy. Biting her lip, she wondered what the weather would be like in the wilds of Alaska. Sutton was idling away the weeks before the trial at a fishing retreat in the back of beyond, for God's sake. She'd read the man was a nature freak, a hippy throwback, but couldn't the feds have found someplace a little closer to home to hide him?

The things I put myself through for a story.

She flipped her hair over her shoulder and scowled at a chip in her nail polish. She'd rather have bamboo rammed under her fingernails than sleep in a tent. Thank the good Lord there was supposedly some sort of lodge at this camp. If Tia's source wasn't making up the whole freaking story. She'd check the place out online, pack and book a plane ticket on the next flight north. Chortling with glee, Grace headed for her computer.

Casey Sutton wouldn't know what hit him.

* * *

"You want me to handle it personally?" Travis Barnett ran a hand through his hair and frowned at the piles of paperwork on his desk. "I don't have time for fieldwork anymore, Fritz, and my staff is top rate."

The voice of his old buddy from SEAL Team Six rose in volume on the other end of the secure line. "I want you, not one of your staff. This is a hell of a lot more important than bodyguard duty for some two-bit celebrity, for Christ's sake. The man's location has been compromised. You're close, and you're the best. I don't have time to screw around, and I'm not certain any of our men in the Anchorage office has the experience to get the job done. If Estrada's goons get to Sutton first, we can kiss a conviction good-bye. Hell, we can kiss Sutton goodbye. I've spent months putting this case together, and I won't see it flushed down the crapper because that hippy wannabe texted his girlfriend!"


"You won't get an argument from me, but I need the man alive. I want you in Alaska yesterday! God, I was a fool to leave him up there alone, but the man I had on him was whining about the isolation. Then his wife went into early labor ..." He sighed. "I was short staffed and made a bad judgment call, but let's face it, no one would have found him at that lodge if he'd kept his mouth shut."

The fully loaded appointment book on his desk taunted Travis.

"I suppose I could rearrange my schedule." Thinking about the meetings he had lined up with potential clients and updates required for existing ones, he turned and stared out his office window at the Seattle skyline. A steady drizzle hadn't let up in two days. A wet spring had turned into a soggy summer, not unusual for the Pacific Northwest, but this year the damp and gloom grated on his nerves. A fishing retreat in Alaska sounded like heaven.

Phone in hand, he stood up to stretch his legs.

Maybe getting away would improve his mood. Too bad he'd be working.

"Rearrange, cancel, whatever you need to do to make it happen. I don't care if you have to drag Sutton back to the lower forty-eight kicking and screaming. Get to him before Estrada does. I'll personally take him off your hands the second you get home. With any luck, you won't be away longer than two or three days at the most."

"Fine. I'll be in touch as soon as he's secured."

A breath whooshed through the phone. "I owe you one, or is this payback for the time I saved your hide in Iraq?"

Travis grinned. "Carting your sorry ass twenty miles through a Nicaraguan jungle covered that debt."

Fritz's voice turned gruff. "Be careful. If Estrada has a man headed north — and we have to assume he does — the whole situation could turn ugly real fast."

"Gee, why didn't I think of that?"


The phone went dead. Travis closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. For a while now, he'd considered delegating more of the company's managerial workload to McNally. His second in command would tackle the new responsibilities with his usual efficiency. Plus, it was way past time to loosen his grip on the reins. Now that Barnett Security and Investigations, Inc. was flourishing, Travis really, really needed a break.

Turning away from the window, he dropped into the seat of his leather desk chair. When was the last time he'd had a vacation? Two — no three years ago he'd spent five days on a rafting trip down the Snake River. Maybe after he handed Sutton over to Fritz ...

Still holding the receiver, he punched the intercom button. "Donna, can you track down McNally for me? Tell him I need to see him immediately."

"I'll take care of it right away."

He kept the button depressed. "Thanks. Oh, and book me on the first flight to Anchorage. I'm going to be out of the office for a few days."

* * *

"There'll be tourists around if it's a fishing camp. A bunch of yahoos in hip waders." His lip curled. "Collateral damage could be an issue. Let's hope Estrada isn't squeamish."

He listened to the accented voice and smiled. "Whatever you say. If you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, you have to take your chances. I'll handle it. Estrada knows I always get the job done."

Hanging up the phone, his fingers flew over the computer keyboard, pulling up flights. A redeye would get him to Anchorage by midmorning. From there he'd take a puddle jumper to Moose Flat. If Estrada's flunky wasn't offering him a fortune to take care of the problem, he'd have told him to go to hell. Still, it didn't pay to piss off a good client. Word would spread.

Moose Flat, for God's sake. Could it get any hokier?

Booking the flights under an alias, he drummed his fingers on the desk as he awaited confirmation. An onyx ring gleamed in a shaft of light shining through the high window. He'd have to stop at a sporting goods store for suitable clothing and gear. Grimacing, he smoothed a hand down his Egyptian cotton shirt. In the attire he favored, he'd stand out like a diamond in a dung pile in Bumfuck, Alaska.

The shit I put up with for the sake of a job. As much as he disliked the whole damned idea, he'd survive a few days of roughing it.

Casey Sutton wouldn't.


The hunk in seat 4B was seriously hot. Not cover model handsome the way Grace usually liked her men, a little rough around the edges with a day's growth of stubble on a hard, square jaw. Very sexy nonetheless.

"Excuse me."


Glacier blue eyes surveyed her with ill-concealed interest as she squeezed past his knees and dropped into seat 4A. She judged his height at a couple inches over six feet, weight pushing two hundred pounds of firm, solid muscle. Which left her little room to maneuver in the cramped quarters of the ridiculously small plane.

She snapped her seatbelt closed and studied her companion for the flight from Anchorage to Moose Flat. Dark hair cut short, a scar high on his right cheekbone — intriguing rather than disfiguring — short, black lashes rimming those pale blue eyes, straight nose neither big nor small, lightly tanned skin. Either he didn't get outside much, or he wasn't from a sunny climate.

Might as well start a conversation, or it'll be one boring flight. "I've seen pelicans bigger than this plane. Do you think we'll get off the ground?"

"You must not be from around here."

Chiseled lips curved in a brief smile revealing gleaming white teeth. She'd bet her last dollar he used one of those whitening products, though he didn't look the type to bother.

"God, no, I'm not from around here." Leaning back in the corner of her seat, she stared out the window at luggage carts bustling by, driven by attendants sporting fluorescent orange vests. When one of the workers dropped her designer suitcase onto the tarmac and gave it a nudge with a booted foot, she scowled. "I can't imagine why anyone would want to live in this Godforsaken place."

"Then why visit?"

Her phone trilled the theme song from The Twilight Zone. She fished it out of her purse to glance at the display. Rachel. Holding up one finger, she smiled apologetically at Mr. Ruggedly Handsome and pushed the connect button. "Hold that thought. Hey, Sis, what's up?"

"What thought?"

"I was talking to someone else. Sorry I haven't returned your calls. I've been on work overload. How is everyone?"

"Despite having a lot going on, Kane is doing great. The girls are busy, which cuts down on the bickering. Lark is giving me gray hair, as usual. Ever since she got her driver's license ..."

Grace grinned, picturing Rachel's mane of gorgeous auburn hair. Of all her nieces and nephews — and thanks to four siblings she had a slew of them — Lark was the one most likely to give a mother nightmares. "How bad can it be?"

Her sister's voice held a hint of desperation. "You don't want to know."

"I do, but not right now." She eyed the sole flight attendant who probably doubled as co-pilot on this feeble excuse for a plane. "We're about to get the turn off all electronic devices lecture."

"Are you flying somewhere?"

She tapped a pink, polished nail on the knee of her white pants. "Yep. The decision was very last minute."

"For work?"

"My editor is punishing me for ruffling the city council's tail feathers with my last article." The lie slipped easily past her lips. Ever since her sister's encounter with a stalker two summers before, Grace downplayed any element of danger she might subject herself to in the pursuit of a story. Not that Rachel hadn't survived her ordeal in kick-ass style, but she worried. "I'm writing a puff piece for the travel section on a fishing camp in the middle of Alaska."

Grace held the phone away from her ear as her sister hooted with laughter.

"The woman who thinks a four-star hotel is roughing it is staying at a fishing camp? You've got to be kidding!"

"I wish. Hey, the flight attendant is going to skewer me. Tell Mom and Dad not to freak out if I don't call. I'm not sure what sort of cell service is available out in the boondocks. I'll give you a ring after I return to civilization."

"You do that. Bye, Gracie."

She clicked the phone off and shoved it back in her purse.

The man in 4B stared down at her with a hint of suspicion darkening those beautiful eyes. "You're a reporter?"

"You picked up on that, did you?" She certainly wasn't going to mention Casey Sutton to a complete stranger, so she went on with her hastily concocted story. "It's a piece on rustic Alaskan retreats for the travel section. My paper is doing a series."

"Let me guess — Moose Lake Lodge."

Her eyes widened. "How'd you know?"

"It's the only fishing camp near Moose Flat, where we land. I'm headed there, too."

She stuck out her hand. "Grace Hanover from San Francisco."

His big palm swallowed her fingers, sending a little thrill shooting up her arm. No wedding ring on the hand resting on his left knee.

"Travis Barnett, Seattle native."

Their gazes locked, and she squirmed in her seat. "Nice to meet you, Travis." She would not encourage hunky Mr. Barnett. Anyone who voluntarily went to Alaska was all wrong for her. Not to mention she'd recently promised herself no more meaningless relationships. Keep it casual. "Are you on vacation?"

"Something like that. I'm meeting ... an old friend."

Relief swept through her. No doubt the friend was female. Temptation avoided. She pressed against the seatback as the plane taxied down the runway and lifted into the cerulean blue sky. Even she had to admit the vista of majestic snow-capped mountains in the distance was breathtaking.

"How many days are you staying?"

She glanced over at Travis. "The second I have my story, I'm on the next flight out."

He grinned. "While you're up here, you should give the place a chance. Fishing is very relaxing."

She cocked her head to one side. "Do I look tense?"

"If you clutched the seat arm any tighter, you'd rip the whole thing off the floor."

She loosened her grip. "It's this dinky plane. Big ones don't bother me in the least. As for the fishing retreat, I'd rather have a root canal. Camping is more my sister's thing."

"The one you were talking to on the phone?"

"Yep." She shuddered. "Rachel and her husband like roughing it on the weekends. Me, I go for resorts with room service and a full gym."

"Hiking is great exercise."

"If you don't mind bugs, dirt and poison oak."

They smiled at each other. The man was easy to talk to. He hadn't once let his gaze drop below her neck, which was highly unusual. And extremely refreshing for a change. Without being vain, Grace knew she had a terrific figure — and worked diligently to keep it that way. Staying in shape and the exhilaration of a hard workout ranked high on her favorite things to do list. The downside was attracting the wrong sort of interest from Neanderthals whose brains resided below their belts. What a concept — having a man talk to her without ogling.

A larger smile flashed. "We'll have to agree to disagree."

"It takes all kinds."

They lapsed into a comfortable silence as Grace took in some breathtaking scenery below. After a while, the drone of the plane's engine lulled her into near slumber. She'd been up well before dawn to catch a flight from San Francisco to Anchorage via Seattle. Probably the same plane her seatmate was on, though she hadn't noticed him before switching to the puddle jumper. The blond college kid in 2C looked vaguely familiar, as did the guy sitting in the single seat across the aisle with his nose buried in a copy of Fishing the West.

She closed her eyes.

A deep pocket of turbulence jarred her into full consciousness. Reaching for the hand rest, she grabbed onto a muscled forearm. "Sorry."

"Not a problem." He pulled back his arm and clasped her hand in his warm one instead, giving it a squeeze. "A bouncing plane can be nerve-wracking."

"You've got that right." She managed the comeback between gritted teeth.

Her stomach dropped and pitched in concert with the gyrating aircraft. He didn't look one bit bothered. His blue eyes were steady and confident as he held her gaze. She focused on breathing evenly. When the jostling stopped, she reluctantly released his hand.


"You bet. Feels like we're starting our descent." He leaned against her shoulder and pointed out the window. "See those buildings way down to the right. That must be Moose Flat."


Excerpted from Every Step She Takes by Jannine Gallant. Copyright © 2014 Jannine Gallant. Excerpted by permission of KENSINGTON PUBLISHING CORP..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Every Step She Takes 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
265 pages of suspense, romance and family values. Enjoyed very much.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book. The main characters, Grace and Travis are strong and individuals but there pasts have pushed them away from love. They are attracted to each other from Day 1 and they encounter obstacles including their pasts and a hitman with a personal vendetta. Add in one mangy stray dog named Wylie and its fun, sexy read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A little slow at times but overall enjoyable
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
More_Than_A_Review More than 1 year ago
Every Step She Takes is a romantic suspense. It is book two in the series. I have not read book one and I was able to follow along just fine. There are a few references to her sister who I believe was the lead in book one. Grace is a reporter and she is the typical reporter who gets a bad name for doing anything it takes to get a story. I had a hard time liking Grace after she intentionally betrayed someone she cared about to get a story. I like a lead who is touch and career driven but you have to have morals which she did not. Travis is a former Navy Seal who is now a PI. He has been asked to go to Alaska to find a witness before the criminals find him first. I really liked Travis. It began as a cute romantic story in that he was the pursuer. Grace and Travis are forced to work together while in the Alaskan wilderness. Travis continues to watch over her once they get back to the mainland when someone continues to come after Grace. This could have been a great story but I could not like Grace the last half of the book. You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the level of sex, violence, language and drug/alcohol use in books.
cutiephinphin More than 1 year ago
Two people boarded the same flight to a remote part of Alaska with an agenda. Travis is going there to secure the witness in hiding as his location had been compromised while Grace needs to find that witness in hiding to get the exclusive story. Unbeknownst to them, there was a 3rd person onboard that plane with an agenda and he is to kill the witness in hiding. I totally enjoyed this book just as much as the first book in this series. There was just enough intrigue and suspense that captivated my attention and kept me guessing through. I did however feel that Grace was a little too irritated for my liking on several occasions especially the part where she made use of Travis' trust and affections for her own gain all just for a story. It was also nice that characters from the first book were melded into this story. This is my 2nd book by Jannine Gallant and you bet it won't be my last. I received an ARC version of this book from Lyrical Press/Kensington in exchange for my honest review.
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
Grace is a reporter from San Francisco and traveling to the wilds of Alaska to get her story. Travis is a former Navy Seal sent to protect a witness from a mob boss out to get rid of any evidence. When the assassin discovers he know Grace he decides to get revenge as well as take out the witness. With their lives in danger can these two trust each other enough to work together to stay alive and perhaps find their happily ever after? Lots of drama and suspense, I loved the chemistry between Travis and Grace. The story kept me entertained throughout. This is the second in the Who’s Watching Now Series and can be read as a stand-alone. Enjoy.
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
This story is sort of in two parts. The first half of the book, in Alaska, is intense, full of edgy, scary action. It is moving on the fast, riveting pace. The passion and attraction between Travis and Grace is palpable, the hike in the wilderness full of danger, not only from the unknown assassin, but the wildlife around them. The whole story is told with lots of entertaining dialog, the humor and banter is fun, and the characters are well developed, lovable, and charming. The second half of the book move on much slower pace, is less intense, with mostly the focus on the relationship developing between Travis and Grace, meeting the families, and problems they face along the road. There are little bursts of a suspense every now and then, cause the assassin is still on the loose, but not as fierce as the beginning. Even though I was surprised how the plot was built, and how slow the second half of the story moved compared to the first one, overall I still enjoyed the story, the dialog, and the characters. There was development within the characters, especially with Grace, that went in to deep waters, some values, and priorities, that she needed to evaluate. Travis was really patient, and I liked how those issues were solved. I would definitely like to read more books in the series ~ Four Spoons
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
A great book that is filled with romance, suspense, and adventure. This story is centered around Grace Hanover, a tenacious reporter willing to do anything to get the interview and story she's after and Travis Barnett, ex SEAL turned investigator, who has been hired to find a witness and bring him in. Both after the same man for different reasons. The twists and turns this story takes will have you turning page after page. I recommend it.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
First time I have read a book by this author but it will not be my last! Grace and Travis meet on an airplane headed to Alaska. Both have an agenda and both are drawn to one another. Grace is a reporter on a mission and willing to do anything to get the story she is pursuing. Travis is an ex-SEAL sent by an FBI friend to fulfill a perhaps dangerous mission – he tries to avoid Grace but some things are just meant to be. As the story unfolds each character becomes more than what the reader might first think they are…and you will like both of them more and more as you continue to read. In this book you will find danger, fun, great dialogue, wonderful main and supporting characters, people you would want to have as friends AND a bad guy that is relentless. There are surprises, twists and turns and in the end a thrilling wonderful story that truly drew me in and kept me reading throughout. Thank you to Net Galley and Kensington Books-Lyrical Press for the copy of this book to read and review.
ArizonaJo More than 1 year ago
Every Step She Takes by Jannine Gallant is book two in her Who's Watching Now series. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher, Kensington, in exchange for an honest review. This book was a first time read for me by this author but I had no problems reading this one even though I had not read the first book in the series. Grace Hanover is a reporter that will do just about anything to get her story. Surprisingly, she is a "girly" heroine and you don't see many of those in romantic suspense stories. However, that doesn't stop her from doing whatever she needs to do to get the story. Even when that means treking through the Alaska wilderness to track down the guy she wants to interview. She is strong, sassy and stubborn. Travis Barnett is a former Navy SEAL who now owns his own security firm in his home town of Seattle, WA. He is loyal, smart, tough (former Navy SEAL), dependable and all male. He is on a job for a friend to retrieve a Federal witness and bring him back to San Francisco to testify. There is so much more to this story than just retrieving the witness and Grace getting her story. The pace was fast and the twists kept me turning the pages. Travis and Grace's relationship sparked from the beginning. The dialogue between them was often humorous as they began to know each other. A long distance relationship? A turn the pages plot with twists you don't see coming, a writing style that flowed and suspense with a touch of romance. I look forward to reading the first book in this series now that I have found this author.